21 Nisan 2021

My Friend’s Daughter Ch. 04

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All persons in this story are over the age of 18. This story is complete and utter fiction. But please read on for your personal enjoyment. I would also recommend that you read the previous two chapters, My Friend’s Daughter, My Friend’s Daughter Chapter 2 and My Friend’s Daughter Chapter 3, for a better understanding of the story. Also feedback and comments are encouraged and welcomed. Thank you for reading and for voting.


If you haven’t read Chapters 1,2, and 3. I suggest you do as it will give you insight into what is happening in this chapter. The brief synopsis of what has happened up to this point is: In chapter one, my friends daughter gave me her virginity with her mother watching without her knowing. In chapter 2, my friend, Karen and I had woke up and had our time together while her daughter, Lexi, was sleeping. In chapter 3, for the first time mother and daughter had openly watched each other while they were having oral sex.

In the last chapter after I had my orgasm, the women had helped me to clean up in a very sexy and erotic way. Then the race for the bedroom was on. It wasn’t exactly a race, but we all were in a hurry to get to the bedroom where we could all spread out on the king sized bed. The women both moved faster then I did, since I was still recovering from a body racking orgasm.

They both made it to the bed before me. I was the last one to enter, but the sight I saw as we headed that way was a very erotic and exciting. Seeing both of their asses shake as the moved ahead of me, kept my mind in the gutter with the image and thoughts of what was yet to come. My cock still hadn’t gone down, even after having that very intense orgasm. When the women got to the bed they both jumped on it, making it rock and almost tossing them out of the waterbed. I reached the bottom of the steps, hearing their laughter, seeing Karen in the center of the bed. Lexi was on her side of the bed on her side trying to keep from falling off the bed. I started to laugh as Lexi tried to grab the blanket as she slid off the side of the bed and down onto the floor. She had just managed to grab the blanket as her butt landed on the carpet. The expression on her face was priceless, as both her mother and I laughed at her. She turned red in the face and said to us, “That’s not funny.”

I move over to help her up off the floor, saying “Need me to rub the sore spot?”

Lexi glared at me as she stood, “No Daddy. I am just fine.” As she got down on all fours to crawl back on the bed towards her laughing mother.

I moved behind her and grabbed her hips as she got on the bed, pulling her back towards me. My cock was still hard and I put it right in between her ass cheeks, pushing it forward as her ass slid back towards me, causing her to gasp a bit as she felt my hot flesh against her skin. Karen stopped laughing as she looked at the expression on her daughter’s face. I gently slid my cock back and forth between her ass cheeks then a small moan escaped from Lexi’s lips as she pushed back into me harder this time. A big smile appeared on my face as I let go of her hips and slowly slid my cock back along her ass and away from her body, a disappointed moan came from Lexi as I pulled away.

I got on the bed and crawled in between the 2 woman, flopping on my back. Lexi finished crawling on the bed and laid down beside me on my left side as her mom cuddled up along side my right side. I turned my head to Karen first and kissed her, my tongue sliding in between her lips. We held the kiss for a minute or so, her hand had moved out to caress my chest. She lightly ran her fingertips over my chest, slowly moving down my body. I broke the kiss with her and turned to kiss Lexi. Our tongues touched almost as soon as our lips did. Lexi’s tongue moved into my mouth, quickly wrestling with mine. Her actions were showing me that she was more excited then she had been the night before. I could feel Karen’s hand moving down the inside of my thigh, and then gently scratching my skin lightly with her nails. Lexi’s hand moved straight down my body to my cock. She wrapped her hand around it and started stroking, gripping it hard and moving purposely but not fast or slow. Her kiss and her tight grip on my cock was telling me that this young lady was highly excited. Her passion driving her actions as I kept her in check. As our kiss continued I could feel Lexi’s hips start to move back and forth slightly, like she was trying to fuck something. I broke my kiss with Lexi and pulled my arm from behind Karen as I turned towards Lexi, laying on my left side, and pushed her to her back. My hand slid down from her shoulder to her left breast, my hand covered her breast, and I used my palm to roll against her nip as my fingers gripped her flesh, squeezing it.

Lexi let out a little sigh as my hand gripped her breast. I moved my mouth down to her neck and kissed her, letting my tongue flick across her skin. Lexi let go of my cock as her mom moved up behind me to molding her body to mine and reached down with her hand to gently take my cock in her hand. Karen began to stroke me slowly with a very light grip. I could feel her ucuz escort hard nipples pushing into my back, and her hips against mine. I loved the feeling of her body being right next to mine, but I needed to move. Somewhat reluctantly I moved my back away from her, but pushed my ass back against her.

