19 Nisan 2021

Parent’s Incest Ch. 01

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It was almost the end of the school holidays and it was a beautiful summer’s morning. Judy lay in bed stroking her clit. “God, what am I doing?” She thought to herself. “Here I am a teacher; I have always masturbated on fantasies of having sex with any one of my students, male and female. The trouble is that over the last month I have fixated on one particular ex-student. I see my favourite fantasy lover everyday, almost every hour. I know he is physically perfect. I cannot help myself, I spy on him, I see him in the shower, in bed in the morning with a raging hard on, and I even watch him in the toilet taking a piss. I see him in every conceivable state of dress and undress! Hell, he is my son, David, and he makes my cunt drip just by walking into the room! What a fucking mess!”

Judy’s thoughts evaporated as her husband Collin stirred and she reluctantly forced herself to stop playing with her clit. Collin, out of habit reached across to his partner of twenty years, sought out her breast, and mechanically caressed her nipple. He was certain that Judy had become a nymphomaniac. Over the last few weeks, his wife’s cunt was always saturated with her juice whenever he felt her. He smiled to himself as he deliberated that she was obviously fantasizing about his outstanding sexual prowess.

Ever since he had got her pregnant at school, Judy had always been awake long before him and had always lain quietly next to him until it was time to get up. Collin sighed, as he slowly moved his hand down to her vagina, gone were the days when her juicy cunt instantly hardened his cock. Collin paused to fondle his wife’s clit and as he nonchalantly stroked the hard wet nub, he wondered what it would be like to pinch and squeeze his daughters’ clit! The fantasy of his daughter, Jess, in ecstasy as he caressed her clit drove him wild and his prick instantly grew to become rock hard.

Visions of Jess swam before him as Collin rolled over towards his wife, his hard cock falling on to her stomach. Judy gasped, she had no interest in her husband, she had been imagining that the fingers playing with her clit were her son’s fingers and as the hard penis fell onto her stomach, she imagined it was David’s penis.

Judy moved quickly to get on her hands and knees, her cunt literally dripping with juices. Collin hesitated and then moved behind Judy, but as he rammed his prick into his wife’s cunt, he pretended it was Jess he was fucking, and he began to pump the cunt mercilessly.

Both mother and father were immersed in fantasies of fucking, but they were fantasies of fucking their son and daughter.

As Collin’s prick rammed into Judy’s cunt, his balls slapping hard against her clit, Judy moved her hand to play with her husband’s, or were they David’s testicles. Judy was rapidly approaching orgasm as Collin, still engrossed in his own fantasy yelled, “Take it Jess, take your daddy’s prick!” Alarm surged through Collin as he heard the words he had spoken and he instantly stopped his pumping of Judy’s cunt and awaited his wife tirade. However, Judy deep in her own fantasy cried, “Please don’t stop, I’m coming, David, pleassssse fuck me!” Anger and jealousy surged through Collin, he started to pump his wife’s cunt as hard, and as fast as he could in a futile attempt to hurt his wife, within seconds, Collin ejaculated, and Judy shook uncontrollably as an orgasm surged through her body.

The couple collapsed onto the bed, not speaking, not looking at each other. Although Collin and Judy silently considered that, that was the best fuck they had had in a very long time, they both knew that it was the obscene imagery of fucking their son and daughter, which had driven them to their massive orgasms!

Judy hurriedly got out of bed and went for a long shower, eventually she went to the kitchen to make her breakfast. As she had planned it, Collin had already left for work and she was left alone to contemplate what had happened. She had lost count of the number of cups of coffee she had consumed when a sleepy David entered the kitchen. The short bathrobe David wore gave Judy an opportunity to look at David’s muscular legs and occasionally glimpse the end of his massive prick. Judy looked at her son longingly, hunger in her heart. Judy could not help herself, she knew she must have him, whatever the cost!

David had had two consecutive nights of partying, his sister’s eighteenth birthday and the second celebrating a rare win by his basketball team. His brain and body seemed strangely separate, however it did not take David long to realise his mother was upset.

David ate his breakfast slowly, repeatedly glancing at his mother. He thought how gorgeous she was and occasionally he glimpsed her large perfect breasts. As far as he was concerned, she was the perfect milf. Their eyes met and Judy smiled at him; “Shit” David thought, “She knows I want to fuck her, to dominate her, take her as my bitch!” David became increasingly nervous, he was convinced simply by the way kartal escort his mother looked at him that she knew or had guessed his secret desire; he had simply failed to recognise the lust in his mother’s eyes!

