18 Nisan 2021

My Wet Neighbour Ch. 8

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Big Dick

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this notice attached, as long as no charge is made for it and it isn’t changed in any way. If it is archived or displayed, it is done so with the understanding that the author will have unrestricted access to the archive or posting.

Disclaimer: This story is a work fiction. None of the characters or events herein is based on real people, either living or dead. It was produced for the entertainment of ADULTS ONLY, and contains descriptions of explicit sex. If you are not an adult, or if reading stories of a sexual nature upsets you, do not read any further! By reading further, you certify that you have accessed/requested access to this material willfully, and that you are an adult 21 years of age or older. You also certify that you are NOT a city, county, state, or federal law enforcement officer, a law enforcement officer of the United Kingdom, and that, to your knowledge, this material does not offend the standards in your area, nor is it in violation of any of local, state, or federal law.

* * * * *

A couple of days latter, I was sitting at my kitchen table pondering on where my recent sexual adventures had taken me. From my accidental catching of Anne wetting herself, having sex with her, being introduced to Mrs. Kent, my seduction of Lisa and her mother and not least, having my son masturbate to order, in front of Anne and myself.

It was that event in particular that my mind had kept wandering back to at various times every single day since it had happened. I knew it was dangerous but it kept nagging at my mind and the more it nagged the more I realised I was going to have to do something about it. Did I want to see Frank jerk off again, did I want to let him touch me? Should and I would I go further; perhaps let him know about my new-found interest in peeing? I just didn’t know what to do.

The events of the next two hours were to answer all these questions for me.

As I sat thinking about these things my mind ran riot with lustful thoughts and my body responded. As was becoming oh so common place for me of late, I threw caution to the wind and started to masturbate there in the kitchen. My husband was at work and Frank was somewhere around the house. Normally I would check where, before ‘enjoying myself, but on this occasion I didn’t care. Maybe I wanted to take the risk maybe, sub-consciously; I wanted him to catch me. In retrospect I think that was true.

Anyway, there I was, hot as hell and I intended to relieve myself. I remained seated, opened my robe and dropped my right hand under the table to my pussy. I parted my lips, insert two fingers into myself and placing my thumb against my clitoris started to frig myself, slowly and gently. As I did so I let my mind wander to Anne and to the day when she and I colluded into getting Frank to masturbate in front of us. I could see so clearly the image of him standing before us, just before he started to cum, looking at Anne openly masturbating her naked pussy and me rubbing myself through my clothing. Then I recalled his final few pumps of his dick before he shot his spunk onto my shoulder and chin.

I held this final image in my mind as I sped up my frigging and started to feel the first throws of a building orgasm. As it built I bought my left hand to my breasts and started to pinch and squeeze my nipples. I started to feel my wetness leaking out onto the kitchen chair and dipping into it with my left hand, bought it back onto my breasts and covered them with my pussy juice.

By this time I had no thought for Frank’s whereabouts. I was in a world of my own and enjoying every minute of it. My orgasm was building quickly and all I could do was rub, squeeze and pinch myself as hard and as fast as I could. As I started to cum, my legs stiffened and I half stood from the chair and lent down onto the tabletop. As I did so I tugged my housecoat up over my waist to expose my backside to the attentions of my free hand. I massaged beşiktaş escort my arse cheeks and anus with one hand whilst finishing myself off with the other and as my orgasm peaked I cried out in lust, with wetness running down my thighs. As I finished I slumped back into the chair, smiled and quietly congratulated myself on how wanton and lustful my sexual nature had become. I had lost so much social inhibition. No longer did I feel guilty, or constrained by the thoughts of rudeness; If I wanted to bring myself off in the kitchen then that’s what I did. It was exciting, it was my body in my time and I was free to enjoy myself. In short, I was having fun!

I can’t pretend I was slightly concerned or at least aware of Frank being in the house. I was, but strangely I felt the urge to go further. It was the very potential of being caught that was adding to my excitement that day. I was determined to do just what pleased me. I thought to myself, what would I do right now if I knew I was alone. I knew exactly what I would do!

I stood and walked to the sink area. As described before the sink was directly opposite the door so if Frank were to walk in there would be no chance to cover myself. This was exactly what I wanted. The maximum risk gave the maximum thrill. Now standing at the sink I didn’t just open my robe, I dropped it to the floor. I was totally naked and my whole body tightened as a thrill ran through it like a wave. I felt so exposed, so sooo naughty.

