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“Here comes Brad now,” said Brad’s mother as he walked in the door.

“Oh great,” thought Brad, “she wants me to meet one of her bridge partners!” He darted toward the stairs, but halted when his mother called after him.

“Brad dear, come into the kitchen!”

Brad skulked into the kitchen, and then froze in his tracks. A beautiful young woman sat across from his mother, smiling brightly at him. It was his sister.

“Hi Brad!” she said, leaping from the chair and throwing her arms around him.

“Sasha! I thought you weren’t coming back till next month!”

“I decided to hand in my term papers early,” she replied.

They stepped back to take a good look at each other.

Sasha was every bit as beautiful as she had been four years earlier when she left for college, but that was back when Brad indifferent to a girl’s charms. He had seen her so infrequently since then that, even after his hormones began to kick in, he had still failed to notice her tremendous good looks.

Likewise, Sasha had witnessed her younger brother’s transformation from a skinny eighth-grader to a man in brief snapshots. Now she was looking at the final product: a muscular, 6’3″ athlete whose strength had startled her when they embraced.

“So, are you gonna be living at–I mean, are you staying here for the summer?” Brad asked nervously.

Sasha just stared at him, dumbfounded.

“What?” she said, meeting his gaze.

Their mother stepped between them and put her hands on their shoulders.

“I guess your little brother has grown up a bit since you left,” she said.

Brad and Sasha looked at their mother as if they had forgotten she was in the room.

“Just look at the two of you!” she beamed. “How did I ever get such gorgeous children?”

As their mother reminisced about when they were young, Brad and Sasha could not take their eyes off each other.


That night, Brad decided to visit Sasha in her room before turning in.

“Hey, you busy?” he said, poking his head in her room.

“Not at all, I was just reading,” she said, putting her book down.

Brad sat at the foot of her bed.

Sasha went to her dresser and began brushing her hair.

“So, when’s your last day of school?”

“Next Thursday,” Brad answered. “Graduation is on Saturday.”

As they chatted, Brad’s eyes were riveted to his sister. Her face positively glowed with health, and the whole room seemed to brighten when she smiled. The soft lamp light sparkled in her eyes and shone in her long flaxen hair as she drew the brush through it.

“Are you working this summer?” Sasha asked.

“Umm, yeah, at the marina,” Brad replied distractedly, “but I don’t start for a couple weeks.”

Sasha put her brush down, then reached for her lotion and began applying it to her face.

“I think you grew like a foot when I was away,” she said, eying him up and down.

Brad laughed nervously and looked down at his feet.

“I don’t think so.”

“Okay, maybe not a foot. But you are much taller, and just…bigger.”

At 6’3″, Brad was a good 4 inches taller than his sister. Also, his body had filled out in ways that his wardrobe had not quite kept up with. His tee shirt strained against his chest and its sleeves bunched up at the base of his biceps. Sitting on the edge of the bed, his boxers clung tightly to his muscular thighs.

“Look at you!” Sasha said, sitting next to him and grabbing his arm. “You’re a stud!”

Brad just chuckled nervously.

“Here, come stand in front of the mirror with me,” she said, stepping in front of the full-sized mirror near her closet.

Brad stood beside her and they gazed at their reflections.

“Okay, stand back-to-back,” she said.

Brad put his back to hers. The top of her head barely reached his shoulders.

“I miss being taller than you,” she said.

She turned to face him, and he did the same.

“Well, I have a nicer ass than you,” she boasted, arching her back for emphasis.

Brad’s gaze was already fixed on her perfect ass and her comment startled him.

Feeling flustered, he went to sit on the bed.

“Actually, you have a pretty cute butt too,” Sasha said as he walked away from him.

“Do you mind if I get ready for bed?” she added before he had time to react to her comment.

“Oh, sure,” Brad said getting up to leave.

“You don’t have to leave–just turn around for a sec.”

Brad turned around and she continued chatting casually with him. He heard her unzip her pants and slide them off, then rummage around in her dresser. He couldn’t help wondering what she looked like wearing only panties and a bra. A warmth crept into his groin.

“Okay,” she said, “you can turn around now.”

When he turned to see her wearing boxers and an over-sized tee shirt, his vision passed. He reproached himself for having such thoughts in the first place.


“Do you think we can handle a month on our own?” Sasha asked Brad as they drove home from the airport. They had just dropped their parents off for a 4-week trip to Europe.

