19 Nisan 2021

Retirement Interrupted Ch. 02

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This story depicts incest, non-consensual sex, and abuse of authority as part of a fantasy tale, but it does not promote or endorse these behaviours in real life. All characters are the age of consent or older.

As the story makes references to plot and character elements from earlier chapters, reading the story from the beginning is recommended.

***** FRIDAY *****

*** Ablutions ***

In the morning, Peter woke alone. He was wondering if Miori had gone back to sleep in her own room, when he heard the dishes clattering in the distance.

Wandering out of his room, he noticed through the kitchen pass-through his niece reaching for something in the overhead cupboard, apparently wearing his bib apron. When he entered the kitchen, he confirmed that she was wearing the apron—but nothing else.

Her small, naked frame looked cutely seductive under the comically large garment. Through the side of the bib, he could see the curved profile of her perky breast, and under the tie straps hanging down her back, he had a full view of her tight, little bum.

“Uncle Pete,” she cried, throwing her arms around his neck. “Morning kisses,” she said, giving him bouncy smooches on his mouth like a woodpecker.

“Why aren’t you wearing anything under that apron?”

“Mmm,” she purred, moving his hands around to her bum cheeks. “You like?”

“Go put some clothes on,” he said, pulling his hands back.

“Oh Uncle Pete, don’t be a fuddy-duddy. I’ve got clothes on,” she said. “The apron.” Then she started to lift the neck strap over her head. “Unless you think I should take it off.”

“No, no,” he said, replacing the strap.

Spinning around, she shook her hips, shimmying her bum at him. “You can snuggle up behind me while I make your breakfast.” She backed toward him until she was grinding against his groin.

He tried to pull back, but grabbing his wrists, she pulled his arms around in a hug and slipped his hands under the bib. His fingers slid over her soft breasts and erect nipples, and his cock began to grow against her bum.

“Help me finish making breakfast,” she said, shuffling over to the counter with him behind her in tow.

“You look like you’ve got this.” He disengaged himself before escaping to the bathroom. “I have to hit the can.”

“Yay,” she shrieked, skipping in after him, almost knocking him over at the toilet. “I get to help.”

“What?” he said as she unbuttoned his fly. “Don’t!” But she already had his cock out.

He tried to move her hands away, but she slapped his hands. Then she cuddled up beside him and gingerly pointed his cock toward the bowl.

“How do we get it started?” she asked, pulling down its length in slow tugs.

“Well, don’t do that,” he said, although she kept tugging.

“Why not?”

“Because, if you keep pulling on it, it’ll get hard, and if it gets hard, I won’t be able to piss.”

“Really?” She pulled on it even harder. “I can get it hard?”


“When it comes out, do I spray around the bowl?” She swivelled his cock around like a garden hose. “Like this? Pshhh,” she mimicked him spraying.

Her manipulations felt much too good, and he feared that he would be erect in no time, so he bore down on his bladder. A dribble came out, and then a stream.

“Neat,” she exclaimed, making a circle of piss around the bowl and then zigzagging inside the circle. She kept losing her grip and ended up pulling along his cock to regain control. He finished just as his cock really began to stiffen.

“Wow,” she said, flicking his cock down and watching it spring back. “Do you always get this excited peeing?”

“I don’t always have a pee assistant,” he said. “Just give it a couple of shakes to get the last drops off.”

“Like this?” She waggled his cock up and down. A few drops shook off, so she shook it furiously. A thrill ran up it into his gut.

“Geez,” he said, his cock stiffening. “You can stop now.”

“I’m not finished,” she said, cranking his shaft up and down like a car jack. Then letting him go, she watched his erection stretch up toward them.

“You peed on me,” she said, lifting her hand to his face to show him a drop on her finger. Ripping off some toilet paper, she wiped herself and then dabbed his tip. When she turned to wash her hands, he slipped his erection back in his shorts and tried to adjust himself.

“You’re not done yet,” she said. Pulling his cock out, she dragged him over to the sink and soaped up her hands.

“Oh my goodness,” he said, as she wrapped her hand around his cock and spread soap up and down continuously. “You … oh … You don’t have to wash it.”

“Got to get it clean.” She rubbed it up and down, up and down. Her soapy strokes made a “smack, smack” sound. Then she rinsed him off with a couple glassfuls of warm water.

His cock stretched desperately towards her. “Hi, Mr. Stiffy,” she said, giving it a little wave with her hand. “I haven’t seen you since last bursa escort night.”

