21 Nisan 2021

Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 10

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The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further.

The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction apart from on Literotica.

All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story please rate it in the comments section.


Bobby awoke without his customary display of swaying boobies or his morning shower, that was odd his mom was always an early riser. He checked the clock, 10:30am, definitely odd. His cock was hard with his morning glory and as he remembered the events of last night he felt it swell even more. He pushed the bed clothes off himself and looked down at his throbbing hard column of meat, remembering what it had looked like with his mother’s sensuous, moist red lips wrapped round it and her tongue swirling over the head. His dick lurched at the thought and his noticed a trace of red lipstick around the shaft.

It really did happen! It wasn’t a dream! So now what, blowjobs on tap? His sexy mom sucking his cock every day and swallowing his big load? His dick lurched again at the thought. Speaking of which, where was she? He padded out of bed and made his way to her room, his cock leading the way, hopeful of a warm welcome, but her bed was empty.

He made his way to the landing and could hear faint noises coming from the kitchen. He figured it was safe to venture down on a Saturday morning so he made his way through the house and found his mom in the kitchen. She looked really hungover and was nursing a cup of black coffee in her silk robe.

“You ok mom?”

“Oh Bobby! Yes, I’m, well no… I had too much to drink last night and, well I’m not feeling very well.”

He wasn’t sure if she meant the champagne or the belly-full of cum, or the combination, but either way it obviously hadn’t agreed with her.

“Yeah well, you did tie one on last night..”

“Yes, and I’m afraid behaved very stupidly, very stupidly indeed.”

Oh god, here we go!

“Mom, you weren’t that bad.”

“Bobby, I was doing things to you, things mothers aren’t supposed to do to their sons, in public, where anyone could have seen!”

“But there was hardly anyone there mom, and no one we knew.”

“But there could have been, some one could have walked in and seen us together, me hanging out of my dress, and you with your, well with that.” she said looking towards his erection that reared up still hopeful of some attention. His cock was still hard as a rock but he figured it was going to have to stay that way right now.

“Well there was no harm in the end, and we were celebrating right?”

“It’s not the point Bobby, the way I behaved was totally irresponsible, it could have landed me in jail and ruined both our lives, not to mention what happened after.”

His cock lurched at the mention of his mother giving him road head before sucking his cock dry in the living room. God he wished she would just stop beating herself up and give him a repeat performance.

“Mom, stop being so hard on yourself, you’re entitled to let your hair down once in a while and nothing bad happened, and as to what happened after, I’ve got no complaints about that!”

“I’m sure you haven’t! But that’s not the point, we crossed a line last night and we can’t undo what we did, or rather I did. I can’t believe I… Oh Bobby, where is this going to end? I wish I could just flick a switch and go back to when we used to be a normal family. Before your father had his plane crash and before all… this started.”

“Mom, I miss dad too, and I wish he was here, but wishing isn’t going to bring him back. So the way I see it we’ve got to look out for each other. The way things have been the last few weeks, I don’t regret one bit. I’ve never felt closer to you and what you’ve done for me just makes me love you more.”

“Oh Bobby, you’re all I have and I feel like I am letting you down. I’m supposed to be your mother and instead there I was last night running around like some cheap whore. This can’t be right Bobby, it’s not normal.”

“Mom you could never be a cheap whore so don’t speak about yourself like that. As to what normal is, I don’t know, most of my friends hardly speak to their parents and when they do it’s to tell them how much they hate them. I love you and I’d do anything for you, so if that means being not normal then so what?”

“But Bobby, I’m your mother, I’m not supposed to see you like this,” she gestured at his still hard cock, “let alone do the things I’ve done.”

“But if you hadn’t I’d probably have ended up beating my dick to death on the bannisters.”

“More likely you’d have knocked the stairs down.” she smiled up at him through red eyes and smudged mascara. “I’m sorry I must look horrible.”

“You look beautiful mom, and stop worrying, everything is fine. Really!”

“Oh Bobby, I wish I could believe you..”

“It’s true, nothing halkalı bdsm escort bad has happened, you’re still my mom and I’m still your son and I still love you and I always will. So in future we just do our celebrating at home ok, Deputy Manager of the new clinic?”

