21 Nisan 2021

My Favorite Summer

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In the darkness I sense her slide into the bed next to me. I feel her warm breath on my ear as she reaches for me. I’m awake instantly. I had been hoping she would visit me tonight. I’m so ready for her.

Her hand slides down my chest and finds my cock, hard, awaiting her. She purrs with pleasure and her tongue teases my earlobe. I know that soon that tongue and those soft lips will be on me, licking and sucking. Ummm, I can’t wait.

Her fingers tease my cock, running ever so lightly up and down its length and then down to my balls where they linger. She told me once that she could almost feel my balls fill up with warm cum when she played with them. I don’t know if that is true but who wants to argue with a woman who tells you that?

Her lips meet mine and her tongue pushes into my mouth. My tongue meets hers and we kiss like that for several wonderful moments. Her hand strokes my cock more insistently then, sliding up and down its length. I moan with pleasure and in the darkened room I can only imagine her smile. She loves it when she turns me on.

She breaks our kiss and whispers in my ear, “I wanna taste your cock baby. You don’t mind, do you?”

I almost laugh out loud. Would I mind? Hell, that’s what I live for. It’s practically our favorite game these days. Well, one of them anyway.

I feel her start to slide down my body, her lips tracing a path over my chest. She lightly bites my nipples but does not linger there long. She has other things in mind. Her tongue leaves a wet trail as she continues her journey south.

She prefers that I sleep naked so that we don’t waste time when she gets in the mood. Which is quite often these days. That’s fine with me. Some nights I don’t even hear her enter my room, I just wake up with my cock in her mouth. That’s nice too.

She kisses the head of my cock gently at first, savoring the smell of me. She told me that the very smell of my cock is enough to get her off sometimes. I liked that idea and told her she could sniff my cock anytime she wanted to. She laughed when I said that but I could see that she was quite serious.

Her wet tongue darts out ever so softly and licks my cock up and down its length. Her fingers caress my balls while her other hand strokes me.

“Umm,” she mumbles. She doesn’t talk much when we have sex, preferring instead to concentrate on pleasuring the both of us. Works for me.

Her lips part and she slides them over the head and takes my throbbing cock into her mouth. The feeling is wonderful, cool and wet. Her tongue slides around the head as she slowly begins to move her mouth up and down, lightly sucking me.

I reach down and gently grasp her head. She likes me to guide her head as she sucks me although we both know she doesn’t need any help. She knows what she wants to do.

She slides my cock out of her mouth and licks around the head and then takes it in again. She knows what feels good to me She’s been here before.

She strokes my cock harder now as she sucks me. Her head bobs up and down as she applies herself to the task at hand. And at mouth I say to myself.

Fuck that feels good. Her lips and tongue know just what to do to get what we both want. I slowly pump my hips in time with her motion, using her mouth like it was her wet pussy. In and out, up and down and all around.

After several minutes I feel my climax approaching. She’s an expert at getting me off and knows how to do it without wasting time.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I moan.

“UmmHumm,” she says, her mouth full of cock. I can sense how eager she is for it.

I feel waves of pleasure start at the base of my cock and spread outward. I know this is going to be a good one. Trust me, I’ve done this before too.

I moan, “Oh god, here it cums!” I grasp her head tighter as if to keep her in place but of course I didn’t have to worry about that.

My cock erupts in her mouth spewing a huge load of cum. She drinks it eagerly, swallowing it as fast as I can produce it. I quiver on the bed, my whole body shaking with waves of pleasure. Her mouth never leaves my cock.

She drinks until there is nothing left and then she licks me gently. My body is still shaking with spasms of pleasure. Finally we both lie there in the darkness, content with the feelings we have just given each other.

After several moments she stirs beside me and sits up.

“You get some sleep now honey, you’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

“Ok. And uh…”


“Thanks mom!”

“Oh you’re welcome baby. Thank you!”

I know what you’re thinking. I would have thought the same thing before all this began. Total bullshit, right? Dirty and perverted too? Whatever. My minds been there, been all over it many times. You can’t think anything that I haven’t already considered and yet here I lie with my shriveled cock still wet with my mother’s saliva. Happy too and looking forward to the next encounter. Don’t approve? Too fucking bad.

