19 Nisan 2021

My Sweet Cousin Azra

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Hi dear Literotica readers, I’m Fardeen (not my real name off course), 27 years old, 5feet 10 in height and have a good physique. I am from the city of lights, Karachi, Pakistan. I m a bachelor and currently working in MNC here in Karachi. I am very found of desi stories. After reading so many stories I want to share my experience. Before starting, I just want to say that I m not really good in writing stories so please don’t mind if I do mistakes. Well this is a real life incident happened with me when I was 18 yrs old. This happened between me and my cousin sister (my uncle’s daughter), Azra,(not her real name) who is 2 years elder to me and was very close with me since the childhood. Let me describe Azra first, she is now 28, married with one kid. She is 5′.5″ tall with wheatish complexion, long hairs up to her hips and attractive face. She has very big and well-shaped boobs and ass. She didn’t change much a lot but gain some flesh on her right places. Her vital statistics are 36D/30/38 now. At the time of our first encounter, she was about 34C/28/36 so nothing changed a lot.

I used to live with my Grand parents and one uncle and his family because my parents were in USA and they sent me to Pak for studies and the reason was, I wasn’t studying good there so they decided to sent me back to Pak. Specially my uncle and aunt were very strict and they always pressurized me to study hard. There were the only person Azra I liked a lot and wanted to spent my free time because her other 2 siblings were quite younger to me. Since I m the only child of my parents I always need her company. She had two younger siblings but she always felt comfortable with me and used to share every thing with me because we had the same age group. Since my childhood, I considered her as a good friend and nothing else but as we started to grew up, our way of thinking slowly changed a bit as sometimes I felt she was attracted toward me more then a cousin sister or a friend. After getting puberty, she had changed her attitude towards me a bit and used to touch me a bit more then normal and hug me tightly sometimes specially when we were playing. I always enjoyed her touch and always wait for her to do more but that time I didn’t think about having any thing like SEX because her behavior was not flirty in any means.

The real thing happened one day when her mom, dad along with her siblings went to muree to spend their vocations but Azra didn’t go because she had to study for her first semester exams of her engineering and so we were all alone in home with our grandpapa and grandmamma. I should tell u pals, I m a bit horny guy and at that time, I used to borrow few porno magazines from my college friends and used to masturbate while watching sexy poses like many teenagers do. That day, I did the same and after that, I took bath in the afternoon and was trying to take a nap, I was only in my shorts and nothing else because the AC of my room wasn’t working for some reasons. Suddenly the door open and Azra came to my room and shouted, hay fardi, (she always use it as my nickname) I need your pencil box, as I was in half sleep, I told her to take it from my cupboard. I was half conscious that time but managed to realize that Azra didn’t move towards the cupboard, I opened my eyes and got the biggest shock of my life, Infect I forgot to take that magazine from my computer table as I was a bit careless because of the absence of my uncle and aunty. And man there she was, standing right next to my computer table and kept watching every page of the porno magazine.

Her eyes were wide open, I got so dam scared because I knew she might tell her parents about all this and they will certainly kill me or threw me out from their house. I was speechless and shocked. Then suddenly she turned her face towards me and after watching my half naked body, her face became more red. She wanted to say something but she couldn’t and then suddenly she came towards me, kissed me on my cheek and then ran away. I didn’t realize first that what just happened with me, my heartbeats were running wild since I just felt the hot female lips on my cheek first time in my life. Suddenly all my fears went disappeared and I felt a lot different about her, I knew that she wanted me too and now I wanted to fuck her. Well then I got all my courage, wore my t-shirt on, took my pencil box and went out of my room. First I checked my grand parents and got to know that grandpapa wasn’t at home and grandmamma were taking rest in her room and our maidservant was in her servant quarters.

I then went to her room, her door was half open, I slowly knocked the door, I heard her low voice, come in… I open the door and went in, there she was, half lying on the bed with a course book in her hand. She was in a light blue lawn suite, which was a bit see-through. She was looking dam sexy in that dress. I slowly went towards her, gave her my pencil box and sat beside her. She was looking dam shy because of what just happened few minutes ago. I got a bit courage and slowly took her hand in my hand and asked her. Why are you looking so upset Uzi? taksim rus escort (I call her Uzi) first she said nothing then slowly she open her lips and said, what was that in the magazine, I told her that its just natural and part of life. Suddenly she said,

