24 Ocak 2021

Overdue Satisfaction

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It had been a long day. I was tired, worn out…fatigue was my new best friend. School had been kicking my ass. I was utterly convinced that if I had one more test my head would explode. I needed some relief…make that a lot of relief.

I was the biggest virgin on earth, or at least I felt that way. An image of my long time crush popped into my head and I bit my lip. I hadn’t masturbated in a good three months and the thought of touching myself to his image had my pussy gushing.

I leaned back in bed, what I was watching long forgotten. I knew that I could make as much noise as I wanted, my sister wasn’t home and my mom was working overtime. My godfather was well over eighty and was as deaf as they come.

I typically sleep in short shorts, my size sixteen hips are not ones to be constantly contained and I rub them up and down, pleasurable tingles of awareness shooting up my spine and straight back to my pussy. I could feel my clit harden. I was so ready to cum, to coat my own fingers with my juices.

I imagined my crush kneeling between my legs, his warm breath brushing along my skin, his tongue licking up and down my over sensitized clit.

I pulled my shorts off and flung them across the room before pulling off my tank top. My breast spilled forward, my forty-two double D’s aching to be caressed. I stuck a hand güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri between my legs, parting my pussy lips, finding myself wet and ready. I groaned as I ran my finger over my clit, moving it up and down, my head thrown back.

With my free hand I cupped my breast, pinching my nipple one after the other. I wasn’t much of a moaner, though I wished that I was, I merely spread my legs wider, speeding up my strokes. I felt my legs shake and I knew it was coming.

I was cumming. It was glorious. I felt my pussy tighten and clench as I came, mumbling my crush’s name. My body shook and as I came down off my high I realized that it wasn’t enough. I was still just as horny as I was before, if not more.

I sat up, frustrated. I wasn’t sated at all and the thought of ramming something, anything up my cunt, busting my virgin barrier and fucking myself senseless seemed so appealing. But I knew I wouldn’t dare.

I reached a hand down between my legs once more, rolling my finger over my clit in slow circles. I needed to cum at least one more time or I’d be up all night feeling frustrated and that was the last thing I needed.

I turned onto my side on the bed, stuffing two of my fingers inside me and slowly humping my hand. I whispered dirty words to myself like the ones I had read in the countless güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri amount of erotica stored on my precious kindle. “Fuck my pussy…I’m so wet, my pussy needs this. I need this.”

I reached behind me, parting my ass cheeks. I fantasized about my crush touching my tightest hole, rubbing me there. When that wasn’t enough I spat on my fingers before inserting them. I was tight and I was nervous as hell, I had never tried this. I had imagined it, anal sex was such a wondrous fascination to me and I longed to try it.

Once I had myself loose enough I stuck in another finger. I gasped, with two fingers in both of my holes I felt full, complete. I licked my lips as I began to roll my hips back and forth, driving my fingers in and out of myself.

My breathing accelerated, her breast jumping as I began to pump harder…faster, digging deeper inside my ass until my fingers found a delicious sweet spot that made my ass clench with pleasure every time I hit it.

My mouth was wide open, saliva spilling over the side of my bottom lip.

My pussy made pleasant gushing, sticky noses as I finger fucked myself to oblivion.

My hips jerked as my palm came into contact with my clit and I panted, “Yes, fuck my pussy good…fill me up. Fill me up! Make me feel good…I need it. I need to cum. güvenilir bahis şirketleri I need to…cum!”

My legs tensed, my toes curled, my pussy had a spasm as I came first from my pussy, my juices coating my fingers and leaving a large wet spot on my sheets. I pounded into my ass relentlessly until I felt my asshole tighten, my insides squeezed so hard my fingers were basically forced out and I convulsed on my bed, knocking off one of my pillows in the process.

I was breathing hard and my legs were shaking slightly as I smiled in the dark of my room, my body sated. My fingers covered in my own juices.

After I had calmed down I licked, first, the fingers that had been in my pussy. I tasted sweet and sour like my favorite snack, green apples. I stuck my fingers between my legs and gave my clit one last rub before sticking my fingers inside me once more and pulling out my fingers coated in my juices. I licked them clean before turning my attention the fingers that just been knuckle deep in my ass. I noticed they were a little wet, coated in what looked a clear veil of cum.

A part of me throbbed to fuck my ass again at the discovery as I popped them into my mouth, running my tongue over my fingers.

I laid motionless for a while before sitting up and walking over to my dresser, pulling out a long night shirt. I pulled it on and it stopped at my knees, I knew I couldn’t sleep naked even if I wanted to, the people in my house did not believe in knocking. Satisfied, I walked back over to my bed, ignoring the wet spot on my sheets, pulled the comforter over me and fell asleep dreaming of crush with his tongue up my cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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