18 Nisan 2021

My Niece Samantha

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It was Friday afternoon when I met my niece Samantha. I was just arriving home from work when I noticed a car in the driveways. The plates told me it was from Arizona so I assumed it was belonged to my sister-in-law. I walked into the house expecting to see Maria, who had joined the Air Force after college twenty years ago, and I had only met few times at family functions. Being a perfect mix of Mexican-American, Maria, like my wife, was sexy packed into a small package. My wife was 5’2″, 118 pounds, dark hair contrasted by light skin with large breasts and curves all over. Maria was also short, with dark hair and light skin but where my wife was well endowed, Maria was petite, with small breasts, a slight figure, and a perky butt. The last time I saw Maria was about six years prior to this story when she stayed at our house while on leave. I learned something great about my wife and sister-in-law that week. She got married shortly after that.

I parked my truck on the street and walked up to the front door. As I approached the house I saw young woman I had never seen before sitting on the couch talking to my wife. My interest piqued, I opened the door and walked into the room. The two women stood up and my wife introduced me to Maria’s step-daughter Samantha. I said hello and reach out to shake her hand but she quickly pulled me into a hug.

“Hello uncle, it’s nice to finally meet you.” She said breathily in my ear, with a slightly squeaky voice that I have always been a sucker for. I could feel the firmness of her breasts against me and the sweetness of her perfume was intoxicating.

“Umm, yes, how are you?” I replied, somewhat confused. I had known that the man Maria married had a child from a previous marriage but I thought he had a son. It wasn’t ever really a topic that was discussed so it just slipped my mind. Samantha was captivating. At 5’5″ and wearing heels she seemed to tower over my wife, with a thin curvy body, jet black hair, a white complexion. Her green eyes surrounded by dark make-up and red lipstick on pouty lips made her look like a very wicked witch. I was already under her spell. I learned that Samantha was 18, very bright, and scheduled to graduate with honors from a prep school. She drove here to check out a couple of local universities that offer nursing degrees. She asked us if it was ok if she stays with us for a week while she checks out the campuses. It was fine with me. I would love to have more time to study that beautiful body.

Over the weekend we got to know a little more about Samantha. She was a perfect young lady, social grace, respect for others, informed, and a sharp sense of humor. We learned that her father and Maria were having some issues over how to raise Samantha. We told her that it is often hard for siblings to get along with a step parent but she told us that it wasn’t Maria, it was her father. Apparently, her father, while proud of all her academic accomplishments, couldn’t accept her sexuality, and to make matters worse Maria had paid for some medical procedures that set him over the edge. Well, that explained the firmness of her amazing breasts, and she always dressed to show how proud she was of them. She knew her father loved her and he would eventually get past his insecurities. The weekend went on with the girls getting along great and me just watching and fantasizing about Samantha, my wife, Samantha and my wife. I was torturing myself.

Sunday night I received a call from work saying that the job was postponed and I would be taking a couple of days off. That was good; I needed to do some work on my dirt bike and quad for the next weekends desert ride.

Monday etiler ucuz escort morning I got up with my wife early as usual, showered, drank coffee and watched the news. My wife went to work and I was left to myself. I turned off the TV and went into my room and closed the door. Over the years I had developed a secret fascination with sexy transsexuals. I got on my laptop and began to check out the ads on Craig’s List. I replied to some, fantasizing about feeling those beautiful cocks in my mouth, in my ass. Wondering what it would be like to finally meet a sexy, kind Tgurl who would help me to fulfill my fantasy. My cock was so hard it ached as I just held it and imagined it was her cock in the ad.

I was so lost in thought that I didn’t hear the door open and I was startled when I heard the sexy voice say “good morning uncle, I didn’t mean to disturb you.”

I was embarrassed but started to say it was ok as I turned around. I was stopped in mid-sentence when I saw Samantha standing in my doorway. She was wrapped in just a towel, her long hair wet and stuck to her white skin. The towel covered her full breasts and hugged her body, just barely passing her hips and covering her most private parts. She was gorgeous and I was mesmerized by her form, completely at a loss for words. I felt naughty and lecherous as I took in her shapely legs, the slight swell of her hips, narrow waste, the rise of her breasts, the sexy smile on her pouty lips, and her eyes. Her eyes! Oh shit, her eyes were focused on the bulge of my hard cock in my thin shorts.