He grinned at her and she managed another wane smile.

“Oh Bobby, I don’t know what I do to deserve you.”

He could think of a couple of things she could do right now but he figured he’d keep them to himself. She approached him and cuddled up to him. His cock nudged against her stomach and she glanced down at it. “I’ve suppose I’ve rather neglected you this morning haven’t I?”, he didn’t say anything but just watched as she reached down and encircled his hard cock with her hand before gently stroking it. He groaned as she began lightly running her hand up and down it, slowly building up the rhythm. She was wearing a silk robe so his view was restricted to her amazing cleavage and her unfettered melons swaying under the thin silk in time with her stroking. Her nipples seemed to be protruding through the thin material and it definitely wasn’t cold today so she had to be getting turned on.

He groaned and leant back against the kitchen counter as she continued to run her fingers up and down his hard cock, teasing his erection with her tugging. They didn’t say anything, the room was quiet apart from the occasional moan from Bobby and the slick sound of his pre-cum coated foreskin sliding up and down over his cock head as she began to stroke column of meat in earnest. He simply leant back and let her do what ever she wanted to his cock, which this morning was to get him off as soon as possible. She was obviously just giving his some relief and that was fine by him, a morning quickie was never a bad way to start the day. Her talented hand continued to beat his meat and he could feel his cum begin to rise as he leant his head back and surrendered to the incessant caresses of her hands on his cock.

“Ohhh fuck mom I’m cumming.”

His balls drew up under his cock and the head swelled even more has the huge slab of meat lurched in her hand before spitting a jet of thick white cum across the kitchen that landed with an audible splat on the floor, being followed by several more so before long it was raining sperm on the tiled floor. She continued milking his huge cock as the seemingly endless supply of cum erupted from it until it finally slackened off and subsided. He regained his senses and surveyed the scene, great streaks and puddles of cum spread out before him across the floor.

“Oh well, I was going to clean the kitchen floor anyway.” Alison sighed, smiling and releasing his cock.

“Sorry.” said Bobby giving a comic shrug.

They spent the rest of the day mooching around at home, Alison recovering from her hangover and Bobby waiting around hoping for some more action along the lines of the the previous night’s.

He lay on the bed remembering the feel of his mom’s mouth on his cock, the way she teased the head with her tongue and the sensation of her moist lips sliding down the shaft, enveloping his dick in a wonderful warm wet tunnel. His dick throbbed at the recollection and he wondered if a repeat performance was on the cards tonight?

He reflected on his mom and her moods last night. She kept on about limits and how far things would go but bit by bit Bobby sensed she was relaxing and opening up. He sure hoped so, the idea of going back to a normal mother son relationship wasn’t something he wanted to think about, he lived from one sexual encounter to the next and couldn’t imagine having to make do with a peck on the cheek rather than her cheeks round his pecker. He felt himself drifting off to sleep with images of his beautiful naked mom worshipping his cock playing through his mind.

He awoke a couple of hours later and heard his mom on the phone downstairs so decided to pad down and investigate his hard on leading the way. His mom was still wearing her robe and sitting at the table tapping on her laptop.

He stood by her shoulder and could see she was answering some emails.

“Hey mom, what’s up?”

She turned to see his dick at eye level throbbing.

“Oh my god! Well you obviously! I was just doing some work, we’ve got a problem I’m trying to solve.”

“What’s the problem?”

“We have a contract to provide some educational products and I’m having trouble sourcing some of them.”

“Um. What sort of educational material?”

“Well since you ask, it’s a series of replicas of the, um, male reproductive system.”

“Male repro… you mean guy’s dicks?”

“That’s not really the technical description I’d use, but yes, casts of various men’s penises so they can be used for educational purposes and testing birth control products.”

“So, what’s the problem, I mean, you have guys willing to,err, model don’t you?”

“Yes we’ve had several volunteers but the casts are supposed to show a variety of, dimensions, and so halkalı elit escort far we’ve not had any in the, higher end of the percentile.”

His mom was looking flushed and guessed she was getting embarrassed talking about it but there was something about the idea of his mom looking at cocks and assessing them that turned him on, especially if she was comparing them to him.

