21 Nisan 2021

My NeverEnding Itch Ch. 02

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[This is a work of fiction; all sex is consensual, involving characters above the age of 18]

Hey gang! I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

I’m really excited to get to the good stuff about what a happy-go-lucky, daddy-slurping, suck slut I am! In fact, I have a confession to make… I got so excited exposing all my inner thoughts in that last chapter, I totally got off on myself after I was done. My little pussy was buzzing away like a gearshift the entire time I was writing (and I really did almost cum while telling about the peepshow in the bathroom, I swear). And I felt sort of weird about that. Like, getting off on my own words like that is kinda lame, right?

But then once it got posted and I knew I was all exposed? Oh my gawd!! I totally threw off my Hello-Kitty panties and had at myself again. And I felt like I was being watched the entire time… wow, I almost want to do it again right now just thinking about it!

A lot of the response to my introduction was kinda cruel but I don’t care. Look Mommy, no apologies! I don’t really care if you don’t like the way I talk (go listen to someone else then, buh bye!) But I should prolly go ahead and come clean about my focus issues. I’ve got ADD. But I’m not stupid! I’m not! And at least I can properly punctuate an entire sentence – unlike some ‘anonymous’ people. (BTW, I also know what a tease I am but if you can’t handle that then I’ll be honest – I’m not real interested in helping you resolve your frustration. What this pussy needs is something stiff and persistent with enough stamina and patience to put up with all my purposeful stammering. THAT’s a perfect match!)

It’s true though, I’ve always had problems disciplining my brain. It actually bothered me a lot growing up…

Until I saw an erect cock for the second time. Daddy’s Cock! Again!

Yup, officially there’s only one thing that commands my complete attention. And that’s Cock, with a capital C! (Even pussy leaves me distracted, cuz there’s so many other things to play with on a girl. But a guy’s Cock pretty much says, ‘What’s important is right… HERE!’). And once I witnessed what blows off that bottle cap? I suddenly knew confidence. Confident I needed to have some of that!

Like I told you before I was held back my Junior year in high school (because of the ADD, dummy). I had to do it all over again so I actually turned 18 that year. Up until then, believe it or not, I was the girl you see in school who hardly talks to anybody. I was shy and uncertain. Scouts honor!

Even though the guys had been chasing my pretty ass around since grammar school, I was sort of embarrassed about my body. And when they’d kinda surround me and put their hands on me, I’d just smash my books to my chest and try to get out of there! I wasn’t really mad at them. And I never ever told on them (not even to Daddy). That’s just what boys do, right? I knew I had some stuff that would attract them, as compared to other girls. I mean, besides my perfect ass I didn’t have giant boobs or anything but… I looked at the magazines and noticed I pretty much had what those girls had. I just didn’t know what to do with it.

Am I saying I never played with myself? No. In fact, after the guys would do a group fondle on me like that – the rest of the day was unbearable. All I could hear was the tingle between my legs, while all these wild images flashed through my head. And I just wanted to get home to take a bath. I thought so I could clean myself, but I just wasn’t being honest about that – it was so I could rub myself, between the legs!

But that’s all I ever did was rub myself. I never put a finger in me. I guess that had something to do with Mom. You know, the way she died n’ all. In fact, all of it had to do with Mom.

But that all changed when I found out what Daddy had been doing in the living room all these years…

(You can take your pants off now. I’m going to. I know I was a naughty little girl last chapter but I promise I’ll help you finish this time. In fact, I’m desperate for it! Will you please take your pants off? Please? And that means pussies too! I want dewy pussy next time I come back to hear what you think of all this stuff. Panties around your ankles, girlfriend! Not now… but eventually *wink*)

For years I would lay in bed late at night and listen to Daddy down in the living room, ‘mourning’. It was very physical. He would grunt. And groan. And moan. Almost like he was encountering it. And he would talk to himself, though I never could make out what he was saying.

I would lay there and ache along with his pain. But I didn’t want to go down there and upset him. He was very private about that stuff and I just figured he needed to be alone with it. Didn’t want me to see that, ya know?

But this time we were having plumbing problems upstairs. I was feeling a little frustrated and parched that night and the only running water was in the downstairs bathroom. Well, it was in the kitchen too, but I figured he’d be on the couch and the bathroom was elmadağ escort behind that… so maybe it would be okay just this one time to risk embarrassing Daddy.

That’s what I told myself.

