24 Haziran 2021

Sexting with a Twist

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Author’s Note: This story is somewhat based on true events between my partner and I. This is my first story, hope you enjoy!

William’s Story

I’m a mid 30’s professional white male standing a few inches above 6 feet with an athletic build. My girlfriend, Marion, recently busted out of her 20’s, stands 5’6, 130 lbs, brownish hair with highlights, has a perfect pussy, legs and ass to kill for and a set of tits with pencil eraser nipples. Frequently during our work week we will text/sext each other to pass the time. The more we communicate the more sexual doors seem to open or at least the idea spawns. This story started during a slow time at recently at work right in the middle of a daydream.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, goes the clock as I sat at my office desk fiddling with my tie and watching the clock slowly drag by. It’s just before lunch and can’t help but wonder what Marion was doing home alone when the familiar sound of a text message goes off. I grab my phone and see the text was from Marion and it was a link to a porn video. We commonly send each other sexual things when we aren’t together. Knowing Marion, this text means she isn’t getting her daily nap and instead will be masturbating very soon. Once Marion gets horny then there is usually nothing stopping her until she is satisfied. Knowing this I commonly tease her on purpose knowing I am not available to help her needs. My phone beeps again and I am shocked and pleasantly excited to see a naked image of Marion in the mirror. Man, could I eat her pussy and ass for hours. Anyways, back to my story.

Before I can process each image, my phone continuously beeps and image after image comes through. First, a mirror shot, then a close up of her pussy shot, then her ass, then her ass with a butt plug in and finally a video of her squirting on the bed. If you could only hear Marion moan when she cums. All in all, I received about 20 images and felt like a man on top of the mountain that Marion just gave me enough images worthy of it’s own penthouse magazine spread. illegal bahis My cock began to swell in my pants and I say fuck this I’m headed home but I already told Marion that I couldn’t leave and was sorry. Even though Marion didn’t think I was coming home, more and more pictures kept coming in. Maybe my phone was delayed or maybe they were out of order. Either way, they seemed to get dirtier and dirtier as she progressed.

During the 30 minute drive home, I kept looking at the images and realized that Marion wasn’t holding the camera in most of them. Hmmmm maybe she is doing them on a timer or maybe she is up to no good. Either way, Marion doesn’t think I am coming home. As I entered the neighborhood, I passed by an Amazon delivery truck and hope that my package that has been delayed for 2 weeks has finally arrived. I stopped short of the house on purpose, not to alert Marion of my arrival. I sneakily entered the front door and heard the master shower running.

As I entered the bedroom, Marion hasn’t quite made it to the shower and I caught her completely naked and flustered. Marion appeared to have had quite a masturbation session and her redness on her chest is obvious, her pussy appeared well played with. I tried to grab Marion but she insisted on taking a shower first but after 30 minutes of staring at a beautiful naked girlfriend and fighting a hard cock on the way home there was no way I was going to let her shower. I grabbed Marion around the waist, pulled her to the bed, grabbed her ass and made her sit on my face. I immediately placed my tongue into her sweet pussy and started licking like I haven’t eaten in months. I could tell right away that Marion’s pussy was soaking wet, tasted slightly different and figured she really wore her pussy out during her session. Marion loves to grind her pussy fast, hard and make me lick all the way from her asshole to her clit. I continued my fast pace of licking her clit until she squirted in my mouth and all over my face and chest. Marion flipped around to the 69 position, illegal bahis siteleri unbuttoned my pants and took my hard cock in her mouth. Not proud to say but after the build up, I couldn’t last more than 3 minutes of her sucking my cock and flicking my head before I shot a huge load of warm cum in her mouth.

Marion’s Story

Sitting home alone as William works the for day. I lay down to take a nap when I realize I left an open tab of a porn video on my phone. I couldn’t just ignore the video, so I watched a few seconds. Okay, okay, it was more like a few minutes. I could feel my pussy began to warm up and my clit was throbbing. I really wanted a nap and tried to fall asleep. After several minutes of tossing and turning and my clit throbbing, I decided to give in and masturbate. I began to search on the internet for different sexual ideas while I rubbed my clit with my fingers. After several orgasms, I couldn’t seem to satisfy myself and wanted William to come home. I thought if I sent him several nudes, there would be no man alive that could resist me. I began to text William nudes and they got dirtier and dirtier. I don’t know what took control over me but I was more horny than I have ever been. I was all over the house taking different pictures at different angles only to be disappointed to hear that William couldn’t leave work and come home. I figured I would try one last thing. I went to living room with my vibrator and squirted several times on video for William. Even after squirting, my pussy just wasn’t satisfied.

At that same time, I noticed a shadow out of the corner of my eye and noticed an average looking white man staring through the window on the front porch. I jumped up and hesitated confronting the man at first but then my pussy took over and said if William doesn’t want any of this I bet this man will. I opened the door and realized the man was with Amazon and delivered a package William has been waiting weeks for. I told the man, if you like what you see then come in but no talking, no names canlı bahis siteleri and just give me your dick. The man did not hesitate and walked right in. The man immediately dropped his pants and out popped an average size dick. I told the man to slow down, help me take pictures first then he can fuck me doggy style. After several minutes of taking pictures, my pussy was dripping and I needed dick. I got on the couch doggy style and motioned for the man to come fuck me. He wasted no time and shoved his dick in my wet pussy and gave me a hard pounding that I needed. After several minutes, I felt the man tense up and he shot load of warm cum into my pussy. I immediately came to my senses and told the man he needed to leave. I ran to the bathroom and started the shower.

After a few minutes of panicking, I heard the front door open but before I could get in the shower William was pulling me onto the bed and making me sit on his face. When I first straddled William’s face I was worried that he would know a strange man just came in my pussy but after the first few minutes when he didn’t say anything I knew he didn’t know or didn’t care. William ate my pussy the best anyone has ever until I squirted all over his mouth and face. I turned around into a 69 position and gave him an amazing blow job before William came in my mouth.

The rest of the night William didn’t say a word or question anything about my day. The next day when William was at work, I noticed on my cell phone the man had taken a short video of him fucking me. I decided to post the video on a porn site and send William the link. I guess after all William does deserve the right to know.

William the Next Day

I sat at my desk in my chair as I do Monday through Friday every week. I began to daydream about yesterday’s sexual activities when my cell phone beeps. I looked and realized it’s a link from Marion. I clicked the link then began to watch the 2 minute video clip on the porn website. As I am watching , things become clear. First, the furniture looks familiar, then the girl’s ass, then the girl’s moaning voice and just before the video stops I see the male fucking the girl doggy style was wearing an Amazon delivery polo and heard the girl ask, “Did you just cum in my pussy?” Son of a bitch…

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