21 Nisan 2021

Root and His Sister’s Big Weekend

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Brief Backstory: The setting is Middle America in the late 1970’s and Lute (The Root), our hero, is a well-hung 18-year-old who has just started college. As a lead-in to this story, check out “Root and Barbara’s Surprise Guest”. And per usual, this is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults.


When the phone rang in Lute’s dorm room one October evening, he was pleased to pick up and hear his sister Bridget’s voice on the other end. They talked about how school was going for each of them – she was a senior at an elite college in the city, while Lute was several hours away, a freshman at the big state university. In these pre-email and texting days, they hadn’t talked since their taboo tryst at the family’s lake house in August.

The upshot of Bridget’s call was to suggest he come visit her in the city the following weekend. “We probably need to talk” was how she broached the topic, but she also said they’d have a great time – they could go to a party, hear some music, and eat good food. Consulting his calendar, Lute confirmed that he didn’t have anything crucial going on, so he gladly accepted her offer, though curious how their weekend would unfold.

Lute’s first year of college was going really well. He was a business major with a music minor and really liked his classes. He also was enjoying the social freedoms of living away from home for the first time. His roommate Ted was a buddy from high school, but Ted’s steady girlfriend was attending another school a couple of hours away. So more often than not, Ted would drive over to spend the weekend with her, leaving Lute with a private room for a couple of nights each week. This arrangement worked out nicely, and there were several fine coeds who now regularly shared Lute’s bed and loved to wrap themselves around his thick ten-inch cock.

Having no Friday afternoon classes was a perk in Lute’s schedule, so after lunch the following Friday, he headed up to the city in his van – a workman’s vehicle that was perfect for hauling band equipment, as well as for entertaining ladies. Bridget had an afternoon seminar so she wasn’t yet home when he arrived at her apartment. But he was tired after the drive and a long week of classes, so he gladly crashed on some pillows in the back of the van and snoozed until he heard Bridget’s soft knock and voice at the back door.

The siblings were glad to be reunited, and for the time being nimbly avoided what had transpired between them at the lake, instead falling back into their old and comfortable ways of being together. It was a beautiful fall afternoon as they grabbed coffees from a shop by the college and walked around the treed grounds of the classic old campus, catching up on each other’s lives.

While sitting on a bench under a big maple, Bridget told Lute about what she had planned for them that evening. They’d go to her favorite Thai place for dinner, then they’d stop off at a bar and meet up with some of her friends, and after that they’d all catch a train to a party at the house of some other friends.

Then, looking at him with her characteristic sly smile, Bridget continued, “And there’s one friend in particular that I want you to meet. You’ll really like her. And she definitely wants to meet you.”

“Hmm…okay,” Lute replied, curious to know more.

“Yeah, Simone, she’s one of my lovers. But she also likes guys,” Bridget said with a gleam in her eye. “I’ve told her about you. And I filled her in some on our time together with Aunt Barbara at the lake. And I also told her about, how, uh, you know, how big you are. And how you’re a really great lover.”

“Oh really?” he said with an interested grin.

“Yeah. I hope that’s okay. We’ll see how you two hit it off. And if you’re not interested, no problem. And the same for her.”

“And where do you fit into this?” he asked, looking squarely at his sister. “I think we agreed we couldn’t do that again, right?”

“Right! Absolutely! But what if we have fun in some other ways, you know, that don’t include any, uh, vaginal penetration? Do you think that’s okay?” she asked, a sincere look crossing her pretty face. “I don’t want you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. But it was really nice being naked and close with you.”

“Yeah, I really enjoyed it too,” he said, their eyes still locked together. “And I’d love to be with you again, as long as we stick to our rules.”

“Okay, I promise I won’t jump on your cock again,” she said with a mischievous smile. “But what about oral, where do we stand there?”

“Well, I think I’m okay with that. You?”

“Yeah, I loved sucking you off.”

“And anal?” she then inquired, with a lilt of hopefulness in her voice.

“Let’s see how we feel when the time comes, okay?” Lute replied as he put his arm around his sister and pulled her close. “I don’t want us to ever do anything we’ll regret.”

“Agreed,” Bridget whispered as she nuzzled into his soft flannel shirt, “No regrets.”

