21 Nisan 2021

New Moons (Immortal love series) 3

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New series!

All individuals within the story are above or equal to the age of consent — US law. (18)

All individuals within the story are fictional; any similarities between person(s) are purely coincidental

Feel free to post and comment — I appreciate feedback and critiquing my work so I can get better, but there is a difference between critiquing and being rude. I may not be the best writer but I love it, if you want some story that is perfect stop searching for literature on the internet and go to a library.

Thank you for reading.

This story will be quite long so I suggest bookmarking or another way to store the page that you are on.

I encourage my readers to critique my work but please do not slag off what I write

Remember: not everyone has two sugars in their tea (hint: what you don’t like someone else may)


I would like to thank Chelsea Fine for the AoA series (Google) showing me about immortalities and curses

I would like to thank Charlotte Abel for the Channie series (Google) showing me about magic and love

I would like to thank Shiggymoto and his Ashley series (check it out), for showing me true love is not always easy… it can be a battle but worth it if you fight hard.

But I would love to thank my sister — the reason I live each day.


David has searched for almost a thousand years for his one true love — his sister — Ashleigh.

With unlimited powers they search the earth to be together, but a centuries old curse placed by their mother, to stop their incestuous relationship, means that whenever they are intimate Ashleigh will die; but with immortal blood she will be reborn again.

Trouble is they must be intimate within the first year of her rebirth or else they both suffer immense pain until they do so.

Can they break the curse? Will true love prevail?

Now Ashleigh is back again, but with no memories of her old life or her brother she soon must learn to remember: about herself, her powers, and her love. She has one year.

Chapter 1: Confessions

“You’re my brother?” Ashleigh asked timidly, her voice breaking threatening to collapse under the emotional strain. She stood up off her bed under wobbly knees but managed to shuffle forward until she was face to face with David.

“You’re my brother.” She said again internally confirming what she had found out not minutes ago.

David remained silent but nodded his head. Unable to hold her gaze he stared down at the floor.


The blow was quick and hard leaving a red handprint along with a lingering sting across his cheek. She had hit him, he realised. For the first time in his immortal life his sister had struck him with intent, not the usual friendly playfulness that she was fond of, but full force smack. That realisation was worse than the actual attack.

Ashleigh collapsed to her knees before openly sobbing into the palms of her hands. Still staring at the floor David watched as Ashleigh – his love – cried from her emotional anguish. Her bountiful golden hair filled his vision as her body bobbed up and down in synch to her sobs.

Once again his heart hammered against his chest, each beat sounding like a gunshot inside his head. Throughout all the years they had been together never had she been so distraught, and never had he felt so helpless. This was the time he couldn’t cradle her in his arms and shush her with his soothing words. The invisible safety net that she didn’t know their relation had suddenly been cast away leaving the ugly naked truth.

“Why?” she managed to choke out against the torrent of rivulet tears streaming down her face. David thought in confusion as to an appropriate response to the question but she elaborated further before he could respond; “Why didn’t you tell me?”

The question became clearer but the answer still remained just as daunting. So why didn’t he tell her they were related? A thousand reasons clambered his mind, and while each provided reasonable judgement, tactical reasoning or a certifiable response enough not to evoke another backlash each reply fell shy of the deep truth. Years before he found her alone in the woods he had made the conscious decision not to reveal their true nature hoping that if she didn’t know the truth she wouldn’t create the emotional bond that had always shared, if that single bond was broken, she would be free. A glimmer of hope that if she was free from his life the curse would become obsolete – after all it was designed so they would never be together. It was a small hope with almost no basis yet when the person you love most keeps leaving you alone ask yourself… would you do the same?

Yet it didn’t matter. The first time he set eyes on her in the woods all planning and emotions flooded his system like a tsunami wiping away all of his planning leaving his soul bare.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Ashleigh asked again topkapı escort with a more bold tone of her voice, her eyes bloodshot and her voice raw. She stood from her knees and stared into his eyes determined to hear an answer. She deserved as much.