Maybe a brief explanation will suffice here. Or not, ataşehir escort you be the judge.

I’m almost nineteen now and my mom’s what..thirty-six or so? Yeah I think that’s right. I’m probably your average looking teenager but my mom…well she’s anything but average. She’s always taken good care of herself even in the dark days after dad died over in that shithole Afghanistan three years ago.

Hell, I was only fifteen at the time and didn’t know much about what she might have been going through. I was dealing with my own shit then but that’s the way kids are I guess. Can’t see past your own nose so to speak. Mom held things together though and got us both through those times.

Anyway as I was saying, my mom always took care of herself. To me she is beautiful and I can tell by the way men sometimes look at her when they think no one will notice that I’m not alone in that opinion.

I love the way she has let her red hair grow out long to shoulder length. It contrasts so nicely with her green eyes that almost seem to glow when we are together. Her body is trim and fit with nice firm long legs and generous breasts. I’d call her damn near perfect but maybe you’d disagree. Tough shit.

I was no virgin when I turned eighteen. Nobody I know is anymore. You wouldn’t say that I was all that experienced though. Most girls my age don’t really know how to fuck any better than we guys do. Not enough practice yet I guess. It takes time to get good at anything worthwhile, right?

I had broken up with my latest girlfriend and was down in the dumps on the day I had my eighteenth birthday. I still had several months before I would graduate from high school and I was not all that thrilled with trying to hook up with someone new right off the bat. Feeling a little sorry for myself I guess.

Mom didn’t miss much and she could see how I felt. She was alone too and had never really had a relationship with anyone since Dad had been killed. I had heard her crying sometimes at night but I was too immature then to understand that she was lonely too and was dealing with some shit of her own.

Anyway it was one of those hot spring months that signaled an early summer. Since I wasn’t dating anyone I was home more than I usually was. Just hanging out, you know? The freaking air conditioner was old and creaky and never really kept the house cool. Mom swore that this year we would get a new one but I’d heard that before. Money was a little tight, I got that.

I hung out at the house usually just wearing an old pair of shorts. Never thought much about it. If I had been a little more observant I might have noticed Mom stealing glances at me, studying me. Truth be told I had taken a few looks at her too. She always seemed to be wearing shorts and a halter top around the house and she looked damn good. My thinking never went beyond that point though, she was my mother for Christ’s sake.

To be honest, I used to jerk off a lot back then. Not exactly front page news that an eighteen year old would do that, I mean who hasn’t? One hot afternoon though I was lying in bed pleasuring myself and out of the corner of my eye I saw a shadow on the carpet outside my bedroom door. I sort of flinched but as I was just about to cum I couldn’t stop myself. I closed my eyes and shot off but as soon as I finished I self consciously hopped off the bed and went in to shower.

Later I went downstairs and nothing was said but I knew that mom had seen me. We both pretended that nothing out of the ordinary had happened but we both sort of knew what had happened.

The next day I was feeling horny again so this time I told my mom that I was going upstairs for a while. I figured that by telling her I was going to my room we could avoid any repeat of the previous days accident. So after a few minutes, there I am lying in bed again stroking my meat and don’t I notice that same shadow on the carpet. I didn’t know what to do at that point so I stopped masturbating and went in to take a shower. Shit, why hadn’t I just closed the door to my room?

Damn! I had told her I was going upstairs just to avoid this very situation. I thought that maybe she hadn’t caught my meaning but what else could I say. I couldn’t very well just say, “mom, I’m going upstairs to get my rocks off, please just stay downstairs for a while,” could I? Now what’ll I do?

I dressed and started downstairs when I heard the moans coming from her bedroom. I stopped dead in my tracks. I thought that she might be having one of her increasingly rare crying spells but this sounded different. Actually it sounded more like some of the sounds my old girlfriend used to make when we were making out hot and heavily.

I stood there transfixed, I couldn’t help myself. Mom had left her bedroom door partially open and the sounds seemed to fill the hallway. I took a couple of tentative steps toward her door telling myself that I had to check and make sure that she was alright. Yeah right.

I tried peaking through the crack avcılar escort between the edge of the door and the hinges but I couldn’t see anything that way. So slowly and carefully I craned my neck around the edge of her door.