“You know what I didn’t do yet this morning?” she said, dropping to her knees. “I didn’t give Mr. Stiffy his morning kisses.” Holding the base of his cock, she kissed the underside, starting at the tip and nibbling to the base, then back up.

“Oh no, wait,” he said as she kissed his cockhead and licked it frantically. Angling his cock down, she pursed her lips around the tip and then slid her head forward, sliding his cock into her mouth. He moaned.

“You like it when I do this, don’t you?” she said. Looking up at him through the top of her eyes, she took him in her mouth again and slid all the way down his length.

“Oh god,” he gasped. He lifted her up on her feet. “We can’t be doing that.”

Pouting, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “You’re teasing Mr. Stiffy, Uncle Pete,” she said, giving him a lingering kiss on the mouth. As she snuggled up to him, his erection poked into her stomach, prompting her to shake her body back and forth, rubbing the apron over it.

“Breakfast is getting cold,” he said, pushing her out the door and giving her a little spank on her bare ass.

*** Breakfast ***

While she was busy in the kitchen, he took a quick shower.

“Uncle Pete,” she called, “where are you?”

The day was not starting well, he thought to himself. So much for re-establishing boundaries. After a quick wash, he drew back the curtain to find his niece staring at him sternly, a bath towel in hand.

“We were supposed to shower together,” she scolded him.

“No, Miori.” He stepped out of the tub. “We’re not doing that again.” He tried to take the towel from her, but avoiding his grab, she dried him.

“You know, these things we’ve been doing are bad,” he said. “We have to stop.”

“Bad?” She towelled off his back and arms. “They’re not bad.”

“Oh no? Would you tell your mom that we did them?”

“Maybe,” she said, drying his ass and legs.

He coughed. “You would tell your mother about … about …”

She moved to his groin. “About kissing you?” She grasped his cock in the towel and pulled along it.

“About taking your clothes off?” She continued to stroke him with the towel.

“About rubbing your wiener?” She stroked and stroked. The terrycloth chafed his skin.

“About kissing your wiener?” With a smile, she bent down and gave his cockhead a quick kiss. His cock stiffened.

“About putting your wiener in my mouth?” Opening her mouth, she took his cock in and then sucked on it as she pulled her mouth off.

“Oh I don’t think she needs to know what we do,” she said, standing to look into his eyes, “as long as I’m happy.” Then she left the room.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he called out, scanning around for his shorts, his erection waggling in front of him as he spun. “Hey, where are my shorts?”

Popping her head back in, she said, “In the laundry.” Then she took a washcloth off the towel rack and draped it over his erection, giggling. “There.”

He chased after her. “What did you mean by that?” He covered himself with the washcloth as best he could.

When he caught up her in the dining area, she sat him down. A place had been set for him, and his breakfast was waiting. Then she sat sideways on his lap, her bare ass cheeks mashing into his thighs. Adjusting the washcloth to cover his erection, she pinned it against him with her thigh.

“Well, if I’m happy,” she said, sliding the corner of a piece of toast into his mouth, “I’ll tell her you’re making me happy.” Then she fed him a slice of bacon. “You want to make me happy, don’t you?”

“I … uh… Yes, of course.”

Picking up the washcloth, she wiped his mouth. His erection pressed into her thigh. Then she dropped the washcloth onto the floor.

“Good,” she said, smiling and feeding him a forkful of scrambled eggs. Putting down the fork, she grasped his erection and began stroking.

He moaned. “Yes,” he said meekly. “Good.”

She stroked and stroked. “You see, now we’re both happy.” She kissed him on the mouth as she stroked.

She spun around to face him, straddling his lap. The apron covered her hands holding and stroking his cock. His erection was dangerously close to her pussy.

With a smirk, she said, “I wonder what’s going on under there. Anything might happen.” Lifting up, she descended onto his lap, her pussy just missing his erection.

“Don’t do that,” he said as she raised up again. “Be careful.”

“Maybe you should take off my apron so I can see,” she whispered into his ear. As he fumbled with the straps, she descended again, her pussy lips just kissing the underside of his cock.

He pulled the apron over her head, her perky breasts coming into view. She raised herself up again, but this time moved a breast toward his mouth while she went back to stroking his cock. She pushed her breast into his mouth, and he instinctively sucked on her nipple, causing bursa escort bayan her to moan.