“Log yeh sab kaise karte hon gai, Mujhe sab kuch ajeeb sa lag raha hai, Mera dil chah raha hai keh koi mere saath bhi wohi sab kuch karay jo uss Magazine main who white couples kar rahe the but mujhe dar bhi lag raha hai keh yeh sab ghalat to nahi hai………” And then she hid her face in her hands with shyness. I slowly took her hands apart and give her a light kiss on her lips and said, I love you Uzi. She suddenly hugged me tightly, her body was burring hot and she was shivering with excitement but a little bit scared because she was a virgin too. I clearly saw her pointed nipples (she wasn’t wearing bra that time) which meant that she was a bit horny that time so I slowly embraced her again tightly, kissed her on her lips again, perfectly this time and entered my tongue in her mouth, she didn’t move her lips first then slowly started to suck my tongue slowly. I then tried to take off her Qameez but I couldn’t because she was lying under me, then she broke the kiss, raised herself up so I got a better access and I swiftly removed her shirt and man, wowwwwwww, There she was naked from above with all her splendors. Her boobs were not so big but perfectly in shape, I almost lost my breath, as it was my first time seeing a tit so closely. She got a bit comfortable now and asked in a teasing voice, Kaise hain meray boobs? …… I didn’t say anything and put my lips on her right nipple and started to suck and flick it with my tongue. She just gave a little moan, Uuuummmmmmmmmm ……… and then she jerked and thrust her right boob into my hungry mouth. I started with great enthusiasm. First on the right and then on the left until I felt her body tense and with a slight moan she relaxed. It was her first orgasm of her life and she thought that she had peed in her Shalwar. She felt embarrassed.

I asked, did u come?

“Woh kya hota hai”? She asked in a low voice.

“It means, that you had an orgasm.” I said pointing towards her Shalwar.

She looked down at her Shalwar and she could see a large wet patch there.

“I thought I peed.” She said.

“No, you certainly had an orgasm. Did you enjoy it?” I said.

Yes,” she said shyly.

I then put my hand on the knot of her Shalwar but she hold my hand tightly n said, Mujhe dar lag raha hai…….. I said Kuch nahi ho ga Uzi i promise, I want to see your pussy. I then took her hand apart and rub my hand on her Shalwar covered thighs. She said nothing. Growing bolder I lowered her Shalwar slowly until she was completely naked.

Her glistering shaved pussy, wet from her come, was in front of me.

“You want to see my pussy so look at it.” She said with a little smile on her face.

I can’t see it like this. You have to open wide.” I said

She slowly opened her legs and gave me a first full view of her pussy. Teasingly she lowered her hand and opened the lips of her virgin pussy.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There she was my beautiful cousin sister spread open and her pink pussy glistering with her wetness. I couldn’t control myself and touched her there, she shivered in excitement and hugged me tightly again. She kissed me on my neck so hard that time that I felt a bit pain. She then slowly started to move her hands on my shorts. My dick was hard like iron and was trying to come out. She just moved her hands on my shaft and moan, Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

“Well, do you like it.”? I asked.

I don’t know.” She said in shyness.

I stood up, removed my shorts and t-shirt and sat down beside her again. She was stunned at the sight of my cock as she told me, she had heard other girls talking about it but hasn’t seen one before. She slowly put her hand on my cock. It was so hot and silky. Her small hand was trembling as she felt the length of it.

I was in paradise. I was also a virgin. Before today nobody has touched my cock. I was finding it hard to control my passion. I knew that a few more strokes and I would be coming but it was just mind blowing so I asked her, “Daikho Uzi, Tum issko zor se dabao aur issko maslo Please”.

“What will happen if I do so?” She asked.

I will come like you did.” I said.

She started rubbing vigorously to please me, her younger cousin brother. I felt my cock grew and started feeling the sensation building. After few strokes I knew I was ready.

“Uuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Uzi, Please faster, I am going to come.” I shouted.

She intensified her efforts. Suddenly a load of hot seamen erupted from the tip of my cock and landed on her chest. She didn’t know what to do but jest kept on pumping. At least I sighed and my cook stopped erupting. She got up and went to bathroom to clean herself up. I followed her and caught her from behind, she felt my touch and giggled, I helped her in cleaning and then started kissing taksim türbanlı escort her again, this time she was kissing me and touching me more boldly. But suddenly she said, “We shouldn’t do it any more right now, Ager koi aa gaya to?”

” Grandpapa have gone somewhere and grandmamma is sleeping in her room”. I said.

The maidservant? What about her.” She asked.

“well she is in her servant quarters” I replied.