Mom lay spread eagled on the bed. Her head was back against the pillow and her eyes were closed. Her hand was down between her legs stroking her pussy which I could tell even from this distance was wet with her passion. Her other hand was pinching her nipples which were hard and firm.

“Ohhh shit! Yeah! Ohh feels good!”

My cock was instantly hard again as I watched her. God she was so sexy. I forgot that she was my mother. It was as if I were watching someone entirely unknown to me. My hand slipped down and touched myself through my pants.

Mom continued stroking herself for several moments, her passion seemingly increasing by the second. Finally she thrust her hips up and let out a loud scream.

“Ohhh god yesss!”

I knew she was coming and so was I. I rubbed myself harder and then I came, right there in the hallway into my pants. I closed my eyes and though I tried my best to remain silent, a small moan escaped my lips. I continued rubbing myself for several seconds until the last wave of pleasure had passed.

When I regained my senses I looked once more at my mother on the bed. It was just then that I realized that because of the odd angle she had chosen to lie on the bed, that she could look directly in the bureau mirror and see the doorway in which I stood. Oh christ, she had seen me watching her! And that meant she had seen me jerking off while watching her!

My eyes took one more glance at her before I beat a hasty retreat. Was that a smile on her face as she licked her own fingers clean. Couldn’t be sure. Christ, why hadn’t she shut her door?

Later, when we met downstairs it was like nothing had happened. Neither of us mentioned what we had seen or done. All I knew for sure was that mom seemed different to me. I guess I had never really thought of her as a sexy woman before. Sure I had looked at her body sometimes when she wasn’t paying attention but she was my “mother” for christs sake. I had taken her for granted. Well, not any longer.

Now it seemed like the house was filled with a sexual charge. I couldn’t get the picture of her lying in bed stroking her pussy out of my mind. Then there was the fact that she had watched me getting myself off at least three times and had not turned away. New and dangerous thoughts filled my head, thoughts of her and I together.

I imagined me standing behind her, my hands rubbing her breasts while she ground her hips into my crotch. I saw myself lying between those long, firm legs, pumping my cock into her pussy while she begged me for more. I saw her on her knees before me, her full lips sliding over my cock as she sucked me, her tongue eager for the taste of my cum.

After a few moments of this I would have to force myself back to reality. This was my mother I was thinking of. None of this was ever going to happen. It was all just some sick fantasy. And yet…

What had already happened was no fantasy. There was undeniable something going on. Maybe neither of us had meant for anything to happen but the door had opened and couldn’t be shut again. Where it would lead I doubt either of us knew for certain.

A couple of nights later I was in the kitchen with her doing up the dinner dishes. It was our routine that I washed and she dried and put them away. It was another in a long line of hot, muggy summer evenings and I was wearing just a pair of cutoff shorts while mom had on her usual shorts and halter tops. I couldn’t help myself, I was stealing glances at her body when she put things away. She had to stand on her tiptoes to put one baking dish away and when she did her ass was clearly outlined under her tight shorts and I got a good look at it. Needless to say my cock got hard despite myself.

Well, I figured, as long as I was facing the sink she wouldn’t notice. Probably wouldn’t be a good idea to turn around anytime soon though. Luckily I still had some of the pots to wash.

“Honey,” she said to me, “I’ve noticed a few of the pots haven’t been coming completely clean lately. Can you scrub them a little more please?”

“Oh, sorry mom, yeah I’ll be a little more careful.”

“Use that new brush I bought. It’s under the sink.”

“Ok mom.” I bent down and opened the cabinet door under the sink but I couldn’t see it.

“Maybe it fell way in the back hon.”

I bent way over and looked in but couldn’t see any brush. What I did see however was her reflection in one of her many glass cooking containers that was under there. She was staring at my butt as I bent over, her fingers of one hand lightly stroking her breast.

Holy shit I thought to myself she’s checking me out just like I had done to her earlier. I couldn’t believe it!

“Sorry mom, couldn’t find it,” I said straightening up. Now I really couldn’t turn avrupa yakası escort around. My cock had my shorts tented out noticeably. Shit!

“That’s ok, I guess the old one will have to do. Here, let me show you how to get it really clean.”

Before I knew it she had pressed in right against me. She reached around me and grabbed the old brush and started to scrub it back and forth in the large pot in the sink.