Finally David collapsed, in the end, no matter the answers he could formulate there was only one true response: “I was afraid.” Ashleigh opened her mouth to speak but David cut her off sensing her response, “I was afraid if I told you…” he paused searching for the right words, “I was afraid things would be different. That if you knew who I was we’d just be circling back around like we have for the past thousand years.” Ashleigh looked at him as he said the final sentence, had he really just said ‘thousand years’? He has to be confused…

“I should have told you this when we first met…. I love you.” David said staring into her hazel eyes searching for the reminiscence of his beloved old sister.

Something stirred inside her stomach, that was the first time he said those words, ‘I love you’, and maybe in ten thousand other scenarios the tears running down her cheeks would be of joy or love, but in this time they weren’t. It was a sad realisation that the one man she so desperately wanted to hear those words from had suddenly been changed, it was her brother…. Brother – in other words: related, they shouldn’t be feeling like this.

“I-i-i…” Ashleigh stammered for a sentence babbling out incoherent streams of nonsense as her mind tried to process the event rapidly unfolding before she had time to catch up – as if the world had gone into hyper-drive and she was still stuck in the slow lane.

“That should have worked….” David mused unapparent to his sisters rambling.

Those were the words: I – love – you. Say those words and all her past emotions and memories should have returned. Ashleigh should have returned. But Ashleigh hadn’t returned, while the woman standing in front of him for all intent and purposes was Ashleigh it wasn’t ‘his Ashleigh’. She wasn’t the Ashleigh he knew, the one who he had first made love to under a starlight sky, or the same Ashleigh who playfully laughed when he made a dim-witted remark about her, she wasn’t the same woman.

But why?

It seemed he has been asking that question a lot recently. And if there was one peeve he hated it was the uncertainty. Just once he wished life would pan out the way he wanted without the bumps or twists to complicate matters.

“What should have worked?” Ashleigh’s voice broke David from his trance of thoughts bringing him back to the present.

“You should be you.” David replied. Ashleigh gave him a quizzical look in obvious confusion. He sighed, “I’ll explain everything tomorrow.” He hoped to deter her from what was obvious to become a very awkward conversation. How do you tell someone they’re really a thousand year old sister with an incestuous relationship brought about by a millennium old book bound by magic from a sacrificed baby? Answers anyone? Email me if you know how….

Ashleigh was reluctant to drop her line of inquiry but was she herself losing a battle to process all the information. Perhaps a new days outlook would provide a better image, there was only one problem: “I can’t go back to sleep. Not after what happened.”

Needless to say David understood her troubles; her once simple life had been shattered replaced by the most confusing night of her life – well, human life, “You’ll be safe.” He promised her.

As one can well imagine, she was sceptical, too much had happened in the short span of hours to allow her to trust David fully. Even if she wanted to she still would be unable to get back into the same bed where not moments ago the most frightening experience had happened in her young – for her – life. She shook her head wanting David to understand what she was feeling. She was scared… petrified really.

David was at a crossroad. He understood her reluctance to sleep – hell, if she ever slept again it would be a miracle – yet he couldn’t well send her off to bed and unlike the other Ashleigh, he couldn’t invite her to his bed. After several seconds of consideration he came up with a neutral proposal; “Do you want to come downstairs and watch T.V?”

He saw the look of apprehension in her eyes before she gave a curt nod of her head not wanting to but unsure about anything that was happening. Finally she quietly spoke, “I don’t want to be alone.” And it was true, despite the lack of trust David had caught himself in Ashleigh absolutely didn’t want to be alone, especially if it meant staying beside her brother for a little while.

David nodded sympathetically; “Why don’t you go set everything up and get comfortable, I’ll be down in a second.”

For a few seconds he stood enchanted as he watched his sister silently and solemnly walking away down the stairs. Once she was out of his sight he summoned tuzla escort all the energy around until once again his entire body was ensnared in red hue. The ever present and oddly reassuring pink line linking hearts glowed with ambient brilliance as he toiled internally with his emotions.