Then I lent forward to the drainer and picked up a large wooden serving spoon. Bending over the sink, I spread my legs, pulled my buttocks open and started to gently push the spoon handle into my arse: Not too quickly and not too deep. Just enough to imagine it was a lover fucking my arse for the first time. Not sure exactly what he was doing and not wanting to hurt me. Next I bought a hand to my pussy and started to rub myself again. I was in fantasy heaven.

Now relaxing into my fantasy I relaxed myself as much as possible and urged myself to start peeing. In a matter of seconds my pee started to flow, slowly at first and then heavier as I relaxed more. It ran through my fingers, sprayed against my pubic hair and ran down my legs onto the floor and around my feet. I rubbed myself faster and felt just a small gently second orgasm flood through me. A second in ten minutes was pleasing. It didn’t have to be huge. A small, quiet cumming was just right for my mood. I didn’t shout, or scream, I just murmured like a contented cat.

I suppose at this point a little reality came back to me. I was feeling more satisfied and the high lust was subsiding. I had risked being caught but had got away with it. Now it was time to clear up and get on with the day. Just one more risk I thought. I would clean up my pee whilst remaining naked. Once the floor was clean, I would allow myself to put my robe back on. I grabbed a handful of kitchen paper towel and started to wipe the floor.

Just as I was finishing the task and preparing to cover my nudity, the ultimate reality kicked in! Frank came wandering into the kitchen. He was three paces into the room before he saw me crouched down by the sink wiping the floor. I instinctively stood upright and covered my crotch and tits with my hands.

There was a silence that seemed like eternity before Frank spoke, “Christ!, sorry Mum, I didn’t realise…”

I cut in, “No, sorry Frank, I forgot you were in…” I lied and then trailed off too, not really knowing what to say or do next. I thought Frank would turn and run but not so. Coolly he stood there and asked with some tone of surprise, “Do you always do your housework in the nude mum?”

I felt strangely and unexpectedly relaxed as I responded, “Yes, sometimes but only when I’m alone. Now are you going to leave the room and let me cover myself?”

Again Frank didn’t go. He took a moment to think and then said, “Well don’t mind me mum, if you want to go ahead and finish off be my guest!”

“Frank!” I exclaimed, “I’m not going to carry on in front beylikdüzü escort of you.”

“Why not? Are you embarrassed?” he asked.

I realised I had to regain control of the situation, “No I’m not embarrassed, but you should be!” I said looking directly at the obvious bulge now growing in his shorts.

Frank looked down as his dick tented further against his shorts and then, with perfect timing, sprang out of the fly opening. He made no attempt to cover himself.

Proudly he said, “That’s the effect you have on me mum. Ever since that day at Anne’s all I can think of is you and her. I’ve been jerking off three times a day just thinking about what happened. I just can’t help it.”

I relaxed my guard a little and dropped my hand from my breasts but kept covering my pussy, “I’m sorry Frank. That day at Anne’s probably shouldn’t have happened and I don’t want to know about your masturbation habits.”

“Probably shouldn’t have happened…?” he asked.

“Well almost certainly, it shouldn’t have happened.”

“So you regret it?” he continued.

I dithered a moment realising he was pushing me, and responded, “No, erh…no I don’t regret it exactly but I don’t want it to cause problems between us. It just happened, we can’t go back, so best just forget it.”

“But I can’t forget it mum. Like I said it’s constantly on my mind. I’ve been on heat ever since.” He said, “can’t we do it again? Please mum!

I knew this was it. A crunch moment. After a long pause I replied, “Frank, I’m sorry if my and Anne’s actions have caused you so much frustration. I suppose, if that’s the case, then I owe you an apology which I am prepared to make ‘in kind’. If you want to do it again that much then you may jerk off again now, in front of me. Is that what you want?”

“Oh god, yes mum!” he said, “but can I erh…can I…”

“Can you what?”

He hesitated, “Can I cum on you again mum?”

I smiled, “Frank, you dirty little boy! That’s what turned you on wasn’t it? Not just masturbating in front of Anne and I but the fact that you came on me.”

By this time I was getting turned on again myself and had dropped my other hand to reveal my total nudity to Frank. As he saw my pussy exposed his prick jumped.

“Okay,” I said, “just this once you can cum on me again. Stand in front of me so I can see you jerking and when you are ready, you may cum onto me but only if you can shoot far enough! You must stand at least three feet from me. Understood? That should challenge you to perform well.”

Frank didn’t need to say anything else, he grabbed his shorts and dropped them to the floor, then wrapping his hand round his cock he took a few steps forward, stood in front of me and immediately started to jerk himself. I was trying to be cool. What a stupid idea! The very thought of remaining or even appearing cool when my son was openly masturbating in front of me and trying his best to spray me with his spunk was ridiculous. I let my emotions go and started to lightly rub my pussy in front of him. This caused Frank to groan in excitement and I could see he was about to cum. He had only being touching himself for a minute or so but was obviously so turned on he wasn’t going to wait.

