21 Nisan 2021

My 18th Birthday

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Big Tits

It had been a week since my big, overdone, 18th birthday with my Family.

After a boring week at School, Norman informed me that He and David were gonna take me out for me birthday.

Norman picked me up and We headed to Davids. David came walking out with His Girlfriend, Amy.

Norman was a good looking Guy, 19, light-brown hair 6ft, and well built. David was, 18, semi-nerdy, dark-brown hair, 5ft 9in, and an average build. Amy was pretty sexy, 19, 5ft 5in, medium length bottle-blonde hair, firm c-cup breasts with little but always hard nipples. I was above average build, sun-bleached brown hair, 5ft 10in.

David opened the door for Amy. She climbed in, Her pleated skirt rode up and Her breasts about bounced out of Her top.

With David in and the door closed, Norman blasted down the street.

“Hi Scott! Are You ready?” Amy said with a mischievous grin, as She adjusted Her skirt.

“I might be if I knew what We were doing.” The Boys here still haven’t told me a thing about tonight!” I replied giving David a glare.

Norman barked, “Don’t pressure Him! This is Amy and My planning. He only found out about it this afternoon.”

David smirked. “You’re gonna Love it, Dude! Those two have something planned for Your birthday that You will never forget!”

“OK…now I’m worried!” I said as I looked into Amys eyes then at the look on Normans face.

We all talked and laughed as Norman tried to kill Us for the next 20minutes.

I didn’t even see where We had pulled into until I was half way trough the dark parking lot. We were behind the Adult bookstore on the outskirts of town. More precisely, We were in the back lot where the access is to the adult theaters and video booths.

I stopped about 20ft from the door. Amy wrapped Her arms around me from behind. She held up an odd looking thing in front of me.

“Here, take this key and enjoy Your Birthday surprise!” She giggled.

Norman and David held up Their keys. I took the one from Amy. She then flashed Hers as She took my empty hand and pulled me towards the door.

Norman slid money into a slot then David scanned His key and David walked through a turnstile. Then Amy. He did the same for Me and then Himself.

David took Amys hand as They walked down a short hall and through a door. Norman and I followed. The room was REALLY dark except for some raunchy porn playing on a huge TV mounted high on one wall.

I stood there for a bit and looked around as my eyes adjusted. I could make out a bunch of others sitting around with some standing. Then I started to see a couple Women on Their knees sucking the cock of a the Men sitting. Most of the Guys standing around were stroking Their cocks while watching the Women suck.

I saw David sit and immediately Amy pulled out His cock and started sucking. Norman sat down next to David.

This wasn’t the first time I had seen Amy with Davids cock in Her mouth. It was the first time I had seen Her mouth full AND pulling Normans cock out. She was now sucking David and stroking Norman.

My cock was instantly hard as my eyes finally finished adjusting and I noticed Her skirt had ridden up and I could see Her bare, and bald, pussy by the light of the porn on the TV.

Others had noticed and had come to look, watch, and stroke.

I Heard and watched one of the Guys cum in the mouth of the Woman sucking His cock. One of the Guys watching stoked His load all over Her hair and back.

Looking back to my Friends, I saw that Amy was now sucking Normans cock. David had Her skirt pulled up onto Her back. He had 2 fingers in Her glistening pussy and was rubbing His thumb against Her asshole.

Amy turned Her head and looked at me with Normans cock still in Her mouth. She motioned me over and patted Her ass.

I lowered my zipper and released my rock-hard cock. I rubbed Her ass as David sat back. He shot me a smile and gave me a nod.

I got on one knee behind Amy and pressed my cock into Her sopping pussy. 2 thrusts and I was balls deep in Her tick slippery hole.

I started fucking Her slowly, with long strokes. Nearly pulling out then sliding in. She gave cock muffled moans each time my entire cock bottomed out in Her.

Amy yabancı escort transferred back to Davids cock. After a few minutes, back to Normans. Then to Davids.

Each time She switched, I sped up. After about 10 minutes, I was fucking quick and firm.

Amys moaning would get loud about every minute as Her orgasms made Her already tight wet pussy clench and gush.

She stayed on Normans cock and after another 10 minutes, He began to groan. Norman unloaded down Davids Girlfriends throat as I fucked Her pussy.

After sucking Norman dry, She transferred back to David. As She did, I pulled out of Her pussy and began pressing my dripping wet cock against Her asshole.

Norman watched my cock working into Amys asshole and said, “Brace Yourself Slut. That cock is gonna stretch You good!”

Cock muffled squeals and wails were coming from Amy as my cockhead worked into Her tight, tiny asshole. Another minute and my balls rested against the warmth of Her gushing pussy.

She began bobbing on Davids cock again as I began slowly fucking His girlfriends asshole.

I didn’t spend as much time fucking slow. I picked up the pace rather quickly.

Amy must have been sucking extra hard. David only lasted a few more minutes before His cum was mixed with one of His best friends in the belly of His Girlfriend.

