21 Nisan 2021

Rachel and Jeff Pt. 03

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Big Dicks

Next chapter for Rachel and Jeff. I had planned on ending it with this one, but I have too many things I still want them to do, and didn’t want to force them all into one story. Look out for one more after this one.

It goes without saying that you should read parts one and two before reading this. (If it goes without saying, why did I say it?)


Rachel was standing outside, sweltering in the sunlight of a hot Texas morning. Her attire did little to make her more comfortable: polyester dress shirt, some kind of wool/cotton blend skirt, pantyhose, and black clunky shoes that would make a witch green with envy (witch…green.. get it?) Not to mention her cover she wore on her head, which was a thick material similar to her skirt. She was completely drenched in sweat.

She was standing in a large group of hundreds of her fellow new Airmen, all of whom were graduating from a rigorous 8 and a half weeks of basic training. She wanted so badly to look around, but was bound by the rules of standing at attention and could not move. Not even a slight turn of the head was allowed.

She was so full of feelings as she stood there, halfway listening to whatever important officer was addressing the new graduates and their family members that were in attendance. For one thing, she was uncomfortably hot. Basic training in the summer in Texas? What the hell was she thinking? Then again, her recruiter had told her it was now or wait five months. Now that she thought about though, she wondered if that was some kind of scare tactic to get her to sign up quicker. Whatever, it was done.

She didn’t just feel hot, though. That was just superficial anyway. She was so damn proud of herself. She was a United States Airman. She made it through all the screaming, the sleep deprivation, the showering in front of strange women (some of whom she was pretty sure checked her out regularly), the always being hungry, the boring classes, the physical exhaustion, and the push-ups. Dear god, the push-ups. She got pretty damn good at doing them, though.

Yes, she felt so proud of herself. She made it through, and did pretty well too. She scored high in the final exam, had a great final run time for her mile and a half, and even shot well enough to qualify as a “marksman”. To top it off, she learned how to take a dump in less than thirty seconds.

Hot and proud. Yep, those were definitely two big things she was feeling. But there was a third big thing too.

She hated to admit it to herself on such a special day, but she was also kind of sad. You see, she knew that of all the cheering, excited family members looking on, waiting for the moment when they were allowed to run up and embrace their loved ones, that not a single one of them was her brother.

Her and Jeff had been able to write each other a few times while she was in training, and in his last letter, he mentioned that he and his band had to be in California the week before her graduation. He was very apologetic, but there was nothing he could do.

She already knew there was very little chance he would make it, even before she left for basic training. A part of her had been hoping, however, to be pleasantly surprised.

Alas, she thought. Just enjoy your moment and be sad later.

Finally, after all the important people had said all their words that Rachel had definitely paid super close attention to, the graduates were all officially welcomed into the ranks of the Air Force, and the families were invited to come out and be with their Airmen. All around her, one by one, people that she had gotten to know well over the past couple of months were surrounded by adoring loved ones. It was kind of a chaotic scene, but very sweet. She felt genuine happiness for her new friends as she watched some of them hug their parents, others kiss their boyfriends and girlfriends, and a couple more squeeze their children tightly.

She decided just to stay still and wait for the crowd to dissipate around her before she tried to walk back to her dorm. Several minutes had passed, and finally she felt that she saw a path out of the sea of people. She turned towards the path, took a step. and received a huge jolt.

The biggest, most awesome-ist jolt she had ever received in her life. There stood her brother, staring at her, with that big stupid grin that she loved so much.

“Goddamn all you chicks look alike, I’ve been looking for you forever! I was afraid I wouldn’t find you before you walked away!”

Rachel stood stock still and stared disbelievingly at the person in front of her, mouth wide open.

“I guess it’s easier for me than it is for someone looking for one of the dudes, at least I can look for your hair color. Since, you know, you’re not shaved bald or anything.”

Rachel still didn’t move, her body unable to process this wonderful news just yet.

Realizing that they would be standing there all day potentially, Jeff made the move toward his sister. He walked right up to her and very gently wrapped his arms around her neck, dropping his head down bursa escort so their faces were touching.

Rachel eventually realized she wasn’t dreaming after all, and finally returned the hug. They stood silently embracing each other in the withering crowd of people until Rachel was finally able to string some words together.