After a feast of Thai bursa escort food, which Lute had only had once before and loved, they walked over to a bar where several of Bridget’s friends were already gathered. Warm greetings and introductions were exchanged, and drinks were hoisted as friendly conversations carried on. And after a couple of rounds, they all headed off to catch a train to the party.

Simone, Bridget’s lover, was one of the party’s hosts at a big house she shared with some other students. When they arrived, the party was already in full swing. Music was playing, people were dancing, and an array of drinks were spread out in the kitchen. Grabbing beers, Bridget led Lute around and introduced him to some of her friends, Simone among them.

Simone was a sultry, beautiful young woman of average height with shoulder length dark hair and a voluptuous body. As she and Lute talked and got acquainted, her body involuntarily swayed to the music and exuded a sexuality he found mesmerizing. He could see why Bridget became her lover. And now, without a doubt, he wanted to become her lover too.

Simone soon had to slide off and greet some other friends who had just arrived, so Lute hung out and danced with Bridget and her pals. But an hour or so later when he was standing in the kitchen talking, Simone approached and took him gently by the hand.

“Mind if I borrow Lute for a few minutes?” she said to his companions. And without waiting for an answer, she led him through the kitchen, across the hall and into her bedroom. Latching the door behind them, Simone escorted Lute over to a cushioned window seat, and once they were sitting down she locked him into a deep kiss.

Releasing their lips, she whispered into his ear, “Your sister says you’re a wonderful lover and she thinks we should fuck.”

Smiling, Lute replied, “Well, that’s Bridget for you, always looking out for my best interests.”

“And she also tells me you have a wonderful cock… and that it’s the biggest she’s ever seen” Simone went on.

“Well, she doesn’t get out much,” he chuckled as he caressed her thigh through her long skirt.

Smiling, Simone kissed him hungrily and reached down for his bulging crotch, “I need to get back to the party in just a bit, so we don’t have time to fuck right now, but how about if the three of us get together tomorrow?”

“I’d like that,” Lute whispered as they continued kissing.

“Mmm…” she sighed as she continued massaging his huge member through his jeans. “But tomorrow is so far away, and your cock feels so good. Maybe I could just have a sneak preview?”

Taking matters into hand, she unbuttoned his pants and nimbly tugged down his jeans and briefs, releasing the thick ten-inch organ that lurked within.

Stroking his growing beast as their kisses increased, Simone soon sank to the floor and got her first look at Lute’s prodigious cock.

“Oh, my god, yes!” she exclaimed as she gripped his shaft with both hands and planted her mouth over its bulbous knob, sucking it eagerly before stretching her mouth wide open to take in more of his bulky cock.

Lute leaned back and shoved his pelvis forward, working his tool deeper into her mouth. Sucking on him with growing intensity, Simone pulled back and spit a big wad on his tool, lubing it up before she moaned and pounced back on, continuing to drive him further into her throat.

Momentarily releasing him from her mouth to stifle a gag, she moved her head down and began sucking on his big nut sac while she stroked his slick rod with her hand. But after giving her throat a short respite from Lute’s meat, she replanted her mouth over his thick organ and resumed her enthusiastic kissing and sucking.

Lute shifted his hips around as he helped feed Simone his veiny organ. Dying to see her body, he began strategizing on how to get her undressed since he was now naked from the waist down, but that situation was soon remedied.

Standing up, Simone undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor. “Goddammit, I can’t wait until tomorrow,” she whispered as she wriggled out of her bikini panties and put one foot up onto the window seat, offering Lute a good look at her big dark furry bush as she reached down and began fingering her enticing pussy, spreading apart the moist red lips of her labia and rubbing the protruding nub of her clit.

“I really want to get your cock inside me, Luther,” she said as she sat down and straddled him, parting her pubic jungle and planting her pussy over his erection. And then she slowly eased herself down until half of his monster shaft was buried in her twat.

“Oh, god, yeah!” she whispered as she shifted her crotch around, feeling him fill and stretch her pussy like no other. And as she moved forward, planting their mouths together and driving her tongue down his throat, she continued wrapping her cunt around his thick member as she maneuvered down, until at last she was fully impaled on all ten inches of his massive rod.

The dance bursa escort bayan music from the party throbbed in the background as Simone began rocking back and forth and up and down on Lute’s horse cock. And as she did, she moved one hand into her bushy cunt and resumed massaging her clit, moaning softly, “Oh, yeah, baby, fuck me! That’s right, fuck me!”

