22 Nisan 2021

My Cousin Blackmails Me Pt. 01

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When I moved into my aunt’s place down in Sydney, I didn’t expect much. I really just needed a place to crash every night while I took my degree course at the local university.

What I had NOT expected was that my cousin would be so hot.

Cousin Rosie was a stunner. She had smooth fair skin, deep black hair, a curvy waist, and thighs thick enough to smother a man. Her boobs were solid too.

There was a second cousin too, but she was away at boarding school so I never got to see her outside of photos around the house.

Life with my relatives wasn’t so bad. My uncle was working overseas so I never got to see him outside of video calls, and my aunt was working a lot so I will only saw her mostly in the evenings when she knocked off. I never really understood what exactly it was that she did for work but I never bothered to find out anyway.

Rosie meanwhile was attending the university just like me.

I quickly discovered that Rosie was what the kids called an Asian baby girl. She wore a lot of short shorts and crop tops and she was almost always wearing makeup, even at home. Sometimes at home I would see her wearing an oversized t-shirt and it would seem as though she had no bottoms on. It stirred some very wrong feelings within me, which required me to relieve myself in my room.

Unlike Rosie who had lived her whole life in Australia, I found it difficult to make friends. I was an introvert and quiet by nature. It was very difficult to get to know people especially since in university there are no set classes and I was always on the move.

Nevertheless I wasn’t particularly upset about that. I was content with being by myself. As long as I had healthy Wi-Fi and a charged-up phone I was basically able to entertain myself wherever I went.

Rosie did try to get me to get to know people, however. She tried to convince me to go clubbing or to go out with her friends but I was never comfortable around her crowd and I quickly learned to turn her down.

I kept my days busy by going to the gym, playing video games, and lots of studying. Oh, and jacking off to impure thoughts about Rosie.

Then one day, things changed drastically for Rosie and I.

It started out as a normal Saturday afternoon. I was playing the latest shooting game on my computer when Rosie popped her head through my door and knocked.

“Hey cuz,” she began.

I paused my game and slid off my headphones to talk to her.

“Sup, Rosie?”

“I need your help, can you come for a while?”

I got up and followed her into her room. I immediately noticed the smell of her hair as I stepped in.

I wasn’t expecting Rosie to close the door behind me, however. She came in front and faced me.

“Okay, so I need your help,” she began saying.

“I’m listening,” I said.

“I’m meeting this guy later, we’re going out on a date. And I just can’t decide what to wear.”

I raised my brows, surprised at what I was hearing. “So you’re asking ME for advice?” I asked. I wasn’t exactly the most fashionable kid in the neighbourhood.

“Not advice, but I just wanna know your opinion.”

It was an unconventional request, but I’d no real reason not to help her out.

“Whatever, lay it on me then. What’re the options?”

Rosie turned to the bed where she’d laid out a few outfits.

“Well, I’ve got this red lacey dress that’s cute, but might be too summer-vibe-ish. Then there’s the oversized T-shirt dress, this one’s a one-piece. And then there’s the classic denim shorts and tucked-in black top. What do you think?”

I studied the outfits in front of me on her bed. They were all cute. I then turned to give Rosie an up-down assessment of her current figure.

She was wearing a pink tank top that hugged her body just enough for her to look like a snack. The black shorts with white lining helped to frame her hips well.

As I’d expected, she still had all the right curves in the right places. She sometimes went to the gym with me, which meant that her succulent thighs were both juicy AND firm. Her ass reminded me of cold tofu; soft to the touch, sınırsız escort but firm enough to stand on it’s own.

Then again, it’s not like I’d touched her ass before.

“Not bad, not bad…” I said, rubbing my chin thoughtfully.

“It’s a bit hard to tell like this thought. It’ll be easier if I could see you in them.”

“That’s true,” Rosie nodded. “My date’s not till four, so I can change into them.”

I’d expected Rosie to grab one of the outfits and head to the communal toilet on the second floor which we both shared. But instead, she reached down, grabbed the hem of her pink tank top, and pulled it off in one motion.

I could feel my jaw drop as I watched her boobs jiggle slightly from behind a black lace bra.

“Woah, Rose!” I threw my hands up to cover my eyes.

“Oh c’mon!” Rosie laughed, apparently amused by my reaction. “We’re family! I don’t care if you see my bra. Not like it’s the first time anyway.”

“Seeing them hanging in the toilet is one thing,” I said, my hands still up in front of my face. “Seeing you topless in them is another!”

“Will you relax, seriously!” I could hear the exasperation in Rosie’s voice now. “I’m not gonna get naked. Now c’mon, help me out here!”

I slowly lowered my hands and saw that Rosie had slipped into the red laced dress. It had puffy shoulders and an exposed back, which was currently facing me as Rosie expected me to zip her up.

Sighing, I took the zip and slowly brought it up.

“Thanks. Now, how’s this?”

She turned around to face me, hands on her hips. She swung her body left and right to give me different angles.

