22 Nisan 2021

My Gothic Sister Ch. 06 – Final

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“If you don’t care about my personal life then don’t read this and enjoy the story!

I didn’t mean to post this story two months later…but I moved deeper into the woods and didn’t have any internet for a while. However, I did enjoy my time without any form of technology (including no phone). I frolicked in the woods for hours with no knowledge of time; it was as though I was in a dream that had no end. I will work on posting more often. Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the last chapter in this series.”


It had only been yesterday that Shawn broke into tears and troubled Jane with the date situation. She was split apart by the circumstance and didn’t know what to think. She was deeply in love with her brother and didn’t want anyone else. But now she was being pushed by all sides to go on a date with a stranger. This was the ‘request’ by their parents to go on dates with other people before they made their final decision. What was Jane going to do?

These were dark days for the siblings and work seemed bleak today for Jane. But she still gave lots of love to those poor shelter animals. However, her full attention was on Shawn and how they were going to overcome this. She thought about all the things he had done for her since they were kids. She recalled on many memories but one stood out the most:

‘There was a power outage because of the thunderstorm. All the lights had gone out and the siblings were drowned in darkness. Loud lighting had made Jane jump out of her bed and crawled into her brother’s warm embrace. They were alone and much younger. Their parents were out of town and Shawn had always been there to comfort Jane. She spoke softly into his ear about her nightmares and how real they seemed. Shawn whispered back that he would always consume her nightmares and never let them harm her.

He petted her hair and kissed the tip of her nose. He cradled Jane to sleep with a lullaby.’

“He will always consume my nightmares…” Jane blurted out as she came back to reality. Her eyes refocused on the dogs in the playpen. This dating thing was a nightmare and Shawn wasn’t eating this one.

Whom was she to date? Was this something that she ‘needed’ to do? Was all this to please her parents? She had a lot of thinking to do.

Later that day Jane received a text message from her mother. It read: ‘Come meet me at the house. Dad won’t be here and we need to talk alone. Don’t bring your brother.’

Jane pulled up on the driveway and Jocelyn was waiting at the front door. She grabbed Jane’s arm and pulled her inside the house excitedly. “I found a guy for you. I found one!” She grinned.

“What!?” Jane’s eyes widened in shock.

Jocelyn held up a picture of the guy on her phone to show off her catch. “Isn’t he hot?”

“Eh,” Jane sighed. She made no effort to say anything else. The young man seemed to be in his early twenties; he had short black hair and was good looking. But Jane didn’t want anything to do with him.

“Anyways, the date is on. It’s this Saturday and the meetup place-“

“What? Wait. Is the date already set up? Mom, you can’t be serious!?” Jane was upset but her mother showed no signs of relinquishment.

“Yes, I am serious. As I was saying the meetup place is here at the house. Dad and I will be out and you’ll have the house to yourself. 7 PM sharp and dress to impress. It wouldn’t hurt you to show some leg and tits. You are always so covered up.”

“That’s because I don’t dress like a slut. And mom, I can’t do this I mean-“

“No buts! Be ready Saturday.” She shoved Jane out the door by her arm and was about to slam the door but Jane got in the way.

“Mom, I don’t want to! It’s too soon. Plus, I’m goth and he is a normie. I don’t think-“

“Your brother is a normie!” Jocelyn interrupted. “You don’t seem to mind that. And the guy isn’t a complete stranger he is a friend of a friend. Which means, he knows what you look like. You need to know what it’s like to be with other men; new kisses, a new mindset, a new dick for cunt sake! It’s good to know different people. Have your one-nightstands! We all do it.” Jocelyn smiled.

“But not ‘me’. This isn’t who I am. I’m in love…” Jane’s eyes watered. “With your son.”

The two women stared at each other and Jocelyn didn’t seem moved by her daughter’s tears. In fact, she looked a bit agitated “Jane, if you want me to be a part of your life, then you will do this. Do you not see how wrong this is?” She stepped closer to Jane. “Not only are you in an incestuous relationship but as a woman, I am telling you this, that you will regret staying with just one man the rest of your life.”

“Why?” Jane started crying. “Why does the world have to be this way? Why do we have to sleep with so many people? What happened to only one true love? Soulmates? Why do I have to infect my body with someone’s else cum or affection? Do you want me to be a whore like everyone else? Don’t you see that no one is happy with themselves because of their zeytinburnu escort poor choices? Why should I lay with other men if I am already in love? Or is it because you were a loose woman in college and you want me to be like you, is that it? Well mom, TELL ME!?”