As Davids other best Friend reamed His Girlfriends asshole, one of the Strangers in the theater sat next to Him. Amy angled over and took His cock into Her mouth.

By this point, I was slamming Her asshole pretty fast and hard. Norman and David got up and were replaced by a dark, well hung Man.

Another load of Cum was shot down Amys throat. She started stroking the fat cock. She was licking His balls and panting.

“Holy shit, Scott! Will You please cum already?!” Amy managed to blurt out.

“Yea, finish up so I can have my turn in that ass.” said the fat cocked Man that Amy was now sucking.

I swear I heard Amy mumble ‘oh shit’ with His cock fitting only half way into Her mouth.

Another 5 minutes and I exploded deep into Amys ass. It felt like Her asshole was milking the cum from my cock. As Her assgasm subsided, I slowly withdrew my cock from the asshole of My best Friends Girlfriend.

I had barely stepped back before the Man Amy was sucking picked Her up and impaled Her asshole on His big, dark cock. That alone sent Amy into another body-quivering assgasm.

In the 10 minutes I stood there watching Amy getting assfucked, stroking cocks, and getting cum on…all by strangers. I couldn’t help but smile, and want more.

I patted David on the shoulder and said, “I’m gonna go see what else this place has.”

I walked out of the theater into the hall. I noticed there was another door farther down. Never ignoring my curiosity and figuring it was a utility room or something, I turned the knob.

The door opened into another theater. Not very many Guys in it. I then saw the porn on the giant TV was a Guy sucking another Guy while His ass was getting fucked by another Guy.

I stepped in and sat down.

Norman, David, and I had experimented with each other since We were in grade school so it was no shock seeing Gay sex.

There were 2 Men on the couch in front of me that were obviously trading off sucking each others cocks.

Someone sat down next to me. He reached over and rubbed my crotch. I looked over at Him and was mildly surprised to see the face of Mike. A kid from school and Neighbor from down the street.

“Hi Scott. What a nice surprise meeting You here.” He whispered.

Everyone in school ‘knew’ Mike was Gay. When he pulled out my cock and I felt it slide down his throat, I then KNEW Mike was Gay…or at least Bi, like me.

I went back and forth watching the porn, watching the 2 Men in front of me, and watching Mike bob on my cock.

The movie was coming to an end, the 2 in front of me had both cum down each others throat, and I was about to give Mike a mouthful of my own.

I looked up before I came and saw Norman watching Mike sucking me. His cock was out and hard in his hand.

I blew down Mikes throat and he continued sucking. I pulled Norman to me yeni escort and began sucking Him. I could taste pussy on His cock and wondered if it was from Amy or one of the other Gals in the other theater.

A couple Guys in the theater had come over and were watching Our 3some.

Mike got a load of cum shot on Him about the same time Norman came down my throat. I finished him off in time to take the other Guys cock in my mouth as He came.

We all put ourselves away. Norman and I left. As We did, I saw a Guy go down on Mike.

“See You in school Monday, Dude!” I said to Mike and got a thumbs-up.

Norman went to the restroom. Amy came out of the theater alone.

“Where’s David?” I asked as She approached me.

“He’s busy with one of the Gals in there. Don’t worry about Him! This is YOUR night, remember?” She said and gave me a kiss.

I took Her head and kissed Her deep. I could taste the cum in Her mouth as Our tongues danced.

Amy took me by the hand and We keyed into the video booth area.

We quickly found a larger ‘couples’ booth and locked the door behind us.

Amy clicked through the channels while taking off Her top and skirt. I stripped along with Her.

About a foot to the left was a gloryhole. In that gloryhole was an eye. The eye was staring at Amys naked ass.

“You have an admirer.” I said causing Amy to bend over and spread Her cheeks giving the eye a great view of Her well used asshole and pussy.

Amy stopped on a video showing an orgy. Women with Women with Men with Men. A true no holes barred affair…my favorite!

Amy patted the far armrest of the small couch and told me to sit. I did as She stepped onto the couch. She put Her ass against the gloryhole and took my cock in Her mouth.

I felt Her twitch and give a moan. I assume the eye had decided to give Her cock. She moaned with each orgasm as She sucked my cock.

Amy suddenly got up and directed me to the end of the couch closest to the gloryhole wall. The cock that had been in Her was still rock hard and dripping with Her juices.

I sat, Amy dropped Her pussy onto my cock, and then nodded to the cock in the wall.

The cock was sizeable with a nice fat mushroom head. Amy and I took turns socking it as She rode my cock.

Another 10 minutes and I was filling Amys pussy with my cum. The cock in the wall still hadn’t cum. I was sucking it when Amy stood up.

“I’m gonna go visit Our neighbor.” Amy said with a smile as She unlocked the door and went out into the hall naked and sweaty.

I heard a faint knock and Amy asking, “May I join You?”

I heard the door unlock, open, shut, and relock.

The cock never left the hole, or my mouth.

I faintly heard Amy say, “mmm…I love the taste of Your asshole.”

I swear the Guys cock grow before She said that.

