22 Nisan 2021

Mr. Vegas Ch. 01

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You might have seen me on TV. Maybe you did and were one of the millions who muttered something like, “Lucky bastard,” when you did. I was the guy all over the news after winning the largest lottery prize in U.S. history. That was me. Well, me, my wife and kids that stood there with shit-eating grins and a check for over six hundred million dollars.

Since then, things have gotten interesting. My wife, Jessica, and the kids moved into a sprawling estate in Orange County, California. She fills her days shopping, going to lunch with the girls and fucking various minimum wage earning young studs in the neighborhood.

My story, well this one, involves my niece and her girlfriend. See, as soon as all those millions of dollars showed up on my ATM receipt, I became a high roller in Vegas. All the properties wooed me. They knew I would drop 10-20 thousand dollars betting on a single football game and enjoy watching the game while playing video poker for one hundred dollars a pull or blackjack for ten thousand dollars a hand. For me, it was tip money. But for the casinos, it was revenue. And they would do anything to get the revenue.

I played one property against the other and enjoyed all the perks. Even though I could afford all of them, I enjoyed watching casino hosts trip over each other to accommodate whatever needs I had. Including women. People who think the days of a casino sending out for whores to please their VIP customers ended when the mafia left town don’t understand corporations and what they are willing to do to make their shareholders happy.

I did this for a few months. Life got a little more interesting for me when my brother in-law called me from Florida after his alma mater made it to one of the big New Year’s Day bowl games. He had tickets for the game, but what he wanted from me is to see if I would put his daughter and her girlfriend up for the week in Vegas. The girls were both juniors at the same school and couldn’t get tickets for the game.

The last time I saw his daughter, she had just turned 18 — back when I was just middle class Uncle Mike. The family and I went to visit them in Florida and my only memory of that entire trip was seeing her in a bikini at one point and marveling at her sweet ass.

I was more than eager to have them visit if for no other reason to see if she still had a sweet ass or see if her friend had any interest in fucking a rich middle aged man.

It was a couple days before the big game when they arrived. We actually both arrived in Vegas at about the same time. The two girls, niece Amber and her friend Taylor, were landing on a commercial flight and I was at the executive terminal having just landed in a Gulfstream G500. I had my limo driver the casino sent over pick me up and take me to the passenger terminal where I met the two of them curbside.

“Uncle Mike,” Amber shouted from about ten yards away, waving at me with two big suitcases and her friend Taylor standing next to her. My driver had circled the back of the car and made a beeline to grab their bags. Amber raced to greet me, applying a big hug while giggling. It was obvious that she was in a party mood and had already started with the alcohol. Taylor was in a similar state but walked to where we were standing, waiting to be introduced.

“Hi,” I said, looking at Taylor, not waiting for Amber to introduce us. “I’m Mike,” I said smiling at her trying my best to make her feel comfortable.

“I gathered that,” she said laughing. “Nice to meet you and thank you so much for putting us up this week. This is so cool.”

“Yeah, Uncle Mike. We promise we won’t get into any trouble. My dad warned me to be on my best behavior,” Amber added.

I laughed as I put an arm on Amber as if to guide her in the general direction of the limo. “Of course we’re going to get in trouble. It’s Vegas.” I paused waiting for a reaction but just got some giggling from the two girls. “OK, hop in. You are going to be way impressed at the villa the hotel is putting us up in.”

The two girls walked in front of me to the car. I hadn’t paid any real attention to their bodies because they were in jeans and college sweatshirts, dressed as if they were going to a pep rally and not a 5 star resort. Following them though I noticed that Taylor’s ass rivaled Amber’s for perfection. The two of them walking together had to turn heads everywhere they went. As we approached the car Amber bent slightly to get inside and Taylor turned her head to look back at me and could clearly see that I was fixated on my niece’s ass. I noticed her looking at me and when I caught her eye she smiled at me and then turned and slapped Amber on the ass. “Come on girl, get in there,” she said with a laugh before looking back at me to gauge my reaction. This one was smart. She knew the reaction she would get and seemed to relish seeing if I would squirm or smile. I just smiled and followed her into the car.

