14 Nisan 2021

Requited Ch. 03

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For those of you that read stories on here strictly for sex/penetration, you might want to avoid all of mine. I favor extensive teasing, foreplay, and climaxes that occur from non-penetrative acts. Penetration/sex is almost always the ultimate ‘endgame’ for my male characters, but they find great pleasure in the journey there, too. I’m not judging a reader if they prefer straightforward sex in a story, but I don’t want you to waste your time and feel disappointed at the end of a chapter. For everyone else, I hope you enjoy and strongly encourage feedback.


As impatience gets the best of me, I gingerly reenter the room with the idea of waking them shy of a thirty-minute nap, only to find them sluggishly getting up. They yawn and stretch, and I try not to ogle their gaping mouths and obliviously exposed midriffs, namely on Mati, whose shirt has become a little rumpled around the waist.

“I can’t believe how easily I fell asleep,” Mati admitted after a yawn.

“Me, too,” Fiona said, and began scooting off the bed. “I don’t even remember falling asleep.”

“Told you girls it was comfy. You’re gonna love your beds, too.”

“Thanks so much, Daddy,” Fiona smiled, stretching once she was on her feet again, and then hugging me.

I curled my right arm around her waist and squeezed her to me tightly. My left cheek rubbed the side of her head and my gaze descended down her back, to where her black-clad butt protruded from her slim waist with a titillating ratio. I wanted so much to grab it, or at the very least give it a pat, but my assumption that ‘the spell’—however absurd that sounded—had actually worked, I couldn’t be sure. When would I be, though, if it was in fact a thing? I knew I’d have to take the risk at some point…

Once I let Fiona go, although she was in no great rush, Mati trotted over to give me a more direct hug. I wrapped both arms around her, just under her arms, squeezing her gently but firmly. Her large breasts, I felt compress against my midsection. I kissed the top of her head and then chuckled, letting go of her so she could look up at me.

“Got a little bit of bedhead, don’t you, cupcake?”

She giggled shyly. “Nuh-uh.”

“Yes-huh, silly,” I smiled, and casually patted her waist, just above her left hip.

“Should’ve worn a ponytail,” Fiona said smugly, albeit lightheartedly.

“It does look especially cute on you, Fi, but Mati’s hair is thicker.”

“True,” Fiona said. “It does look better down, actually.”

“Yeah? Thanks, sis,” Mati smiled.

Well, aren’t we one big, happy family?

“Ready for the tour, ladies?”

“I sure am, Daddy,” Fiona said buoyantly.

“Lead the way,” Mati smiled.

As I guided them out of the room, Fiona yawned again and Mati chuckled.

“Jeez, how long were we out for?” Fiona asked as we entered the hallway.

I checked my phone and calculated that they had slept for about twenty minutes. It took me but a second to subconsciously realize that that’s how long I was out earlier. Again, considering how I have slept here for the past five days without any kind of similar effect, made little sense. But I ran with it. Regarding unprecedented matters of this caliber, I couldn’t not.

“About twenty minutes,” I tell them.

“Whew,” Fiona said.

“Are y’all nice and woken up?” I asked, dramatizing my concern. “Or should we delay the tour? Maybe grab a bite first?”

“No, no,” Mati insisted. “Let’s go…I’m really eager to see the rest of the house.”

“Samesies,” Fiona chimed.

I smiled and beckoned them along.

I proceeded to show them each guestroom, which weren’t that interesting especially considering how regal in comparison that their own rooms were, much less mine. Then the bathrooms, excluding the one connected to my room.

“Both bathrooms are identical, one neighboring each of your bedrooms. Sliding-glass-door stand-in showers, with a separate bathtub on feet, a pedestal sink, auto-flush toilet, hooks on the back of the doors and even a towel pantry. Despite all of this, there aren’t any fans installed, I presume because of the old-fashioned architecture, so I’d recommend leaving the door ajar during showers, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure, why not,” Fiona said lightheartedly.

“I sometimes do that anyway,” Mati admitted nonchalantly, shrugging.

“Oh, okay, cool. I just…didn’t want to sacrifice any of your privacy.”

“Nonsense, Daddy,” Mati said, her dark brown eyes complemented by thick, dark brows. There was a precious sincerity in her voice and expression that melted me.

“Yeah, I mean, we’re all family here,” Fiona casually insisted, shrugging and flopping her arms at her sides, her face content. “We don’t have anything to hide.”

The implicitly explicit connotations to that, or at least to a perverse mind like mine, were unavoidable.