Grabbing the back of his head, she mashed her breast further into his mouth, screwing up her face and whimpering as he dragged his tongue across the nipple and sucked on it. Then she withdrew her breast, resting her forehead against his and looking down.

Pulling his cock toward her, she rubbed the head across her clit. Her pussy lips moistened his sensitive skin.

“Don’t do that,” he said.

She swished his cockhead back and forth across her clit, making her pussy lips flutter. More wetness leaked onto his cock. Breathing heavily, she sped up her swishing.

She gyrated her hips. His cockhead nuzzled between her pussy lips as she descended.

“Be careful,” he said, fearing he would insert into her this time. He grabbed her hips to move her back a bit. Her pussy lips just missed his tip, sliding along the underside of his cock.

Panting, she rocked her lower body, grinding against his erection, her lips sliding along the outside of his shaft. His cock began to throb.

She lifted up and teased her clit with his tip, resting back down on his lap, her pussy lips splaying around his shaft.

She lifted up again, swiping his tip furiously on her clit. Then more and more. “Oh, oh, oh,” she cried, her eyes clenched shut. Suddenly warm fluid gushed onto his cock. It was too much for him, and he spurted in response, cum flying up between their bodies and landing on her hand and his lap.

She slumped against him. “See,” she said, catching her breath and grinning broadly. “That made me happy.” Then she jumped off.

“I told you we were supposed to shower together,” she said, dragging him back into the bathroom.

*** Driving to the Mall ***

Their mutual shower ended up being tranquil, missing the sexual content of the previous night. Instead, the two of them washed each other languidly, taking their time soaping and scrubbing, massaging and rinsing.

“So after our shower, we’ll head out,” he informed her.

“Yippee. Sexy lingerie.” Water jumped off her hands as she clapped, splattering his face.

“No, no. School uniforms.”

“I thought you wanted to make me happy,” she said, leaning against him with a pout, her wet hair adding to her sad look. He might have considered it a threat, but her puppy dog eyes melted his heart.

“All right, here’s the deal,” he said. “We’ll go school uniform shopping, and then I’ll take you to a nice lingerie shop—” She clapped her hands. “Where you can buy some nice underwear,” he said, “not lingerie.

“Okay, Uncle.” She gave him a big kiss. “Some very, very, very nice underwear.”

“Just nice,” he said, rinsing them both off. “I’m regretting this already.”

After towelling off, they cleaned up the breakfast mess, grabbed some bites in the process, and got dressed. Miori put on a tank top and a pair of terry cloth shorts that were immodestly small and tight. She had tied her hair into a single ponytail in the back, and on her feet, she was wearing white tennis shoes with low-cut, pompom socks.

In the car, she turned on the radio, which was set to his jazz station. “That’s old people music, Uncle Pete,” she said, zipping through other channels. Then she landed on a female singer with reverb in her voice, accompanied by a melody with a driving beat.

“Yeah,” she said, swaying her upper body and swinging her arms to the rhythm. “There we go.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed how her shoulder belt cut between her breasts, pulling her tank top against her chest and causing her nipples to poke out the material. As she moved, her breasts jostled loosely in the tank top.

“Miori, are you not wearing a bra?”

“Uncle Pete!” She slapped her hands across her chest. “Don’t stare at my boobies!”

“No, I wasn’t. I was just—”

“Perving me?”

“No, it’s … uh …”

“You know what else?” she said, grabbing his hand into her lap. “I’m not wearing any underpants either.” She slid his fingers under her waistband. Feeling the wisps of her pubic hair, he pulled his hand back quickly.

“See,” she said, pulling her waistband down to show her black tuft of hair.

“You can play with it while we drive.” She pulled his hand back into her shorts. He felt wetness as he slid a finger down her slit.

“Pull your pants up,” he said, yanking his hand away again. “Some truck driver is going to see.”

“Oh pooh,” she sighed, complying. Then she placed her hand on his thigh and slid it up to his groin. “Did that get you excited?”

“It unnerved me.”

“Are you wearing underpants, Uncle Pete?” She undid the button of his jeans.

“Hey. What are you doing?” He tried to move her hands away. “Don’t.”

“Hands on the wheel, mister.” Batting at his hand, she unzipped his fly.


“Aw, these are your boring underpants,” she said, playing with his cock through the material and exploring his escort bursa fly with her finger. “I wanted you to wear the teeny bikinis.”

“Stop it. I’m trying to drive.” He attempted to pull her hands off.

