12 Mayıs 2021

Secret No Longer Ch. 12

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[ Dear Readers:

If you prefer to read episodes of this series without their predecessors, that’s fine and I hope you enjoy them that way. Just a heads-up, though: It’s not meant to be an anthology. All the episodes (except the first) build on those before them, so you’ll probably conclude some things differently from what was intended.

Some of our readers’ public and private comments touch on unmentioned matters, just a few of which are safe sex, STDs and common real-world consequences of things and events in the story.

Two chief rules in theatre are, first, everything on stage must have a reason to be there, second, everything that the action requires must be present, whether explicitly or implicitly. It’s not much different in written fiction. By the second rule, if a story does not get into some particular issue explicitly or implicitly (for example, indirectly through consequences) then it is irrelevant because the author deems it so and asks the reader to consider that issue adequately handled without mention. Sometimes action may be simplified a little from what is actually meant for the sake of smoothness and avoiding distracting details unnecessary for understanding the scene. A good author has respect for the reader’s intelligence and imagination and does not feel compelled to paint every scene with photographic detail.

In short, if it ain’t there, it don’t matter. Please remember that this is a story, not a case study or the news.]

Chapter 12
Three Plus One Makes Four

With the dawn, the naysayers of my mind had once again been driven to retreat, back to that rickety closet into where all sensibilities had been incarcerated for this time of decadence. One day passed with no particularly noteworthy events, and then another, and my mind had settled back to its normal version of our shared abnormality. I was glad that summer vacation had arrived; Jason was home a lot more.

The following Thursday, early in the afternoon, he arrived home, accompanied by Timmy and Carla, who, you’ll recall, was now his girlfriend. They were in rather high spirits as they tossed some music (tenuously worthy of the name at best) and started into that spastic gyration stuff they call dancing. To me it seemed silly to call it that, but aside from what it was called, it was sexy, in a rather blunt, vulgar way. Not that I objected; their rubbing and grinding was getting them steamed up, and I was far from insenstitive myself, even just watching.

I had my own things to do. Eventually, though, I headed back toward my room. I heard laughter, but along with it, some decidedly provocative noises. I peeked into the open door and saw just what I expected to see: the three of them in the early stages of some seriously fun sex. They had respectfully asked of me and I had granted my approval here of the practice common in Carla and Timmy’s household of leaving the door open as both a statement of philosophical openness, and also to allow other residents, which of course meant me, to look in if we liked.

Already, I liked. I had been intrigued, you’ll recall, with Jason’s short-form description of their first ménage à trois; now I’d get a chance to see another performance. True, I couldn’t dive in and turn the trois into quatre, but it would be a thrill just to watch a bit of it. I would have to dress for the occasion, though. Why not?

I reached my bedroom and decided to put off the little chore that had drawn me there for later. Instead, I changed into my tight jeans, the ones voted second-most-sexy on me by the men in my life, after those black slacks you’ve heard about. Following that I donned a wispy little top, with T-shirt-like material, but of the thinnest, clingiest kind. It had some cute, frillly embroidered flowers on it, but far, far removed from where they could interfere with the view of the main subjects, pressing proudly, as they soon would, against the fabric, nipples at the fore, tender flesh actually barely visible through it.

I headed back to the room and poked my head in. After all, part of the code was that an open door is a tacit invitation.

“Uh… What’s that you’re doing?” I asked in a comically stupid voice.

“She’s forgotten, can you believe it?” Jason said to the others, “Maybe she needs a refresher course.”

“No, no, kids; you just carry on by yourselves. The most I’ll do is watch a little. You won’t mind that, will you?”

“Actually, we were hoping you’d do that,” Timmy said, sweetly, “We’d enjoy your esteemed presence, if nothing else.”

“Thank you, I just might take you up on your kind invitation in a little while.”

The way I was dressed stated my interest all by itself, so this was really more friendly banter than anything else. I went off to do a little bit of necessary not-very-much, and after a while, made my way back to their room.

They were quite a bit further along by then. Carla was now dressed masaj porno only in panties; Jason was completely naked, and Timmy was in the process of getting out of his trousers.