“Don’t you ever come in here again you heinous bitch!” He snarled waving his hands ahead like a blind man would to navigate. For several minutes he wandered the upstairs leaking his magical enchantments to ensure no other energy projections would interrupt again. Certain that there were no stray energy – typically left over from projective spells – he calmed down enough to quench the enshrouding energy and joined Ashleigh who had curled up on the couch, remote in hand, flicking aimlessly through the movie channels.

“You ok?” He asked in a low voice walking past her into the kitchen area. Ashleigh didn’t respond but he assumed she would have nodded rather than say no. He fetched bag of microwave popcorn, kept for secret midnight pleasures, before popping the paper bag into the microwave for three minutes. With the monotone hum of the microwave droning on he joined Ashleigh on the couch choosing to sit closely by her side more for her comfort than pleasure.

Ashleigh stared absently at the screen, the flickers of images suddenly having lost all meaning, her mind raced trying to process and make sense of all that had happened within the last few hours. She was no longer was alone in the world – she had a family, a brother, who by all accounts loved her more than any sibling should. She had long figured out it was indeed David who must have found her when she was in the woods, gave her his shirt, and questionably left her. She had a mother, albeit, a psychopathic, possibly delusional mother but the question of who she was or came from was, for now, partially answered. But what was most perplexing of this whole situation was not the normality of having found family, but her whole perception of reality had been twisted upside down. From a seemingly normal date, that now seemed light-years away, to an unforgettable nightmare… magic was suddenly real, David was magical, their mother was magical…. she was magical…

From physical, emotional and psychological exhaustion she allowed her head to slump to the side taking a small amount of illicit pleasure from the close contact of touching David –her brother, she reminded herself.

She still loved David such was obvious from the on-going yet pleasant shivers their touch elicited. And even though she had only just found the true extent of their relationship Ashleigh found herself debating societal judgement towards her feelings.

Society has always taught that incest is wrong, a way of beasts not man, universally banned with punishment it’s the topic of many writers who want to dazzle their readers in awe. It is a thing to be glorifiable yet frowned upon. But is it so? After all what is the true perversion of incest? Who does it harm? From a medio-legal standpoint there is an increase risk to genetic deformities within a child and yet from the same standpoint is there not an increased risk of genetic deformities from smoking, drugs or other variables, if so why are they not banned as is incest? Why does the tobacco company flourish instead of sinking against the burden of babies addicted to nicotine, or born with missing limbs? ask yourself that same question next time you judge someone.

With a heftily sigh Ashleigh sank lower into the side of David who tenderly wrapped his arm around her side allowing them more comfortable and deeper contact. For a few seconds she watched the movie vaguely aware of the plot before the loud ping of the microwave timer interrupted the tranquillity. She sighed again when David hefted himself up and away to fetch the popcorn but silently scorned herself in remembering that although she loved him he was now officially her brother. What they had could never happen again, what she felt could become nothing more than in infatuation.

David returned and placed the bowl of popcorn on the armrest beside Ashleigh. Four times during the movie he caught her glancing back and forth at him but he remained still only paying attention out of the corner of his eyes while still maintaining the illusion of watching the move – truthfully he had no idea what was going on. With a sigh of his own he focused on the screen letting his arm slip behind his sisters slender frame taking pleasure from the tingling of his fingertips as he brushed across her skin.

Half an hour passed before the movie ended, the two lovebirds on screen ending with a romantic kiss to the backdrop of a small restless Italian city. Ashleigh stirred very slightly shifting her body just enough for him to notice. She had fallen asleep. Her eyes lightly fluttered closed as her shallow breathing blew timed wisps of air at his arm. Hypnotically her chest rose and fell in tandem pendik escort to her breathing, she looked truly beautiful. Carefully using enough magical energy not to disturb her slumber David used a levitation spell at the remote to move it from her armrest to his hand before powering down the television shrouding the room in darkness. With a final look at his gorgeous sister he smiled.