I frowned in thought.

“Where are you guys going?” I asked.

“To see dinner and a movie.”

“Hmmm then this might be too much.”

“You’re right, I guess. Ok, now to the next one, help me out again…”

I helped unzip Rosie and this time I watched as she got out of the dress, throwing it onto the bed. My cousin in nothing but a black lace bra-and-panties set was a stunning sight to behold, and I could feel my pants tighten as I watched her slip into the white T-shirt dress.

“How about this?” She gave me a 360-degree spin.

I nodded. “Cute and elegant,” I said. “But isn’t it a bit too baggy?”

Rosie grinned. “Not when I do this!” And at that, she pinched the back of her dress and pulled it outward, resulting in the rest of the dress compressing against her curved figure.

My eyebrows shot up against my will.

“Shit,” I said.

Rosie giggled and let go of the dress, and it went back to normal.

“Ok, now for the last one!” Rosie said, lifting the dress over her head and throwing it onto the bed on top of the red dress. My cock continued to grow as I watched Rosie put her legs into her denim shorts and squeeze her ass in.

As I was contemplating whether to cover my groin with my hands or a cushion, Rosie turned around just as she was buttoning up her shorts, looked up at me, and froze.

“What the fuck?”

She’d seen my boner.

“Jay, what the hell is that?” Rosie asked, her eyes glued to my crotch.

“Uhhhh uhhhh” Unable to formulate words yet, I quickly reached over and grabbed a pillow from the bed to cover my bulge. “It’s nothing!”

“Fuck off dude, don’t give me that shit!” Rosie had raised her voice now, grabbing my hands and pulling them apart with surprising force. I looked down and saw that my bulge was indeed far more noticeable than I’d thought.

“You’re hard, aren’t you?” She asked.

I tried to keep my cool. “What, never seen an erection before?” I said in a voice that I hoped didn’t sound shaky.

“Not from my cousin, I haven’t,” Rosie replied. She looked up at me with an expression of disbelief.

“I’m turning you on, aren’t I?”

Now I was getting frustrated.

“C’mon Rosie, are you serious! Look at you, you’re fucking hot! Any guy would get hard from looking at you! It’s natural!”

“Not from a cousin, it’s not!” Rosie retorted, her hands still holding my arms apart. My bulge was not going down at all. taksim escort “You’re not supposed to get turned on by me!”

I didn’t have any words to say to that so I kept silent.

“Oh my god, this is so fucked up,” Rosie finally let go of my hands, instead bringing them up to her head as she processed this turn of events. “My older cousin is hard for me, holy shit…”

I tossed the pillow aside, knowing it was now useless. “Look Rosie, I’m sorry for feeling the way I do, but I swear it’s entirely physical. It’s only a biological reaction from seeing your body. It means nothing!”

Rosie looked back into my eyes, her expression now unreadable.

“Can we just forget about this? It’s stupid, and it means nothing,” I said.

Rosie shook her head, her hands not going down to her hips. “It’s stupid, alright… Shit, you’re hard for me! How fucked up is that?”

I didn’t reply. I mean, it WAS kinda fucked up, but I wasn’t going to justify her opinion.

Rosie came close to me. Without warning, she pressed her open right hand against my pants bulge. I almost jumped back in shock.

“What the-“

“Damn Jay, you really ARE hard,” Rosie said in a lowered voice. She squeezed me through my shorts. It felt nice.

“I must’ve got you reeeeally turned on…” She seemed to be speaking to herself, as she kept her gaze on my bulge. I kept quiet, not wanting to do or say anything that could escalate things in the wrong direction.

“I wanna see.” Rosie said suddenly.

I wasn’t sure if I understood.

“What?” I asked.

“I wanna see how hard,” she said, and without warning, she grabbed my pants with both hands and pulled them down along with my boxers in one swift motion.

My hard cock practically sprang out as my pants slid down, finally free to stand firm and proud.

I was too shocked to say or do anything as Rosie stared at my exposed cock.

“…fuck!” Rosie finally responded, exclaiming loudly that I was worried her mom might hear her.

“I got you THAT big??” She was practically laughing now, although whether in amusement or in awe I could not tell.

“You’re pretty fuckin’ hung for an Asian guy,” Rosie said, wrapping her fingers around my cock. I breathed out quickly as she gently gripped my shaft. “Your’s might actually be the biggest Asian cock I’ve seen.”

“You’ve seen a lot?” I couldn’t resist asking. Rosie simply looked up at me and gave a sly grin. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” she said.

Rosie began moving her hand up and down on my cock, and I gasped. Was my cousin really giving me a handjob?

“Calm down, big boy,” Rosie said, her eyes focused on her right hand working my organ. “I’m just getting a sense of how turned on you are right now. Don’t you dare think that I’m doing this for your sake.”

“Rosie, this is messed up, you can’t do this,” I said, still trying to fight the situation. But Rosie just chuckled at me.

