13 Haziran 2021

Sex On The Beach

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You climb into the rental car and find coordinates already entered into the G.P.S. system. You are amazed at the organization that has gone into this excursion; plane ticket, rental car, directions, all to lead you to some unknown place, though you suspect that you are headed for my beach cottage on the California coast. We have talked about going before, but work schedules never permitted it.

You drive on, feeling surer of yourself as you near the coast. I talked about this area a lot, so it feels familiar to you. I grew up here.

Surprisingly, when you arrive at your destination, you are not at a home at all, but at a parking lot. You exit the car and look around for clues as to what you should do next. You find a paper plate tacked to a tree with a replica of my tattoo and an arrow, so you follow it.

Following the arrows leads you into a grotto of sorts. The winter waves crash outside, but in here it is peaceful and green. You walk within the grotto for a bit and then come upon a blanket bearing nothing but a note being weighed down by a perfect shell.

You sit on the blanket and read the note.

“You have reached your destination. Sit here and enjoy the sunset. If you wish to stay, there are a few rules. First and foremost, there will be no talking. No clothing from outside sources, either, so if you wish to stay, remove yours after reading this. You are to be bound by the wills of those who enter the grotto. They will indicate to you what they would have you do, and you must obey or forfeit the game. Should you wish to leave at any time, you are free to– all you have to do is go, but should you elect to stay, you will know pleasure beyond your wildest imaginings. If you break the rules at any time before dawn, the night will be over.

I will be watching.”

Your cock twitches at the thought of being watched and you remove your clothing. You sit back down on the blanket to watch the sun set, hoping that you can abide by the rules.

As the grotto darkens, you see that there is a torch nearby. You look over and behold one of the most beautiful women you have ever seen bearing a Tiki torch. When she sees you have noticed her, she buries her torch in the sand (there must be some hidden holder) and walks toward you.

She is a Polynesian beauty, with curling hair reaching to her thighs and lush breasts complementing her slender frame. She moves with the grace of a dancer, and her beautiful boobs bounce with every step. You watch her approach, examining her long legs and furry bush, hoping you will get a chance to bury your mouth in those breasts and your cock in her pussy. Your cock becomes hard just thinking about it.

The unnamed beauty says nothing as she touches you on the shoulder and walks around behind you. Her body gleams in the flickering light as if she is oiled. You sniff the air, and smell the unmistakable scent of roses. She hands you a note.

“My name is Rose. Please lie on your stomach.”

You comply, and Rose pours warm oil from a bottle you had not noticed she was holding onto your back. She rubs her hands up and down your back, spreading the oil all around and beginning to massage muscles you had not known were tense. She rubs your head and your ears, your shoulders and arms, and you can feel her pendulous breasts pressing against your back every time she leans far enough over. Thinking of her ass in the air like that stiffens your already stiff member even more.

Rose moves to your ass, and rubs your ass cheeks, rimming your ass hole with her finger tips. She nudges your legs apart and gives you a really hard rub just behind your cock and your balls squeeze with pleasure. You wait for the same treatment on your cock canlı bahis and balls, but no such thing comes.

She works her way down your legs and feet, pulling each toe and then sucking them. When she is done sucking on your toes as if each one was a small cock, Rose has you turn over and works her way up the body again, avoiding your groin area, but occasionally her hair will brush over your erect member. If you were in possession of any state secrets, Rose would have them about now.

She digs her skilled fingers into the muscles of your chest and arms, smoothing away tension while building it at the same time. Your body is now completely relaxed, and completely focused on the sensations she is producing in you. You wish it would not end, and yet you wish she would pay some attention to your cock, and SOON!

Rose sits with your head between her knees and you look up at her, then continue the rotation of your head until you are looking into her pussy, wondering if you will get to taste her this night. She gently lifts the back of your neck, positioning your head so that you are looking at her face, where you see that she is smiling and shaking her head.

Suddenly, you feel another hand on your cock! You jump, as you can see both of Rose’s hands and you had not heard anyone else approach. You look down and seated by your cock is a Goth girl. She has black dyed hair and pale skin and she is wearing a dog collar. She has multiple facial piercings and one that appears to go from a chain around her waist, held up by her navel, to somewhere in her pussy. She also has multiple tattoos.

