21 Nisan 2021

Norwegian Lust

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Pastoral life on the fjord appealed greatly to 18 year-old Anya Erickson. The small farm was hard work to manage, but not more than the three men could handle, with her help of course. She did all the cooking, since her mothers tragic death, and had regular chores.

In the barn, Anya got a stainless steel pail, and the little stool ready to milk the cow. She settled under the cow’s belly and felt along the swollen udder, until her fingers closed around one dangling teat. As she manuipulated and pulled rythmically, squirts of milk shot into the pail. It was just like making the men squirt she thought abstractly, and felt her body responding, becoming aroused at the slightest suggestion of sex.

At lunchtime her father and brothers came in from the field. She had prepared a noodle soup with crusty bread and goat cheese for the men. It was deeply satisfying for her to care for them. Lars and Hans joked with one another easily, while her father stoically spooned his soup.

“It’s good?” Anya smiled.

The men all made noises of approval, and their eyes were shiny with appreciation.

“Delicious Anya.” said her father quietly.

She greedily absorbed this most perfect praise from her father.

After lunch, the men went back out to the potato field, and Anya cleaned up after them. As the afternoon progressed she found that her body was anticipating the illicit sexual pleasures that had become a nightly matter of course in the small family. Her temperature became slightly elevated, and her breasts ached to be released from their sturdy halter. A steady moisture was building in her vagina. She couldn’t help but think of Lar’s hard naked body, and his long erect penis.

At sunset the men came in and washed. She had prepared a potato leek soup and some fresh crusty-bread with goat cheese. As they sat down to eat she hovered over them.

“It’s good?” she wanted to know.

“Delicious Anya.” said her father.

She looks angelic in this light, he noted.
The setting sun cast a rosy glow off her youthful features and made shimmering streamers in her yellow hair. She moved with such grace and ease around the table, swaying at the hips, the generous bustline holding firm to her slim torso, long strong legs carrying her effortlessy. He knew she was fucking the boys.

Finished with supper, they settled in the great room. Lars and Hans were studying a boat-building book, and her father was whittling some wooden coat pegs. Anya announced she would take her bath. None of the men took overt notice, but Anya was aware of the quick surreptitious glance from each of them. For a moment her eyes locked with Lar’s and she paused for a moment in the doorway, showing him her profile.

After filling the tub, she added some scented bath oil and eased herself in slowly. The water was very hot. She leaned her head back and let the heat suffuse through her body. Then there was a gentle tap at the door.

“Anya?” a voice called softly. “Anya, can I come in?”

“I’m taking a bath,” she called through the door.

The door was opening.

“I know,” said the voice, “but could I come in anyway?”

Lars poked his smiling face around the door and she smiled back at ataşehir escort him. There was no need to be embarassed now anyway. His eyes dropped to her large wet soapy breasts.

“My God Anya… you are gorgeous!” he said quietly as he stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

Of course she knew what he wanted, and it aroused her too. Her eyes caught the swell in his trousers. He came to the side of the tub and reached down to feel one of his sisters warm slippery breasts, her nipple immeadiately distended and with a smile he squeezed it tenderly. His other hand went to his pants, and when he had unbuckled himself, the long fleshy tube of his tumescent cock hung in her face. As he massaged her tits and petted her head, his erection grew before her eyes, until the organ was thick and stiff in her face. She felt complimented by his erection.

With a smiling flush she let a warm wet hand come up to feel along his muscular thigh, and slip beneath to cup his testicles in her palm. It was clear he wanted her to suck him. She leaned toward him and opened her mouth, letting the hot spongy head of his penis slip between her lips. He swooned and groaned in relief, stroking her hair lovingly as the tip of her tongue licked the tip of his cock. He felt down her stomach, past her flexing pelvis to the soft curly hair of her pubis, where his finger found the slice of her sex. As he touched the bead of her clitoris she opened her thighs and he ejaculated into her mouth with a wild grunt, collapsing against the wall.

She let his sperm fill her mouth, milking him with one hand as she sucked, just like the cow she realized, only she was the pail. When he was done she nipped playfully at the tender penis and he pulled away from her with a satisfied grin.

“Thanks Anya,” he said breathlessly.

She smiled sweetly up at him, still tasting his semen, as he pulled up his trousers left the room. She loved him completely.

Hans saw the satisfied grin on his brother’s face when he came downstairs, and knew that he had done something with Anya. As far as he was concerned, it was his turn. Outside the bathroom door, he could hear the quiet stirrings of water as his sister bathed. He knocked gently, cracking the door slowly, and let himself into the steamy room.

“Anya!” he grinned at her.

She was gloriously naked. The tub half full of dirty water and a layer of soapbubbles, her parabolic tits cantilevered precariously from her slim chest, cherry-tipped, glistening pink orbs.

“Hi Hans.” she smiled eagerly, unable to hide from him.

He took off his pants immeadiately, as she watched, blushing.

“What did you do with Lars?” he wanted to know, shedding his underwear.

“Nothing.” she answered demurly.

Hans unbuttoned his shirt. His penis hardening while she watched. He has a beautiful man’s stomach, she saw appreciatively, and his gorgeous growing organ was making her genitals itch. She unconsciously lifted her hips and let the tender coral-flanges of her labia show above the surface of the water. Hans caught the movement.

“Why don’t you let the water out?” he dared.

“Ok.” she teased back at him, her white teeth avcılar escort flashing a smile.

She flipped the lever with her big toe and let the water gradually uncover her nudity. Hans was naked, his cock waggling stiffly in front of him.