The truth is I wanted to go to him. I dunno, maybe I was getting to the point where I wanted to nurture – and not just be nurtured. He’d always taken care of everything and I was getting a little pissed off at myself about that. Other than cook dinner for us the last couple years I basically let him spoil me. I mean, we had a great relationship, and I wasn’t at all a brat – but I sorta let him Daddy’s-little-girl me all the time. I was a Junior in High School now, wasn’t it time I take matters into my own hands and help out?

So I got up and went down there, in my long shirt and panties. Thinking I’d just slip into the bathroom unnoticed… and maybe take a peak at what Daddy looks like when he’s allowing himself to hurt. Decide if there’s anything I could do about it.

But I never ever expected what I saw at the bottom of the stairs that night… oh my god!

On the way down I heard muffled voices that didn’t really sound like someone in the room. Turns out is was and it wasn’t.

Daddy was on the couch, as I suspected. But my view went straight to our television screen. There were two naked people on the screen… having sex!! One was a teenaged version of my Father. And the other? My Mother!!

Right there on the big screen TV I saw my daddy, a young cowboy, pumping his tight naked ass away – slamming it into my mother, with her face down and her shiny ass up high in the air. And she wasn’t quiet about it at all!

“God that’s good. FUCK this pussy gewd, baby. Fuck me good enough to make me remember forever. Kill me with that cock and don’t stop!”

The ‘Trojan guard’ I saw one night so long ago had gone into full attack mode and had my mother’s pussy under siege. And that place I rub in the bathtub was swallowing up the impossible, over and over and over again. He’d pull that big stern cock out her, like a rabbit from a hat – it couldn’t possibly have just been in there – and slam it all back into a place I wasn’t sure could even handle my finger!!

As if in a trance, I wandered into an area of the room where I could now see that same cock on the couch. Erect – jutting upward from his unbuckled pants. Only, this version was being pretty seriously manhandled by my father’s hands. Which was a good thing, cuz it kept him from noticing me.

“Your ass is so sexy, sugar.” He stopped for a moment to caress her ripe ass on the TV screen. (Now I knew where I got it from. The both of them combined? I’m a lucky girl.)

“Don’t stop, baby. Don’t ever stop!!”

“I just gotta take a moment to appreciate…” But that ain’t what she wanted, apparently.

“Harder, FuCK me HARDER!!… Gawd that cock is good. It’s so gewwwwwwwwwwD!”

And I noticed both on the couch and on the screen that he began to get more vigorous… and a lot more confident. He really started pumping it to her. And I didn’t know if that would necessarily feel better, but it sure looked like MOM thought so!!

“Oh yes – STUDfuck me, baby!… Teach me how to fuck a real cowboy…”

And the more excessive she got with her praise, the more demonstrative and unapologetic HE got! I’d stumbled into a room impossibly alive with energy, I almost felt like we were at the center of EVERYTHING! (And I learned the lesson right then that the more magnificent you make him believe he is – the more motivated he’ll be to thrust it all in you. Which is apparently, exactly what us tawdry types require!)

Suddenly, he started spanking her ass without being told to do so. Like he was taming the bull, so to speak.

“Oh gawwwwd. YES! Yes… yes… yes… YES!!”

Daddy started slapping at his own cock on the couch. It bounced around like a fighter mocking his opponent. Mom just kept screaming appreciation for all the effort he was giving. Then she turned to face the camera with the most daring and triumphant look I could every imagine, and slithered out:

“If Daddy could only see me now…”

You know that picture of Eve they always use, when she’s just about to bite into the apple? That’s the look she had on her face. It said, ‘Yeah, I know… but I’m gonna go there anyway. I like to taste the mischief. And I think you like it when I do’.

It was then that I noticed the cock on the couch was looking at me. Daddy didn’t see me, but his cawk was staring right at me!

I thought I heard it say, ‘Hello again. And how are you? Are you ready for me yet?’

And then I felt myself flush. All the energy in the room had been swirling around me and I suddenly felt it flow THROUGH me. Not that I came or anything, but I suddenly felt wet instead of static. And my pussy started PULSING! It felt like my body was preparing for something new…

And, of course, it was!

And then Daddy said, “Who’s your Daddy?”

And Mommy said, “YOU are!” And esenyurt escort she winked at the camera.

And Daddy said, “You like Daddy’s cock?”

