14 Nisan 2021

My Naughty Sister Ch. 01

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I wrote this story at a friend’s request. Please enjoy and send me any feedback.


The sun was shining, its warm rays bathing the world in a soft glow, filling the interior of my car with its radiance. It surrounded my beautiful little sister Katie like a golden halo as her eighteen-year-old form came bouncing out of the school gate towards me.

I was shocked to find myself checking out her amazing braless breasts straining against her tight white shirt, hard little nipples clearly visible through the thin material. As she recognized by car waiting her face lit up with that glorious smile that melted the heart of all who were blessed by it. She was soon inside my car, greeting me with a little girl “hi big brother” that made my dick twitch.

I quickly accelerated away from the school in an effort to distract my cock from such taboo thoughts. However, Katie chose that moment to bring her feet up against her tight little butt, displaying those glorious smooth legs to my hungry gaze. Now there was no way I could avoid getting a boner, the bulge straining against the material of my shorts. I noticed my sister staring at it with a strange hungry look in her eyes.

I though I was dead for sure, any second now she would start screaming at me. Instead she licked her lips and asked me in her best innocent little girl voice “you know big brother, I don’t have to be home for a while, can we go to that old lookout you used to take me too when I wanted to look at the stars?” I knew the place instantly, it was practically abandoned and overgrown, very secluded now that no one went up there.

With a knot in my stomach I agreed, swiftly finding my way to the spot without crashing the car. Unfortunately a very real possibility with a sexy eighteen-year-old sitting beside me with a top that somehow ‘accidentally’ came undone to let me glimpse her firm boobs.

Katie and I have always had a very close brother-sister relationship, but id never looked at her in a sexual way before today. I hadn’t noticed just how beautiful a young woman she had developed into.

Pulling to a stop in the sunny lookout, glimpses of a marvelous view still visible through the trees Katie began to talk. She told me all her sexual experiences with the boys at her school, it seemed that my little sister was not as innocent as our parents thought! She told me all about giving a boy a blowjob behind the school toilets until he came on her tits. Also how her current boyfriend had fucked her a month before, it sounded like the poor guy was so nervous he had cum after only a few strokes. I could only stare at my sister with my mouth agape as she told me these things, my cock an iron bar bostancı escort inside my pants.

As she talked Katie’s hands roamed over her body, squeezing her tits and rubbing up and down her thighs in a way that captivated my attention. Suddenly she turned to me and told me she wanted to be fucked by a real man, a man who could make her cum, someone she trusted. In short, me.

I was speechless; my sweet little sister was begging me to fuck her senseless! I couldn’t utter a sound as she moved towards me, her school shirt opening to reveal her firm tits and rock hard nipples to my gaze. Her lips were almost touching mine as she whispered to me, looking deep into my eyes all she said was “please big brother.”

The next thing I knew I was passionately kissing my baby sister as my hands explored her chest and pinched her nipples. Her hands were not idle either; they were running over the bulge in my shorts before beginning to tug incessantly on the material. Breaking our kiss I helped her pull off my shorts and boxers, my hard cock spring out to stand proud in the sunlight. She let out a little gasp as she saw it, nervously wrapping her hand around the shaft as she confided that it was much bigger that the boys she’d been with.

Gently grasping her golden curls I guided my sister’s head down to my cock, telling her to be a good sister and suck her big brother cock. With a moan at my words she opened her mouth to lick and suck my hardness, lightly at first, but with rising enthusiasm. Her tongue glided over my length, coating my shaft it in her saliva before traveling down to lightly suck my balls into her mouth.

With excruciating slowness Katie’s tongue traveled back up my cock before she plunged her hot mouth down onto my member. To my great surprise she started to take more a more of my length into her willing mouth, until I could feel my head enter her throat. Soon I was thrusting my shaft deep into her mouth as my fingers stroked her wetness through her white cotton panties. I was in heaven! I was fucking my little sisters’ mouth and she was loving every second of it, moaning breathlessly around my cock.

I could not take much of this incredible pleasure, holding the back of her head still I thrust my entire length down her throat till my balls were pressed against her cheek. Simultaneously plunging two fingers into her young little pussy I came deep in her throat. My fingers found her g-spot as she pulled back enough to take most of my load in her waiting mouth. I stroked her most sensitive of spots quickly as my seed shot onto her tongue.