I moved my kisses down Lexi’s body and my hand moved down her chest to her stomach, my fingers barely touching her skin. I could feel her shudder from my light touch. Lexi pulled her arm up, causing me to break contact with her upper chest with my mouth. Her arm went under me and was out of the way of my path. Lexi’s hand rested on her mothers back as I resumed kissing my way down to her chest. My hand now reached between her thighs. Lexi was still soaking wet, I could feel wetness on the inside of her thighs as well as along her lips. My fingers moved down low and brushed across her asshole as I moved them up between her wet lips, over her entrance to her clit. I put one finger on her clit and rubbed it softly. Lexi let out a big moan, and her hips bucked against my hand, once again her desire to reach orgasm evident.

“Are you ready to get fucked Lexi?” I asked her.

“Oh God yes Daddy please.” She responded.

“Please what baby girl? Tell me and Mom what you want.”

“Daddy I want you to fuck me. Put that big hard cock in my pussy and make me cum on it while Mom watches us.” She said to us.

I didn’t answer her, I just rolled over between her spread legs. Karen moved closer to her daughter, as I pushed myself up until I was sitting up on my knees. I looked down at the sight in front of me. Lexi was laying back with her hands above her head now, her legs spread wide. I could see her teenage breasts with her small hard nips and half dollar areolas. My gaze moved down to see her completely bald pussy shining in the light. Karen laying beside her daughter on her side. I could see Karen’s right breast with her nipple pointing towards her daughter. I could see the similarities between the 2 womens’ breasts, both the younger and older version at the same time. The sight of a mother and daughter together being one of my fantasies finally being fulfilled. I could feel my own excitement increase even more, knowing that it was close to becoming a reality.

“Mommie, help Daddy put it in.” Lexi said to her mother.

I moved forward on my knees, closer to Lexi. Karen’s hand moved in between our bodies and took my cock in her hand. Karen lightly stroked my cock as she pushed it down towards Lexi’s pussy. Then she moved her hand closer to the head and placed it at the top of Lexi’s slit. Karen moved down closer to our groins to get a better look turning herself sideways on the bed. I watched as Karen took the head of my cock and rubbed it against Lexi’s clit. Lexi let out a big moan as her hips jerked upwards toward me, trying to drive my cock down towards her hole. Karen let up on my cock a bit then pushed me back and slid my cock head up and down Lexi’s lips lubricating the head. As she did that my cock head would brush against her clit again, causing much the same reaction from Lexi.

“Mom please.” Lexi begged as Karen just kept sliding my head up and down her slit.

Karen looked up at me, and with a grin on her face said, “Please what Lexi?”

Karen knew that I liked to hear her say what she wanted me to do to her. And she was guessing (correctly) that I would want to hear Lexi do the same. She moved my head up at that point to concentrate on Lexi’s clit again. And Lexi let out a big moan and really thrust back at me.

“Mom please, put daddy’s cock in me. I need to feel him inside me.” Lexi said to her mother.

Karen finally relented and slide the head of my cock down to Lexi’s hole. I pushed forward just a little bit, and as soon as Lexi felt my cock head split her lips open she shoved back driving my cock deep inside her, trapping her mothers hand between us on my cock. Karen had a shocked look on her face as she felt her daughter’s pussy slam into her hand as Lexi tried to drive my cock deep in her pussy. From what Karen had told me this was the first time she had ever touch a pussy other then her own. I loved the shocked look on her face as she not only saw but felt her daughters pussy touch her hand was one that will be forever etched in my mind. Karen went to pull her hand away and I reached down to grab her wrist before she pulled it back to her side. I pushed the rest of the way forward and buried myself in Lexi. Karen looked up at me as I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand up to my face. Karen looked in my eyes as I licked Lexi’s juices off of her hand. Karen smiled and pulled her hand away.

I started moving back and forth slowly fucking Lexi. I could tell from the way she was moving and the way her muscles kept tightening up on me that she was building up to a very big orgasm, very quickly. I watched as Karen moved up to Lexi’s chest and reached out to take a nipple in her hand like they had been doing upstairs. Lexi had her eyes closed and was trying to make me move faster, but I kept up the slow steady pace. I was buried to ümraniye escort the hilt in her when she felt her mom take hold of her nip and pinch it. Her eyes flew open and she moaned, arching her back to try and get more touch out of it. I pulled back and then slammed back inside her at a rapid pace. Karen sat up and reached over to take both nips in her hand and play with them. Karen’s nip was very close to Lexi’s mouth and could probably feel her hot breath on her nip. Lexi moaned loudly and I felt her pussy start to convulse.

“Unnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh” she wailed as she came hard on my cock, arching her back once again as she did. I slowed down my pace again, slowly sliding in and out again. Lexi settled back to the bed and earth. Karen moved forward and took Lexi’s nip in her mouth and started sucking on it as I continued my slow pace. Karen shocked me a little by sucking on Lexi’s nip. Of course it was just the natural progression of what we had done earlier. But still Karen shocked me a little by doing it. And of course it added to the passion I was experiencing by being buried to the hilt inside her daughter with her there. I did notice that Lexi’s hands had moved from where she had them above her head. I could see her left hand on the back of her mothers head pulling her into her breasts more. Lexi had once again closed her eyes and her head was thrown back, and her mouth open in a long drawn out silent moan. I could feel her starting to pulse again as I slid in and out.

I moved my hand down to her pussy and used my thumb to stroke her clit, as her mother sucked one nip and played with the other. Lexi’s voice rose to a audible moan again as she started to build to another climax quickly as Karen and I both stimulated her. As I felt her pussy begin to spasm around my cock, I heard her scream, “Fuck me harder Daddy! OH MY GOD! I’m cummmmming!”I watched as her back arched and she forced her tit further into her mothers mouth, but managed to make her other nipple slip from mom’s grip. Her hips were thrusting against me in a up and down motion, helping my thumb to keep rubbing her clit as she came all over my cock that was buried to the hilt inside her. I stopped my fucking her with my cock deep inside as she came.

As her orgasm subsided, I could feel her pussy let go of my cock, and I pulled out of her. Her juices were all over my cock, and Karen pulled her mouth from Lexi’s nipple and moved down to grab a hold of me. Bringing me to her mouth she sucked my cock in her mouth, getting her a very good taste of her own daughter’s cum. I moaned loudly as she sucked me in, both from the feeling of her mouth on my cock and the taboo of her daughter’s cum being on my cock as she sucked it.

Once Karen had cleaned me off, she pulled her mouth away, smiling up at me. “Now is it my turn to get some of this?” she said, squeezing my cock for emphasis.

Once again rather then speaking, I let my actions speak for me. I helped her off of her daughter’s stomach and pushed her to her back, moving in between her legs. I then took my cock in my hand and started rubbing the head along her slit like she had done to Lexi. Lexi remained laying there recovering from her latest orgasm. Karen moaned a little when my cock head brushed against her clit, then I moved the head down to her entrance, and thrust in all the way to the hilt. Now I could see both of the woman laid back with legs spread and in all their glory.

I could see so many similarities between the two women before me, their chests looked the same except Karen’s nipples and areolas were bigger. Both the bald pussies looked the same, even the shape of their bodies were the same, some small differences in the shape of their pussy lips. But it was almost like I was fucking a older and younger version of the same woman at the same time. My own excitement reaching even higher.

I began to fuck Karen slowly at first. I could feel how wet she was and she was clutching my cock already. She seemed to be very turned on by the fact that her daughter was right beside her as she had a cock buried inside her. Lexi had recovered by now and she rolled over and moved to return the favor to her mother. As Lexi sucked her mother’s nip in her mouth, Karen let out a moan. I watched at first as Lexi sucked and played with her mother’s nip. I kept up a steady pace, with long strokes deep inside Karen. After a few minutes of this I could see that Lexi had turned her head towards me, and had a devilish look in her eyes. She winked at me then I watched as her hand slid down her mom’s belly, down in between her thighs to her pussy where my cock was sliding in and out. Lexi used her middle finger to stroke her mother’s clit as I continued to fuck her. At the first touch of Lexi’s finger on her mother’s clit, her mother moaned very loudly and began to thrust her hips at me. A few seconds later Karen came on my cock, rhythmically squeezing me. I grabbed hold of Karen’s thighs and began to pound her.

“Oh That’s it fuck my pussy hard. Don’t stop.” Karen said.

Karen came again on my cock with Lexi still rubbing her clit shortly after. üniversiteli öğrenci escort Karen brought one hand to her free tit as her other went to her daughter’s back and started rubbing it. I slowed my pace down and went back to long deep strokes. Lexi decided to move over to Karen’s other nip, pushing her mom’s hand away. In this position I could see that Lexi’s tits were rubbing against her mother’s other tit and her side. Karen put her recently displaced hand on top of Lexi’s head and slid her hand on her back down towards her daughter’s ass.