I started to apologize for my appearance and my stare but she spoke before I could.

“Uncle, I wanted to talk to alone” she said somewhat shyly.

“Ok.” I said.

She crossed the room and sat on the bed, almost exposing herself to me. I tried not to look, but her legs were so sexy and that towel just covering all of her treasures was making my already hard cock throb. I tried to cover it by leaning forward in my swivel chair but that put me that much closer to her naked body that I leaned back and hoped I was not to exposed.

She looked me in the eyes and then dropped them in a shy but extremely provocative jester. Her arms crossed under her breasts accentuating their shape and pulling the towel up on her thighs an inch more. I knew she could hear my heart pounding.

“I wanted to talk to you more about why my father doesn’t approve.” She said while looking down. “I have some secrets I didn’t tell you.”

“I think I know. You like girls, and that’s ok. We are a very open family here.” I responded trying to ease her mind.

She said, “Yes, I do like girls, but I like boys more. I like you.”

I couldn’t find the words to reply. I just stared.

She continued, “Since I was young and I began to find myself attracted to boys I discovered that I always compared them to the pictures I saw of you uncle. Where they tall, did they have broad shoulders, thoughtful eyes, full lips, everything. I used to think about you kissing me, touching me, and being the first in me. That’s my first secret; I want you to be the first man in me.”

I weakly protested, “I don’t think this is appropriate, you are my niece and you are only 18. And…”

She quickly interrupted me, “I know you find me attractive, I have seen you staring. I am 18 and I am my own woman. I am very aware of what I want and you are not taking advantage of me. I want to feel you in me, you won’t need a condom, I won’t get pregnant.”

“I find you stunning, and I would love to touch you, but I can’t…” I said.

She dropped her eyes back to my cock etiler üniversiteli escort making a tent out of my shorts. She purred, “Your body tells me different.”

With that she moved forward off the bed, leaned over my chair, and brought her face close, her eyes locked on mine. I could smell her shampoo in her hair; feel her breath on my face. I was frozen still, just looking into those green eyes. She moved closer, her lips brushing mine. The feeling was electric, that first touch and my body tingled. She began to gently kiss me, pulling on my lips with hers; I began to respond, kissing back, aware of this beauty standing over me with just a towel covering her. Her lips parted and my tongue probed inside, finding hers, my head was spinning.

We kissed, the only contact being our lips and tongues exploring, pulling our passion out, exchanging the energies of our souls. I felt her move slightly and her hand was on my cock. She held it through the thin fabric of my shorts, twisting her body slightly to sit sideways on my lap just in front of my cock in her hand. I placed one hand on the small of her back and the other moved to her breasts, still under the towel. They were very firm, and I could feel her erect nipples through the fabric. She broke our kiss and I moved my mouth and tongue to her neck. My left hand dropped to her ass and I massaged her cheeks through the terrycloth. She sighed in my ear as I gently sucked and licked the smooth skin of her neck under her ear. My right hand loosened the towel from her chest and let it fall to her lap.

As I cupped her succulent breast, feeling the hard nipple in the palm of my hand, she bit my ear and whispered, “I have another secret.”

“Umm!!,” was all I said as I moved my hand to her other breast, enjoying also the firm feel of her ass in my other hand.

She shifted slightly, mouth on my ear, one hand still on my cock, the other moving from my back to pull the towel from beneath her to expose her ass for my hand to feel her flesh, while leaving her crotch still covered. While gently tweaking her nipples between my fingers I probed her smooth luscious ass with my other hand, my fingers finding her sweet rose bud and I rubbed it gently, feeling it open ever so slightly under my touch.

She moaned in my ear, “Yes, touch me there. I want to show you my other secret.” She moved back to kissing me, pulling on my lips and tongue, while she pulled the towel off of her. Her right hand never left my hard member while her left hand took mine and slowly moved it from her breasts down her flat stomach and farther. I was growing even more excited as I felt her completely hairless and smooth. She continued to move me down until she placed my hand on to her smooth, hard, pulsing cock.

