21 Nisan 2021

My Twin Sister Ch. 02

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I woke abruptly ending what I thought was a wonderfully erotic dream. As the room came into focus I noticed Rebecca, my twin sister, sitting on the edge of my bed; she was softly stroking the head of my erect cock through the sheet.

“Jesus Bec, what are you doing? I thought I was having a hot dream.”

“I think you were, when I came in a couple of minutes ago your cock was standing up as though it was a tent pole. It must have been a dream.” she said with a smile.

“Maybe,” I added “but I usually end up with a hard on in the morning.”

Bec kept softly stroking my cock head and said “Is that when you normally jerk off?”

I didn’t answer but I was quite relieved that everything was OK between us. I’d been awake during the night concerned at how things might be between us after the previous night. “Obviously things were OK” I thought to myself.

Finally Bec said “We shouldn’t let this go to waste, should we?” squeezing my shaft.

“What do you want to do?” I asked


Bec stood and slid her pyjama pants down to the floor before pulling the sheet back and leaving me and my manhood completely exposed. Strangely I felt rather vulnerable at being like this in front of my sister. Rebecca climbed onto the bed and sat on my thighs facing me; she took hold of my cock once again which was now beginning to ooze pre-cum.

“I am so hot Tony, I desperately want to feel you inside me again.”

Still crouching, she moved forward and positioned her cunt right above my swollen cock head. I was wildly aroused and could barely contain myself from thrusting to try and enter her beautiful vagina. From where I was positioned I could just see her puffed up cunt lips protruding from her labia major, just centimetres away from the end of my cock.

“Please Bec, push down on me.” and with that I felt the first touch of her hot wet cunt envelope the head of my penis. The feeling was indescribable and every nerve was tingling with anticipation. Slowly, ever so slowly she lowered herself onto my rod. The heat, the wetness, the passion… Finally she had lowered adalar escort herself all the way achieving maximum penetration. As she settled all her weight onto me I thought I was going to cum.

“Stay still for a minute please Bec, I’m really close.”

I looked back at Bec and noticed she’d arched her back and thrown her head back. As she began to squirm on my cock she started breathing quite rapidly and let out a slight moan of pleasure. She looked down at me and said “Oh God Tony, that feels so good.”

“Look Bec, I might not last very long this morning, I’m really worked up.”

“That’s OK I understand, but I really want to ride you and feel you inside me, I want to go for it.”

“Just do it, as long as you understand…”

With that, Bec, her eyes closed tightly, began lifting and lowering herself on my shaft. Slowly at first but as her breathing began to quicken she increased the tempo. I reached up and cupped her breasts as they jiggled up and down with her momentum. As I felt the first sensations of orgasm spread through my groin I pinched her nipples quite hard which evoked a guttural groan from deep inside her throat. Watching her and the look of pure ecstasy on her face was too much for me and I began thrusting to meet her rhythmic movements. I was well down the path towards orgasm now and so I said “Is it OK for me to cum?”

Bec hissed “Fill me with your cum Tony, just fill me with it.”

“Ohhhh fuuuck, here it is” and with that I thrust deeply into her beautiful hole and began erupting my semen deep inside her. Bec moaned and said “I can feel you cumming” as contraction after contraction pumped more lava into her. My orgasm seemed to go on for minutes and at one stage the intensity was so great I thought I might lose consciousness. Bec kept riding me until well after I’d spent my load but she seemed to fall short of orgasm. She slowed her rhythm until she sat still on top of me; as she lifted herself off my slowly softening cock a cocktail of semen and vaginal juices dripped from her hole splattering onto anadolu yakası escort my cock and balls. Bec rolled off and lay on her back beside me on the bed. After a moment she said “Do you mind if I keep going I didn’t quite manage to orgasm?”

“Please do Bec, can I help?”

Bec nodded and put her hand between her legs and began masturbating. It was awesome to watch my beautiful twin sister lying beside me stimulating her clitoris. She was using her middle and index fingers in a circular motion to get herself off so I rolled onto my side and placed my hand between her legs feeling for her vagina. As I slipped two fingers inside she moaned softly and began rubbing more rapidly at her mound. I was astonished at how wonderful her cunt felt full of our juices. So hot and swollen and oh so slippery; I was amazed how the mixture of our juices could create so much viscous and silky body fluid. I could feel it running freely from her vagina and down over her anus. I probed her tight anus with my middle finger pressing against the muscles until it slipped in to the first joint Bec moaned and pressed against me and I remember thinking that if my cock was still hard, and Bec was willing, she was lubricated well enough for me to penetrate her anally. I’d never done that before but somehow it seemed perfectly natural at this time.

I sensed Bec was getting close to orgasm because she’d clenched her teeth and had a look on her face that could easily have been mistaken for pain. I plunged my fingers in and out of her hole as she attacked her mound and clit with gusto. Bec began to arch her back and turned her head away moaning “Yes… yes… yes…” as her orgasm neared. Then with a cry of “Oh God YESSSS!” she went into an uncontrollable spasm of contractions and closed her legs tight together on my hand as if to stop further movement. I could feel her cunt and anus contracting with each orgasmic spasm and after maybe a dozen or so she slowly relaxed and settled back onto the bed. Bec must have felt quite self conscious because she looked ataköy escort at me sheepishly and gave a nervous giggle.

Nevertheless, I was amazed at how open and responsive she was for someone that hadn’t had any sexual experience to speak of. I’d only had sex with two previous girlfriends and they were both quite reserved.

We lay there for some time without speaking just cuddling and kissing in post orgasmic bliss before Bec said “Can you get some tissues?”

I nodded, grabbed a handful from the box on my bedside table and opened her legs to begin wiping our juices. But the moment I saw her cunt running with our juices and the swollen lips of her vagina looking like a pink rosebud that just opened, I lost all semblance of control and thrust my head between her legs sucking the lips of her cunt into my mouth, Bec grabbed my head and made a feeble attempt to pull me away but when I moved onto her swollen clit she abandoned her resistance and started pushing me into her wet groin. Bec abandoned herself completely to my lips and tongue before once more tugging me away saying “Kiss me Tony I want to taste our juices on your lips.”

I changed position and we kissed passionately exploring each other’s mouth and tongue. I’ve never felt a deeper love for anyone than at this moment. “I love you Bec, I love you so much.” I said.

“I love you very much too Tony, I always have. I’m so glad we can show our love for each other in this way.”

Rebecca began feeling for my cock which was partially erect again. After a few seconds of fondling she moved down and took me into her mouth. “This is pure bliss” I thought to myself as she sucked and licked my hardening cock.

“I can’t believe you’ve never done this before.” I said.

“I’ve never done that for anyone and I’ve never wanted to.” she replied.

Another fifteen minutes or so went by with us embracing before Rebecca finally raised herself off the bed and said “I’d better shower and have breakfast now, I’m meeting Carly at 9.30 to go shopping and for coffee.”

“Do you have to go?” I asked.

“Yeah, but I’ll be back later in the afternoon, about three or so.”

And then she was gone. I was left there with an almost fully erect cock with nothing to do but help myself. I took hold of it and began stroking slowly but thought better of it realising it might be better to wait for later.

I could hardly wait.

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