“I…but you…I didn’t think…”

“I begged them to wait a damn week before we left for California so I could come to what is, I think, the coolest and most important moment in my sister’s life thus far.”

“So they…?”

“Nah they left without me. Never fear though, Teddy’s dad has been sitting in for me at drums until I get out there tomorrow.”

“So when…?”

“I’m flying out first thing in the morning.”

“And, where are you…?”

“I’m staying in a hotel here on base, ’bout a mile walk from here or so.”

Rachel eventually released her brother and stood back to look at him.

“God dude, you have no idea…no idea how much I have missed you. How lonely…”

Rachel couldn’t get through her sentence before bursting in to tears. Jeff immediately wrapped his arms around her and held her while she sobbed.

Eventually Rachel stopped crying, let go of her brother, and wiped her eyes.

“Okay, well let’s go then”, she said.

“Go? Where are we going?”

“To your hotel. I have to be back in the dorm at 6:00. Factor in how long it will take us to walk there, and then how long it will take me to walk back tonight, and we should have about six hours or so for you to fuck me.”

Jeff looked happily at his sister.

“Oh! So you do want to…you know? Because I wasn’t sure how you’d feel…”

“Hell yeah I wanna do it! C’mon, let’s go!”

“Yes ma’am!”

They started the journey towards Jeff’s hotel, and on the way, he peppered her with questions.

“You mentioned a dorm. So, you have your own dorm room?”

“Nah, it’s not what you think. We call it a “dorm”. It’s just a giant room with, like, 30 or so bunk beds, bunch of lockers.”

“Could I see it? I’d love to see where you were sleeping this whole time.”

Rachel briefly considered this.

“Could you see it? Yes, you could, you are allowed. Will you see it? No, you will not. That would be a poor use of our precious time.”

“Got it. I guess I’ll reluctantly agree. So what was the food-“

Jeff was cut off mid-sentence by Rachel as she spoke briefly to a passerby.

“Good morning, sir”, she said as she raised her hand to her face in a salute.

Jeff looked strangely at his sister.

“What was that?”

“He was an officer. We always salute officers outside when we are in uniform.”

“How’d you know he was an officer?”

“Shiny stuff on his hat and shoulders usually gives it away.”

Jeff looked glowingly at his sister as they walked.

“What?”, she said smiling back at him.

“You’re just too damn cute. So grown up and professional and whatnot.”

“Yeah, you should give it a try sometime.”

“Eh, no thanks. So when do you leave, and where the hell are you going?”

“I’m flying out tomorrow night to Connecticut. There’s a training school there I have to attend for a few months. I’ll find out my duty station while I’m there.”

“Gotcha. Hope you get stationed out my way in California somewhere.”

“As great as that would be, from my understanding my job will only take me one of two places: right here in Texas, or way the hell in Alaska.”

“Wow, Alaska would be scary. But kinda fun in a weird way, I guess. So when do you…what the hell are you doing?”

Rachel was saluting again. This time she didn’t speak, though, as there was no one around to speak to. After a few more steps, she lowered her salute.

“You guys just do that whenever it strikes your fancy? There isn’t even anyone around us.”

“We passed under a flag. Gotta salute the flag too.”

“Wow, so many rules. So wait, what if I bought a flag, attached it to the end of a pole, and just followed you around with it everywhere? Would you just constantly be walking around saluting? ‘Cause, not gonna lie, that kinda sounds like fun.”

Rachel cut her eyes at her brother.

“Yes, I would salute the whole time. Until we got inside, that is, at which point I would plant the flag pole deep into your asshole like it was fucking Iwo Jima.”

“Yeesh. Duly noted.”

A little while longer, Rachel spoke again.

“You know, as excited as I am to get to the hotel and start banging, I really wish I had thought this out a little better.”

“How so?”

“There are just some things I wish I had picked up at the store before we started walking to the hotel.”

“I got you covered, Rach.”

“You don’t even know what I’m talking about.”

“Try me.”

“Well, what about food? We have such little time together that we won’t want to spend any of it going out to eat. We should have stopped off to get some food for the room first.”

“Taken care of. I’ve got plenty of food in my room. I bursa escort bayan even got the food that I know you’ve missed the most.”