“Hello again, folks!” said I, walking in and grabbing a chair, “Is this the hundred-dollar-a-ticket section?”

“If you want it to be,” Jason replied, extending his hand.

“You wish, Son!”

“Never hurts to try,” he replied and turned his attention back to his girlfriend while Timmy finished the task of removing the last of his clothes.

Jason started teasing Carly’s clit through the silky fabric of her panties, while her brother stationed himself by her side, on the other side from me. scooting her over a bit. The reason for that, I realized, was to give me a clear view; the other way, which he had apparently expected to be doing, would have put him between me and Carla, spoiling the sightline.

“Thank you, kind Sir,” said I.

“My pleasure, Madame,” replied he.

As I looked on, Timmy stroked and caressed Carla’s face and neck, planting little kisses there that steadily migrated downward. For my tastes he was rushing a bit; but at least he had learned better than to start off by jumping right onto and into a lady’s pussy without consideration for her need for patience and time.

Jason, meanwhile, was getting some very fine results from his ministrations in the form of Carly’s accelerating movements and breathing, while Timmy gradually made his way to her breasts, tending to them and the surrounding areas, another good sign. I just kept watching, enjoying the erotic demonstration, aware and hardly surprised that it was setting my own arousal mechanisms into motion. Well, that’s what I was here for, wasn’t I?

“By the way, if you don’t mind my mentioning it, you look awfully sexy in those clothes, Linda,” Timmy said, interrupting his work on his sister.

“Why, thank you, Timmy,” I replied graciously. I really wanted to keep talking, to prod him into a detailed description of everything he saw that would cause that evaluation, but I knew it would both interfere with what they were there to do, but worse for me, take me where I might like to go, but from where I might not be able to find my way back. I kept mum and kept watching.

Seeing a woman being expertly tended to this way by two caring and skilled men, in real life, by real people, not actors in a porno, was certainly having a hell of an impact. Imagining myself where Carla was, feeling the things I could see she would be feeling, was creating a real ache inside, a combination of a specific arousal with the knowledge that the experience was not available to me, beyond this vicarious participation. I looked on.

Jason was sliding Carla’s panties off, and now all three were nude. His tongue danced over Carla’s clitty while his finger sought her G-spot within. Timmy, meanwhile, was varying his touches and caresses in interesting ways, but centering on Carla’s breasts.

The pageant was exciting and my body was certainly responding, which was just natural. The tingles caused me to sense the state of my body, the hardness of my nipples as they shouted their proud presence through the shirt, the snug jeans, flattering, as they did, the shape of my hips, and now, I realized, my posture, which was gradually shifting from that of one just sitting in a chair to that of a woman stretching and moving in instinctive ways, ways aimed at seducing men. I did nothing to interfere with them.

“Mind if I get in a little closer?” I asked.

“Of course! Please do, Linda,” Timmy replied.

I moved over to the side of the bed, which was plenty large enough to accommodate the three of them and yet give me a place to sit far enough removed to keep some sense of separation. Being closer meant the effect of the sights, sounds and everything else emanating from the trio before me would be much stronger. I was delighted. This would be exciting indeed, just to be here like this.

As that thought passed through my consciousness, Timmy spoke, uncannily seemeing to have heard it.

“Let me tell you, Linda, it’s really great that you’re here, just like you are, over there.”

“Well, thank you again, but how is that? I’m not doing anything?”

“Actually, you are; you just don’t know it,” he continued, “Part of it is just the way you look right now, but I think there’s something you’re feeling that we’re feeling back from you, something pretty strong. Don’t you think so?”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself,” Carla replied. Jason nodded his agreement with a very sweet smile. I just smiled back in appreciation.

I couldn’t tell if they knew it or not, but the mere mention of the sexual energy flow that I was unwittingly transmitting to them, obviously the simple expression in the unconscious mechanisms of body language and other primal subtleties, had jolted that very same flow up, way up, much stronger, hotter, more meet suck and fuck porno compelling.