Jocelyn had struck her daughter in the face. Jane fell to the ground from the blow. (She had always been physically fragile.) “Oh my goodness! I’m sorry baby, I am so sorry.” Jocelyn cradled Jane and felt horrible for hitting her own flesh and blood. “Oh honey, it’s just that this has been so hard on me. I am so sorry…”

Jane pushed her mother away and stood up. “I understand.” She turned to her mother and Jocelyn spotted the blood on Jane’s bottom lip. “I will leave now. I guess you’ll know my decision on Saturday night.” She walked to her car and drove off.

Jocelyn stayed on the ground and began to cry. She felt like a worthless mother but worst of all she didn’t know if she was going to lose her children forever.


“WHO DID THIS TO YOU!?” Shawn asked angrily as he held his sister’s chin up.


“What!? THAT BITCH MADE YOU BLEED! Why?” Shawn started to pace around in their apartment, as Jane told him what had happened. “I am going over there and giving her a piece of my mind.”

“No, please don’t. It’s fine. I don’t care. I’m going to bed.” Jane was too depressed to continue the conversation.

Shawn was too vexed to sleep so he went for a swim. After a few laps in the heated swimming pool, Shawn floated on his back and closed his eyes. He thought about his sister and the pain he had caused her. Hate arose inside of him towards his mother for mistreating Jane. He wanted to console his sister but he knew better. Jane needed some time to be alone. He wanted to be inside her and fuck her pain away.

A muffled voice disrupted his thoughts. He stood up and saw a girl sitting next to the steps of the pool. “Did you say something?” He asked confused.

“Yeah, I said wow, you are fucking hot!” A young woman stood up and dropped her long white towel. She wore a dark blue bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Shawn could see through that tiny bikini bottom and noticed that the girl had loose-roast-beef-lips. (Like I said, nothing left for the imagination.)

Shawn found her repulsive. The girl was curvy: thick legs, fat butt, flat stomach and big D size breasts. She had everything that Shawn did NOT like in a woman.

“Oh, I am not interested.” He jumped out of the pool from the opposite side and grabbed his towel.

The woman stared at his body with lust in her eyes and licked her lips. “Are you saying you don’t want a quickie with me?” She smiled and winked at him. “I find you extremely attractive. And the changing rooms are empty.”

“No thanks. I have a beautiful girlfriend waiting for me.” Shawn had quickly dried himself off. And was about to exit the gate when the girl stood in front of him.

“Do you mean that skinny goth girl that looks like she hasn’t hit puberty yet?” She made a mocking looking face. “Baby, let me make you cu-”

“Listen, bitch, I’m not into WHORES! And if you ever insult my sis-” Shawn almost slipped. “My girlfriend again I will personally have all my buddies gang rape you into a bloody mess.” He pointed his finger at her. “Whores mean nothing to me. Did you actually think you could get with me?” He laughed. “You are fat, ugly and worthless showing your body in the foulest way. I feel sorry for any man that gets with a hungry whore like you. Now get the fuck out of the WAY!”

The woman removed herself and started crying. “I’ve never had a man talk to me like that before…it makes me want you even more.”

“Oh my god…all you cunts are the same.” Shawn rolled his eyes and walked away.

“I live in B56 if you change your mind.” She yelled.

“NEVER!” Shawn yelled back.

Shawn was used to slutty women throwing themselves at him but the more they did the more he rejected them. He didn’t believe that whores were worth anything and so he never gave them attention. Jane had never been like the rest of the female population; she had always been innocent and a true modest lady even in this shitty generation. Shawn admired his sister for the person she was, how could he not fall in love with her?

He quietly came into the apartment and took a shower. Afterward, he snuck into bed and held his beloved gently in his arms. “I’m sorry about earlier,” Jane whispered.

“Never apologize for your feelings.” Shawn kissed Jane’s forehead. “Truth is, I don’t want you to go on a date. I just didn’t want you to regret staying with me.”

Jane was relieved by her brother’s words. “Regret? With you? Never.”

Shawn smiled. “I only want you. And I only want you to be mine.”

Jane turned around and kissed him hard. She smashed aksaray escort her lips against his without tongue. “Make love to me brother, love of my life.” She said with a muffled voice and sharp breath. Her passion made his cock swell.