“So you have to measure them?”

“Certainly not, the applicants submit their details via the internet and I refer them on for consideration.”

“And you’ve not had any guys apply who are packing?”

“Bobby, it’s not the sort of thing to joke about. This is serious, we, I, need to get this project completed this month. There’s a lot of money involved, schools and birth control manufacturers who are paying for this.”

“So you just need a guy with a large…percentile, then?” he said waving his erection at her.

“Bobby can’t you be serious? This is important.”

“I am being serious, I mean unless you think I don’t.. measure up?”

“Bobby don’t be ridiculous!”

“You mean I’m not big enough?”

“Of course you’re… big enough, more than big enough, but you are my son and I can hardly submit your details can I?”

“Why not?”

“Why not??? How am I supposed to explain that I know how large my son’s penis is when it’s erect?”

“Well don’t tell them it’s me.”

“What do you mean?”

“Use another name.”

“Bobby, be serious!”

“I am!”

“It’s too dangerous, someone would find out.”

“Where are the err, casts being done?”

“Some company in New York, why?”

“Well we don’t know anyone there so just put a different name on the form and who’s going to know?”

“Bobby, it’s too risky.”

“What’s the risk, no one will know and besides, I’ve always wanted to visit the big apple. C’mon mom, we could go together, what do you say?”

“Bobby, I don’t know…”

“Mom, you said yourself it was serious and you needed a volunteer with a big… percentile and here it is at your service!” he flexed his muscles and made his cock jump in salute.

“Bobby!” his mom his mom admonished him.

“C’mom, at least fill in the form, that can’t do any harm can it? What do we have to do?”

“Oh alright, there’s an online submission applicants have to fill in.” she typed in the address and a webpage came up for the clinic and a chance to volunteer to be part of a medical research program. Bobby could see why they hadn’t had many applicants, the page looked about as erotic as a funeral director’s convention and most guys were unlikely to ever pay it much attention. His mom clicked on the ‘APPLY HERE’ link and a questionnaire and some instructions appeared.

“Hmm well it only asks for basic contact details.”

“Great put me down as Bobby Smith.”

“Very imaginative choice!” his mom remarked wryly.

“Hey keep it simple right?”

“Ok well, most of these questions deal with diseases and so on.” his mom clicked the relevant boxes before coming to the final section. “Here is the section where it’s asking for umm, measurements. Do you know your, um, length when aroused?” she asked flushing.

“Errr, no.”

She looked round at him, his huge cock towering over her.

“You don’t?? Surely you must have, I thought all boys…checked themselves.”

“Nope.” he lied, Of course he had measured himself but the chance to have his mom do it for him was too good to pass up.

“Which means you expect me to do it I suppose?”

Bobby shrugged and held out his bandaged hands by way of an explanation.

“Oh alright! Let me see, there are some instructions. ‘To ensure the best results and that the subject is fully aroused the subject should stimulate their penis for approximately 60 minutes without reaching a climax prior to carrying out the measurements.”

“I guess that’s where you come in mom.”

“What a surprise!” she remarked looking at him with an arch look before regarding his still erect penis. “I don’t see how it could get much harder than it is at the moment.” she said reaching up to stroke it.

“Well we want to be scientifically accurate right?”

“I never knew you were so interested in science Bobby. Come along then.” She sighed before standing and leading him over to the couch by his cock. She pushed him down onto the seat before going to the kitchen and returning a few moments later with a glass of wine which she set down on the table.

“I suppose if I’m going to be here doing this for an hour I might as well be comfortable.” Her heavy boobs swayed and jogged under the thin silk robe and Bobby feasted his eyes on them hoping to see them naked once more.

“Great! Err, how about some visual stimulation to start with?” Bobby’s eyes like saucers and his cock was flexing in anticipation.

“This isn’t room service you know!”

“Um, I didn’t mean it like that, just you know, for the experiment, to get accurate measurements and…”

“Oh halkalı escort alright.” she cut him off, untying her robe and letting it fall to the ground so he could feast his eyes once again on her knockers.

“There, happy?”

“Um, yeah.”