Despite his best effort, she was able to pull his waistband down and tug his cock into the open. As he removed one of her hands, she gripped his cock with the other one, stroking him with it. Then as he grabbed that one off, she returned with the original one, stroking him again. He began to get firm.

At one point, he had to swerve the car back into his lane when it started to drift. He resolved to focus on driving, even while she stroked him.

“This is crazy, Miori,” he said, getting really stiff now. “We’re going to have an accident.”

“Don’t worry,” she said as she continued pumping. “I won’t let you mess your pants.”

He pulled up to a red light. “No, that’s not what I—” Suddenly, she wrapped her mouth around his cock and began sucking.

“Oh god,” he exclaimed, glancing down to see her head bobbing up and down. Her mouth was warm and wet. He wasn’t going to last.

Beside the car, a woman in a convertible looked over at him as he stretched his head back, savouring the sensation. “No, don’t Miori,” he said, pulling her up off him.

Miori grinned at him. Smacking her lips, she said, “Aaa,” pretending she had just swallowed his cum. Beside them, the woman stared in horror at seeing his niece rising from his lap and sped off. Behind them, someone blew their horn. Miori giggled.

“Can you do me back up?” he asked, struggling with his zipper. His erection stretched up angrily.

“But Mr. Stiffy’s not done,” she said, pinching his cock and waggling it back and forth playfully.

“Don’t,” he said. Seeing the mall in the distance, he just focused on driving, his erection poking up in his lap. Beside him, Miori rocked to the radio with her arms in the air, occasionally singing to his erection.

*** School Uniform Shopping ***

In the parking lot, he saw an old lady ambling away from her car, which she had just parked. There was an empty space beside it. Pulling up, he was finally able to do up his jeans. Shuffling along beside his window, the old lady looked down at his zipping up, over at his young niece, and then back at him with a scowl.

“Oh, look, look,” Miori said, slapping his arm. “This is the mall with the Brianna’s Boudoir. That’s the website I showed you yesterday. You’re so clever, Uncle Pete.”

“Settle down. We’re getting your uniforms first.”

“Then we’re going to buy me sexy things,” she sang out, “sexy things, sexy things.” She gave him a big smooch on the cheek, then jumped out and ran around the car to take his hand.

Inside the mall, they found the uniform supply store that the school had recommended. Its sales floor was filled with racks of work coveralls and first responder outfits, but he didn’t see any school uniforms, so he went to the counter.

“Uncle Pete,” Miori said, pointing to a mannequin clothed in a stewardess uniform. “I could really rock this.”

“Excuse me,” Peter said to the bald clerk behind the counter. “Where can I find your school uniforms?”

“What would the school affiliation be, sir?” the clerk asked in a formal British accent.

“St. Lascivious.”

“Yes, we carry them,” the clerk said, turning to a computer. “Let me just check for your online form. What name would that be under, sir?”

“I’m sorry. What form?”

“It’s on our website, sir. We require your daughter’s measurements.”

“I’m his fiancée,” Miori corrected him, prompting Peter to scowl at her.

“Of course, miss.”

“I apologize. I didn’t know about any form,” Peter said. “Can’t you just measure her right now?”

“Well, sir, they are next-to-skin measurements,” the clerk said. “It might be better if you withdraw to a change room and do it yourself. Here is a tape measure. Do you have a smartphone?”

“I have a flip phone.”

“Oh, Peter,” Miori chided him. “I have a normal people’s phone.”

“Very good, miss,” the clerk said, handing her a slip of paper. “Here is the address to download the app. Once you submit the form, I will bring over a few items to calibrate your measurements.”

“Come along, dear,” Miori said, hooking her arm around his and walking him toward the change room.

“Peter? Dear?” he said to her.

Bumping against him playfully as they slipped behind the change room curtain, Miori said, “Should I have used a pet name?”

“Oh here it is,” she said, looking at her phone. “Wow, there are a lot of measurements.”

“Let’s see.” He glanced at her phone. “Oh dear. Well, take your clothes off so we can get through this.”

Whisking her tank top over her head, she tossed it at his face. “This was your plan all along,” she said, throwing her little shorts at him next. “You just wanted me to strip for you in the mall.” Then she held her arms out from her sides, her perky breasts and soft mound of hair in full view.

“Turn around.” He pulled the tape around her. Teasingly, she grabbed behind her at his groin, forcing him to jerk his hips back.

“I think you should have to get naked too,” she said, reaching back again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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