He took another step forward and shouted, “Mum! Oh mum, I’m cumming.” His first burst shot between us and landed on my tummy. Before he had a moment to spurt again I cupped my hands and held them in front of him. Obviously realising what I had in mind, he directed his cock into my hands and pumped the rest of his cum into them. Then he subsided.

As he did so we both stood staring at each other. It was surreal. He, dripping with cum in front of his naked mother. Me eagerly cupping his cum in my hands and not really sure what to do with it. Then I realised what I wanted. Frank had had his request now I would please myself. Before he had time to say anything I turned around to face the sink once more, bent over, bought my hands behind my back and proceeded to rub his spunk all over my arse cheeks. Then I looked beyoğlu escort back over my shoulder at him and said, “Now its my turn Frank. You got what you wanted. Now me!”

“What do you want me to do mum?” he said meekly and submissively, which I liked.

“I want you to fuck me Frank. I want you to fuck your mummy!” I purred.

Frank was so excited that his erection, which hadn’t had time to subside, now started to fully harden again as he realised what he was being asked to do. As he approached me from behind his dick bounced up and down throwing trails of spunk into the air and onto the floor. I looked forward and waited for him. As I felt him position his penis against my pussy I suddenly said, “No Frank!”

He stopped and looked so disappointed but I continued.

“Not my pussy Frank. You can’t have my pussy. That’s for your father only.” In some way this seemed to make what I was doing all right in my mind. Totally illogical I know but that’s just how I felt.

“But mum, I must have you,” he begged in frustration.

“Oh you can fuck me Frank but not my pussy.” I said.

I could see him immediately realise what I was suggesting and awaited his response, which was almost instant. He stepped tight up behind me, pushed my head forward and placed his dick head against my arse.”

“Are you sure mum?”

“Oh yes Frank, I’m sure. Fuck my arse. Please fuck mummy’s bottom.”

I felt Frank lean his weight against my backside and the tip of his penis sunk into my bottom. Then he paused for a second and started to push it slowly but steadily into me. The feeling was gloriously dirty. My own son fucking me in the arse. Once fully in he started to pull in and out.”

“Faster,” I begged, “Fuck me fast Frank.”

He didn’t need to be told again and started to really fuck me hard and rough and started to swear at me in the dirtiest terms, “I’m going fuck you hard mum. I going to pump you in the arse you dirty slut.”

Even having only cum some five or so minutes ago, Frank was going to cum again quickly. I could feel it in his motion and I wanted desperately to cum at the same time. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feelings his fucking was giving me. I started to pant and shake as my third orgasm of the day ripped through me. Perfectly, as I peaked Frank started to buck in a different rhythm. A rhythm that announced his imminent orgasm and then I felt his cock burst forth inside my arse and the warm rush of spunk inside me. He continued fucking me until every last drop was spent and then pulled out gently.

I stood up, turned around and hugged him tightly.

“Thank you,” I said gently, “Thank you Frank.”

“Thank you,” he said, “that was fantastic.”

“Have you ever fucked a girl in the bottom before?” I asked.

“No! I’ve thought of it but never had the nerve to ask any of my girl friends.”

“Well Frank now you won’t have to. I’m going to be your arse slut Frank. Whenever you want to fuck me you can. But only my bottom Frank. Only your father can have my pussy. Understood?”

“God yes mum!” I can’t wait, “Do you really mean it?”

“Yes I mean it and I mean Whenever you want. Whatever I am doing, whatever the time of day you can have me. That will be the fun of it. I don’t want you to ask. Just take me. If I’m in the kitchen, or cleaning the lounge or even in the garden, as long as we are private, I want you to just bend me over and fuck me. You and me are going to have such fun and in time I might even introduce you to other sexual habits of mine. Would you like that?”

“Oh god yes mum!” he said, “I can’t believe this. This is so great.”

I put my hand to his mouth to quiet him and said gently, “Now go and get cleaned up and dressed Frank. Our adventures are only just beginning”, before I softly kissed him on the forehead and walked out of the room myself.

I knew at that moment that I had crossed a boundary into a totally new sexual realm and one that I was looking forward to enjoying.

* * * * *

The Phantom likes feedback on his stories; it makes writing/publishing worth while. So please feel free to e-mail me and let me know what you think – good or bad! Tell me when you read my stories, where you read them and if you cum whilst reading them – ‘cos that’s why I write them! Above all enjoy my work, remember its fantasy and practice safe sex!

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