The new girl smiles, sticks out a tongue with a large piercing in it and hands you an iris. You get the message– this girl is Iris.

Immediately, Iris begins to perform a hand job on you. Rose is giving you a head and neck massage, helping you to relax some more, but Iris apparently does not want you to relax. She wants your dick nice and hard, which is where it is going. She moves between your legs and goes down on you. Immediately you forget about Rose’s ministrations. You have never had a pierced tongue go down on you before.

Iris runs the cold steel ball up the vein on the bottom of your cock, reaching the head and lapping the slit alternately with her tongue and the piercing. She then takes your cock into her mouth and begins pumping your cock with her mouth, fucking her mouth with your cock. She alternately deep throats you and laves your cock head, rubbing your balls as she does so.

Rose has not been idle during this time. She laid your head back down on the blanket and is now rubbing your chest and stomach again, waving her pussy in your face enticingly. You can’t bear it any longer. You reach up and bring Rose’s pelvis down to reach your face, slowly, so she can resist if she wants to. She willingly follows your lead and you taste her moist cunt for the first time. Her rose scent is offset by her musky odor– she is very aroused. You gently part her lips with her fingers and flick her clit with your tongue. She bucks her hips involuntarily. You bring her down closer and practice your ABC’s with your tongue, driving her wild as it hits her clit in the varying patterns. Before you get to H, she is dripping all over your face and you decide that she might enjoy some finger action.

You slide one finger, then two inside her, then finger fuck her as she rides your face to climax. Your tongue starts to tire, so you replace it with your thumb and let her ride you until she comes again.

Meanwhile at the other end . . . You are working very hard to hold back, because Iris gives GOOD blow. She has a mouth on her like a hoover vacuum. If you were not fairly sure otherwise, you bahis siteleri would think she had four hands! You feel a familiar tightening in your balls, and you know you are about to cum. You expect her to pull away and have you cum somewhere else, but her suction increases as you shoot your wad in her mouth. She keeps sucking away until every drop is gone and you are exhausted.

Rose has also reached exhaustion, it seems. After three orgasms she dismounts from your face and leaves the area. You feel incredible, but like you just ran a marathon. You look down at Iris. You smile at her gratefully, and give her the American Sign Language for thank you. She winks and reaches beside you to hand you an ice cold, still dripping Red Bull. It is obvious that someone delivered them while you were caught up with Rose and Iris.

You pop the top and drink it down quickly. It helps a little; you are able to sit up. You see another Red Bull sitting there. You drink that, as well. You begin to feel better.

Suddenly, you hear . . . drums? Yes, there appear to be drums coming from the cliffs around you.

Women race into the clearing bearing more Tiki torches and plant these in the sand as well. The women are dressed in grass skirts, but are wearing no tops. You see that Rose is one of them. All of the women are beautiful, with gorgeous bodies and tons of dark hair.

The women arrange themselves into a formation of sorts and begin to dance. Their hips seem to move independently from the rest of their bodies. As the grass skirts part, you can see that the women are nude underneath. The drums seem to echo from the cliffs around you, and the hip tossing of the women in front of you get you ready to go again. You wonder how many of these women know just what kind of effect their dance has on men, then decide that they must know now if they did not before, given that your raging hard-on is kind of hard to miss.

The drums stop and you sit there, stunned. Suddenly, from the surrounding grotto come many scantily clad Polynesian men who rush up to the women, throw the laughing females over their broad backs, and depart into the darkness beyond. One man lingers, however; the man who is carrying Rose. He turns and looks at you, gives the sign for thank you, and runs away. I guess he is thanking you for warming Rose up for you.

Behind where the dancers were standing is a third woman. She is holding a white flower. As she approaches, you see that it is a lily. So Lily is the name of this beauty. It seems appropriate.

Lily is tall and very blonde. Her skin is very lightly tanned, and she appears to have no tan lines. She also appears to have had a Brazilian wax. She has a tiny swatch of blonde pubes shaped in a small question mark.

