16 Haziran 2021

Sexual Healing

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The video was good quality, exceptionally good in fact. The man and woman were either great actors or not acting at all. They started by kissing gently, then passionately and very quickly, as if their lust fast-forwarded them they were both naked and he was sucking her nipples then heading south leaving a trail of wet kisses along the way all over her young smooth skin.

Then his head was buried between her thighs, one of her legs draped over his shoulder and the other spread and dangling from the side of the bed, her foot on the floor. I could not see exactly what his mouth was doing to her inbetween, but I could see her face, her expression of total pleasure.

Her eyes were closed, her mouth slightly open, her nostrils a bit wider than normal and her nipples, still shining wet with his saliva, were hard and pointing upwards. She looked perfectly beautiful and serene as if she were smelling scents and hearing music from heaven at the same time. She had the expression of the devoutly religious feeling God’s presence. The man’s head kept bobbing between her legs and her back was starting to arch upwards, her mouth opened a bit more; she was nearing climax. There was, however, no audio.

It was a fantastic video. I would have enjoyed if the woman in it were not my wife. There also was that crazy woman sitting with me watching the couple on the screen in the grips of uncontrollable passion.

This is not happening, I must have dozed off and this is a bad dream. Hard to believe that minutes earlier, although it feels like a lifetime ago, I was ready to leave for the mountain to ski the long weekend. Gina, my wife could not come, had to stay with her mom who was getting worse; she said.

I was even whistling on my way to the car, skis on the roof and gear in the trunk and all set to go, then the red Mercedes came to a grinding halt and the woman with the wide green eyes and flaming red hair came in brisk strides. “Mr. Hood?”

“Yes.” I answered trying to sound calm. There was something about her. He was beautiful alright, yet beautiful would not be the whole description. She had enough beauty but she also had this quality that few women have: She made me aware of my manhood and, my manhood was certainly aware of her. She also made me very nervous.

There was an edge to her talking, her body language which made the encounter tense. Feeling the sexual tension towards her rise inside of me did not help. Perhaps she was a friend of Gina, my wife. I smiled gently, “Gina is spending the weekend with her mother. We were supposed to go skiing but I have to go alone,” I added the extra explanation for no other reason than being nervous.

“Are you a friend of her, I don’t think we met before. Mrs..? I am sorry I don’t know your name.” “I am not a friend of hers and we have not met before. My name is Brenda.”

“Nice to meet you Brenda, sorry but I have to go. I hate the reaching the mountains after dark.” I said rather sheepishly.

“I did not come to talk to your wife Mr. Hood. I came to talk to you,” the edge in her voice was getting sharper.

“If I am to call you Brenda then please call me Gary or give me your lat name,” I tried to say in good humor but it came out clipped and nervous.

“Brenda will be fine Gary. After all we have a strong bond. My husband is fucking your wife as we speak, have been fucking her for God knows how long. Go and enjoy your long weekend and when you come back you will be a widower, cus I intend to kill the bastard and the slut.”

The expression on my face must have spoken volumes; suddenly her shoulders dropped and her stance softened and when she spoke, the tone was milder. “I am sorry. I have been boiling with anger for over a week. I wanted to talk to you. I did not mean it to come out the way it did. Sorry I did not mean to hurt you. “

I was shocked and I did not try to hide it. When I talked I was surprised how calm I sounded, “you came to talk so let’s go inside and talk.”

So we were inside. I offered a drink and she declined. I poured myself a scotch then realized I could not possibly enjoy it. I just put it on the table untouched. “Perhaps you should gulp this down, you won’t lie this video.” She put the video in the player and sat on the other end of the sofa watching it with me.

On the screen Gina arched her back and, even without audio, you could see she was screaming. Having what she calls “a motherfucking orgasm.” It was a long orgasm as well as intense. She was almost convulsing with her mouth wide open, hands covering her face, her breasts shaking with her orgasmic spasms, her lovely body turning rosy with her boiling blood. It was a cum-shot the porn industry would kill for.