And it looked like Mommy’s knees almost gave out for a second, but she held firm and declared, “I LOVE Daddy’s cock… I want to fuck it all the time! Oh god!… I’m gonna cum… I wanna cum… Can I cum on your cock, Daddy, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?”

And Daddy spoke from the couch, “Don’t wait for Daddy, baby – DO it!”

And my untouched little pussy squirmed and clutched between my legs. I almost collapsed.

“Cum on that cock,” Daddy said from the screen.

“Are you sure it’s okay? I don’t wanna be wrong… spank me one more time to make sure of it,” she encouraged.

And he did. SHARPLY! Along with a demand, in unison, from the couch and the screen both, “I said cum on that cock!”

And then Mom started shaking all over and throwing her hair around. All kinds of nasty shit came out of her mouth, most of it garbled and impossible to understand (even though I’d been paying attention to that stuff since the public restroom incident). My Dad had a real hard time keeping things going with her thrashing around like that. But then I watched her body explode. I swear. I thought I saw her body completely obliterate for the tiniest of moments. Like she pixilated and shot out from the screen. Dad started grunting and pumping his ass up off the couch into his fist. These were the same grunts I had heard before from the room when I thought he was in mourning. And I noticed his hand was all slick and covered with shiny stuff now…

The cock spoke to me again and said, ‘We have a surprise left for you’. And it was grinning again, and I was real intimidated. And then I realized my thighs were all wet. My pussy was soaked! And I looked at the cock again and it said, ‘I got plenty more than that in here’. And his balls rolled around in his very large sack. Like they were collecting something. I looked back at his super-proud cockhead and it fucking winked at me, I SWEAR!

But then my attention got diverted back to mom. Her tenor had changed to a more liquid surrender when she cooed out, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh daddeeeeeeee…” And her mouth was drooling all over the carpet. By this point her body had collapsed and she was laying completely flat to the floor.

Dad got up and moved to the camera. I got an unbelievable shot of his big stiff boner jammed right into the lens – it was huge! And he said, “You’re gonna love this,” and moved the camera to the floor, straight on aimed at Mom’s head. I could see her shiny round ass over her back. And her legs all askew at the ankles.

And then my Dad moved back into frame and squat down over her head. He had a really muscular ass, and I couldn’t see the cock until he moved Mom’s head to face the camera and forced it into her mouth.

She looked totally out of energy and her lips sort of drooled around his fat shaft. And then he started doing to her mouth what he’d just finished doing to her pussy. Pumping his ass down into her and back, his balls slapping off her chin.

“You like that, Mr. Anderson.” That was Mom’s father’s name.

“…She likes to taste it before I finish.”

By now Dad’s couch cock and fist was covered in just about as much shiny stuff as his balls were on the screen. It just kept grinning at me… ‘Not yet’. But after I saw what it had done to my mom, how totally satiated she looked? I started to trust it. And my little cunt immediately responded to that thought, ‘I think that’s a fine idea. Look what it did for her!’

And so I smiled at the cock.

And the cock smiled back, ‘Good girl. That’s a vewy gewd grrrrl!’

I was pleased.

Then Dad was back behind Mom and mounting her. In the same way as he was mounting her face, only facing towards me now – squatting above her ass and pressing himself into her. I was too naïve at the time to think he might be putting it in her ass, I never would have even considered it! But he wasn’t. And here’s how I’m sure…

He put his hand over the top of her ass cheeks with his thumb down in the crack and started moving it around in tiny circles.

She moaned like a ghost, “Hewwwwwwwwwwwwwwph.”

“That’s it, baby. Daddy’s gonna like this…” Tighter little circles.

And then her eyes burst back open. His hand had sunk further down the crevice of her ass. I suddenly realized… he had just popped his thumb in her ass! Oh my GAWD!!

My legs started to wobble and I darted my eyes back to the couch, terrified I was making noise. But Daddy was there talking to the television. Saying things like, “That’s it baby… I’ve got some more for you… I’ll never stop.”

Safe now, I looked back to the screen. Mom had that grin back on her face again. And she was literally staring right through the lens. At the time I felt she was talking to me, but since then I learned the difference. But it didn’t matter either way. What she was saying was the same… etiler anal yapan escort ‘No apologies’.

I don’t apologize, Mommy! You’d be so proud of me right now!! I can’t wait to let EVERYONE know what Daddy and I do! My little cunt knows JUST what to do, and I am not wasting an OUNCE of its purpose. Isn’t that right everybody?! How many of you are fucking yourselves along with me right now? Isn’t this GREAT?! My little fuckbox LUVS you guys!!

