18 Nisan 2021

Peeper’s Reward

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Please note that all characters in this story are over 18 years of age. Including my mom.


I don’t know what I was thinking about but when I passed the bathroom door and saw it open and my mom in there drying herself off from the shower, I had to stop and look. She was totally naked. I should have passed by but I couldn’t, I just backed away a step so that I wasn’t right in the middle of the door. She wrapped a towel around her hair and reached up to the shelf to get her lotion. As she stretched up her breasts extended and I saw that her nipples were hard. Her breasts were fine and firm and not what I had imagined them to be. I shouldn’t be looking. She squirted some lotion onto her hands and put her foot up onto the edge of the bathtub. She started with her right foot and worked her way up to her pussy. Then the left foot and the same. Every part of my brain was telling me to go but my body just wouldn’t agree. I could no more have walked away as I could have flown from the Sears Tower.

Once she had finished with her legs she started to put lotion on her shoulders. She started with her left shoulder. Starting at her back, as far as she could reach. As she did that her right breast thrust forward. It was such a nice, full, firm breast. She progressed to her front and spread the lotion there. It appeared to me as if she was caressing her breast as much as putting lotion on it. Then she switched to her left and I could swear that during the whole time she was paying extra attention to her breasts, massaging escort kartal them and rolling her nipples between her fingers.

She finally put the lotion back on the shelf and looked at herself in the mirror, striking various different poses that gave me an eyeful of every aspect of her beautiful naked body. She lifted one breast up and looked at it in the mirror. And then the next. She then stood back and looked at herself as she combed her fingers through the hair covering her pussy.

Then it was over. She reached for her white bathrobe and started to put it on. Suddenly my feet could move and I quickly and quietly ran back into my room.

I immediately closed the door, a bit too loudly maybe, and took all of my clothes off as quickly as I could. I couldn’t believe the size erection that I had but there it was and it needed attention. As soon as I had kicked my shorts off and across the room and laid my hand on my hard penis, a knock came at the door.

Panic. I was in sheer panic.

“Matt, can I come in?” my mother asked.

I tripped over my own feet trying to get to my shorts.

“Matt, are you okay?”

“Yeah, uh, yeah, mom. Just a minute, okay?”

I finally stumbled into my briefs and after taking a deep breath opened the door. She was still in her robe with the towel around her hair.

“Are you alright Matt?” she asked.

“Yeah, mom, I was just, you know, like changing my clothes. You know.”

She then looked me up and down rather slowly maltepe escort and I felt a bit like she must have felt if she had known that I had been getting ready to pound my pud.

“I don’t often see you in just your underwear.” she said.

I realised that I still had an erection and worse, the front of my shorts were wet. I quickly grabbed my shirt off the floor and covered my crotch.

“Just changing clothes, mom.”

“If you have a minute, Matt, there is something that I’d like to talk with you about.”

“Yeah, mom, sure.” I said as I sat down on the edge of my bed trying to make sure that my bulging cock was covered by my shirt.

“Matthew,” she said sitting down next to me, “I know that you were watching me.”

Oh shit, I thought, I’m really busted. Busted for sure. Big trouble. Really big trouble. I tried my best to look her in the face but I was having a very difficult time. I could feel my cheeks getting hotter and hotter.

“Matthew, don’t worry about it, okay? I don’t mind.”

Now this really blew me away. “You don’t, uh, you know, like mind that I, uh, saw you, like naked, you know?”

She gave me a look something akin to pity and put her hand on my arm.

“Matt, I don’t mind at all. I would much rather be naked around the house but haven’t been because either you were too young or I was afraid that you would find me gross. Do you think I’m gross, Matt?”

“Ah, no, mom. I don’t think you are gross at all. I, um, well, you know. I don’t pendik escort bayan think you are gross at all.”

“Well I’m not sure that I would believe you except for the erection that you have.” she said

Jeeze, was I busted.

“So I really don’t gross you out?” she asked.

“No mom, really. I think you’re hot.”

Damn, I was thinking, I wish that I hadn’t said that. One does not call ones mother hot when one is sitting next to her wearing only your shorts and sporting a huge hard-on.

“So, Matthew, are you telling me that it is alright for me to be nude when it is just you and me here?”

I was in some kind of corner here but I couldn’t figure out what kind of corner it was. I must have looked a bit like a trapped animal with my eyes darting every which way.

“Matthew, I just want to make certain that this is absolutely okay with you. Are you sure?”

“Yeah, mom, sure. Sure, yeah.”

And with that she took the towel off, shook her head and ran her fingers through her damp hair. Next she stood up and asked, “Sure?” I said sure. And then, to my total and absolute amazement, she took her robe off. There she was, a foot in front of me, totally, beautifully naked. She looked so soft and wonderful and smelled so fresh. Jeeze, my penis ached. She felt her breasts and rubbed her nipples between her thumb and forefinger. Her nipples were hard and all that I wanted to do was to hold them and suck on them. I was about to burst and my cock strained against my shorts.

“Come on, sweetie,” she said, reaching one hand out to me. “If we are going to be naked together I think that you should help me shave this furry cunt.”

And with the other hand she rubbed her hairy crotch and put her fingers deep into her pussy and then led me out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
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