Judy maintained her self-imposed silence but David frustrated by the lack of conversation and stealing himself for an argument finally asked, “What is wrong, do we have to have one of our talks?”

Judy shrugged, a tear welling in her eye but said nothing.

“Well?” David said angrily, convinced that if his mother had discovered his dream to be her master, he might as well show his dominant nature.

His mother was startled and replied, “It’s just Collin shouted out a girl’s name as we made love this morning.” Judy snorted and then added, “Or I should say as we had sex, there has never been much love associated with Collin”.

David was relieved, his mother did not know! He asked more gently, “Who? Do you know her?”

“Yes” Judy admitted, shaking her head as a tear trickled down her face.

David was inwardly ecstatic as he imagined a divorce looming and he thought, of course, he would live with his mother, perhaps just the two of them, that is, until he found other women to join his harem!

“So” David said staring at his mother, “Your orgasm disappeared in the blink of an eye?”

Judy winched and not thinking clearly, she shook her head.

David laughed openly and asked jokingly, “Were you deep in a fantasy of your own?”

Judy stared at her son, shocked that her son’s guess could be so accurate, and as David looked at his mother, he realised that he was right.

Addressing his mother sternly, he asked, “Are you having fantasies about being fucked by a stud?”

Judy lowered her head, blushing.

“You called out his name?” David said laughing.

As Judy’s hands covered her face, David laughed, eventually asking, “Does dad know him?

Judy, now a bright shade of magenta, nodded

As David stood up and towered over his mother, he demanded, “Who is he, one of your fucking students?”

His mother got up and ran into the kitchen, leaving David stood at the table. David wondered, “Who can it be, it must be one of his mother’s students, but whom? Who of the several studs she has taught would excite her? Which of the students my mother has taught would Dad know? Apart from me that is. Shit apart from me! Could it be me that my mother wants to fuck, play with, well have I got fucking good news for her!”

Dropping his robe, David tiptoed naked into the kitchen. He saw his mother, her hands gripping the sink staring out of the window. David silently moved behind his mother and grabbed her long auburn hair, wrenching her head back. As David pulled his mother’s head towards him he whispered, “Who do you fantasize about?”

Judy, distracted by David’s hard prick pushing into her back, tried to shake her head. David, growing ever more confident, shook his mother’s head and taking hold of his mother’s breast squeezed it just hard enough to cause his mother pain. As he squeezed, David whispered, “You will tell me! I can cause you a lot of pain, if you don’t tell me right now!”

Judy was shaking, she was helpless, she knew David was right about the pain, and she whispered, “You!”

David released his mother’s breast, but pulled her head even further back and looking into her eyes, he said, “That’s great fucking news, Baby. I am going to make you my personal fuck toy!” After a long pause he added, “Do you want to be my personal play thing, my fuck toy?”

Judy never paused to think what she was promising; every nerve in her body was tingling with excitement at the thought of her son fucking her, toying with her. Judy began to plead with David to accept her as his personal fuck toy, begging her son to use her in every way imaginable.

David laughing, said, “Eager little mummy whore aren’t you! Now get naked.”

As David walked away, Judy stared at her son’s naked butt, her cunt tingling with anticipation, her fantasies of being used by her son almost overwhelming her as she stripped. As Judy gathered up her clothes, her daughter, Jess, entered the room and looking at her mother, she screamed with derisive laughter, and yelled, “What’s going on?” Judy tried to cover herself but Jess walked over to her mother and demanded, “Tell me?” Although deeply embarrassed Judy reluctantly told a small part of the story of how she had ended up naked, but when she finished Jess asked calmly, “Whose name did Dad call out?” Hesitantly Judy said, “He called ‘your’ name out!” Jess laughed and said, “Me! Why…” but she stopped an evil smile creeping over her face.