But anyway, back to the story… I want to finish sooo baddddd! (If you know what I mean *wink*)

So anyway, Dad had his thumb up my Mom’s ass and was using that like a bowling ball grip to fuck his incredible cock into her.

For a while all she did was smile wickedly at the camera. Then she started seductively licking her lips and squinting her eyes n’ stuff. I didn’t know why at the time, but that really turned me on. And her ass started to swirl around a little before she said, “Do you like that, baby?”

Dad nodded from the couch with 8 knuckles full of cock now. His hands were a mess!

“Is that what Daddy likes?” she pressed?

Daddy replied only by spanking her. But I heard mumblings from the couch.

“OooH! Am I being a bad girl, Daddy?”

More spankings…

“MMmmmm, is it not right for baby girl to have a thumb in her ass while she gets fucked by cowboys?”

Daddy then grabbed the back of her head by the hair and pulled, exposing her vulnerable neckline. Since the rest of her (as well as the camera) was still flat to the floor – her naked neck was suddenly more erotic and central than anything else on the screen… as she struggled to get the words out:

“Ooooooh ho ho, hmmmmmmm… Are you sure that’s not right, Daddy? You sure you wouldn’t enjoy that yourself? Mmmmmmmm… there’s nothing better than a thumb in her ass to compliment a man’s cock… I think you might like it.”

The strain on her neck became more apparent. But still she choked it out. “I used to poke my finger in there all the time when I thought of you, Daddy.”

And then, against my father’s will, she forced her ass backwards and demanded her knees. It took quite a bit of effort but she made sure it happened. My father responded by pushing her head back down into the floor, at the side of her face, still holding a grip in her hair. Her ass was up high and her face pressed into the carpet.

That appeared to be fine with her.

It was then that I realized I had a finger in my butt. Yup, the first place I ever went inside myself was my little puckered anus. I dunno, I guess she talked me into it and I slipped it in there while she was pressing back into him. It made perfect sense since she said she did it all the time when thinking about Daddy – and me being her daughter and all. Anyway, it wasn’t far in, but I saw how Daddy had taken his time and I continued to work at it even after I realized what I was doing…

I think I’m gonna do that again right now? Wanna join me? I’m almost finished here and now would be a real good time to do that. I think you’ve got jussssssst enough time to make that happen before we all cum together. Go ahead… try it. (If it’s your first time you can just pretend you’re me like I just described. Don’t be frightened – it’s fun!)

“I think he’s gonna cum soon, Daddy. I can feel him expanding in there… I can even feel the veins in his thumb pulse in my ass.” Dad was really perspiring now. And I had my first knuckle in my ass. I looked over at the cock on the couch and it nodded its approval.

I felt good about that…

And then it said, ‘Watch me now. We’re about to have the surprise’. And it wasn’t lyin’, somethin’ was definitely about to happen cuz Daddy was really taking charge of what he was doing. And the noise on the TV was getting more and more pronounced. But I didn’t take my eyes off the kawk… just like it asked. (I’m not stupid, ya know. I learned real quick to listen to cock when it’s talking to me.)

And my finger was getting real slippery back there.

“When he gives me his gift he’s gonna do it inside me, Daddy. He’s gonna…”


“I need you to do that for me, cowboy. You said you’d give me my fantasy. I can’t have it any other way.”


“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill.” And she grinned at the camera.

And Daddy murmured from the couch, “It’s okay, I still have something from you. Thank you.”

And that was so sweet that my ass just opened up and I was sliding my finger around back there pretty good now.

“He’s gonna pump it all inside me, Daddy. And this cowboy’s got plenty, I hear. Plenty enough for several I’m told. Ain’t that right, Cowboy?”

And the cock on the couch was larger than ever…

“There will probably be too much to contain and he’ll have to pull it out and show us the rest… so you’ll get to see proof, Daddy… plenty of proof.”

Daddy was grunting like mad on the couch now… rifling away at his erection with both hands.

“Are you ready, cowboy? I can’t last another minute without it… gimme what we came here for.”

“Oh gawd,” Daddy moaned from the couch. There was an endless stream of pure liquid pouring out his cockhead now. And I was matching the intake of my finger to his grunts from the television. My legs were getting really wobbly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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