Of course the limo had a fully stocked bar. I told the girls to help halkalı otele gelen escort themselves to anything they liked and if they wanted anything while visiting they just needed to ask me or the butler assigned to our villa. It’s worth knowing that these were girls who were into their third year of college living on ramen noodles. All of this Vegas glitz and glamour was new to them and a welcome escape from their real lives of chasing the degree that would hopefully provide them with gainful employment the rest of their lives.

As we settled into the villa it was obvious that they were ready to take full advantage of everything I was offering them but were unsure of just what exactly that was. So I told them to change and meet me by our private pool and we would go over tourist stuff and see what they wanted to do while they were visiting.

I remained dressed in my casual beach clothes that I wore most of the time when I was in the casino. The two girls came out in bikinis, almost looking like twins. Both had long brown hair. Both were about the same height. Taylor had at least a cup size bigger breast then Amber — easily a D. Both girls looked like they had put on their ‘freshmen 15’ and kept it in all the right places. And most importantly both girls were very comfortable standing in front of this middle-aged guy in bikinis that were more revealing than if they had just come out in bra and panties.

“Good. You brought your swimwear. The pool is heated, of course, and so is the deck so you’ll be fine here anytime except for first thing in the morning, when it is too nippy to be out here. Well, dressed like that.”

Amber went to sit and Taylor followed her lead, sitting down at the table where I had been seated. Taylor happened to notice all of the papers in front of me and saw that they were odds sheets for all of the sporting events the casino was taking bets on.

“Are those the odds for all of the bowl games, Mike?” Taylor asked.

“Yup,” I replied. “You have any interest in this?”

“I’m a math major so I’m kind of into statistics. And I love blackjack.” Taylor answered.

“Me too,” chimed in Amber.

“That’s cool,” I said, sitting up and leaning forward, sincerely interested in her statement. “Well listen, if you want, I can go through some of the formulas I used to bet on sports and you can tell me where I am wrong and why I keep losing.”

Taylor laughed and shook her head, “I’d love to see how you do it but I don’t think I could make a qualified judgment on your betting skills. At least based on one week.”

“Oh my god,” Amber chimed in, still looking a bit buzzed from her intake of alcohol on the trip to get here. “Nerd alert. I told you that you two would get along, Taylor,” she said to her friend.

Taylor laughed and turned to look at me, smiling and trying to look a bit shy. She was quite the flirty one. I’d have to see how far I could take that. Perhaps Amber just needed some more booze and she’d want to nap or something.

“Well, let’s have some champagne and toast to blackjack, compatibility and a great week ahead for you two here in Vegas.”

I uncorked one bottle then about 30 minutes later, a second bottle. The girls were digging the top shelf champagne and I have to say, I loved the champagne buzz. At one point, Taylor decided to check out the pool and she went in first, followed by Amber.

I watched the two of them swim around and laugh as they clearly enjoyed the surroundings. Taylor popped out of the pool really quick mumbling something about more champagne and came back to the table. I had been half watching them in the pool and studying my sports betting sheets.

Taylor grabbed the bottle to pour another glass but then leaned down to get close to my face. “So Mike, do they get mad if your guests take their top off in your private pool?”

I was a bit startled by the question but showed no surprise. “No, it’s Vegas honey,” I replied matter-of-factly. “You could lose the bottoms too.”

I watched as she moved her hands down to her bottoms, gently tugging on them and exposing herself so I could get a quick peek inside, “Maybe later for that,” she said as she moved her hands away. She turned and pulled her top off and left it on the ground by the table. As she walked back to the pool Amber noticed she had taken her top off.

“Taylor! What are you doing?” Amber shrieked while laughing.

I watched as Taylor jumped back in the pool, unable to hear her reply to Amber and what they were saying to each other. Amber didn’t seem mad as much as surprised. I found myself spending more time now watching the two of them. I wanted to jump in the pool myself but was enjoying being somewhat of a voyeur. Well, hoping to be a voyeur since Amber was probably acting one way knowing her uncle was watching them. Had she not known this I wondered what she would have done.

Fortunately for me, the champagne helped and she seemed halkalı rus escort to not pay much attention to my being there. Taylor had grabbed her playfully and what started as two girls frolicking in the pool turned into a full blown make out session as Taylor removed Amber’s top and the two of them stood in the middle of the pool, first kissing and then using their mouth and hands on each other’s tits. They were pretty hammered and I suspected this wasn’t the first time they physically enjoyed each other. On the contrary this was probably high on their to-do list for when they got to Vegas. The fact that they had no inhibitions to do this in front of me was a major plus.