Lily has a slender frame and small breasts. Her nipples are erect and their color is a rosy pink. Her hair is long, and held back in a careless low braid.

She walks toward you slowly. You lock eyes, and you are mesmerized by her violet eyes that seem to glow in the torchlight.

Suddenly, you smell Lavender very strongly, and you are blindfolded from behind.

You feel the touch of cool lips on yours, and you kiss back. You are surprised when you recognize the taste and feel of the lips and tongue on yours. I am the one kissing you. I push you back on the blanket, and you don’t resist. You put your hands out to feel, and you feel two breasts, but one is mine and the other must be Lily’s. The size difference is marked, because my breasts are DD’s, while she is a B cup. You feel the differences, tweaking the nipples and massaging the breasts, as Lily and I treat you to kisses and tweaking of our own– we lick and tweak your nipples, we touch bahis şirketleri and lick your dick, we run fingers through your hair, kiss your ears . . .

Finally you decide that you want to feel more than the difference in our breasts, so you feel your way down our stomachs (mine is not as flat as Lily’s, but you don’t get boobs like me as skinny as she is) to our pussies. My pussy is wetter than Lily’s, but you had expected that. You have never met anyone as wet as me. Lily’s pussy has tight little folds, while mine has larger lips. You slide your fingers inside to feel our clits, knowing that both of them will be erect. Lily’s is more hooded than mine, which stands up tall and straight. You mark the spot with your thumb and proceed to use your fingers to enter each of us. We are both tight and hot. I give you a squeeze to tell you how I like you being in there. Lily twitches a bit as well.

Feeling excited, you guide Lily to your face and me to your cock, wanting to ease some of the pressure that is building in your balls. With every heartbeat you can feel your cock throbbing. I mount you and so does Lily. You move your fingers in her pussy and press at her ass hole to increase the sensation with your thumb wile I grind against your pelvis, performing circles and figure eights so that your cock hits every millimeter of my sopping wet cunt. You fill me up and hit my cervix at every stroke. I squeeze your cock, then relax, almost taking in your balls as I relax and let more and more of your gorgeous cock fill me up.

Lily is moaning and writhing on your face. She creams, flooding your face, I cream again, flooding your balls and the blanket below us. I orgasm really hard, squeezing your cock, and it is all you can do not to come. I pound on you faster and faster, while you take Lily’s clit very gently between your teeth and your tongue. The combination of pleasure and pain throws her into another orgasm, which throws you over the edge, which throws me into the stratosphere. Lily removes the blindfold and crawls off your face to give you a kiss.

We all fall together in a heap. We are exhausted. You want to say something, but remember that it is not yet dawn. You look at us and sign thank you. I just nod. Lily and I stand up and leave. Before I walk from the clearing, I flip over a corner of the blanket, which you now see has been staked down over some kind of mat so that minimal sand would get on it. Underneath is a note.

“Max- I really hope you enjoyed your night.

In case you are wondering about the logistics, here you go. Rose is a massage Therapist, I have known for a long time, so she was willing to do a session here. Iris I know from a time when I worked out here for a while at a photo lab. I was her manager and she would frequently bring in her own work to print. I am sure she enjoyed you. She gives good head, yes?

I used to dance with the Polynesian group and have remained friends with a bunch of the girls. They agreed to put on a show with their boyfriends if I would rent out the grotto. You may have noticed that Rose is one of them.

As for Lily, well, we used to hang out every summer when I came here to stay at the cottage. Her parents and my grandparents were friends. Once I got out of high school, we lost touch, though. I recently found her, and we discovered a common love for debauchery. Isn’t that a serendipity?

It should be about sunrise now. Your car will take you to the Beach Cottage, if you choose, or, if you pick return to last destination, it will take you back to the airport.

I’ll be at the cottage.


You look at the brightening sky and know that you have already made your choice. One by one the Tiki torches sputter and go out as you put on your clothes and leave the grotto. You smile as you think about the night that has just passed as you walk along the beach toward the rental car.

It is going to be a lovely day.

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