Carla was crossing over into that space where she would start to focus entirely on her part of the proceedings, her own body and the things her boyfriend and her brother were concertedly doing to it. I let myself tune into her experience and sense the strength of her arousal, and it felt good, very good. Jason’s lingual and digital efforts drove her to a rousing, and very loud, cascade of orgasms, and I thought I could feel a small and yet distinct fragment of each of them. I knew my own pussy was hot and saturated, and I squirmed and turned in spite of myself. I knew the men would not fail to pick up on that, even if they discreetly pretended not to notice.

My son was now kneeling between Carla’s opened legs, that magnificent cock which I had been illicitly enjoying for many days now ready to penetrate his eager girlfriend. Timmy backed off and turned spectator, along with me, to allow the two to concentrate exclusively on each other. Jason eased down, thrust, and as I could see even from my detached position, slid into a very well-moistened and well-prepared vagina.

Slow movements turned fast; small displacements turned large; short, halting breaths turned to deep gasps before my eyes and ears. Beside me, Timmy watched with rapt attention, receiving his own stimulation to excitement from the sight, slowly stroking his fully erect cock as he did so. I glanced at it and suddenly recalled that brief moment in the swimming pool at his home when he was holding me, hands on my then-bare breasts, and I felt that hard member press against the back of my leg. He had quickly withdrawn it, but not before the sensation had firmly registered itself in my memory.

And now it was there, before me, almost as if taunting me.

I wasn’t prepared for that, but I got a handle on it anyway and managed to turn my attention away from that cock and back to Jason and Carla.

These two are a perfect match, even in bed, I thought. They really were; I had seen that in the smooth meshing of their personalities in the time since I learned that they had become an item; now I saw for myself that it extended to sex as well. That in itself was stoking my sexual furnace higher, but I was still in control.

Timmy’s attention and mine were indeed on Jason and Carla, but my peripheral vision was quite adequate to keep Timmy at least partially in view. His entire body, his stance, expression, and then, that erection, were well within sight and I did not try to avoid that. At one point I saw him turn toward me, just to give me a smile and a little that’s-really-something-isn’t-it kind of nod. I nodded back and directed my sight to the two passionate souls beside me, but again, still seeing Timmy quite clearly out of the corner of my eye.

Unlike me, he didn’t turn back to watch his friend and girlfriend right away. I clearly observed him scanning me instead, calmly examining my face, my breasts now undulating slightly beneath the shirt as my inner fires drove me to subtle movements beyond my consious control, now proceeding downward to study my hips, my legs, and back again. More and more it became obvious that I was of more interest to him now that the sweaty duo before me.

Automatically I turned back to him, catching him in his perusal, prompting a rather embarrassed smile and retreat back to concentrating elsewhere. But the pattern was established; if he had been trying to avoid staring at me, he was failing. I knew I should be concerned, but by now I didn’t want to be, and I soon made a point of avoiding looking his way and spooking him.

I had been sitting in one position for quite some time and needed to move a bit. This would have been an opportunity to choose a new position that made Timmy’s study of my body more difficult; instead, I did the opposite, angling myself more toward him. Sitting on the bed as I was in something like the the Lotus position, I would in other cases have hunched protectively forward a bit. Instead, the same automatic, primal mechanism that had led me to move as I had now induced me to stretch myself, both to relieve my stiffness, but also to open the view of myself wide, to all present, but mostly to Timmy. Arching my back, I felt my breasts pressing harder against the shirt, their form and firmness declaring themselves more loudly, nipples even more assertive.

Timmy turned my way again and tried to keep his gaze on innocent locations, but now the sexual machine was revving higher. For just a moment he made eye contact with me, and I with him. Then, expecting me to react protectively he turned away. But I did not. Still looking his way, I stretched my body again, instinctively adding movements explicitly designed to speak of seduction to his eyes. Now I turned, twisted and stretched, aiming to exploit my entire body to express what I was feeling, pushing my breasts milf porno forward more blatantly, extending my legs and setting my hips in brief but sensuous motion. Timmy tried to take this in discreetly, but I clearly saw his quiet stroking of his cock grow faster and more forceful.