Chapter 2: Past and present

David knelt on the dirty floor, blood and mud caked his still bare legs. His whole body felt numb as if a part of him had just died, thin slivers of tears ran down his face washing away the spatter of blood in parallel lines. He didn’t know what to do; it was like his body and mind were both frozen in time. Ashleigh was gone… not mere seconds ago his sister was cradled in his arms weeping like an infant child and yet now here he was alone surrounded in an otherwise undisturbed world. What had happened?

David struggled to open his memory, the last image being his sister caked in blood and tears naked in his arms before everything went red, and when his eyes opened she was gone… There was one obvious explanation; it had to be the book. That pink line he always fretted about thinking that their mother may see and understand truly the extent of their involvement was suddenly torn from his chest leaving a void in his heart that he knew neither how to fill nor how to get back.

For five minutes he remained slumped on the ground, a low distant rumble foretold the warning of a storm. Only minutes later the skies opened releasing their torrent of rain, still David remained frozen, rain lashed at his body while the wind buffered him from all angles. Blood, mud and tears were washed away along with the remnants of the scene; the once dried mud from their coupling became slosh in the downpour. A thunderous boom echoed around him before a searing light of blue forked down to the ground snapping him out of his shock.

Without bothering changing David ran back to the house. The landscape moments ago so serene and peaceful was now ominous, the trees became shadows as thick black clouds blocked the sun. When just he and his sister had set out neither paid attention to where they were going, aimlessly wandering around amongst the trees they were just happy to be close and with another but as David ran now he found himself pulled by a new force in a direction he knew would lead to the house.

Finding out what happened first was the key and for that he needed the book. He avoided the house all together careering around to the back yard to the shed. A quick scan of the door revealed no curses and no lingering energy, a simple shockwave spell shattered the iron lock and he swung open the door scanning the dark interior for the wooden chest. Given the storm, that and no invention of the light bulb, the interior of the shed was pitch black. Feeling his way around he divulged deeper into the darkness before he knocked his shin against something hard on the ground, the dull thud of wood appraising that he had found his target.

As he had done so many times before, using his hands, he scanned the chest for any curses or energy signatures but once again found nothing. Obviously all of their mother’s magic curses and spells were hindered useless now she was gone. Summoning what little energy there was in the dark gloomy shed he cast a simple ‘be light’ spell washing away the darkness with an incandescent luminous blue/white light emanating from a hovering orb just above the chest. Inside the chest was just as before, a few towels and cloths scattered above in a vain attempt to hide what lay underneath prickling with untamed energy… the book.

As soon as his fingertips touched the cover of the book underneath the mountainous layer of cloths a surge of electrical energy crackled above lighting the entire woods for a split second in a white/ blue colour. Slowly the layers of cloths and rags dropped over the edge of the wooden chest spilling onto the floor as the book hovered out of the chest before wavering at eye level facing David. The book opened without assistance and the pages flicked across until the middle of the book was exposed. Amongst the old and tattered yellow pages stood a single white line:

The test has begun…

Ashleigh awoke to the mouth-watering smell of bacon, egg and sausage. The powering and savoury aromas battled her senses causing her mouth to water before her brain could even register she was awake. Groggily she sat up, realising she was in the living room on the couch she looked around and found David in the kitchen cooking, his back turned to her.

“Good morning sleepy.” He said with his attention still turned towards the eggs in the pan.

‘How did he know I was awake? She thought to herself as she sleepily yawned, cracked her neck from the kink of lying on the couch and stood up heading towards the kitchen.

“We need to talk.” She stated firmly standing beside David watching while he turned the eggs over, rolled the sausages and flipped the bacon slithers.

“We do.” David nodded, “But you need to eat first.” He grabbed a glass of orange juice and handed it her from behind not once turning around. “Go sit down, this’ll be ready in a second.”

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