I could feel her breath on my neck as she slowly scrubbed that pot. Her breasts pushed into my back and I felt her hips push tightly against my backside.

“See honey, this is the way to do it. Rub it all around and get it nice and wet. That’s the only way to get it off is to keep rubbing it. Ummm, just like this. See what I mean?”

Oh yeah, I saw what she meant. The pot wasn’t the only thing she was rubbing. Her hips were slowly grinding against mine and her breasts felt like they were burning a hole into my back. I could feel her nipples get hard and it was the hottest thing I had ever experienced. For just a fraction of a second her lips brushed against my earlobe. I thought I might explode right there in the kitchen but then she pushed away from me.

“Why don’t you go ahead and go upstairs hon, I’ll finish here.”

Gratefully I slid out of the kitchen, never turning around to face her. I felt flushed and I knew that I needed some relief and soon. I went into my room and this time shut the door. I flipped off my shorts and practically jumped into my bed. I propped myself up on the pillows secure in the knowledge that with the door closed she couldn’t see me.

My cock was hard as a rock and stood straight up. I closed my eyes and tried to relive the events in the kitchen just a moment before. I remembered the feeling of mom’s breasts against my back and her hips lightly grinding against my ass. I could almost feel her hot breath on my neck again. Umm, so nice.

My hand slid down and lightly caressed my balls while my thumb ran up and down the length of my throbbing cock. It felt so good. I tried to imagine it was mom’s hand and fingers on me. Umm, that made it feel even better. Slowly I began to stroke it, not wanting to cum too soon. I wanted to really enjoy this one.

Slowly I began to stoke it. Each touch of my fingers seemed to send small waves of pleasure flowing through me. I knew I was building up slowly to what would undoubtedly be a massive climax. My cock twitched when my fingers grazed the underside of the head. Ohh, that felt so good.

I guess I lost contact with everything else except for the pleasure I was giving myself. If you’ve ever pleasured yourself when you are really, really horny I guess you know what I mean. My hips pushed up and down on the bed and my head lolled back on the pillow. Nothing existed except for the feeling of my cock as I stroked it. Oh god, all of that hot cum just waiting to shoot off. I felt myself getting close, oh so close.

Finally I couldn’t hold off any more. Waves of pleasure began spreading from my balls to the tip of my cock. I grasped it harder and stroked for all I was worth. I might have let a small scream escape from me and I began to cum. Oh shit it felt so fucking good! Cum erupted from me and went flying in every direction. It splattered my arm and stomach and who knows where else. I stroked harder, wanting to keep cumming forever, that’s how good it felt.

My eyes had been closed all of this time and as my cum tapered off and my breathing finally began to slow I opened them. OH SHIT!

My mother stood at the foot of my bed, a basket of clean laundry in her hands. She was staring at my cock, her eyes wide. Her mouth was slightly open and her tongue was slowly tracing a path over her lips.

“Jesus mom! Don’t you ever knock?” I quickly pulled a sheet over my exposed body. “God damn!”

“I…sorry I was just..” She motioned to the basket of clean clothes with a nod of her head.

“Yeah well you should’ve knocked.” I wanted to jump up and run into the bathroom but I was still naked under the sheet. I guess I thought she’d just leave immediately but to my surprise she sat down on the end of the bed.

“Look honey, you don’t need to be embarrassed or ashamed. It’s perfectly natural for boys your age to do what you just did. Everybody has needs and from time to time you’ve gotta take care of them. I get that.”

“Yeah but not with their mother watching them.”

“Oh baby, don’t worry about that. I’ve seen you naked before you know.” She laughed, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

“Sure when I was in diapers but I’m not a baby any more.”

“No, you’re not a baby, that’s for sure. That’s not what I was talking about.”

I suddenly realized that what she really meant was that she had seen me jerking off the last few times. I turned red as the proverbial beet.

“And I know that you’ve seen me too. Why do you think that I’ve left my bedroom door open?”

We sat there looking at each other silently. It’s not every day that your mother tells you that she has let you watch her finger fuck herself intentionally. Not in my world anyway.

“I thought that if you saw me do the same type of things that you do that you’d realize that we’re really not that different. We both have needs that require filling. Did you enjoy watching me honey?”

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