I sat in the chair still unsure of what to do. Do I join in and be the buzzkill? Do I let them know that I’m getting major wood from watching them? Is my niece going to come to her senses and freak out that she did this front of her mother’s brother? I just sat there in silence having this internal debate that eventually resolved itself when they stepped out of the pool.

Amber couldn’t find her top and Taylor had no interest in looking for one. The towels were all on a rack conveniently right behind me. As they came over soaked from the water and both of them with nipples popping out from their excitement and the cool air it suddenly seemed to dawn on Amber that she was topless in front of her uncle. She wrapped an arm across her tits as they both stood in front of me.

“Now you’re modest,” I said with a laugh. “I hope you two aren’t stopping anything because I am here. I’m happy to give you some space.” Amber turned beet red and looked at Taylor who was laughing.

“I like being watched,” Taylor said. “How about you?” she followed up with looking at Amber.

“Well, yeah but…,” she said to Taylor but then turned to me, “Uncle Mike, I don’t know. You’re family. That is way out there. Like crazy.”

I nodded and stood up, now standing in front of both girls. Taylor was the first to notice the outline of my cock pressed against my shorts. She grinned and turned to Amber.

“I’ll take care of him Amber. Come on, let’s have some fun.”

Oddly and without hesitation, Amber smiled and said, “OK, if that is what you want Taylor.”

Taylor took a step towards me and placed her hand on my shorts, squeezing until she had it covering my cock. She started rubbing her hand up and down the shaft.

“Is this what you want, Uncle Mike?” Taylor asked.

“Uh huh,” I mumbled enjoying the sensation of this young co-ed rubbing me. I was getting used to the various escorts and strippers I met in Vegas but they were pros going through the motions. This girl may be a pro-in-the-making but she still carried with her that college co-ed hotness that made it all the better.

“Good thing we’re not all related,” I continued as I looked towards Amber who appeared to be both embarrassed and turned on by what she was seeing. Good vs. Evil. Even in her drunk state her mind was telling her that getting involved with her uncle was bad but her pussy wanted gratification.

“Soooo….,” she said hesitating, “Do you want to watch or what do you guys want to do.”

Taking charge I put my hand on Taylor’s arm and pulled it off my dick. It seemed apparent that Amber was struggling with the whole thing but if I was going to get anywhere with her it was going to have to be in due course. Taylor was a slam dunk. The best thing to do was to get those two back to being focused on each other and go from there.

“Let’s go into the house and you two can finish what you started in the pool. I’ll be a good boy and watch from the sidelines.”

We moved the party to an unused bedroom in the villa. I figured that could be a neutral space. They had their suite, I had mine. This third one was just as opulent, with a massive bed, a hot tub in the room, a pool table just off the bedroom and a bathroom that cost more to install then the average GDP of any random third world country.

True to my word, I entered the room and moved off to the side, plopping myself down in a large chair, watching as the girls started in on each other.

Surprising to me, Amber was more of the dominant one. They clearly had a bisexual relationship going on. Well, unless I was wrong about Amber and she didn’t want cock. Taylor clearly did. But regardless, Amber was in charge, moving Taylor around and onto her back on the bed. Leaning over her, kissing her and eventually moving down to remove Taylor’s bikini bottom.

Taylor, for her part, was responsive to Amber’s kisses but otherwise seemed obsessed with her own breasts, squeezing them and tugging on her nipples. As Amber pulled off her bikini bottom, Taylor looked over towards me and made a kissing face. I smiled to her and watched her head turn back to watch Amber as Amber laid back on the bed as if she was ready for Taylor to take care of her.

Now it was Amber who looked at me as Taylor removed Amber’s halkalı türbanlı escort bikini bottom and began licking Amber’s pussy. Amber immediately started writhing on the bed as Taylor worked her magic. Taylor knew Amber’s sweet spot and zeroed in on it.