As she rode him, she kept her knees planted on the window seat, which allowed her to shift around on him as she pleased. Anxious for more of her body, Lute began to unbutton her blouse to get better access to the big soft mounds he’d been groping. And once this task was completed, Simone helped him remove her top, and then her sexy low-cut bra, until she was finally fully naked, her big floppy breasts drooping down onto her chest with their perfectly placed nipples and areolas facing forward like a pair of big brown eyes.

Grabbing her tits, Lute lifted one up to his mouth and sucked on its wide areola and protruding nipple, which made Simone moan and grind harder onto his cock. And when he grabbed both of her tits and lifted his hips, driving himself deeper inside her as he raised up her torso and planted his face fully into her succulent breasts, Simone began to tremble as the first surge of an orgasm started to take hold.

Moaning, she threw back her head as she furiously worked her hand over her pussy and writhed about on Lute’s penetrating spear, “Oh, yeah, baby, oh my god, yeah!”

Simone’s orgasm was prolonged and intense, and Lute continued to drive himself hard and deep into her hungry cunt while she gasped for air and flailed about on him like a woman possessed. And when she finally slowed down, she continued working herself around on his cock, her pussy unwilling to let go of its new best friend.

“Oh, god, that was incredible!” she sighed as she kissed him. “Now I really can’t wait until tomorrow!”

Continuing, she whispered, “I do need to get back to the party, but I first want to feel you cum inside me. Are you okay with that?”

“I’d be happy to oblige, m’am,” he chuckled.

Easing off his lap, Simone stood up and motioned for Lute to do the same. She then signaled for him to get behind her as she leaned forward onto the window seat and spread her legs apart. Seeing what she had in mind, Lute slid his cock under her ass cheeks and easily found her gaping wet pussy, primed and ready for his entry. Slowly reinserting himself, he began to rhythmically move his lusty member in and out of her cunt with gradually increasing speed. Until after a minute or two, he was fucking her hard and fast and their flesh was loudly slapping together as Lute grunted with each penetrating thrust of his cock into her welcoming hirsute cunt.

It wasn’t long before Simone sensed that Lute was on the verge of a major development. And though in describing her brother’s sexual wonderments, Bridget had mentioned that his orgasms were world-class, Simone was still unprepared for what soon began to explode inside her. Because when Lute gave a deep grunt and launched the first huge volley of his ejaculate, the intensity of his release made her gasp with surprise. But when he continued to fill her with even more liquid discharge, she could only moan and marvel at the quantity of her lover’s spew.

When Lute had finally filled her to capacity and beyond, he pushed his cock deep inside her pussy and left it there as he splayed his torso across her back and reached around to fondle her soft dangling tits.

“Thanks for fitting me in tonight,” he whispered.

“You’re welcome, I’m so glad you could come,” she giggled, extending their double entendre.

Seeing that it was now after midnight, and what she had planned to be a brief introductory escape with Lute had stretched to over half an hour, Simone gave him another kiss before scurrying off to grab a washrag and towel from her adjoining bathroom.

Intending to quickly clean them up before returning to the party, she couldn’t help but linger over wiping down Lute’s still-hard cock and giving it some more long licks and kisses while extricating his last drops of semen. But after some words of lusty anticipation for their date the next day, the two straightened up their clothes, kissed, and rejoined the party.

Leaving her room, Lute slid into the kitchen and grabbed a beer while Simone swayed off to rejoin her friends out front, and when he entered the living room, he saw the party was still going strong. Bridget was now dancing close with Mateo, a tall, good looking Argentine grad student she had introduced him to earlier. And from the looks of it, Lute suspected they would be getting even closer.

And an hour later when it was time for them to go, he wasn’t surprised when Bridget came to tell him Mateo would give them a ride back to her place, and then asked if it was okay if Mateo spent the night, adding, “I need to get some of what you gave Simone!”

Lute had immediately liked Mateo, so he had no problem with him boning his sister. escort bursa And since her roommate was gone for the weekend, Lute could have her room while Mateo gave Bridget what she needed down the hall.

