18 Nisan 2021

My First Lover Ch. 04

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After our intense and crazy lovemaking we both snuggled down together in that king sized bed and fell asleep. I awoke several hours later to find myself still embedded between my mother’s ass cheeks as I lay behind her. She was sleeping soundly, curled up against me and had pulled my arm around her.

Looking down at her with only the light from the parking lot reflecting off her face I came to realize that there was no turning back now. We had both found something that was both crazy and special, something that we both didn’t really want to end. But I knew that eventually we would have to stop before someone found out or got hurt. But for now, we were together, and why not enjoy the moment for as long as it would last. As these ideas ran around in my head, I began recalling the events from just a few hours before. I couldn’t help but think that it had all been a dream and I would eventually wake up alone in my own bed.

But looking down and seeing this beautiful woman lying next to me just made it that much easier to believe this was real. At this, I snuggled down even closer and pulled her body into mine. She stirred and gently moved her ass back into me and softly squeezed my shaft with her ass while rubbing her nylon covered feet against my mine.

That was all it took for me to once again become fully aroused. At this she simply sighed and said “Again? But my backside is still tender from before…”

As I began sliding my hand down her stomach and over her clitoris, she pushed back onto me even more. Reaching around under her with my other hand I found and started caressing her breast as well, first gliding over them with my palm, then taking them into my hand and gently squeezing and pulling them out over the nipple. At this she simply said “mmm ok, but please be easy this time”.

Fair enough I thought… As I continued these caresses, my middle finger began slowly massaging around the lips of her pussy and feeling her wetness seeping out I began slowly inserting my finger and massaging her at the same time. Slowly, ever so slowly, she became more and more aroused as my fingers began searching for that so called “G-spot” I had read about. Eventually I ended up with my middle finger buried inside of her wrapped around her pubic bone, and my palm rubbing over the clitoris, gently at first, but with more and more insistence. She responded by pushing her ass back against me and then jumping away slightly saying, “not there again, at least not tonight.”

At this she moved her body up a little and then lifting her leg up and over mine, opened herself up to me allowing me to slide down in-between her legs. With this I found that I could continue caressing her with both hands as my shaft found her vaginal opening and I began sliding inside from behind. This was unexpected in that I found I could stimulate her from multiple sınırsız escort places while still being able to be deep inside her. This continued for several minutes with her becoming more and more insistent on our lovemaking. My rhythm continued until I could feel her taking my hands in hers and pushing them over her even harder, and as she did this she began to moan out loud once again.

“Do you like this?” she asked me between breaths. All I could say was “oh yea” with each thrust deep up into her. She then curled her back over allowing me even deeper access to her. As I continued to thrust into her she started pulling on my hips taking me deeper.

Next she said for me to “roll over onto her, hold my hips and roll over”. At this I rolled up and pulling her with me I pulled her into a kneeling crouched position in front of me. Her legs were together and she was on her knees with her head still on the mattress, and her ass in the air with me buried deep inside her laying over her on her back. “Forget what I said earlier” she said. “Give it to me hard and fast, slam me!” she said.

At that I took her hips in my hands and began to mercilessly pound into her body. Not extremely hard, and not brutal, but defiantly with power and abandon. I noticed that with her legs squeezed together underneath her that her pussy was nearly as tight as her ass had been earlier. And in this position I could still feel those sexy silky covered legs against mine. As I continued to thrust into her I could hear soft squishing sounds coming from her pussy as I pulled out and then pushed back into her. Resting her head on the mattress, she reached around and grabbed my hands from her hips and pulled me forward and placed them on her breast. “Squeeze them, pull on them” she said. It was an amazing sight as I continued to pound into her body, pulling on her breast as she pushed back into me.

It didn’t take long before I heard her start to cry out saying “Here we go again, oh my, AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN” she cried out as I thrust into her, her pussy squeezing me and taking me further inside. At this I began to orgasm with her and for the third time that night, I emptied my seed into her.

Afterward we simply rolled over together and just laid there that way, with me still inside her and she slowly coming down from her fourth orgasm. A few moments later she said “boy! am I going to be sore tomorrow”. I sure hope your father doesn’t want me to do anything, because I don’t think I’ll be able to after tonight. At this she looked back over her shoulder at me and asked laughingly, “do you ever get tired or have enough of this?”

All I could do was snuggle up against her from behind and quietly say, I’ll let you know in a little while. But for now, maybe we should try and get some sleep. “Yeah, right” was all she said. Do you want taksim escort me to get us a towel? I asked… No, she said, we can just lie like this for the rest of the night. I figure if you clean me up, you’ll want to do this yet again! And I’m too tired and sore right now to do anything else.