He stayed there between her canlı bahis thighs, her legs flailed and kicked involuntarily skyward. Then she gradually subsided. His head stayed there working on her and finally, at long last, he was giving her cunt many cool-down kisses. She calmed, her body relaxed and became totally still.

He raised his head; his face shining with her secretions. His mouth traveled upwards, kissing the tuft of hair above the cunt- I trimmed for her only last week, now he was chewing on it. He licked the hair and chewed on it some more, then upwards he went, kissing her navel, her breasts and the finally he was looking at her fondly.

Her eyes closed with this heavenly expression of ultimate gratification. She looked angelic. He kissed her gently and her tongue went out and started licking his face.

I wanted to push the off button on the remote but hit the ‘pause” button. The image froze with her tongue extended out full length drawing half circle to lick her own juice off his face.

I felt a flash of anger and an overwhelming jealousy. My face got hot as if on fire and strangely enough, in the background of it all, as if trying to bury it deep and hide even from myself, I felt very horny. It was animal-like horny.

“Are you alright?” she asked and there was genuine concern in her voice. Her green eyes were not shooting darts and her hand touched my shoulder gently. I was indeed hyperventilating.

I had a typhoon of emotions swirling in my head. “Sorry, It is not everyday you see your wife…” I did not know how to finish the sentence and just opened my hands in despair. Then I said the craziest thing without ever wanting to: “Give the guy credit, he is an awesome cunt-eater.” It was nervous humor but the damage was done.

I was staring again at the green eyes, very close to my face, shooting darts of fire from an angry hell. “I am gonna kill them both. He hasn’t eaten me in months and he never ate me like this.” I felt her anger and pain, I had some boiling inside me.

I also had other feelings, totally out of my control. I desired her, lusted for her and in a strange sense, loved her. I could smell her hair, her skin and her overall presence. She excited me, and there was nothing I can do about it. I both liked this weird feeling but yet could not take it. I wanted to either get up and pace like a caged animal; and I wanted to hold her, kiss her, spread her legs and did to her pussy what her husband did to my wife’s. I could not get up; I did not want her to see I was developing an erection, a mother-fucking one.

“Please forgive me, I always use humor as a defense mechanism. It was in poor taste. I am running a gamut of emotion I don’t understand.” I tried to justify my comment on her husband being a great cunt-eater.

“I am sorry I seem to have taken my anger on you. I should not have come to you with those videos. I was not thinking right. Maybe I should go.”

“Please don’t go; don’t leave me now.”

“What a mess I made. I planned it differently, what was I thinking?” She sounded apologetic, helpless and almost desperate.

“I hate to tell you this but you still not thinking straight. I am not judging and I don’t blame you. But when you talk about killing people you leave me in a precarious situation. Either you don’t mean it and any action I take is an overreaction, or you are serious and I stand to be an accessory to two counts of first degree murder. So tell me once and for all you were just blowing steam.”

We were facing each other, she smelled clean and feminine and we were close I can soak her beauty. I was not thinking straight either. On the television screen Gina’s tongue remained frozen in the act of licking her own cum off the man’s face. I wanted to ask what his name was but did not want to open my mouth. I simply enjoyed being that close to her, even after seeing what her husband did to my wife. Or could it be, because of what her husband did to my wife?

In the turmoil I was going through, one thing was certain: I hade a huge, painful erection that I hid well the way I sat; but it was starting to hurt.

She sighed, “you are a very nice man Gary and I can not lie to you. I really want to kill them both. I think I am serious. Do what you have to do to cover your legal ass. I don’t mind taking my punishment for it.”

The silence was uneasy. She continued, “I have the advantage of knowing where they are. You can call the police right now if you wish but that would seal their fate. You don’t have an address, you don’t have a last name. By the time they find me they will need two body-bags, at least.” The silence that followed was deafening and deadly. I was thinking very fast.

“Alright. Let us talk. You bahis siteleri either convince me and I’ll help you or I convince you to do something else other than double murder.”