I fleetingly imagined ripping open Mati’s top at the base of her bursa escort U-cut neckline, exposing her massive natural breasts bouncing in the underlying bra, and saying “then you don’t need to hide these anymore.” I quickly discarded the image from my mind, not incinerating it but storing it for later.

“I’m happy to hear that, girls, but please,” I said instead, gathering my composure while still trying to figure out where we ‘stood,’ without being terribly overt, “let me know if I’m being too…I dunno…clingy. I’m just…so glad to be staying with you again, to share your company again, like we used to, as a family. Except now there is no mom, no tyranny, just three best-friends who share an unconditional bond.”

“Aw, Daddy, you’re so sweet,” Fiona said. “A little wordy, but sweet.”

Mati chuckled. “Yeah, she’s right, Daddy. Sometimes you talk a lil’ too much.”

“Mati!” Fiona scoffed. “That’s not what I meant.” She looked up at me. “That’s not what I meant, Daddy.”

I laughed. “It’s okay, girls, I understand. I do admittedly get a bit talkative when I’m in a great mood.”

“I was being sarcastic, doofus,” Mati said to Fiona.

Fiona scoffed and slapped, playfully, Mati’s shoulder. Mati scoffed, too, and started to retaliate, however lightheartedly.

“Girls, girls, that’s enough,” I said, stepping between them but keeping my own disposition blithe. “Sarcastic or not, Mati, I know what you mean—and I’m not offended. Would you girls mind if Daddy showed his love and gratitude via hugs and kisses instead of speeches?”

“I really wouldn’t mind speeches, Daddy, I mean it,” Mati said, her expression apologetic. “But that’s fine, too, hugs are the best.”

“You really can’t beat hugs and kisses, Daddy,” Fiona said rather cheerfully.

“Great. Just be honest if I become annoying or…over-affectionate. I don’t want to risk running you off. You’re the two things I care most about in this life.”

“Aw, Daddy. That’s lovely.” Mati smiled. “And don’t be silly, you could never be annoying. Right, Fi?”


“Ah, never say never, girls,” I said nervously.

They chuckled.

“We mean it, though, promise,” Mati said.

“What about over-affectionate?” I asked, approaching her in particular.

“As in, like, too much love?” Mati asked, looking up at me, even as I essentially invaded her tacit personal bubble, though she appeared unfazed. After saying this, Mati scoffed and shook her head. “No such thing, Daddy, not with us.”

“I’m delighted to hear that, cupcake. Give Daddy a big kiss. I love you so much.”

“Aw…you don’t say that a lot, but I know you mean it.”

“I’m going to say it…and show it…a whole lot more from now on. Daddy wants to start being truer to you girls…I’m so grateful. I want to cherish every second with you two.”

Mati smiled, possibly even blushing, and then hugged me.

“Big kiss, cupcake,” I reminded her, and she picked her head up, rising on her tiptoes. I kissed her on the lips, first a long no-tongue peck. And then I wormed my tongue between her pursed lips, and snaked into her mouth. I briefly wrestled with her tongue as I French-kissed Mati, with my arms wrapped around her waist. She didn’t resist or withdraw, but she also didn’t quite kiss me back; it was almost a neutral reaction.

When I pulled away, I kissed her on the forehead and stepped away.

“Too much, sweetheart?” I asked worriedly.

“Of course not, Daddy. I love you. Really.” As she spoke, I could discern a flutter in Mati’s eyes. While her voice did seem a little separate from her outward disposition, as if she was in some kind of trance, it still sounded heartfelt. “And you should be able to show your love without prejudice. Especially here. Stay true to that, Daddy…always.”

“I will, Mati. So long as you two stay true to yourselves, too.”

“We will, Daddy, especially for you,” Fiona smiled.

“My precious princess. Give Daddy a tight hug, Fi. I love you so much.”

“Aw, I love you, too, Daddy.” She embraced me in return. I resisted manhandling her cute spandex-clad bubble-butt, instead rubbing her lower back while kissing her on the tip of the nose, which made her giggle.

“Come here, cupcake. Give your sis a hug, too. Family hug time.”

Mati giggled and complied, trotting over to awkwardly hug Fiona from behind.

I shook my head. “Right here, silly,” I gestured at Fiona’s back.

“Yay, family hug,” Fiona chuckled, as Mati stood directly behind her. Her sister’s butt was now sandwiched with her own lower stomach.

“There ye go,” I said, reaching out to rub Mati’s shoulders, and hold onto her as I looked down at Fiona, whose height made it impossible for me to see Mati’s face. “Now give Daddy a big, wet kiss, princess.”