The next morning I awoke to the sound of the shower running in the bathroom. Slowly getting up I noticed the mess we had made in the sheets the night before. As I walked into the bathroom I saw that my mother had washed her hose and had them drying and hanging on the towel rack. Looking at these amazing pieces of nylon and silk made me wonder how they could have such a strong hold on my sexual desires for this or any women. As I thought of this my erection began growing once again, sore as hell, but still growing. She was still inside the shower and hadn’t heard me come in yet so I decided to peek around the curtain to look inside. This was one of the handicapped showers and it basically was an open shower from floor to ceiling with no tub.

As I looked around the curtain I saw my mom was under the shower, washing her hair with her back to me. Even fully nude she looked amazingly sexy and seductive. I noticed that with her bent over slightly that her backside was open enough for me to see that she was still a little red from our anal lovemaking the night before. My breathing became shallower and faster as I watched her move from side to side under the shower rinsing her hair.

It was then she startled me by saying, “Well, are you just going to just stand there staring at my ass, or are you going to get in here and join me”? “We have to leave soon and I’m starved.” At this I pulled the curtain aside and stepped in. Reaching around her and pulling her up into me from behind I whispered, “Sleep well?” At this she turned around in my arms and pulling me close she leaned up and kissed me long and deep. “Like the dead” she said. That is until you kept waking me up. But that’s ok, because I’ve never had more than one orgasm in a night before. And yesterday you gave me four of them.

At this I found myself getting fully aroused yet again and before she could react, I reached down, grabbed her thighs, and lifted her up and pushed her against the shower wall pinning her there. She kept saying “No, we don’t have time for this now”. But between the shower, her body, and her hose hanging in the bathroom, I just couldn’t resist. I found myself kissing her between protests as I held her against the wall of the shower, holding her thighs and pulling them apart while moving forward, my erection found its way up against her pussy. With her being that open to me it only took a few attempts to find her opening and push inside. Once there, she stopped her protest, sighed, and wrapped her legs around my lower back and began pushing back tesettürlü escort against me.

The water was slick and warm against our skin as I continued to push into her. There was no foreplay, no taking my time this time. She was mine and I wouldn’t be denied from having her considering this may be the last time we would ever be together. As I continued to thrust into her I could feel the beginnings of her responding to me. She began moving her hips up and down on me as I would thrust into her, rubbing her clitoris on my pubic bone and making soft mewling sounds. “This is insane” is all she kept saying to me as she held onto me with her arms wrapped around my neck, and her head over my shoulder.

Since we had made love several times over the last few hours, I found that I could go longer and wanted to thoroughly enjoy this. At first she began by reaching further down my back and digging her nails in, but as her orgasm approached she began seriously clawing my back and shoulders. As her orgasm overtook her she kept mewling and pulling on my body with her arms. At this I decided that it was time to finish this and grabbing her shoulders I pulled her fully onto my shaft driving it deep insider her one last time before emptying myself inside yet again.

Relaxing a bit I allowed her to slowly slide back down the wall, my penis falling out of her as I kept holding her and kissing her. At this she pulled away from me, and with shaky legs she began cleaning herself up again. It didn’t take long for us to finish showering before she told me to get out of the bathroom. If I stayed in there and watched her getting dressed again, we may never leave.

As she dressed I took the chance to tidy things up around the room and put her things back into her overnight case. Looking at her dress and white heels I felt this strong longing to do this all over again. At that point she came out of the bathroom, fully dressed in her black pleated skirt, blazer, and black heels.

Seeing me looking at her case she quietly came over, dropped her nylons in and taking my arm she said “I never thought something like this could be so wonderful as it was last night, and, this morning”. We may never have the chance to do something this major again, but we’ll see if we can’t sneak in a few chances now and then. You’ve made me feel so alive and wanted, that I feel bad for your father from now on. I hope he can keep up with what you did to me last night.

Then she said, “As a treat, why don’t you let me drive home”. You can sit across from me and enjoy the view of my pantyhosed legs and heels on the pedals like you always seemed to do. As I looked over at her she just nodded her head and said, “Yea, I’ve known for a long time you were watching me, and that’s what made me feel so special and turned on” I just had to wait for you to get old enough for us to be together. At this she softly kissed me, grabbed her things and we headed out the door for home.

While walking down the hall she looked back at me smiling saying, “besides, I didn’t specify to your father EXACTLY when we would get home… you never know what might happen along the way…”

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