As David entered the room naked, Jess sat down at the table and watched as David offered his prick to his mother. Judy glanced at Jess before she squatted and opened her mouth to suck her son’s prick. Judy was literally drooling with David’s pre-cum when Jess walked over to them, Judy squirmed as Jess maltepe escort bayan took the opportunity to finger her mother’s bald wet cunt. Jess expertly pushed two fingers, deep into her mother’s cunt while she gently caressed her mother’s clit with her thumb. Judy was staring at David as an orgasm built inside her. Jess was laughing, whispering obscenities in her mother’s ear. All Judy could hear was how easy sons could make white trash mothers cum, how white trash begged to be dominated by their sons and daughters, and how white trash teachers begged the studs in their class to line up and fuck them over their desks in front of their white shit fathers, their whoring mothers and their snivelling husbands. Visions of the Jess’s words flooded Judy’s mind, they turned her on incredibly and Jess’s fingers easily took her towards orgasm. As David’s prick ejaculated uncontrollably, he shot copious amounts of jism into his mother’s mouth and Jess withdrew her fingers from her mother’s cunt. Judy was left hanging, her orgasm slowly ebbing away.

Judy eagerly licked and swallowed David’s sperm as her daughter cheered and clapped her mother’s performance. David was smiling as he pulled his mother to her feet and marched her over to the table. He laid her on the table next to where her daughter was sitting. Lifting his mother’s legs over his shoulders, he rammed his cock into her pussy as Jess began to play with her mother’s tits. David pushed his enormous prick into his mother’s hole and began to pump it in and out. Judy screamed in delight as an orgasm built, the combined sensations of David’s enormous shaft sliding in and out of her cunt, her clit being repeatedly jammed hard by David’s pubic mound and the hands of her daughter as they squeezed, pulled and pinched her nipples drove her towards a massive orgasm. As David ejaculated, Judy screamed as an intense orgasm surged through her body. Judy convulsed with pleasure, and Jess plunged her tongue deep into her mother’s mouth. Judy sucked Jess’s tongue, and then allowed her daughter’s tongue to dance around her mouth, before Jess withdrew her tongue and bit her mother’s lip.

Slowly Judy recovered from her orgasm and David led Judy into her bedroom and laid her down on her king-sized bed. He climbed on to the bed and lay next to his mother. As his hand moved to his mother’s nipple, he began to twist and pull the growing nob. David smiled and moved his mouth towards his mother’s breast as he whispered, “Beg me to suck your nipples!” As David’s mouth closed around his mother’s nipple, Judy begged him to take her, she could not believe the sensation his playful sucking generated. David was intent on causing his mother’s nipples to grow as Judy fought to control the feelings in her vagina, but as David moved his mouth toward his mother’s cunt, Judy succumbed to an orgasm. As David watched his mother’s cunt lips spasm, he whispered, “Your twat looks swollen, beg me to kiss that too!”

Judy was delirious with pleasure and repeatedly begged her son to suck her cunt. Judy’s orgasm had not quite abated when David’s mouth closed around her clit. Judy moaned as her orgasm renewed itself, sending shockwave after shockwave of pleasure through every particle of her body. Judy’s orgasm refused to stop as David licked, sucked and nibbled his mother’s vagina; the orgasm became a continuous stream of pleasure and Judy began to scream in ecstasy, oblivious to her surroundings. Judy’s cunt began to squirt into her son’s face, but still the torment did not stop. Judy tried to look down at her son but her vision was blurred and as a dark shadow past over her eyes, she fell back onto the bed. Judy had fainted.

David looked down at his mother, as her eye lids quivered then opened, Judy smiled at her son as she raised her arms to hug him and as she embraced her son she whispered, “That was unbelievable, truly out of this world!” Judy kissed her son’s lips and he thrust his tongue deep into his mother’s mouth as Judy sucked and played with the welcome invader. As mother and son kissed and hugged each other, Judy became aware of David’s large prick pressing against her belly. The kiss finally ended and Judy pushed her son away from her to look down at the hard penis.

Judy gasped, as David moved and held his prick against her cunt lips and as her cunt started to prickle once again, Judy thought “This is impossible, I have cum so many times”. Slowly David pushed and Judy’s labia separated to accept the large penis. David slowly guided the prick in to the cunt until his balls slapped against his mother’s arse. Judy began to moan as David moved his prick in and out of her cunt. As he continued to fuck his mother, she began to experience small orgasms with each penetration. Each stroke of David’s prick was harder and faster than the last and Judy felt each individual orgasm was building her to a crescendo. Judy squealed as orgasm after orgasm raked her cunt, until she exploded in an immense orgasm, which took her to the escort pendik edge of oblivion. As David ejaculated and stopped his pounding, Judy’s cunt seemed in a state of endless convulsions of pleasure; it was beyond anything she had ever experience. Judy lay on the bed shaking, David, his prick embedded in his mother’s cunt, lay on top of her.