She said, Nhai nahi, abhi nahi, abhi koi bhi aa sakta hai, Tum raat ko aana meray room main jab sab so jayen tab”

I didn’t want to leave her but I didn’t want to make her upset too so after wearing my t-shirt and shorts, I left her room.

I couldn’t concentrate rest of the day and impatiently waited for the night.

Around 12 midnight I heard a little knock on my door, ” come in” I said in low voice, the door open slowly and there she was, my sex Goddess, my elder cousin Azra standing there in a light pink color nightee. She gave me a sexy smile and gave me a signal to follow her. I stood up, went to check my grandparents first, their room was in total darkness and I knew they wont come out as they took sleeping pills. I entered in Azra’s room and immediately hugged her tightly. She giggled and placed her head on my shoulders.

“You know fardi, I feel like I am your wife.” She said.

“Except that I haven’t made love to my bride.” I replied.

“We have been married only for say 5 hours,” she giggled again.

“Did you love what we did today?” I asked.

“Haaaaan” she said with little shyness.

At that time, my cock got hard and was touching her thighs. we embraced tightly again and started kissing. Soon both were naked and staring at each other. I took her in my hands and laid her on the bed. I took her nipple in my mouth and started sucking on it. Slowly I moved my hand downward and I found the lips of her moist pussy. She purred like a cat. My mouth followed my hands and slowly I was kissing her thighs. Then I placed my mouth on her pussy. Azra gave a cry of ecstasy and thrust her pussy forward to meet my tongue. I licked on her clit and virgin fuck hole. She was saying meaningless things in lust.

“Hyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kitne gande ho tum, Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhh, Apna munh kharab kar liya, AAAHHHHHHH, Bohat maza aa raha hai, Haaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Please jaanooooooo aur chooso na, Uuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

And then with a big moan, she cum and I got lot of tasty and musky female fluid from her pussy. She is a bit strawberry flavored. (I always love to lick her pussy).

I then got up, made her lye flat on her back, and pushed her legs wide open and sat between her legs.

“Are you ready for it Uzi?” I asked.

Yes I am all yours, I am your cousin, your best friend and from now, your wife too. Love me and take my virginity. Give me all your seed.” She said in a husky voice.

With that, I put the tip of my cock on her love hole. I said

“Daikho Uzi, yeh tumahra pehli dafa hai, shayad tumko thora sa pain ho pehlay but u will enjoy it latter on,”

“Mujhe pata hai, bas tum ab jaldi se isse ander daal do meri choot main, I cant wait anymore” She almost shouted with lust.

I went so turned on by her vulgar language that I almost rammed my cock in her pussy.

Azra was finding it hard to breathe. I felt some resistance in her pussy as my cock hit her hymen and when my cook tore it she felt like she was going to die of pain. Tears started rolling from her eyes. I stopped for a moment seeing her tears but she thrust her hips and the rest of my penis entered her virgin hole. I could feel my balls touching her asshole. We lay still for some time both savoring the moment. I could feel my cock throbbing in her tight pussy. Slowly I started pumping. As my cock head fucked in and out the mouth of her womb, it made popping sounds inside her. Suddenly she arched her back, clutched me very tight and with a big moan, she started coming. ” Ooohhhhhh Jaanoo, Meri nikal rahe hai, Uummmmmmmmmm, I Love you, Aur zor se chodo, Phaar do meri choot ko, Aahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” she was getting more and more vulgar and it made me almost mad.

“I cannot hold on for long. You know it is my first time,” I said.

“Just come inside me, that is all I want from you my dear.” She said.

Oohhhhhhhhhh Uzi jaan, I m cummmmmmiiiiinnnngggggggggg….. I moaned. My body shuddered. My cock flexed hard inside her and my jism spurted in her cunt. I rammed up her cunt. ” Aahhhhhhhhhhhhh… I love it,” she moaned. ” I love it, I love it, give it to me. I collapsed on top of her, gasping as her pussy sucked my cock dry. I kissed all over her face as we stayed there for a while. After some time I took out my cook from her choot. It was red wit her blood. She also saw blood on my cook and quickly looked at her choot. There was a large patch of blood on the bed sheet and her choot was all red. We both looked at each other and then started to laugh together. The she hugged me again and said in my ears,

“Tumne mujhe larki se aurat bana diya, Mujhe kya taksim ucuz escort pata tha keh chudai main itna maza aata hai, Meri friends ne bataya tha sab kuch but aaj pata chala hai keh who sab sach kehti theen… Please mujhe promise karo keh tum roz mujhe chodo gai”.

