22 Nisan 2021

My Son, My Lover Ch. 04

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I lay there feeling very frustrated, I’d been so close, so near, and yet so far. Just another few seconds and I’d have had him in me, then at least he would have come in me, instead of wasting it on the outside of my body. I reached down to the cum pooled on my stomach and scooped it up with my fingers, bringing them to my mouth and licking them clean. It was delicious, but not what I wanted. As I thought about what I should do next I reached down to my semen covered labia and started to rub the sperm into my love lips determined that next time I’d be successful. Next time I’d take my sons virginity. Now all I had to do was make sure there was a next time.

I rose and went to Drew’s room, the door was locked as I expected. I knocked, “Drew, let me in.”

“Go away mom, I don’t want to talk to you now. I’m sorry I let you down.”

“You didn’t let me down, it was my fault. I forgot you are a virgin, I turned you on too much. It’ll be better next time.”

“Next time? You mean you want us to try again?”

“Of course I do, Drew. Remember, I told you that you could put your cock in my cunt, to see what its like. You haven’t done it yet. We’ll try again, later, you just rest now, and when you’re ready come to my room. I’ll be waiting.”

Drew didn’t reply, so I went back to my room, to wait, to wait and hope. I’d done all I could, it was now up to my son if he wanted to try again.

I didn’t see Drew again until about 9.00 that night, he went out soon after I went back to my room, I must admit I waited anxiously for him to return. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard him return, still it was another 2 hours before I heard him approaching my door.

I put down my magazine and waited for him to come in. He hesitated there for a minute, then, finally opened the door. Drew was naked, his clothes in a pile on the floor behind him. I drank in my sons nakedness as he stood framed in the doorway, the darkened hall behind him, the light from my bedside lamp bathing him in its soft glow. My son looked so sexy standing there, with his well defined , sculptured muscles, and as my eyes drifted down, his large, still flaccid cock, hanging between his legs. I could have looked at him like this for hours, but I wanted more, I pulled back the sheet uncovering my naked body. Still Drew didn’t move, as I watched is cock swelled, and began rising to full erection. Slowly, as it grew in size it lifted, exposing his balls as it did so, until his cock was fully erect standing straight and firm. I couldn’t take my eyes off his şişhane escort genitals, I wanted that cock deep inside me, I wanted that cum in those balls, I wanted my son to make love to me, now! I lay back, raising my arms to him, and he finally started forward.

As soon as he joined me in the bed, Drew moved between my legs and began guiding his cock to my pussy. I immediately reached down, grabbed his cock and told him to stop. “Drew, when you have sex you don’t just jump on and stick your cock in.”

He looked confused as he replied, “But mom, that’s what we did this afternoon.”

“I know we did, baby, but this afternoon I was already turned on by what we had done in the other room, I was already wet and ready. You have to make sure your partner is ready, especially with a big cock like yours.”

“What do you mean, wet?”

“When a woman gets turned on her vagina produces juices to lubricate it, that way a cock will move easily inside and not cause pain from the friction. Touch my cunt, you’ll see its dry.” After he did I continued. “Your cock also produces lubrication, the pre-cum, it does the same job.”

“I’m sorry, mom, I didn’t know.”

“That’s okay, Drew, its all things you have to learn.”

“How do I get you wet, mom?”

“There are lots of ways, first, lets kiss for a while.” I told him as I pulled his face to mine. Our lips met and we kissed long and hard, finally I opened my mouth slightly under his and ran my tongue lightly along his lips, they opened under the stimulation and my tongue entered his mouth and began playing with his. Finally, after a few minutes during which he got into it so much that when I withdrew my tongue his followed it into my mouth I pulled back, gasping. “How was that, Drew?”

Drew too was breathless, his face flushed, “That was great mom, I loved it. Are you wet now?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

Drew reached down for my pussy, but his hand came back dry, well, not exactly dry, “No, you’re not ready yet. What else should I do?”

“Well, you could play with my breasts, that’ll help.”

He began to caress my breasts with the confidence he hadn’t shown earlier, stimulating them gently. I wanted more so I guided his head down and told him to lick and kiss them. He did so with great enthusiasm, covering both of my breasts with his kisses. Then I told him to suck my nipples, softly. I felt him draw my nipple into his mouth, and then a gentle sucking action which brought back memories. “Drew, you’ve done this şişli anal yapan escort before you know, when you were a baby you sucked my nipple just like that, and drank my milk.”