“I think you lost the moral high ground the moment you got hard for your COUSIN,” she replied, emphasising the last word. “Now shut up and let me do what I want, unless you want me to scream and have mom find out about this.”

With the threat of being discovered by my aunt looming over me, I kept quiet as Rosie continued to rub my cock with her right hand, trying to keep my breathing as controlled as possible. I didn’t want to make it obvious that I was enjoying this.

But Rosie wasn’t dumb.

“Why so quiet?” She asked, giving me a sly look. She had sexy eyes.

“Aren’t you enjoying this?”

I tried to put on a strong front. “You know i’m not a virgin, right?” I replied.

“Well that makes two of us. But I’m not the one with a raging hard-on in front of their cousin.”

She gripped my cock suddenly, making me gasp. She grinned at my reaction.

“To be fair, your cock is really quite big. Not the biggest I’ve had, but still impressive.”

“You sound like an expert,” I said, genuinely curious to what kind of experience Rosie had with penises.

Rosie simply shrugged. “I’ve had my fair share.”

Because tesettürlü escort Rosie was standing directly opposite me, she had to use an underhand-grip to naturally stroke my cock. It was unconventional, which meant it felt especially good. There was an indescribable difference in sensation as her fingers and palm slid on my cock when compared to the more common forward-facing grip.

As my cock had begun to leak pre-cum. Rosie used her left finger to dab my pre-cum over my cock head.

“Fucking pervert, y’know” she said. Despite her words, it was obvious that Rosie was having fun. She was all smiles as she kept her strokes on my hard cock consistent, while not being too eager to cause any accidents.

“Do you still think this is wrong?” Rosie looked up at me with sultry eyes, making a childish sort of pout at me. I was already breathing harder than I’d like, and struggled to come up with a mature response.

“Don’t you?” I replied. I was intentionally being vague, as I secretly wanted her to keep going. It felt soooo good.

“Oh, it’s so very wrong,” Rosie replied, shaking her head. Even then she continued stroking me and making me feel good.

“You should stop me,” she said, looking hard into my eyes.

I blinked, at a loss for words.

“What?” I managed to say.

Rosie nodded, still stroking, still feeling incredible.

“You should tell me to stop. Tell me to let go, and I will. C’mon, just say the word.”

I knew it was a challenge. She was playing with me. She knew I didn’t want her to stop.

That bitch.

“Do what you want to do,” I decided to say aloud. Rosie sniggered.

“What a dirty disgusting cousin I have,” she said, before reaching down with her free left hand and grabbing my balls. Before I could react, she gave them a strong squeeze. I yelped in surprise and pain.

“Rosie!” I exclaimed, but she only laughed at my reaction.

“What, are you gonna tell my mom?” She gave me a cheeky grin, before squeezing both my balls and cock again. I groaned loudly, but thankfully she only held her grip for an instant.

I was completely at her mercy by now. Rosie was in full control, jerking me off and fondling my balls while I stood there and let her do whatever she wanted to me.

It was fucking hot. I loved it.

“Rosie, I’m gonna cum,” I said in between my hard breaths.

“Oh shit, you better not!” She said. But in contrast with her words, she just began to stroke me faster.

“Ahhh, ahhh!” I began moaning out loud, struggling to keep my volume low, while Rosie’s hand went to town on my throbbing cock.

“Don’t cum, don’t you dare cum!” She said again, but it was useless. Seconds later I lost control and I shot out my first stream of cum right onto my cousin’s exposed belly (she was still wearing only denim shorts and a black lace bra). Rosie continued rubbing me with strong, confident strokes, milking out rope after rope of thick cream from my pulsating cock.

“Holy shit,” Rosie said, smiling as she let go of my sticky cock, her hands now plastered with cum. She looked down at the mess I’d made on her belly.

“You’re fucking disgusting, Jay,” she said, looking up at me. Her smile had been replaced with a look of contempt.

“I can’t believe you just cum on your own cousin!”

“You’re the one who jacked me off!” I retorted.

“I’m your COUSIN!” she rebutted. “If whatever I do to you turns you on, you’re the sicko.”

Rosie grabbed some the tissue box from her bedside table and took a few pieces to wipe her hand clean, throwing me the box.

“Clean up your mess, bitch,” she said. Now that I was sexually satisfied, I was starting to feel embarrassed and stupid at being bottom-less in front of my very hot cousin.

“Anyway, I think I’ll go with this outfit,” Rosie said, putting on the black T-shirt and tucking it into her denim shorts.

“If it’s good enough to make you cum for me, I should be able to have my man begging like a simp tonight.” She gave me a proud smile. I didn’t smile back.

“Now get out of here, you pervert.” Rosie kicked my butt as I awkwardly pulled my pants up and hurried out of her room. As I closed her door behind me, worry crept into my mind: was she going to tell anyone? What was going to happen to me?

Little did I know, I had absolutely nothing to fear, for this was the start of a very sexy and fun household dynamic.

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