17 Mayıs 2021

Seduced and Got Fucked by Dad Ch. 01

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Hey all. I am Navya. This is my first story in this forum. So, any feedback to improve my writing is really appreciated.

This is a story about how I seduced my dad and had sex with him, when my mom and brother were out. This is a real story which happened almost 5 years back. I was 20 years old. Before going to the story, let me describe myself. I am an average height girl with whitish skin and possess a stat of 34D-28-34. I am a real horny girl with desire for all kind of sex. I stay with my parents and my younger brother, who is 2 years younger than me. I had a boyfriend at that time and used to have regular sex with him.

One day my mom and brother were out and me and my dad was at home. I was watching something in you tube and he was busy with sports. After watching you tube for some time, I started browsing and watching porn videos. This made me really horney and craving for sex. But my boyfriend was out of town. I was fingering while watching videos. An Idea came to my mind as why not seduce mobil porno my dad and have sex with him while everyone was out. My dad is a well build man with good height and stamina. I thought how to use this opportunity and get into some action.

Thinking this, I came to living room and sat near to dad in the couch. Being at home, I was wearing a loose micro dress. Before coming to living room, I removed my panty, but kept my bra on. I came and sat near my dad . My head was above his shoulder. Slowly I started pressing my boobs against his back. He asked me to bring some water from kitchen. I came with a glass of water, bend a little to give the water such that half of my boobs were visible through my dress. When he tried to grab the glass, I knowingly left it and all the water fell in his pants. I told sorry and rush to kitchen to get some napkins.

Slowly I started putting napkins above his pant and started rubbing slowly, just to show I am wiping out water. I was sitting mofos porno down on floor and he was on couch. So, my cleavage and half of my boobs were visible. I made sure of that. Also, Because of my short dress and as I was sitting on floor, the dress was just covering my Vagina. I slowly started rubbing his penis above his pants. He was also getting exited and his Penis started growing in size. Oh my god, it was almost 8 inches when fully erected with a 2.5-inch girth.

Gradually I grabbed his penis and started pinching it a little. He was in pleasure.

Then I removed his pants and started playing with it. At first, he resisted a little, But I did not listen. Then I started licking his penis. First, I started rotating my tongue around his penis tip, then licked the whole penis and moved my tongue towards his balls. I did it for some time. Then I swallowed his whole cock inside my mouth. The cock was so big that it was touching almost back of my neck. I sucked his cock for some naughty america porno time . He was now fully in mood to enjoy. He was co-operating with me and started stroking his dick in my mouth . After some time, pre cum started oozing from his cock. I swallowed all the cum and cleaned the cock.

Then Dad asked me to stand up. I obliged like a good girl. He got out of the couch and Started undressing me. He started to roll his finger from back of my neck and dropped my dress. He found that I was not wearing any panties. And because of all this action, my vagina also was little wet. He slowly removed my bra and started kissing me passionately. After kissing for 10 mins, He moved his mouth towards my earlobe and pinched my ear lobe with his teeth. I shivered like some current passed through my body. He then started licking my neck. Then he moved towards my boobs. He pressed my boobs and pinched my nipples as well. He was pressing my one boob with his left hand and sucking the right nipple. He continued the same for 10-15 minutes. Then he told, let’s move to bedroom. We both came to bed room. And I Jumped to the bed and lied flat spreading my legs. He saw my clean shaved vagina.

I will share the rest of my story in the next part. Please share your feedback on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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