She giggled and kissed me—but I kissed her, harder. More thoroughly. I felt myself swell beneath the khaki shorts, likely pressed against her, bursa escort bayan noticeable. Finally I withdrew my face, followed by my arms and body, turning before either of them could discern the unmistakable bulge in them.

“Such lovely girls. Ready for the tour, now?”

“Um, sure, Daddy. Are you okay?” Fiona asked, concern in her voice.

“Of course, why do you ask?” I said, glancing over my shoulder while hiding my front side, standing in the threshold.

“I dunno, Daddy…you just seem kind of indifferent all of a sudden. Did I…did I not hug or kiss you good enough? I don’t want to disappoint you, Daddy.”

“Oh, honey.” I sighed and now faced them, despite the half-mast erection beneath my shorts. I slowly approached them and noticed that their gazes never left mine. “Don’t be absurd. Neither of you could ever disappoint me. Not so long as you stay true.”

“‘Stay true,’ Daddy?” Mati asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes, cupcake. True to yourself…however you feel…don’t bury that. Embrace it. I can’t explain, girls, but this house…it really feels like home. A fresh place to start over. To be myself, without restraint. I know, I know, I’m ranting again…but I mean it. If you two let me be me, and unapologetically express my love for you, then I’ll be the happiest father alive. But only so long as you’re happy.”

“That’s…so kind and sweet, Daddy,” Fiona said. “I just…I just want you to be happy, because you deserve it. And I want to make you proud.”

“Me, too, Daddy,” Mati said. “But mostly I just want you to love me, no matter what. For who I am. Even if I don’t become successful, or whatever…”

I think this was it. An exposure of their truest selves, while possibly deceiving—for lack of a better word—those emotions into being accepted as the highest qualities, free of judgement. Pure. No matter the guile I’ve employed, and the taboo silver lining.

Afterall, Fiona had always been the one of the two with the most people-pleasing characteristics, especially in my company. Even when she was younger, or over the last two years, she would want me to be proud of her grades or achievements.

And Mati, for lack of a nicer term, was my little attention whore. When she was younger, she had this same trait, albeit in a far more innocent manner. Almost always personality-based, she wanted me to love her despite her introversion and laziness, especially in contrast to her sister’s exuberance.

Now that the ‘spell’ was taking effect—or so it seemed, and believe me, I still hadn’t wholly moved past the ridiculousness of that notion—these underlying ‘truths,’ these personality traits, were mutating into something grand. Uninhibited, unfettered. It made them more vulnerable as my darlings, perhaps even oblivious to ways that I could take advantage of it.

This made me sound like a monster.

All I had to do was glance at them and I’d admit: guilty as charged.

Call me what you want; right now, I’m just satisfying a long-lost hunger.

“I’ll keep these things in mind, girls,” I said. “For now, though, Fi—you do make me happy. But you can make me happier, by doing a little thing…”

“Name it, Daddy,” she said, practically blurting it, and almost looked teary-eyed, desperate.

I walked up to her. “You’re so beautiful, princess. And we live in California, not Colorado. Embrace your beauty, Fi, and be comfortable with your body. Be proud of it; I know I am. And if you can be, then I can be more comfortable with you, too.”

“Of course, Daddy. I’m always open to suggestions.” She nodded, her brow furrowed a little, adorably. She held her hands in front of her waist, dainty wrists letting them dangle.

“Let’s start with this, for now,” I said, and fingered the ring on her zipper tab, then pulled it down to its lowest position. Her white top sundered, widening. Her nipples were still hidden beneath the fabric, but her breasts became more exposed, simultaneously pulled slightly to the sides. I then ran my finger up her bare sternum, a planar caramel valley between her breasts. I could tell that they were paler toward their centers, where she hadn’t fully tanned. “Much better, Fi. I’m so proud of you, princess.”

I thought I felt her shudder with contentment as I made that remark, nevermind my intimate actions. I caress her right clavicle briefly before cupping her face, and she tilted her head against my hand. I leaned down and kissed her other cheek, ultimately facing the quizzical Mati. She wasn’t puzzled by my actions and words with Fiona, but moreover appearing eager to know what I had to say about her. Almost jealous in a way, even.

“Mati, sweetheart,” I said. “I love you, so fucking much.”

Both Fiona and Mati gasped softly just then.

“Yeah, I said it,” I spoke with my deep voice, but almost methodically in the moment. “Are you girls gonna judge Daddy for speaking his mind? In the name of love?”