Drew looked up at me, pulling his mouth away from my nipple. “Your milk mom? What do you mean?”

Not wanting to stop him I guided his mouth to my other nipple, as his mouth closed on it I explained. “When a woman is pregnant her breasts start to make milk to feed her baby.” He nodded that he understood and continued sucking.

Finally I pulled him away from my breasts, and his hand dove between my legs again, “You’re wet, mom, are you ready now?” he asked eagerly. Boy, was I ever ready, I just nodded and smiled at him, he smiled back his excitement evident on his face as me moved into position between my parted legs. As I felt my sons weight settle on my body I reached down and for only the second time took his cock in my hand, and again guided it to my pussy. I held my breath when his cockhead touched my labia, but this time he didn’t come, I positioned it and told him to push forward, slowly.

I felt Drew begin to move, the pressure grew as his cock began to push through my labia into my pussy. It felt so big, I realised I’d underestimated his size, I spread my legs even more to open myself up as much as I could. I could feel his cock pressing against the opening to my vagina, even as open as I was my son was having trouble penetrating me, I arched my hips up further, pushing against his cock, it worked. The head began to enter my vagina, slowing pushing inside me, until, finally, the widest part was inside. He paused, I’d never felt this stretched before, and there was still the shaft of his cock to come.

As he began to push his cock further into my vagina he began kissing me again, he was really on fire, and, I must admit, so was I. I could feel the walls of my vagina expanding to accept his cock as he moved deeper into my body. His cock just seemed to go on and on, I couldn’t believe how big it felt inside me, I was beginning to wonder when it would end, then, at last I felt his balls touch my labia. I finally had all of my sons cock inside me.

“Mom,” my son said, pulling his lips from mine. “This feels so good, I never knew it would feel like this. You’re so tight, I love it.”

“Me too, Drew. You’ve got the best cock I’ve ever had in me, come on, you’ve only just started, finish the job, fuck me!”

Drew smiled, “My pleasure, mom.”

He began to slowly work his şişli bdsm escort massive cock in and out of my vagina, increasing the length of his strokes gradually, until he was finally withdrawing almost all the way before driving back into me. The only trouble was he was moving to fast, far to fast to early. “Slow down, Drew, slow down.” I gasped, but it was too late. Drew drove himself in deep one final time and froze as he shot his load into me. I could feel his cock flex again and again in the tightness of my vagina as his balls unloaded his cum inside a woman for the first time. He sank down on me panting.

“Drew, you were too quick, I didn’t come.”

“I’m sorry mom, I just couldn’t help it, it just felt so good. I’ll try to do better, next time.”

“Oh, there’s going to be a next time.” I teased.

He was alarmed, “You will let me do it again won’t you mom?”

“Of course I will,” I laughed, “whenever you want to.”

“How about now, mom?”

It was then I realised that he was still fully erect, maybe it was the tightness of my vaginal muscles, maybe it was the excitement of his first fuck, or maybe it was because he had just fucked his mother, but he was obviously ready to go again. I hooked my legs around his butt, he took the hint. Drew began to move in me again, this time it was easier than before, his cum was assisting my juices, my vagina was much more lubricated, and a little looser than before. He played with my breasts as he worked himself slowly in and out of me, all I could do was moan as my son fucked me, his cock going places no man had gone before. The thought ran through my mind that if I had my sons cock as much as I wanted it, my vagina would be too loose to even feel my husbands. Not that I minded, I’d much rather have my son inside me than his father. I could feel my orgasm rising as Drew began to speed up again, this time I went with him, raising my hips to met his thrusts as he drove us towards completion. Finally my orgasm hit, the room rang with my cries of ecstasy as wave after wave of pleasure surged through my body. The pulsing contractions of my vaginal muscles dragged my son over the edge as well, and for the second time he emptied his load into me. I lay there, stunned, I couldn’t believe I’d come, I’d never come without using my hand on my clit before, and yet my inexperienced son had done what no one else had before, brought me to orgasm with his cock.

As I relaxed, my legs loosened their grip and slipped down my sons legs, Drew, thinking I wanted him off me, began to withdraw from my pussy. I immediately told him not to, that I wanted him to stay in me as long as he could. Keeping my legs over his I started turning onto my side, realising what I was doing Drew quickly rolled over. We lay there, drifting off to sleep, my sons cock still deep in my pussy.

To be continued…

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