“As czech casting porno long as I can talk to Mom at least once a day,” Brad said in a childish voice. They started laughing. As much as they loved their parents, they were glad to have the house to themselves for a while. They were in a giddy mood as they drove home.

“Damn it’s hot,” Brad exclaimed.

“Yeah, it’s fucking hot,” Sasha said. Brad liked hearing his sister swear.

“It is so fucking shit hot!” Brad added.

“‘Fucking shit hot’? That makes no sense.”

“It’s crappingly fuck-ass hot,” Brad said.

Sasha started giggling.

“It’s ass fart bastard hot!” she said.

“What the hell are you talking about?” Brad said.

Sasha convulsed in laughter.

“Ooh! Let’s get some beer!” Brad said as they approached a grocery store.

He pulled the car into the parking lot.

“I’ll be right back.”

Brad watched Sasha ham it up as she strutted across the parking lot with her chin up high, shaking her ass.

“Ho boy,” he groaned, pressing his hand to his aching crotch.


They were both hot and sweaty from the long drive when they returned home. While Sasha put the beer in the fridge, Brad announced that he was going to take a shower.

“Hurry up,” Sasha said, “I need one too.”

Once in the shower, Brad’s thoughts drifted back to his sister’s sexy display in the grocery store parking lot. He stared down at his penis as it filled with blood.

“You almost done?” he heard his sister say, poking her head in the door.

“Yeah, I–I just have to rinse off,” Brad croaked, buying time to let his erection go down.

“Could you hand me a towel?” he said when things were under control.

Sasha placed a towel in his outstretched hand. He used it to dry off, then cinched it around his waist and stepped out of the shower. Sasha was brushing her hair at the sink with a towel wrapped around her chest. On the counter in front of her were two bottles of beer.

“I brought you a present,” she said.

“Gee, thanks sis!” he said, grabbing one of the bottles and taking a swig.

Sasha moved away from the sink to give him room as he went about his grooming routine. He was hurrying so as not to keep her waiting. His back was to her, but he could see her blurry reflection in the fogged-up mirror. He could make out the contrast of her white towel with her peach-colored skin, and the movements of her arm as she brushed her hair.

Suddenly, the movement came to a stop and he heard her set the brush down. And then, in a flash, the white patch disappeared. Taking longer than necessary to comb his hair, he stared at the indistinct reflection of Sasha’s naked body in the mirror. Details were invisible, but in the subtle gradations of color he could discern a dark patch of pubic hair, the pink dots of her nipples on her pale breasts, and her mane of golden hair.

She stepped into the shower and he exhaled at last.

“Could you hand me my beer?” she said.


Later, Sasha joined Brad on the deck where he was grilling burgers. She was wearing a yellow sundress with thin shoulder straps that exposed her toned shoulders. Brad could see the silhouette of her slender legs when the sun shone through the thin fabric.

They ate the burgers, and then sat out until it got dark, talking and drinking beer.

When it started to get buggy, Sasha suggested they go inside.

After taking care of the dishes, they decided to watch a movie.

“Let’s watch it in my room,” suggested Sasha, “it’s too stuffy down here.”

Brad went to his room and got ready for bed. He brushed his teeth, and then stripped down to his underwear–a new pair of loose-fitting boxer briefs. It was too hot for a shirt so he remained bare-chested.

Sasha was sitting at her dresser folding laundry when he arrived.

“Which one you want to watch?” he asked, holding up an assortment of DVD’s.

“I don’t care, whatever you–” she said began, but her voice trailed off when she laid eyes on Brad. He looked as if he’d stepped straight out of an Abercrombie & Fitch catalogue. His low-slung boxer briefs barely kept a hold on his narrow waist, dipping so far below his tan line that Sasha could almost make out a sliver of pubic hair.

“Whichever,” she finished distractedly.

Oblivious to her reaction, Brad sat down on her bed browsed through the movies.

As Sasha folded her laundry, she stole glances at her brother. He had an unruly mop of sandy-blond hair that he was constantly brushing out of his face, and a few freckles on his cheeks and nose. But these were the only vestiges of the little boy she remembered.

She marveled at his flawless physique. Aside from his thick head of hair, he had very little body hair, which made the muscles in his torso even more defined. The DVD’s looked like a deck of cards in his strong hands, and when he bent his arm to scratch his head, his bicep constricted into a substantial bulge.

“Want to watch ‘Slapstick’?” Brad asked, holding up a box with a picture of a czech couples porno man pouring a bucket of water over his head.