It may have been several minutes or maybe an hour, Judy could not tell, before she became aware of her surroundings but all she cared about was hugging and kissing her son.

Gradually Judy again became aware that David’s prick was still erect and harder than ever, and she began to plead. Her cunt, she said, could not take anymore, but David laughed and said, “Why do you assume it is going in your cunt!”

Judy gasped and said, “But I never…..” she stopped.

David laughed again and said, “Well you are not going to be an anal virgin for very much longer! Now get on your hands and knees, Bitch.”

David watched as his mother obediently but somewhat reluctantly got on to her hands and knees. Judy was silent and buried her head in the pillows. David assumed she was terrified of what was to come; nevertheless, David positioned the head of his prick at his mother’s anal rose and pushed with just enough pressure to stretch the anal rose around the tip of his prick. Seeing his mother’s anal rose stretch around his prick turned David on, and he slowly pushed his prick watching it enter her anus, the skin of the anus stretching to cover more and more of his shaft.

Judy was moaning in pain but David smiled as his prick slowly disappeared and his pubic mound hit his mother’s arse. Slowly David withdrew and then more quickly pushed his penis back into his mother’s anus. With increasing speed, David began to pump his penis in and out of his mother’s arse, Judy shrieked with each penetration, but as the arse fucking continued, Judy gradually started to moan with pleasure. As Judy approached her climax, she yelled, “Master, I am coming all over, how are you doing that?” Judy collapsed on to the bed trembling as her body again convulsed with pleasure. Totally spent, Judy lay motionless as David climbed off the bed.

David turned to look at his mother as she lay face down, jism dripping from her cunt and anus. David could not resist the temptation and he slapped his mother’s arse hard, saying, “Go and have a shower, we have to shop for some really sexy gear for you.”

Jess was left alone in the house, as David and Judy went on their shopping spree, and she settled by the pool to get some sun. Later, she heard the telephone ring, she ignored it, but then heard her father’s angry voice on the answer phone; he said he was coming home to discuss the morning events with Judy. Jess snorted, she was angry with her father for not having the guts to tell her of his incestuous desires. She decided to make the wimp pay!

Jess quickly made her plans for the seduction and domination of her father. Within an hour, Jess was sat in the lounge waiting for her father’s return from work. She was dressed in her sports uniform, the skirt clearly displayed the thong she was wearing and her nipples pressed hard against the tight material of her thin sports shirt. As her father’s car entered the driveway, Jess jumped up and ran to the hallway.

Collin opened the door to see his daughter bending over towards him, her head was between her legs, the back of her head almost touching Collin’s groin. He gasped; his daughter was examining her arse in the long hallway mirror, her short skirt was lifted to uncover her arse and all Collin could see in the mirror were her tight arse cheeks, and a thin band of vivid blue material wedged between them, widening out to the small camel toe of her cunt lips.

Jess was listening to her ipod and appeared not to have noticed her father as she pulled the small piece of material away from her cunt lips and gazed at her cunt. Collin’s prick jumped as he too looked at his daughter’s vagina, he was sure he could see wetness between his daughter’s labia; his mind was suddenly lost in his fantasies of fucking his daughter. Collin watched as Jess slowly moved her hand to her cunt and extending a long slender finger she placed it between her cunt lips and ran it slowly up and down between her labia, then up to her anal rose and down to her clit. Collin could see that the motion of her finger had left a moist line leading to her anal rose.

Collin pushed his hand down the front of his trousers; he grabbed hold of his prick and began to squeeze it. He attempted to massage his prick as he watched Jess finger her labia. Collin stared at his daughter’s cunt and arse as she began to moan softly, but was frustrated that he could not stroke his prick more effectively beneath his trousers as his sexual craving for his daughter continued to build. When Jess started to massage her breasts as well as her cunt, Collin could only stare, he was hypnotised by his daughter’s sensuality. However as Jess lifted her shirt and her tits appeared, Collin set all caution aside and fumbled to extricate his prick from his trousers, in his haste his pants and shorts fell to his ankles but soon he was massaging his prick vigorously, inches from the back of his daughter’s head.

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