As my cock started to soften Katie sat up, my fingers still deep inside çeliktepe escort her, before opening her pretty eighteen-year-old mouth to show me the pool of cum I had deposited on her tongue. With a groan I told her she was such a naughty girl, her answer just a wink and a deep swallow. Opening her mouth to show me it was empty she leaned in to kiss me, our tongues dueling over the taste of my seed. My fingers were still twirling inside her tight wetness as I lowered my mouth to her amazing firm boobs. I gently licked her nipples before sucking as much of her breast into my hungry mouth as I could, her breath coming heavily in my ear.

Reluctantly leaving her heavenly mounds I whispered to my sister that I wanted to taste her pussy. Her eyes widened as she stammered that no one had ever done that to her before. I silenced her with a kiss and a promise that she would love it, my fingers massaging the inner walls of her pussy in exclamation.

Seeing her nod I guided her out of the car and around to the grass in front. Slowly stripping off her uniform I placed soft kisses over Katie’s body, her breathing becoming ragged as I approached my target. Gently lowering her onto the bonnet of my car my mouth found her soaking wet bald pussy already flowering in anticipation.

My shock that my ‘innocent’ sister shaved herself bare was swiftly replaced by my desire to please her with my tongue. I slowly teased her outer lips, making her thrust into my face, trying desperately to get my mouth onto her clit. I wouldn’t be rushed, I took my time exploring every fold of my parents’ little angel’s slit.

Only after she grasped my hair did I use my hands to spread her nether lips and plunge my tongue into her wetness. Hearing her gasp with pleasure I plunged two fingers into her sopping pussy, seeking her g-spot as my tongue found her clit. I pumped my fingers furiously as my tongue circled her hard nub. As I found her g-spot I covered her clit with my mouth and sucked hard, the duel sensations too much for her inexperienced body. With a scream she came, her back arching to catch the sunlight on her tits and her pussy coating my face with her juices.

Standing I positioned the head of my hard cock at the entrance of her pussy before leaning close to her ear and whispering “do you want your big brother to fuck you sis?” Her response was simply to grasp my hips and pull me into her. We both let out deep moans of pleasure as my member entered her body, she was incredibly tight and wet, her inner muscles gripping my like a magnificent vice. I moved my fingers to her clit as I started to thrust into my sister with short strokes. My tongue dueled cihangir escort with hers as I finally buried myself in her love tunnel. The feeling of fullness sent Katie over the edge again; she came on my cock, her inner muscles rippling along the length of my shaft.

I had to pull my cock from her shaking body and hold her close until she came back from her second massive orgasm. When her eyes finally opened she blessed me with a beautiful grin before flipping herself off the car. In front of my eyes my little sister knelt on her discarded school uniform and bent down onto all fours. Looking over her shoulder at me she reached between her legs to spread her lips for me. The wetness of her pussy was glowing in the sunlight as I knelt behind her and eased in my cock. Gripping her hips I started to thrust into my sister pliant body hard, burying myself with each stroke. With my balls slapping against her clit I reached under Katie to grip her swinging boobs in both hands, kneading them in time with our fucking.

We fucked like that out in the sun for what seemed an eternity. Alas all too soon however I could feel my orgasm approaching. I wanted to make sis cum once more first however, so holding her tits in one hand I wet the index finger of the other with my mouth before easing it into her tight little virgin ass. It had only penetrated to the first digit when she came, her orgasm ripping through he body so hard that she collapsed onto the grass, my cock springing from her well fucked pussy with a pop.

This left me with a straining dick and an urge to cum. Seeing her firm butt cheeks in front of me I quickly straddled her hips and started to thrust my cock along the crack of her ass. Katie soon realized what I was doing and started to thrust back onto me as I gripped her shoulders for extra leverage. Feeling my impending explosion I whispered in my sister’s ear that I wanted to cum on her tits, a breathless moan all the agreement I needed to lift myself off her hips and roll her over.

Folding her firm boobs over my shaft I gave the soft flesh a few thrusts before letting out a bellow and cuming all over my little sisters eighteen-year-old breasts, my thick gooey seed splattering her chest and throat in the sunlight. With a smile Katie started to scoop up the mess and lick it from her fingers, moaning in appreciation at the taste of her brothers cum.

Unfortunately it was getting late so we had to hurry to make ourselves presentable for our parents and come up with a plausible excuse for our tardiness. As I drove us home Katie watched me with a cute little smile on her face. It was only as we pulled into our family driveway that she lent over to suck my earlobe and whisper “I had fun today big brother, maybe next time ill let you fuck my ass” How in the hell was I meant to walk into the house now sporting a huge hard on? With a giggle she stepped out of the car and ran into the house, her butt jiggling with every stride. I couldn’t wait for next time.

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