It had been a long and eventful day for Lute, so when they got back to Bridget’s he was glad to fall into bed. The sounds of the city mostly muffled the noises coming from his sister’s room, but before he drifted off, Lute heard her distinctive moans and knew Mateo had given her exactly what she needed.

The next morning Lute was awakened by Bridget as she snuggled in next to him on the bed, wafting the scent of her damp hair, fresh from the shower. Glancing at the bedside clock, he saw it was after 9am.

“Good morning, Luther,” his sister whispered as she moved closer and put her nose into the t-shirt he had worn since yesterday. “Mmm…you smell like Simone.”

“Morning, Bridge,” he mumbled. “Where’s Mateo?”

“He left an hour ago to play soccer with a bunch of his South American buddies. I hope we weren’t too loud last night.”

“Nope, not at all. He’s a good guy, and he seems to really like you.”

“Yeah, he’s a sweetie. We’ve only gotten together a few times, but I’ll see him again,” she said quietly, then added, “And from the little bit Simone told me last night, you really made a big impression on her. Nice work, stud! She can’t wait to see us today!”

“She’s great. Thanks for introducing us,” Lute groggily replied, still waking up but vividly remembering the hot encounter he’d had with his sister’s sexy friend the night before.

“Are you hungry?”

“I’m always hungry, you?” Lute replied.

“I’m starving! I’ll go make us some coffee while you take a shower, and then we can go out for breakfast. Sound good?”

“Perfect,” Lute mumbled as he continued rousing himself. And as Bridget slid off the bed, she pulled back the bedcovers so he wouldn’t go back to sleep.

Lute was standing naked and shaving at the bathroom sink when Bridget tapped on the door and walked in, handing him a cup of hot coffee.

“Mind if I pee?” and without waiting for an answer, she slid behind him and sat on the toilet, sipping her coffee as she nonchalantly gazed at her brother while she urinated.

“You know, I love seeing you naked,” she said as she grabbed some toilet paper and rubbed it between her legs. “After all of those years of hiding ourselves from each other, this just seems right. Don’t you think?”

Glancing at his sister as she sat on the toilet, wearing only a revealingly low cut tank top, Lute admired her sweet tits and concurred, “Yeah, I could get used to this.”

After flushing and dropping the seat, Bridget sat back down and continued talking, discussing some possibilities for how they could spend the day before Simone came over for their little party in the late afternoon.

Lute listened while he finished shaving, and then turned on the shower and climbed in, leaving the curtain pulled back so they could still converse.

As Lute slowly soaped himself, giving prolonged attention to his thick cock while washing off the last vestiges of his previous night’s adventures, he realized Bridget’s talking had slowed. And when he looked over, he saw that her legs were spread apart and she was fingering her pussy as she watched him shower from her perch on the toilet seat.

“Keep stroking your cock for me, sweetie,” she whispered as she met his gaze.

Always glad to stroke off for a female audience, Lute squirted shampoo on his shaft and lathered it up as his meat continued expanding, careful to keep himself positioned to provide Bridget an optimal view. And it wasn’t long before he heard her gasp as she leaned back her head and gave her clit some final vigorous rubs that pushed her over the orgasmic cliff.

“Oh…oh…oh…oh,” she moaned as her body tensed and then slowly relaxed with a big sigh. Looking up at Lute with her blissed-out eyes, she gave him a satisfied smile.

And after he stuck his head back under the spray to finish up his shower, Lute heard the bathroom close and saw that Bridget had moved along.

After breakfast at a classic Greek diner close to her apartment, the siblings caught a train to the city’s storied art museum. Bridget was an international finance major, but she had taken a couple of art history electives and was anxious to show her brother some of her favorite works in the museum.

It was well understood among Lute and his parents that Bridget was the major brain of the family, and they were all really proud of her. She had nearly aced her SAT’s and had been on the Dean’s List throughout college. She was applying to go into the Peace Corps for a couple of years after she graduated, and then probably on to grad school after that. But she wasn’t one of those brainy types that wanted to be sure you knew how smart they are. She was funny, a good listener, and great company, so Lute loved having the day with her in the city.

In the late afternoon they headed back to Bridget’s to meet up with Simone, but first grabbed some light dinner foods and wine at the local deli. Bridget was changing clothes while Lute was in the kitchen putting out the spread when Simone rang the apartment’s buzzer.

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