“Oh, my little sister…I love you so much.” He undressed his gothic girl. He pulled down her black shorts and realized that she wasn’t wearing any panties. “No underwear tonight?”

“No,” She kissed him, twisting in bed to remove her tiny black shorts. “I didn’t see the need.” Jane tossed them on his head.

Shawn ripped the shorts off his head and pounced on top of his beautiful sister. “Mmmm Baby girl, you make me so hard.” His cock gyrated against his sister’s naked hole as he took hold of her t-shirt and finished getting her naked. Jane’s perfect small breasts barely even moved as he savagely undressed her.

Jane took Shawn by the head and smashed his face into her tits. “Mmm yeah, I love your lips on my nipples. Uh, fuck. This feels…Eeek,” Jane gasped as teeth gently nipped her nubs.

He kissed every part of her body and gripped her tiny tits in his hands. His mouth drawing inevitably closer to her sex.

She was dripping wet like a virgin on her wedding night. “Hmmm,” She moaned out his name. “Shawn…I want you insi..uh, Meee” She was interrupted by Shawn’s mouth finding her throbbing button. She wanted to be filled but she just couldn’t say no to those lips on her hole.

Shawn tongue-fucked Jane’s tight cunt as deep as he could. Jane’s legs wrapped around his head as Shawn licked his way up her G-spot and out to her clit. She was so small down there that he could dance between both of her love buttons. “Please, Shawwwn fuck me nowwww.” Jane whined as she grinds her hips against his thrusting tongue.

Her big brother jumped up and cock slapped her cunt, teasing her entrance. He had her sweet pussy taste in his mouth and kissed her. Jane licked her lips as though she wanted more of her candy juice. She kept her eyes half closed because she was dazed with his lust. He entered her tiny tight hole and it felt so good and very tight. He felt her pussy stretch for his thick stick. He rejoiced on the fact that no other man had ever entered her. She was his and that made him thrust harder and deeper inside her.

“Ahh, you’re so deep inside of me it hurts…” Jane moaned.

Her cries only made Shawn fuck her faster and harder until he spilled his seed inside her. Jane came at the same time. Out of breath and sweaty they both held each other and stayed in bed. After a few minutes, Shawn sat up in bed. “So, guess what happened to me at the pool?”

Shawn told her what he had encountered and Jane couldn’t help but feel jealous. She made a mad childlike face and crossed her arms. “I’m jealous.”

Shawn hugged her. “Awww, is my baby sister jelly?” He smiled. “You never have to worry. I only have eyes for you and you alone.”

Jane not only felt very loved but she knew her nightmare was consumed by her brother now. However, she still had to make a final decision about her parents.

The next morning Shawn was up early making breakfast. Jane came into the kitchen all sleepy eyed. She yawned but always covered her mouth because manners were important to them. Something society has forgotten (good manners). “Good morning dollface, How did you sleep?”

“Like a newborn.” She stretched. “Very peaceful.” She smiled and sat down at the kitchen table.

“Good.” He severed her breakfast. “Listen, despite my feelings it’s still your choice. The date thing, are you still planning on going?” Shawn tried to hide his fear but his eyes stared back at Jane with worry.

Her smile turned into a frown. “I don’t know Shawn. Your change of heart has made me feel better but mom made it very clear. If I don’t do this, we are going to lose them forever. Sure, they said they’ll be there in hard times but we won’t have a relationship with them. On the other hand, I don’t want to hurt you.” Jane sighed and picked at her food. “How come you aren’t going on date?”

“Because I already know what’s out there. It’s all shit. Everyone is fake and rubbish especially females. But you and I have something real that millions… No! Billions, of people can only dream of. We have unconditional love for each other. Why would I ever want to corrupt this? Because of our parents? who will eventually die. No, I don’t want to have this dating thing between us because, in the end, I will always choose you above anyone or anything…” He looked down at the floor pondering what to say next. “But…I chose you years ago…Now, it’s your turn to choose what you want and I can’t do that for you.”

Jane listened very carefully and she always enjoyed the way he spoke to her. “If I go on this date will you hate me?”

“I could never hate you but it wouldn’t be the same.” He put his shoes on. “I have to go to work. I guess I’ll know your decision tomorrow.” He kissed her cheek and left.