I took His cock from my mouth. He immediately withdrew. I looked through the hole to see Him slam his cock down Amys throat.

He facefucked her relentlessly for almost 10minutes before slamming hard down Her throat and unloading His cum into Her belly.

He released her head and shoved His cock back through the gloryhole.

I stood, bent over, and pressed my asshole against His still hard cock.

Now it had been a good while since I’d been assfucked by David, but I was determined to get that fat cock in my ass.

As I pressed and relaxed He pushed. He was finally deep in me and He wasted no time. His length and girth hurt SO good as He fucked me.

I had forgotten that my booth door was open. I remembered when I suddenly felt a hand reach under and start stroking my cock. I then felt a cock press against my face. I turned to see the cock was the same dark, wonderful, fat cock that took Amys ass after me.

I took as much of that fat, dark cock in my mouth as I could. I heard groaning and the familiar hot, gooey feeling of cum being shot onto my back. I managed to see that it was David who had just cum on me and one of the Gals from the theater was stroking me.

Without losing the fat cock pounding my ass or the dark monster cock in my mouth, I moved my leg allowing the strange Woman to slide under me and suck my cock.

After yenibosna escort another 5 minutes I pulled away from the gloryhole and turned around. Taking the cock that was in my ass into my mouth. I slid my cock into the strange Womans pussy. The dark cock I was sucking stretched my asshole even farther and began pounding me.

With her knees in her armpits, the Woman beneath me fucked my cock. I came within minutes but She didn’t stop, keeping me hard.

The dark cock fucking me ass kept me bobbing my mouth on the strangers cock in the wall.

I kept thinking to myself, ‘This is the stuff pornos are made of!’

‘Dear penthouse…’

The cock destroying my asshole swelled about the same time my own swelled in the Gals pussy. He and I unloaded into the holes around our cocks.

The Gal slid out from under me and disappeared.

The dark cock fucked my ass another 5 minutes before I heard moaning from the other side of the wall.

Finally the Man was gonna unload. As He did, I tried in vain to swallow the huge amount of thick globs of gum.

I heard Him groaning from the other side of the wall, “OH YEA, OH YEA, OH YEA, TAKE IT ALL BITCH!”

…my mind was no longer there…it was at home…my entire Childhood I had heard that exact phrase through the walls of my house…that exact voice for 18 years saying that exact phrase…I heard that countless times when my Dad would cum while fucking my Mom…

Couldn’t be…I couldn’t have just sucked off my Dad…after being fucked by Him…after He blew a load down the throat of my best Friends Girlfriend…couldn’t be…could it?!

I felt the cock slide from my mouth and saw it disappear from the hole.

The big, dark cock was still fucking my ass when a load of cum was shot against the side of my face.

I was fixated on what little I could see through the gloryhole.

I saw Amy peeking from around the Mans hip. Fingering Your ass while You came was awesome”

Then she looked up…for the first time…as her turned…the look on her face said it all…even before the words left Her cum-covered lips…

“MY HEYWOOD?!” Amy yipped.

“AMY…what the fuck…?” The now no-longer Stranger stopped. Who was on the other side? David?”

At which point the now familiar eye reappeared at the hole.

There in front of His face, seen through the gloryhole His cock recently occupied, was the face of His Son…the cum covered face of His Son. His son who was still getting fucked in the ass and who wore not only a strangers gum on the side of His face, but also wore His own Dads cum on his chin.

We were both frozen, staring at eachother. The ice was broken when the fat cock unloaded a second load of cum deep in my ass.

The dark Man left and I sat on the couch in a puddle of cum that came from my overfilled ass.

I saw my Dad stand. I motioned to Norman and David to go.

I could hear my Dad and Amy talking.

A Woman stepped into my booth and promptly went down on me. She had to work a bit to get my cock hard, but She did.

What’s done is done. No sense worrying over swallowed Family cum!

As my dressed Dad and still naked Amy came into view. My Dad watched as His cum and sweat covered Son got a blowjob from a strange Woman.

Seeing my 6ft 3in Father standing there. His broad shoulders and imposing Marine trained posture no longer seemed imposing. He was now just a Man…like me…sort of.

Amy looked so small standing next to Him.

She started getting turned on watching Me getting a blowjob. She started rubbing Her pussy.

My Dad looked from me to Her and smiled.

Looking back to me my Dad asked, “Where are the other 2? I know Their here.”

Of course, I came down the Womans throat as I answered, “Ouutsiiide…”

The Woman swallowed, gave me a kiss, and left.

“Help Him clean up,” my dad said looking at Amy, “then You two get dressed and meet Us outside.”

As He turned to walk away, I recognized His hair and shirt collar as one of the Guys in front of me that traded off sucking eachother off.

Amy and I did as my Dad told Us. I was more of a mess than I thought.

We walked outside and found Norman, David, and my Dad talking.

“Lets all go get something to eat. We all need some FOOD in Our stomachs.” My Dad said with a crooked grin.

What happened at the late dinner, and what developed over the next weeks, months, and years will be left for other stories. 😉

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