I stopped kissing, shocked to feel a fully erect penis in my hand.

“See how hard you got me,” she said as she continued to place soft kisses on my lips.

I still sat, unmoving, one finger rubbing the opening of her hole, the other feeling the firmness of her shaft.

She pulled back a little and said, “Don’t you like it? My step mom said you would. Well not exactly, I overheard her talking to auntie about you watching tranny porn. I came here to seduce you. Is it working?”

My instincts took over and in answer I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately. I began to slowly stroke her hardness, marveling at the feel of the soft glans and head, finding the tip glistening with pre-cum. I wet my fingers in it and pulling away from her kiss I tasted her. She was sweet and I felt my heart throb at the idea of sucking that fatih escort cock into my throat.

With that I stood up, picking her up with me and laid her on the bed. She looked perfect. Her long black hair was fanned out around her pale form, her eyes pleading with me to touch her. Her breasts were beautiful, falling slightly to the sides with her nipples stretched tight and erect. I followed her flat stomach down to find the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. She was hard and it bounced slightly against her stomach as her heart pumped. I followed her shaft down with my eyes to her beautiful balls and those long lovely legs. She was a goddess.

I locked eyes with her and moved forward towards her. With look pleading I placed my mouth on her inner thigh and sucked her soft flesh into my mouth. A sigh escaped her lips and I kissed her skin moving steadily up her thighs to that prize between her legs. As I neared her cock with my mouth, my hot breath on her shaft I saw a spasm and a small drop of pre-cum appear at the small opening of her tool. With just the tip of my tongue I tasted it. I sighed, savoring the sweet nectar and she moaned with anticipation of my hot mouth on her gurl parts.

Ignoring her throbbing hardness for a few minutes I lifted her legs toward her body to expose her beautiful little rosebud. Placing my mouth on her balls I began to suck and kiss my way from her smooth sack down her soft taint and circled her sweet hole with my tongue. This brought a small shiver from her as well as a sigh so I poked my tongue slightly into her welcoming body.

“Oh god uncle, I have waited for you to be in me, to be one with me for so long. Yes, eat my sweet ass please,” she pleaded.

I drove my tongue in her, licking and sucking her, bringing small sighs and moans from her soul. I found her stiff shaft with my hand slowly stroke it, feeling the spasms with every thrust of my tongue and using the slippery fluid to lube my fingers as I massaged soft flesh of her penis head. She tasted divine, salty and sweet.

With her hole wet with my saliva I slipped my middle finger slowly into her, finding little resistance.

“I fuck myself with my brush, thinking of you, wanting you. My ass is ready for you.” She purred with that childlike voice.

I worked my finger in and out of her while I moved my mouth up her shaft to the end, covered in sticky juice. Taking just the head in my mouth I worked my finger in her hole, searching for that nubby p-spot and finding it swollen and full. With a gentle back to front motion I forced the fluid from her, working it up her shaft with my other hand and into my mouth. The thick secretion coated my tongue with her flowery taste and I swallowed it greedily. It was like tasting heaven. I slowly began to work my mouth around her firm cock feeling the head move over my tongue and force my throat open. A gasp escaped her lips and her hips thrust that beautiful member deeper into my hungry mouth. With her deep in my watery mouth I again began to massage the swollen nugget inside of her hole. I could feel the nectar moving up her shaft and into my throat. Wanting to taste her better I pulled my mouth back and sucked the juice from her cock, swallowing it all.

Sensing her urgency I began to work my mouth up and down on her, while pressing on her p-spot.

“You suck me so good, just like I always imagined. I’m gonna cum!” she moaned.

I worked her cock faster with my mouth, letting the head slip into my throat with each stroke. Her rod began to swell and I pulled my finger from her ass and the area below her balls. With a quick shriek her cock began to spasm, pumping her cum into my mouth. I swallowed every drop, enjoying the bitter sweet taste and feeling happy that I made her feel so good. She fell back into the bed as I kept her shrinking cock in my mouth, sucking out all of the remaining treat.

When I lifted my head, she said, “That was fantastic, now your turn. Lay down please.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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