“What are you going to do with that?” she nodded seriously at his erection.

“Come here and I’ll show you.” he grinned, helping her from the tub.

Standing, the tips of her wet breasts touching his naked chest in the small room, he pulled her close, his penis sliding between her thighs. He could feel the wet heat of her pussy on his organ.

“What did you do with Lars? he whispered into the warmth of her neck.

He tried to kiss her mouth, but she wouldn’t do that. Gasping, twisting in his arms as he felt-up her steam-slick tits, she flexed her hips and let the warm stiffness of his penis massage along her slit. An age-old instinct made her turn in his arms and with her ass slipping deliciously against the hot brand of his erection, she bent over, bracing with her arms on the side of the tub, smiling back at him.

Hans gasped at her beautiful display. His straining penis compelled him forward till the head of his bobbing organ pushed into the soft slippery pink of her femininity. Like a snake devouring it’s pray, her vagina literally sucked his organ deeper, until he was buried to the hilt in the luxurious velvet of her palpitating pussy.

With a few healthy thrusts he was ready to burst. She reached a hand back, around his thigh, pulling him into her, and they fucked with relish. His prick was deep in her cunt when it began spasming, squirting sperm into her womb as her quiet moan of need echoed in the ceramic-tiled room. She humped back against his softening organ, swallowing her unfinished desire bravely, very pleased that he was satisfied.

Hans lovingly massaged the full lush buns of her ass, as his penis gradually withdrew wetly from her intimate warmth.

“Oh my god…!” he said, shaking his head, his whole body shivering, dizzy from the rush.

Full of emotion, she stood and turned, kissing him then, pressing her body to his hungrily, her tounge deep in his mouth. When they broke the kiss it was over. Their eyes met happily, as Hans sheepishly slipped out the door.

Anya brushed out her hair and put on a warm flannel nightgown. After studying English for an hour, she did some needlepoint emboidery on a shirt-pattern she was making. When the moon shown a pale cool sliver high through her bedroom window, she went down to say goodnight. The boys were busy at the woodpile, just inside the front door.

“G’nite Lars”, she beamed, he looked up at her wide-eyed.

“‘Nite Hans.” she added playfully, the brothers were both grinning wildly at her.
Her father was sitting in his upholstered chair, reading and smoking his pipe.

“Good-night Papa.” she smiled at him, and he beckoned to her, wanting her to kiss his cheek.

Standing beside his chair, she lowered her face to kiss his cheek, and felt the back of his fingers brushing at the tip of her flannel covered tit.

“Going to bed already Anya?” he cooed.

She didn’t move at all while he touched her. Her eyes avrupa yakası escort closed. She stood stock still while her father felt her breast, inflaming the need deep in her tummy. It became obvious as her nipple popped out stiffly beneath his fingers. When she turned away, his hand lingered, the fingertips sliding along the curve of her hip and across her backside.

As she hurried barefoot from the room, his eyes followed her. At the stairs she turned to look at him, her eyes wide turquoise pools of unnatural desire.

Anya slept fitfully for an hour or so, until she heard the soft squeak of her bedroom door opening. She lay quietly in the dark, then felt his weight on the bed.

“Anya?” she heard him whisper and felt a hand on her shoulder.

When she turned, his hands immeadiately covered the mounds of her breasts, and as he massaged them gently, she moaned, her hips began the small tell-tale rocking motion of coitus. He stood and stripped off his clothes while she peeked at him.

Then he was in her bed, beneath the covers, gathering her in his arms. The erection a long hard bone between them. He turned her and they spooned, his penis nuzzling long and warm along the crack of her ass as he wrapped his arms around her.

“I love you darling.” he whispered into her ear.

She was whimpering as he lifted her gown, and the delicious silky contact of flesh on flesh eveloped them. He fondled her twin breasts in his strong hands, tweaking her stiff nipples as his penis poked through the gap between her legs, sliding deliciously along the downy pads of her labia. She pushed back against him, and he gloried in the warm plush cushion of her ass.

One hand left her breast, as she detected the quick movement to his mouth, then felt a slick finger probing at her sphincter.

“Oh, papa…” she whined breathlessly.

“We can’t take the chance of you getting pregnant,” he warned, serious now.

Her father twisted the saliva-slick length of his index finger through the tight ring of her anus and into her buttocks, slowly withdrawing, then entering, again and again. His breath was hot in her ear, flowing across her cheek and down her neck.

“You be careful what you do with the boys too,” he husked.

She blushed in the darkness.

Then there was another pause, as he withdrew his finger completely. She felt him adjusting, and then the spongy heat from the tip of his erection made an insistent pressure at her anal nexus. Anya’s fingers flew of their own accord to her clitoris and she pleasured herself wantonly as her father’s penis slipped into her asshole.

“Oh, papa, papa…” she squealed.

“Quiet girl!” he scolded, as he filled his hands with her heaving breasts.

She clenched her teeth as waves of ecstasy cascaded through her youthful body. Crashing her senses against a velvet shoreline at some distant place deep within her consciousness. The hot length of maleness in her ass released the animal in her, and she ground herself feverishly back onto him.

Her clitoris became an electric switch, flashing off and on beneath her finger as he made long strokes into her. Then, as the strong muscles of her gluteus clamped down on his swollen penis she heard him panting, and felt his erection jerking, dancing, squirting semen deep in her intestine. She came with a gush, wetting her thighs profusely.

Later, she roused briefly when he pulled away.

“Muesli for breakfast sweetheart?” he whispered to her.

“Yes papa.” she answered dreamily.

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