Watching Amber and Taylor move as if Taylor was having trouble keeping up with a moving target was too much for me to just sit there and silently watch. My dick had maintained its erection in various degrees of rigidity since we were poolside but now it was rock hard. I began to rub it through my shorts just as Taylor had done at the pool. After a good minute of this and Taylor seemingly having tamed the beast in Amber to where they were into a pretty good groove of both of their bodies gently moving while Amber moaned, Taylor paused for a moment to turn and look at me, noticing how I was playing with my dick.

“Pull it out. I want to see it,” she said as she started fingering Amber’s pussy.

Amber continued to moan, taking in everything Taylor was doing and not paying any real attention to me beyond the occasional glance in my direction.

Unbuttoning my shorts and pulling them and my boxer briefs down, my well-endowed member sprang out. Taylor’s eyes lit up as she watched it appear and I could tell she wanted it. If only I could find a way to get to her and not freak out Amber.

“Holy shit. You’re big,” Taylor said. “Look at that Amber.”

Amber glanced over and then back to Taylor, “Come on Taylor. I can’t. He’s my uncle.”

Taylor laughed, “I just said he was big.”

“You two keep doing what you were doing,” I said while standing up, hoping that at some point one of them would ask me to join in.

Taylor leaned down to kiss Amber full on the lips while she kept fingering her. Amber moaned even louder as Taylor pulled back and laid on the bed. Now with her legs spread she let Amber in between them to eat her pussy.

Taylor looked my way almost the entire time. Unlike when she was eating Amber and Amber was constantly squirming and moving, Taylor would stay in one spot and moan as Amber seemed to devour her snatch.

My view had been from the side in this large bedroom. Taylor seemed to notice this and how limited I was and she did this thing with her head and eyes encouraging me to move around the room. She was extremely gracious and I think also wanted me to be closer to her.

I got what she wanted me to do and walked behind Amber. The strokes on my cock accelerated as her pussy and ass came into direct straight ahead view. She was on all fours and leaning down into Taylor’s pussy, her ass up in the air. Taylor and I could see each other straight on and I knew it was turning her on to see me jerking off behind my niece.

Amber glanced over to where I had been seated and not seeing me there, pulled back from Taylor and looked around, seeing that I was directly behind her. The tip of my dick about a foot away from her glistening pussy.

“Oh my god, what are you doing Uncle Mike?”

I just kept stroking. At this point I decided if she did freak I was still going to cum and if they stayed Taylor was not going to pass up the chance to get fucked in a high roller villa in Vegas.

“What does it look like I’m doing,” I replied, breathing heavily. “Don’t worry. I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do.”

“I don’t know. I kind of want you to now but…” she trailed off.

“Amber, I want to fuck him,” Taylor said, pulling herself up on her elbows.

Amber rolled over on her back next to Taylor and also propped herself on her elbows. Now both of them were watching me as I continued to jerk off. The thought of fucking either or both of them was starting to get the best of me and even though I still had a good champagne buzz going on, I wasn’t going to be able to hold out for long. I needed to cum. Soon.

“Go ahead,” Amber said. “I don’t know, should I watch?” Amber mostly said to herself. “Damnit, is it wrong for me to want to watch?”

Taylor pulled herself up and crawled over to where I was at the foot of the bed.

“This is ridiculous, Amber. Just watch.”

Taylor grabbed my shaft and at first just licked it. Up and down, long licks from the balls up to the tip. She then started to swirl her tongue around the head while using her hand to stroke up and down the shaft. After a good minute of that she would add taking the shaft in her mouth to the playlist and slowly take in as much cock as she could before gagging.

Amber watched intently and after some time moved closer and sat with her legs spread so she could rub her pussy while Taylor sucked me off. I noticed this and she noticed me watching her and our eyes met. It was at that moment that I knew she was going to banish all thoughts of what was taboo and enjoy the moment.

At least that is what I hoped for.

Amber moved closer to both me and Taylor. Her head was even closer to my cock and Taylor noticed her proximity. Amber started running her hand on Taylor’s leg and started playing with her pussy. All the time her mouth moved closer to my cock. Taylor picked up on it and even I could tell Amber just wanted someone to tell her it was OK for her to suck her uncle’s dick. Taylor took charge since it seemed clear to she and I that I shouldn’t say anything and possibly scare her off.

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