The concern for my self-imposed limits was getting stronger, but I remembered the conversation Timmy and I had had back at the pool. I relaxed, knowing that he knew of and respected it, and that whatever I might do to entice him sexually would be understood as intended: as my gift of a modicum of pleasure for him, and not an invitation to anything further. He smiled and nodded appreciation, and I returned the look. It felt good.

Jason and Carla, meanwhile were nearing the peak of their own combined climax, and as we watched, they reached the summit, my son groaning as he pounded convulsively into Carla’s equally vigorously thrashing body. Their bodies suddenly froze, her hips in midair; his cock shoved deep into her, pressing hard against each other, taking that moment of stillness as he poured forth into her before quickly taking up their thrashing again. For a long time they continued, without letup, only very gradually cooling down.

At the first signs that their explosion was over I suddenly realized that I had become totally absorbed in it, and in that time I had begun to stroke and caress my own breasts, and at the same time, stretched my legs forward, leaving me free to bring my fingers down, between my legs. Unconscious of the fact, I had actually been masturbating! The sudden realization shocked me and actually jumped in embarrassment. Jason and Carla had been to absorbed themselves to notice, but Timmy couldn’t help but laugh. I laughed back, red-faced, and tried to recover some dignity.

In a moment Timmy started applauding Jason and Carla, calling “Author! Author” and joshing in general. They, for their part, did a few mock gestures like bows. I thought Timmy was not only having fun, but also helping me get past my own embarrassment. It did help.

“That was worth the price of admission, you two, and more even,” I said enthusiastically, and the quiver in my voice betrayed the depth of my arousal to all there.

“Our pleasure,” Carla gasped, and the two lay back to relax. Actually, we all did, and let quite some time go by in easy silence.

“Well, now, sweet little sister,” Timmy eventually said, “are we going to bring up the curtain on Act II pretty soon?”

“Oh, you betcha, Bro! No way am I gonna let you outta here before you take care of me!”

There was a general shifting of positions on the bed now, as everyone got comfortable. Carla remained more or less where she was, while Jason and Timmy got to their feet, deciding where to set down. This gave me a marvelous opportunity to study them now, unhurried, easily, drinking in the magnetism of their youthful strength, the well-toned bodies, the handsome faces (admittedly, I’m a bit biased on one case, but it’s a fact anyway), and by no means overlooking the two cocks swaying before them, both of them already responding to the anticipation of events soon to come, half erect as a result. The mass they gained from their vascular engorgement caused them to sway with a sense of force and power. I suddenly felt sweat break out upon my forehead as the sight drove yet another powerful impulse through me.

I had abandoned the Lotus position and was now stretched down the length of the bed, nearly over the side of it, making room for the boys to find places of their own. Timmy was working his way to somewhere close to his ultimate destination, between Carla’s legs. Now Jason moved to the other side of Carla from me and she moved closer, making room for him there. This gave me plenty of room to sprawl out comfortably and watch the proceedings.

They were in no hurry, though. Timmy sat and the end of the bed, slowly running his fingers up and down his sister’s leg while Jason gave her some sweet little kisses and whispered some kind of sweet-nothings in her ear. I just lay back and took it all in, coming down maybe a little from the sharpest points of my arousal, settling into a sweet, sustained vibration inside me. I lay back calmly.

Carla then turned onto her side, facing me.

“So, you liked that?”

“Of course I did, dear,” I replied.

“You look like you did,” she said, indicating the evidence by placing three fingers against one of my nipples.

“Carla!” Timmy cried, then continued, “My sister is not known for her subtlety.”

“That’s OK, Timmy. She’s right, you know,” I said, quietly, raising my own hand to the other nipple. Carly is not bi, but women have an easier time with little moments of contact like that.

Carla’s brash pronouncement, and the way I received it with pleasure, were obvious measures of the aroused state of my mind. I was glad to plainly set forth in words the same forces that had driven my choice of dress in the first place, now so greatly amplified by all that had just transpired.

“They are pretty hard, aren’t they, Carla?” I asked.

“Yes, they are. I’ll bet that’s not all that’s fired up in you.”

“You’re not surprised, are you, dear? Or, for that matter, you two either?”

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