“I don’t think so Gary. I really don’t think I should have come here. I don’t think you should suffer the indignity of watching those videos.” Videos? How many are there? She stood up in front of me, her crotch was level with my face. Dear God I smelled her cunt, through the skirt and whatever else. It was maddening, just when I needed all the brains I could muster.

“You must have come here because deep down you wanted someone to share those feelings with. You have been suffering and you came here because you wanted someone to talk to; someone to talk you out of committing murder. I don’t believe you came here to hurt me.” I still could smell her cunt and if she came any closer I will give her cunt a kiss through fabric and come what may. I licked my lips.

“Your wife is very beautiful.”

“Yes, she is indeed. You are a very lovely woman, very lovely and…so sexy.” How much I wanted to add that and by the way I am dying to eat you and lick your cum and..

She dropped on her knees and her face was so close to mine I could taste the sweetness of her mouth, so close like two fighters going toe to toe, and yet so far.

“Then why is my husband fucking your wife? You know what they are doing now. They are fucking, sucking and fucking and sucking.” She started crying and I held her. She kept sobbing and Gina’s tongue was still licking her hubby’s face. It was a tender moment but did not help the swelling between my legs. I kissed her forehead and she raised her face and our lips touched, ever so gently. I felt dizzy.

We almost French-kissed before she shook herself gently and sat down on the sofa but as far away from me as possible. “You are very lovely, Brenda. People do wrong things for wrong reasons all the time. It is not fair to judge a man or a woman by his or her worst act.”

“You are more forgiving than me.”

“It is more like being factual. I know men who cheated on the wonderful wives they loved, then spent the rest of their lives regretting the indiscretion. He probably still loves you more than you know or than he knows himself.”

There was a long pause and I let her think while I collected more of my thoughts. “Sex sometimes is a way to heal wounds we don’t want the loved ones to see. You are angrier because you saw tapes. I don’t know how many are there. But I only saw few minutes of one video. How long it took you to make those tapes and how much more of them you saw, made you more bitter than me.”

“I did not make the tapes. I don’t know who made them, probably them. I found them in his study by accident, all three of them.”

“Well, even if love is dead, divorce is a better option than killing people. Yet then, maybe if I watch all the tapes I will change my mind.”

With that I pushed the “play” button and Gina’s tongue finished licking his face off. “Your husband is a very handsome man.” She sighed and grunted but said nothing.

He was standing looking at Gina’s body. The area between her legs was shiny and the tuft of pubic hair wet. His hand caressed her tummy and went to her pussy. He started finger fucking her. Her hand was stroking his cock.

His cock was thick like mine but probably shorter but he was very hard. I read Gina’s lips begging, “put it in my mouth.” He did, ever so slowly approaching till he was close enough for her to grab it and swallow it. She was sucking and moving her head back and forth, her hands fondling his balls.

“I can’t get the thought of killing them out of my mind. I have been thinking about it since I found those tapes a week ago. Are you always that logical?”

“No, I made few stupid mistakes in my life.”

“Including marrying this woman?” the sarcasm was dripping with the venom of an angry woman.

“Gina is not a bad woman. Maybe she wanted to feel young and loved. Maybe I have been busy with work and sports. If it makes you feel any better, she never sucked me like this for a very long time. Maybe I did not give her a chance.”

“You still defending her? What are you, a fucking saint?”

“I am no saint, believe me. I just think if you pass a death sentence on someone, you owe them a fair trial.” She thought about that for a while. I added, “let us be fair. You said he never eaten you like this.”

“Well, he hasn’t.”

“Alright, when did you suck him like this. I’ll start the confessional: I have not eaten Gina’s cunt in two months. Your turn.”

“I haven’t sucked his cock in..a very long time. Probably three months.”

On the screen he was nearing climax in her mouth: The veins on his bahis şirketleri neck stretched and his face turned flaming red. One of Gina’s fingers was teasing his asshole. It is always amazed me that, close and during orgasm, women look heavenly serene while men look in severe pain.