No matter how many times he saw them he couldn’t get enough of her glorious heavy orbs. She sat facing him, his eyes following every sway and jiggle of her tits. She then slowly ran her hand down his toned six pack and lightly stroked around the base of his cock. His dick lurched as she delicately teased around the base of it before gently playing with his balls. She tenderly cradled his heavy testicles in her hand, as if she was weighing them and admiring their size and heaviness. He watched as she slowly released his gonads and slid her fingers up his cock delicately caressing the shaft before running up and around the shiny purple head.

She continued delicately stroking and teasing his column of meat and he lay back glorying in the sensation of her elegant fingers playing over his iron hard cock. After a few minutes he reached out with his clumsy injured hand and awkwardly attempted to heft one of her huge boobs. His wrists were still too weak to allow him to lift the heavy melons but he was able make her boobs jiggle and sway while squeezing the smooth soft flesh as best he could. She didn’t say anything but continued stroking him as he weighed her heavy jugs in his hand, marvelling at their size and smoothness. As she continued to stroke his cock she slowly built the tempo increasing his arousal. He moaned in appreciation of her caresses and in return he found her rubbery nipples and ran his fingers over them, feeling them harden under his touch. His mother let out a sharp intake of breath and although she said nothing, he guessed she was getting turned on.

They stayed like that for what seemed like an age, neither of them spoke but Bobby’s cock bucked and lurched as she continued to stroke and tease him towards an orgasm without ever allowing him to reach it. Pre-cum drooled from his cock and she used her fingers to smear the clear slimy liquid over his glans and shaft, lubricating it and adding to the sensuality of her touch. For her part Bobby noticed that Alison’s breathing seemed more rapid and her nipples were now like two hard bullets sticking out from her breasts. Bobby couldn’t resist making her big jugs jiggle and sway but increasingly focused his attention on her nipples, being rewarded with the occasional gasp or moan that Alison would emit when he did. Alison brought Bobby gasping to the brink of orgasm several times but expertly denied him the ultimate pleasure of release, his cock now so hard it was like it was carved from marble.

As she caressed him and delicately built the tempo once more, Bobby could feel his orgasm nearing again, knowing it would be denied. God how much longer was she going to keep teasing him? He knew she wouldn’t let him cum because she hadn’t measured him yet and while he was desperate to cum he was powerless to stop her caressing him. His balls tightened yet again and he felt his cum begin to rise Alison’s caresses became slower and lighter, her feathery touch keeping him floating on the brink before letting him subside and then releasing him altogether. He opened his eyes to look at her as she moved away from him removing her charms from his reach. Initially he was disappointed but then she knelt in between his legs and leant over him letting her heavy boobs hang down over his crotch, her giant melons brushing against his engorged manhood as they swayed. He watched breathlessly as the smooth silky skin of her magnificent tits bumped against the aching hardness of his cock, feeling her hard nipples rub against the shiny purple skin of his glans.

His mom smiled up and him before lowering her heavy jugs so his cock was between them and squeezing them together, enveloping him in their silky soft smooth grip. Bobby groaned at this new level of excitement, his mom seemed to be getting off on teasing and tormenting him, it was like she was trying to see how much he could take. He was powerless to resist anything she wanted to do to him, all he cared about was the pleasure coursing though his body as she began slowly sliding her boobs up his shaft, enveloping him completely so he disappeared from sight, before pausing and slowly sliding down the length of his cock , his purple cock head emerging from the magnificent creamy canyon of her boobs. She kept her movements agonisingly slow, allowing his cock constant stimulation but not enough to take him over the edge.

Pre-cum drooled constantly from his cock lubricating the fleshy tunnel between her boobs, making it feel even more like a wonderful pussy he could penetrate to his heart’s, or his cock’s desire. Bobby was peering blearily at his mom, unsure how long the teasing had been going on, but sure it had to be more than an hour when he was suddenly aware of cool air replacing the feel of his mom’s boobs on his cock. He looked down to see her sitting back, her breasts slick with his juices.

“I think you could do with a little break.” she smiled.

He regarded his cock which was bucking and lurching like it was possessed and a strand of pre-cum hung down onto his belly. Fuck he was so turned on if he didn’t cum soon he felt like his balls were going to explode.

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