“Sure,” she said.

“Where do we sit?”

“I usually just sit on the bed. You can too, if you want.”

Brad swiveled the television so it was facing Sasha’s queen-sized bed. Her room had served as a guest bedroom since she left for college, complete with a larger bed, a television set, and their father’s old easy chair. Sasha felt like she had her own little studio apartment.

“All set,” said Brad when the movie was queued.

Sasha finished folding her laundry and put the bin in her closet. She gazed at Brad on the bed, sprawled out on his back with his hands folded behind his head.

“Could you do me a favor,” she said, stepping in front of her full-length mirror, “could you help me with my dress? I can’t get the clasp.”

“Sure,” said Brad.

Sasha watched his reflection as he stood behind her and fumbled for the clasp. She reached back with both hands and collected her hair to hold it out of the way for him. Looking at her own reflection, she could see her erect nipples pressing against the thin fabric of her dress.

Brad fumbled with the clasp, distracted by her sweet smelling hair brushing against his forearms. He finally managed to open it, and then, without thinking, unzipped her almost halfway before catching himself.

“Go ahead,” she said, peering at his reflection, “it’s hard for me to reach.”

He pulled the zipper all the way down to her tailbone, revealing the top of her white panties.

“Thanks,” she said as she turned to face him. Holding the loose garment to her breast, she smiled up at him. Her moist lips glistened in the lamplight, radiating warmth and sexuality. His felt his chest tighten, and a tickling sensation in his groin that signaled imminent erection.

“Okay,” he answered incongruously, then returned to the bed. He turned around to give Sasha privacy while she changed.

“So have you seen this movie before?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s pretty good–” Brad replied. He turned reflexively to face her just as Sasha’s dress came off her arms. In a split-second, it fell away from her breasts and slid off her body, pooling around her ankles.

“Oh, sorry!”

Sasha laughed.

“That’s okay–” she said, pausing for a moment to study his reaction. He was still facing her, staring at her like a deer caught in the headlights.

“I don’t mind if you watch me,” she added casually.

Brad gaped at her as she hung up her dress. Her back was to him, and his gaze fell at once to her shapely behind. It curved away from her lower back in a perfect arc, transforming her plain white panties into the sexiest lingerie imaginable.

“You don’t?” he croaked as she turned around.

Her milky-white breasts swayed seductively as she walked back to the dresser. Freed from the confines of her clothing, they looked softer than Brad had imagined, though still round and perky. Her puffy, high-set nipples pointed erotically upward and outward.

“Why should I?” she said, picking up her hairbrush.

On the outside, Sasha appeared calm, but her heart was racing. She didn’t know what had possessed her to do this, but it was incredibly exciting. She thrilled at the effect it was clearly having on her brother.

“So…,” Brad said throatily.

“So what?” she smiled.

“So…do you miss college?” he replied, saying the first thing that entered his head.

“Sort of,” Sasha said. She retrieved a tee shirt and pulled it over her head.

“But I’m glad to be home.”


Want to go swimming?” Sasha asked the next morning at the breakfast table.

“Sure. It’s fuck-ass hot today,” answered Brad.

They packed a picnic lunch and headed out to a remote swimming hole an hour’s hike from a hidden trailhead at the end of a dirt road.

“Do you think anyone else knows about this place?” Sasha asked as she removed her backpack and sat down to untie her shoes.

“I’ve never seen anyone else here,” Brad answered.

They laid out a beach towel on the narrow sandbar and sat down for lunch. By the time they finished, the sun was directly overhead and it was getting hot.

“Let’s go in,” said Sasha.

Brad was still removing his boots when Sasha ran down to the water’s edge. She stripped out of her clothes in a flash and dove gracefully into the water. He quickly shed is clothes and followed her.

The cold water was a shock to his system and he coughed and sputtered when he came up for air.

“Wooh!” he yelled.

They swam to a small waterfall that spilled through two large boulders. Brad stood beneath the cascading water and diverted it over his back and shoulders.

“Be careful!” Sasha cried.

He pretended to slip and plunged deep into the bubbly pool, remaining submerged for several seconds. Sasha shrieked and thrashed her legs when she felt him grasp her ankles. He released her and swam back to the surface. Sasha splashed his face mercilessly and he sputtered for breath through his laughter.

When czech estrogenolit porno it was time to go, they let the gentle current carry them downstream. Floating on their backs, they gazed up through the towering trees that lined the river bank. The cool clean water felt heavenly on their bodies. It was hard to imagine anything more blissful than swimming naked on a hot summer’s day.