“Of escort bursa course not,” Fiona said behind me, now walking up to stand next to Mati.

“Never, Daddy. I’d never judge you. Besides, I’m in no position to. You’re the wiser one. I respect you, Daddy. Not just because I’m supposed to…but because I do.”

“Yeah? So, if I love you no matter what, will you love me no matter what?”

“Absolutely, Daddy.”

“Even if I speak my mind? Even if what I have to say might be…unorthodox?”

Mati nodded shyly. “I can’t expect you to love me no matter what and not be expected the same.”

“Such a sweet, ethical girl. Another reason why Daddy loves you so much.” I squeezed her waist. “And you want me to love you for who you are? I already do, Mati. I always have. Can you love me for who I am?”

“Of course, Daddy! I already do, too!” Mati replied almost fervently, her expression and voice, her entire body language, suggesting a fear that I had assumed she didn’t.

“Do you, Fi? Or should I continue restraining myself?” Now I was really pushing it; planting seeds, so to speak, of doubt and skepticism. This would only exacerbate the effect of the ‘Spell’—I’m not abandoning that notion at this point, all of this just isn’t that natural—but in the best of ways.

“No, no, of course not, Daddy. Please, be yourself! Be true to you, and we’ll be true to ourselves. As well as you. We’ll make you proud, Daddy, and…”

“And love you as unconditionally as you love us!” Mati added.

They were so eager to make me proud, and to be loved.

In any normal family, these traits wouldn’t necessarily be inappropriate or even suggestive. But for us, moreover now, it was one thing and one thing only, if even only from my perspective—incestuous.

My biggest curiosity at this point was whether or not they felt the same, or if it was purely platonic. Part of me hoped for the latter; I can’t explain it, but the naïve innocence of that prospect only made me more aroused.

This was a judgment-free zone, right?

It certainly seemed that way to them. I figured I would jump the gun and test it out to the fullest extent right now. My patience was thin, and my cock was Richter-scale pulsing.

All of a sudden, with what they had just said intensifying the air, I unbuttoned my khaki shorts—thankful there was no zipper—and extracted my six-inch cock. It wasn’t anything exceptional, but it was thick and long enough to occupy my hand with notable weight, especially the way it had swollen and now pulsed, complete with a discernible vein snaking down the top of the shaft, and a wide, tumescent, pink head.

I felt more aroused in this moment than I had at any point in my life.

The girls impulsively gasped, taken aback, and for a moment I feared that I had ruined everything by poorly analyzing the situation. And then, almost as quickly as they had gasped, their eyes returned to mine.

“What’s this, Daddy?” Fiona asked.

I didn’t quite know how to acknowledge that question, initially. Her expression was the same as Mati’s, oddly enough—inquisitive, and naïve. Innocent, even. I knew better than to assume they didn’t know what a cock was, duh, or even that Mati was a virgin. Possibly Fiona, and hell, possibly Mati, too, but I had my underlying doubts. However, before too much awkward time passed, I realized what Fiona meant by this, and believed that Mati essentially posed the same question, albeit tacitly, with her expression.

“It’s my love, sweethearts. Daddy’s cock…his love and pride and gratefulness…for the two best daughters in the whole wide world. This is who I am, girls. This is an extension of Daddy’s love. My truest self. Can…can you still love me?”

“Of course we can, and do, silly!” Fiona insisted, hugging my left side right away. Her left hip brushed that side of my cock, ultimately pushing it away, coincidentally pointing at Mati.

“Mati, cupcake?” I asked, now giving her my own puppy-dog eyes.

“Daddy, you’ve always been so kind and genuine, loving me for who I am, and Fi, without a hiccup.” Mati softly smiled as she spoke. She approached me and put her right hand at the small of Fiona’s back, while her left went to my clothed waist. “I don’t care how you love us, so long as you do. I’m grateful for all of it, and I love you for who you are…no matter what.”

When Mati hugged me, my erect cock drove up her stomach, under her shirt. The silken skin of her pudgy stomach was easily the softest thing I had ever felt. Literally. The tip of my cock, especially the underside, tingled delightfully.

She seemed unfazed by it; not even hiding a reaction, but genuinely unaffected.

I might even go so far as claiming that she actually took it as I had declared: an extension, and expression, of love.

I rubbed Mati’s lower back, and then squeezed her denim-clad ass, figuring now was not the time to restrain. If anything, I was well beyond that. And I believed I had gotten my answer—the girls seemed to take this entirely platonically, or at least for now.

I was happy regardless.

Any form of requited love was better than the opposite.

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