He started shooting and his cock jumped out of her mouth, spraying her face with two long streaks of cum before she took it back and contained it deep in her mouth. Her long neck showed the fast swallowing motion berating how heavy his orgasm was. She could not take it all and another streak flowed down her cheek, down from the corner of her mouth.

His legs wobbled while her tongue drew circles around the tip of his cock licking off the last droplets of his sperm. Then he collapsed to his knees and they were kissing again.

They did not rest for long. He rode her, rubbed his cock in her labia few times then he pushed it into her wet cunt. She wrapped her legs around him and the fucking began.

On the other end of the sofa Brenda buried her face in her hands and sobbed.

I got closer and held her shaking body. “When was the last time you sucked him like that?” Her body shook and when she looked back at me, there were real tears in her eyes. I kissed her lips gently and she kissed me back, or at least did not resist.

Encouraged, I licked her lips, lost in the sweetness of it all. Her tongue came gently and licked my lips, our tongues met and I send mine deep into her mouth. I got drunk on the sweetness of her mouth. I sent a hand under her skirt. Her underpants felt soft and stretchable; probably fancy tongs.

I got as far as feeling the trimmed hair down there before her hand stopped me. I took her hand and made her feel my erection. She moaned and kept her hand there for few seconds. Slowly, ever so slowly, oh God help me, she reached for my zipper.

Her tongue shot daringly into my mouth. When my hand went again under the skirt there was no resistance. She freed my cock out of its confines and was rubbing it. I send one finger in her velvet love hole, already lubed up with her honey, then a second finger. We paused long enough to shed most of our cloths on the floor.

I licked the two fingers soaked with her honey and she licked my precum straight off the tip of my cock. She moaned when I opened her legs, taking one foot on the backrest and the other on the floor; then I dove and feasted on her honey pot.

I tongue fucked her long and hard till she moaned in the pain of desire. I then started licking her clit. She smelled and tasted horny and wet but so pure.

It did not take her very long till I sensed her nearing orgasm. I kept stimulating her clit with my finger and funneled my tongue in position to take her juice in my mouth. When she came her flow was generous but gentle and I was able to drink most of it. What I missed I licked off her thighs and asshole.

When she subsided I held her and she said softly, “for all it’s worth, you are a hell of a cunt-eater yourself. Walt never ate me like this. Now put this thing in my mouth and let me suck you off till you have no bone marrow left.” Oh how beautiful those green eyes of her. Now I reached for the neglected scotch and drained her love juices down with it. She asked for some and I gave it to her straight from my mouth.

Then I sat on the sofa and she was on her knees in front of me. She rubbed my hard cock with both hands. She took her sweet time licking and gently biting the shaft and head on my hard rocket. Finally she sucked.

I was so ripe I came so quickly and suddenly it shook me like an earthquake. Before I fully subsided, she rode me and we held each other for a long time. I told her she was a hell of a cock-sucker herself.

On the screen those two other people were taking turns riding each other; fucking and sucking. Somehow it did not seem to matter anymore. With the chemistry between us, our spouses became, for now, perfect strangers; just two people fucking for our viewing enjoyment.

I got hard again, indeed never lost my erection. Brenda rode me first. We came together hot, hard and heavy and then subsided together. It felt so sweet. In a sense it was so healing, a magical moment; and yes, a spiritual communion. Let there more sensuous love and less killing. Let there be more fucking and less murder.

“I still feel like killing them though.” She sounded more playful, antagonistic or defiant child than a black widow. “You are a hell of a lay Brenda but you are a vindictive woman. For that I am gonna take you to bed, carry you upside down for a good 69 like you never had in your horny life. Then, God be my witness, I am gonna fuck the hell out of you.” We raced upstairs to the bedrooms and shower.

Around midnight I asked if she still wanted to kill Walt and Gina. “Whoe are they. Shut up and fuck.”

And may God be my witness, I did.

The rest is nothing but fucking history.

To be continued.

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