Jane ate her breakfast ataköy escort in silence and watched Henry sleep soundly without a single worry in his sinless mind. While Jane was filled with regret. Why wasn’t she smarter about all this? Why did her parents have to walk in on them? And why did it all have to come down to her? Her mind wondered. She missed the way things were. But there was no going back and nothing can fix or change the past.

It was Jane’s day off but she didn’t want to do anything. She flopped on the bed right next to Henry. “Oh Henry, why is human life so complicated?” Henry placed his paw on her face and yawned, which made Jane laugh. “I wish I was a dog…” She cuddled with her bloodhound and fell back to sleep.

A few hours later Jane woke up from a horrible nightmare. She grabbed her backpack and put her diary and some clothes inside it. She quickly got dressed and packed Henry’s things in a bag. Jane took one long look at the apartment and left.

When Shawn got home he noticed that Jane and Henry had left and he panicked. He called and texted her several times but no answer. He called his parents to see if she was with them. They had no idea where she was and they too became worried. There was nowhere else she could have gone. Shawn couldn’t do anything but wait.

Two hours later Jane called and Shawn immediately picked up. “Oh my god where you?” He said in a panic.

“I’m ok. I got a hotel room with Henry.” She spoke calmly.


“Because I needed time away from you…I’ve made my decision. I’m going on the date.” Her words crushed Shawn’s heart. “I didn’t feel right sharing a bed with you knowing that I’ll be with a stranger tomorrow.”

“Oh…” Shawn was demolished and didn’t know what to say. Maybe all this had been too good to be true. Maybe, Jane never felt the same as he did for her. “I should call our parents back and tell them not to worry.”

“Already done. I figured you called them out of worry. Plus, I had to get my date’s number from mom.”

‘Get my date’s number from mom.’ Those words enraged and damaged Shawn deeply. He never wanted to hear that from his sister. “I see…when is your date?” He held every boiling emotion back from bursting out.

“It’s tomorrow at seven pm. Here at the house.”

“What will you wear?” He said in a wounded tone.

“I don’t know. Mom said to wear something provocative.” Shawn’s fists tighten. “But that’s not my style,” Jane said. “Anyways, I will be in touch and please know that I love you.”

“Okay, stay safe.” Shawn was about to hang up but he could never be rude to Jane. “I love you too.”

After getting off the phone he went to the nearest liquor store and drank until he couldn’t feel anymore. He wanted to be angry at his sister but he just couldn’t. He thought about going on a date himself since women fell on his lap so easily. But he couldn’t do that either. He was faithful to the bone when it came to Jane. He loved her so much that all he could manage to do was cry. Nothing ever made Shawn cry except for Jane.

Shawn awoke extremely hungover but he didn’t care and opened another bottle of vodka. He took a cold shower and continued to drink. He was haunted by the thoughts of his sister getting ready for a date tonight. It was killing him. He looked at their pictures that hung on the wall and took big gulps. He loved her smile. He caressed the picture frames and then smelled her clothing that was saturated in her scent and sweet perfume.

He had spent the day in sorrow and kept drinking until he was ballistically drunk. He tried to focus his vision and looked at the clock, it read: 6:15 pm. Whatever emotion he had felt in the last few hours did not compare in what he felt now. His jealousy took over and dark thoughts ran across his mind. He couldn’t let another man have Jane. No, he had to go and stop this date. He locked his apartment and got in his car. Shawn arrived at his parent’s house in half an hour and waited.

So many thoughts raced through his mind. The house lights were off and it was dark outside. Did the guy show up early? Was Jane already in someone else’s arms? He wondered and stared at the house intensely. He laid his head back on the car seat and waited.

A few minutes past by and he saw a soft light coming from the living room window. ‘What?’ His mind filled with thoughts again. Had they been in there this whole time? What were they doing?

He stormed out of his vehicle and headed for the front door. Rage vibrated through his enter body, he was ready to confront and beat the shit out of this guy. “I swear to god if he has touched her, I will kill him!” He mumbled to himself and swung the door open with force.

His eyes went from full of fury to confusion. “Henry?” Shawn said perplexed. The bloodhound sat at the bottom of the stairs with a tuxedo on. A sign hung from his neck, it read: ‘Go upstairs.’

He softly petted Henry and went upstairs.

There was a flickering light coming from Jane’s room and Shawn walked into a dream. Jane stood in the middle of her empty room. She wore a black PVC short dress that laced up from the back, black ripped up tights, a spiky collar decorated Jane’s neck and she finished the look with black platform boots that had least eight buckles on them.

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