“What do you think I missed the most?”

“Hot Pockets! Four chicken and broccoli, four pepperoni pizza.”

“Damn. I am embarrassed to say that you are spot on.”

“Of course I am, Rach.”

“Okay, well I didn’t just mean food.”

“I know. I brought you a pair of comfy shorts and a t-shirt from home, and I brought you one of those little night-time dresses you like to wear, so you can take your pick. I figured you wouldn’t want to hang out in the hotel with me in your uniform, and I didn’t want to assume you’d want to just be naked either.”

“Wow, that was super thoughtful! Thanks!”

“You are welcome.”

“But that’s not all that I wish I had.”

“Yeah, I know. I also figured you’d want to shower first, rinse off some of that sweat. I brought your favorite soap, shampoo, and conditioner, as well as the highest quality razor money could buy. Just in case, you know, you maybe had a little, uh, grooming that you wanted to take care of.”

Rachel smiled knowingly at her brother.

“Not trying to imply anything, of course!”

“Yeah, uh-huh, sure!”

She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“It’s pretty incredible that you managed to already have everything there that I would have wanted. Thank you for thinking ahead.”

“You’re welcome, although I will admit that I’ll be enjoying those things as much as you will, I think.”

“I’m not sharing my Hot Pockets!”

Finally, after walking way too far in the hot sun, they arrived at the hotel.


11:17 am

Rachel massaged the shampoo into her hair as the hot water cascaded down her body. The familiar, clean scent of the frizz defying shampoo that she had used for years filled her nostrils, giving her a great sense of relaxation. To have the freedom to stand under the hot water for as long as she damn well wanted was something that she promised herself she would never take for granted again.

She had already shaved all the places on her body that had been slightly neglected, to varying degrees, over the past eight and a half weeks: legs, armpits, and most importantly, nether regions. She stood under the water, shampoo still in her hair, and propped her leg up on the side of the tub. She placed her hand on her thigh, down close to her knee, and started to rub it up and down the entire length of her leg. She loved how smooth it felt, and even started to get turned on by the feel of her own skin. It figured that it didn’t take much, since she hadn’t laid so much as a finger on herself in over two months.

It didn’t take long for her hand to find its way between her legs. It was as smooth as her legs. She grabbed her outer lips and tugged on them a little, something she always had done as part of the warm up process when she masturbated. She dipped a couple of fingers into her opening and noticed that she was already pretty wet. Her fingers traced back up to her clit and softly ran circles around it and over it. With her leg still propped on the side of the tub, she lightly thrust her hips back and forth on her own hand. Her other hand ventured behind her, under her ass, and worked two fingers into her vagina while she continued to rub herself. Weeks and weeks of pent-up sexual feelings were guiding her body into moving without her brain having to do any work at all. She worked her clit faster and faster and, soon enough, she was cumming. As her orgasm started, she applied even more pressure to herself, which always seemed to amp up the intensity of it a bit. Her whole body tingled with pleasure. She squeezed her legs tightly together as she came down from her first climax in forever.

She put her back against the wall of the tub and slid down slowly onto her butt. The after effects of the orgasm coupled with the steamy hot water made her want to fall asleep right there in the shower. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes, intending to just rest for a few moments. Then she nearly jumped out of her own skin when Jeff’s voice rang out only a few feet away from her.

“That. Was. Fucking. Incredible.”

Rachel’s eyes shot open. All she saw was Jeff’s floating head staring at her in awe, the shower curtain concealing the rest of his body. She felt violated for about a half a second before just shrugging the whole thing off.

“You know, you are lucky we have such little time today, and that I don’t want to waste any of it yelling at you for being a perv.”

“Phew, lucky me then!”

“So why don’t you quit staring, take those clothes off, and get that sweet ass of yours in here.”

“You know Rach, you are lucky we have such little time today, and that I don’t want to waste any of it yelling at you for being bossy.”


Jeff stripped everything off and was in the shower with her in less than ten seconds. He stood over her, blocking the flow of water. He offered both of his hands to her, and she took them as he helped her to her escort bursa feet. They wrapped their arms around one another and pressed their naked bodies together firmly, like someone would do who was trying to mold two separate pieces of clay into one.