Later that night, Brad was returning to his room from the shower when Sasha appeared at his door.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hey,” she answered, entering his room, “could I check out your DVD collection?”

She kneeled next to his bookshelf where his DVD’s were and tilted her head to read the titles.

“Ooh! Can we watch ‘Playing Doctor’?” she said.

“Sure,” Brad answered, shuffling through his dresser for a clean shirt, one hand clenching the towel wrapped around his waist.

When she sat down at the edge of the bed and began reading the back of the box, Brad wondered if she realized he needed to change. Eventually she peered up at him with a ‘what are you waiting for?’ look.

To his surprise, he had no reservations about stripping in front of her.

Their skinny-dipping adventure that afternoon had provided them only brief glimpses of each other’s naked bodies; anyhow, it hadn’t seemed the least bit sexual. But to undress in front of her in the private confines of his bedroom was another matter.

When he removed his towel and tossed it on the bed, he suddenly he knew the naughty delight Sasha felt the night before. Baring his body for his sister’s appreciative eyes was an incredible turn-on.

Rather than dressing right away, he started combing his hair. He positioned himself to give Sasha the best possible view.

“So, have you seen this one yet?” she said with a slight tremor in her voice.

Brad felt her gaze on his penis. He wondered if she could tell he had a slight chubby, or if she assumed that was its usual size.

“Yeah, it’s sort of a romantic comedy,” he answered.

His increasing arousal threatened to make itself embarrassingly obvious, so he reached for a pair of boxer briefs and slipped them on.

They went to Sasha’s room to watch the movie. Brad got it queued in the DVD player, and then lay down on her bed with his hands folded behind his head. He watched as Sasha started to undress.

“You’ve got a hot bod,” she said, tossing the shirt on her chair.

“Huh?” Brad said, taken aback.

“Don’t be modest,” she teased.

She started pulling off her jeans.

“I have to admit, I was curious,” she continued

“Curious about what?” he said sitting up.

“You know–seeing you naked,” she said. She unhooked her bra and it slid off her arms.

He reminded her that they had just gone skinny-dipping.

“I know, but it’s not like I could really see you. We were under water most of the time.”

Her blunt concession was making him hot. He stared dumbly at her as she started brushing her hair.

“You still haven’t seen me,” she said.

“Seen you what?”

“You know–naked.”

“Oh. I guess you’re right,” he said hoarsely.

Their open discussion was turning Sasha on too, and she wondered if Brad noticed her erect nipples.

Brad sat up and hugged his knees to his chest.

“So–” he began.

Sasha looked at him inquisitively.

“Can I see you naked now?”

Sasha’s cheeks flushed.

“It’s not like that’s why I pointed it out,” she said with a nervous laugh.

“I know–I just want to see you,” Brad answered, surprised at his boldness.

She stopped brushing her hair and lowered her arms to her sides.

“You really want to see me?”

Brad stared at her expectantly. She tossed her hairbrush at him and he caught it.

“Well, I needed to change into clean undies anyway,” she said.

She inserted her thumbs into her panties and started slowly pushing them off, watching their progress as they approached her pubic hair, wriggling her hips for effect. Slowly, a tuft of dark-blonde hair came into view.

“It’s the same color as yours,” she said looking up at him.

Brad nodded dumbly.

She pushed them all the way off. They slid over her ass with a whoosh and fell to the floor. She picked them up and walked slowly and self-consciously to her closet. She tossed them in the hamper, and then returned to her dresser to retrieve a clean pair.

Slowly unfolding the fresh pair of panties, she smiled at Brad’s dumbstruck look.

“Am I corrupting you, little brother?” she said, stepping into the panties and pulling them on.

Brad laughed nervously.

Sasha quickly donned a tee shirt and said she was ready to watch the movie.

“Want to sit in the easy chair?” she said.

“Umm…sure,” Brad said, wondering why he was being evicted from the bed.

Sasha sat at the edge of the bed as the opening credits began, then got up and stood next to the chair where Brad was sitting. He noted that she had not put on boxers and wore only a tee shirt and panties.

“Can I sit here too?” she asked.

Before he could answer, she plopped down into his lap. He slid back so she could sit on the cushion between his legs, and then pulled the lever on the side of the chair to lift the footrest. They planted their feet on it, Sasha’s legs inside Brad’s, and leaned back into the plush cushions.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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