I promised her that I would fuck her whenever she felt like and she went so happy that she immediately started kissing me on my lips. I kissed her deeply in return exploring her body with my hands. I squeezed the flesh of her buttocks as she ground her pussy into my crotch, her fingers digging into my butt and pulling me harder into her. Azra saw my cock rising, and smiled. She took it in her hands and pumped it a little and whispered in my ear, “Meri choot chaato na please.”

I immediately moved down between her legs. Azra parted them, giving me access to the beautiful womanhood that was guarded by the gently throbbing clitoris. She was already moist due to our previous fuck, her pussy lips glistening with my cum. I kissed her and immediately she grabbed my head, and pressed it down into her crotch. I licked the folds of her labia, and heard her moan. She spread her legs wide, giving me a full view of her nakedness. I feasted my eyes upon the feminine beauty of my cousin sister, her glistening pussy lips fluttering with excitement. She moaned and begged me to eat her. I touched her lips with my fingers and gently parted them. I could see the glistening pink passage of her vagina, and could see small drops of her feminine secretions oozing out, as I reached out with my tongue. She tasted incredibly wonderful as I pushed my tongue in further. Azra lifted her hips and pressed her cunt in my face. I grabbed her buttocks and pushed my tongue as far as I could. My lips pressed into her clitoris, and he could feel the hard nub of her sensitive flesh against it. I took her clit in my lips and massaged it Azra screamed as a powerful orgasm shook her body.

“Oh my God, Fardi. I can’t stop cumming, Jaanoo ruko mat, Chaat-tai raho meri choot. Ahhhhhhhhgggggggggghhhhhhhhhh. I’m going to die in bliss.”

She repeatedly thrust her pelvis against my lips as her body shook with waves of orgasms. Then she collapsed, her breath coming in rapid gasps. She pushed my head away from her sensitized groin, and opened her arms to welcome me. She held me tightly to her, and continued to breathe rapidly. Her face was flushed, and her body still trembled. After several minutes, she smiled and looked in my eyes.

“Fardi, that was the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. It was so beautiful, I didn’t want it to stop. But if you would have continued to kiss and suck my clit, I would have died. Oh, jaan, I love you so much.”

We held each other in a tight embrace. I felt satisfied in her arms. My sweet cousin sister was kissing me repeatedly as her body slowly returned to its normal state, loving me with her eyes, hands and lips. I felt so much love for her that I pulled her into me, and kissed her hard on the lips.

“Uzi, my love. I now know how much I love you, darling. You are the most incredibly sexy, loving and sweet woman I know.

“I already know that, sweetheart. I have enjoyed it beyond imagination.” She said.

She then started crying.

“Oh Fardi. You can’t imagine how much your love and feelings mean to me. I am glad I have you jaanoo. Losing my virginity to you was the most intimate gift of love to you, and nothing will change that. I will never feel guilty about making love to you. So don’t hesitate. Take me, your loving elder cousin sister, and fill me with your love. I want you inside me. Don’t make me wait any longer.” I kissed her teary eyes. Her love and her trust in me touched me deeply. We held each other and caressed our naked bodies. I could feel her arousal building. I was aroused too, but there was no lust. Instead, the only feeling that overwhelmed both of us was the genuine, pure love we felt for each other. I looked into her eyes. She was also looking intently in my face, her body pressed against mine. She reached for my now throbbing organ, which was pressing, against her thigh.

“Fardi, now is the time. Penetrate me with your beautiful cock. Let me feel its strength deep inside my womb again.”

She threw her leg over me, and pushed the tip of my cock against her opening. “Come, jaanoo. Give me your love. I can’t wait.”

I turned her over on her back and rolled on top of her. She embraced me, and gave me the most bewitching smile. I eased myself between her legs, as she opened them. I kissed her deeply; exploring the sweetness of her mouth as our tongues dueled with each other. My hands groped for her taut nipples and gently pulsating skin of her firm breasts. Azra moaned and took my cock in her hands. Spreading her legs wider, she rubbed the tip against her clitoris, smearing her love juices all over it. “Enter me, but gently,” she whispered. Abhi meri choot bohat tight hai.

I pulled back slightly, and pressed forward. I felt my cock entering her tight and warm passage, and an incredibly sweet feeling of love came over me. I was about to enter my elder cousin sister’s passage again but this time wanted it to be the most loving and enduring memory for her. I pushed harder and my cock slipped in all the way into her. Azra gave a big sigh of relief, and began crying. Her whole body shook as she sobbed, holding me tightly, and kissing my neck and face repeatedly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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