Karen quickly started to climax again from the attention. I could hear her low moans building in intensity, and her pussy’s muscles starting to grip me tighter. Lexi started to rub her mom’s clit faster, and I could see her teasing her mother’s nip more. Lexi started to rock back and forth, brushing her own nipples against her mother’s flesh, and making her mom’s nip brush against her. Karen moaned loudly as she came this time, thrusting her hips towards me and her whole body started to shake. I grabbed her thighs again and slammed in her, driving Lexi’s finger against her mother’s clit as I did so. Karen came, came and then came a third time in a row as both of us kept her going.

I watched as Karen’s hand dropped off of Lexi’s ass. I kept my cock buried in Karen’s pussy, feeling her muscles clench and release my cock rhythmically as she finished cumming. Lexi stopped sucking on her mother’s nipple and sat upright, pulling her hand from Karen’s clit. Lexi looked at me and said, “Daddy can I taste you now? Like Mom did after you were in me?.”

I looked down at Karen, who was still coming down from her orgasm. Slowly I pulled my cock from Karen’s pussy and leaned back on my heels, as Lexi almost jumped on my dripping wet cock. Before Lexi’s mouth engulfed my cock I could see that I was coated with Karen’s cum in thick white strips near the base. Then Lexi’s lips wrapped around my cock and slid down towards the base, catching about a half of strip of cum before her gag reflex was triggered. Lexi slid her mouth back towards my head, cleaning my cock as she did so. Then nearing the head she slid back down taking more of my cock in her mouth. Lexi continued this pattern until she had her nose pressed against my stomach, her lips right up against me where my groin met my cock. She had managed to take all of my length in her teenage mouth, cleaning all of her mom’s cum off of me.

I looked down at her to see her looking up at me, her brown eyes full of excitement, desire, and some pride. Her body was angled away from her mothers body, I could still see Karen laying there, and her tits as her daughter sucked my cock some more, continuing to slide her mouth from crown to base and back. The feeling of her sucking on me and the visual sight before me was starting to effect me, so I reached down and grabbed a lock of Lexi’s hair and pulled her gently off of my cock. Lexi gasped as I pulled her back, her eyes glazing over with desire. As soon as my cock was free of her mouth she moved up and kissed me, her tongue sliding in my mouth as I got to taste her mother from her lips.

We broke our kiss, and I moved to lay down between the women. Karen moved over and Lexi laid down beside me. Both of the women laid their hands on my chest and begin to slowly move their hands around my pecs, and down to my stomach. My cock was still hard as a rock and had begun to leak a little precum from the head. Lexi’s hand went once again to my cock and begin to run her fingers along it, while Karen moved hers down to my thigh and began to drag her nails along the inside of my thigh.

I moved my lips up to kiss Karen first, then Lexi. Our tongues danced as soon as our lips touched. I moved my hands down between the women’s legs seeking out their clits. Karen moaned right away and moved her hands down to mine to push my hand away. Lexi did the opposite and moved her legs apart to give me easier access to her pussy.

“Honey, im a little sensitive right now” Karen said to me, as her hand pushed mine from between her legs..

“Okay baby.” I said with a huge grin on my face, kissing her before turning to her daughter, “Lexi, you want to take a ride?”

Lexi’s face lit up with a big grin, I could see the fire in her eyes again, as her mind filled with thoughts and her excitement increases once again. Lexi quickly moved to straddle my hips, grabbing hold of my rock hard cock and pulling it up so the head was aligned with her pussy. She slowly sank down on my rock hard cock, taking it all the way in her tight pussy.

I watched her as her pussy sank down on my cock, the look on her face as once again her pussy was filled up, the pure ecstacy as she was once again filled up. Once she had me fully imbedded in her pussy she began to slowly slide up and down at first. I loved the feeling of her tight pussy on my cock, and being able to see her whole body. Her tits moving up and down with her body, and the expression on her face. Then that bald pussy of hers swallowing my cock whole. Lexi was building to a very quick climax. I could feel her pussy beginning to tighten up on my cock and her face was showing it as well. I moved my hands up to grab her C cup tits, and moved my fingers to her small nipples and began to play with them. When I pinched her nips that’s when she started to ride me harder. Lexi was sliding back and forth now, more so then bouncing up and down.

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