Jeff maneuvered them around so that the water was mostly hitting Rachel. He guided her head under the water and began helping her to rinse all the shampoo out. Once that was done, he grabbed a washcloth and squirted a liberal amount of body wash onto it, lathering it up nicely. He turned her around so that she was facing the back of the shower, and started to wash her neck, shoulders and back. Rachel yielded completely to Jeff and whatever he wanted to do to her in that moment, especially since it felt so good anyway. Her body tingled as he rubbed the slightly rough material of the soapy washcloth all over the middle of her back.

She placed her hands on the wall of the shower to give herself some support. Jeff brought the washcloth around to her front and started to scrub her stomach.

“Hehe! Kinda tickles a little.”

“Oops, sorry. Let’s see if I can find some spots that you’ll enjoy better.”

He squatted down low so that his face was level with the back of her thighs. She felt the washcloth start to rub her on her calves and then come around the front to her shins.

“Damn Rach, I think all that running has done wonders for you. Your calves are toned as hell.”

Jeff took one of his hands and squeezed her calf muscles firmly. Rachel hadn’t realized that her body had changed in the slightest bit, but it made sense that it would have.

“Here, lift your leg up and I’ll scrub your feet.”

She bent her knee and brought her foot up to give Jeff access. He rubbed the bottom of her foot roughly, even working the rag between her toes a little bit. Rachel had to admit to herself that it felt amazing.

“I feel like a horse that’s getting it’s hooves cleaned.”

Once he was done with both of her feet, he applied some more soap to the washcloth and cleaned the backs of her thighs. He pushed her legs apart just enough to wedge his hand between them and clean the insides of her legs. He brought the rag all the way up to her groin, and then abruptly halted.

“This might be weird, and feel free to say no, but…can I clean your butt? Like, the middle of your butt?”

Rachel thought about this for a moment before responding.

“Only if you promise to get it really clean. Don’t do a half-ass job.”

“Butt puns? Really?”

“Don’t be jealous of my wit.”

Jeff brought the rag up to Rachel’s ass and cleaned her ass cheeks first, quite thoroughly she noticed.

“Butt got firmer too.”

“You could say that I really worked my ass off.”

Jeff slapped her playfully on the rear, then took the washcloth and wedged it between her butt cheeks. The slipperiness of the suds was really starting to get to Rachel, and she wasn’t sure how much more foreplay she could stand. She stuck her butt out a little further towards her brother, keeping her hands flat on the back of the shower.

At some point Jeff had dropped the washcloth to the floor of the bathtub and switched to just using his bare hands to clean her, which were still pretty soapy themselves. His hands wandered freely over Rachel’s butt, squeezing off and on in various places. Then she felt him spread her cheeks apart slightly and start to play around with her butt hole. He had kind of done this once before, so it wasn’t a complete shock to her. What he had never done before, however, was what he did next. She felt one of his fingers press firmly against her hole and penetrate her just the tiniest bit.

“Oh!”, Rachel said as she gave a sharp intake of breath.

“Sorry! I just couldn’t help myself, it’s like, right there, and so very tempting.”

“No, it’s okay, just wasn’t expecting it. I’m willing to try this, just…go slow.”

She felt his finger hold its position for a few more moments before pushing into her maybe another quarter of an inch. A few more seconds passed and he went a little farther again. Rachel was feeling extremely turned on by the sensation. It was a very interesting feeling, almost as if she had to go to the bathroom even though she knew she didn’t. The biggest turn on though, more than what it actually felt like physically, was the idea of what was happening. There she stood in the shower, bent over in a very submissive position, while her brother pushed one of his fingers deeper and deeper into her asshole. Just thinking about it made her reach one of her hands to her tits and start to squeeze and tweak her nipples.

“Oh god, Jeff, how far in are you?”

“Probably a little over an inch. I’m using my thumb so I actually don’t have that much farther to go.”

“You’re thumb!? The first time you decide to stick something in my butt and you choose your fattest finger?”

“Well technically, you know, your thumb’s not a finger.”

“Way to miss the point, jackass.”

Jeff continued to push into his sister until the very bottom of his thumb was against her opening.

“Okay Rach, it’s all the way in.”

“Oh my god, this is so fucking hot. Can you get your dick in me from this angle and leave your thumb in me at the same time?”

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