16 Mayıs 2021

Shaving His Daughter

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Adriana Chechik

Mason kept dragging the razor gently over the pouting mound between his eighteen-year-old daughter’s open thighs. Josie’s skin was already smooth as a plum, and he was only gazing at her pussy with awed fascination now. Her complexion made him think of butter melting. It was deep and creamy and already tanned after only the first couple of afternoons at the hotel pool. Being the first time for both of them at a nudist resort, the ripe, youthful girl’s supple skin was tanning over her usual bikini line. Her adorable, barely B cup tits were now the same light cinnamon shade as the area between her shapely thighs.

Josie sat on the edge of the tub as quietly as possible through the whole process of letting her father shave her pussy for the first time. She first mentioned wanting to shave her pussy the day before, their first few hours by the pool where the girl noticed how many of the women also had shaved pussies.

Mason had enjoyed being a nudist off and on for years, and when he brought his daughter to the resort he hadn’t planned on getting hard in front of her, but when she boldly asked if he liked bald pussies it set off an undeniable spark in his mind. He’d always been fully aware of his pretty, brown-haired daughter’s looks and youthful sexiness, but when she put the idea of her hairless pussy mound in his mind he couldn’t resist the effect it had on him.

He loved his pretty daughter more than anything in the world, and now he was fighting against an intense desire to have her as his own. When he offered to shave her himself she’d been quick to accept, yet she’d barely made eye contact with him since it all started. Most of the process had taken place in silence except for the occasional whimpers coming from Josie as her pussy grew flushed and wet in response to her father’s slow, methodical handling. He’d shaved her mound carefully, then had her spread her lithe, young legs so he could shave even more carefully along the edges of her pussy lips. Her skin felt so smooth and tender, and he’d been ever so careful to pull and stretch at the supple folds of her young slit so he could shave her perfectly clean.

He finally dropped the razor and picked up the shower nozzle dangling down in the tub. Angling the nozzle between her legs, he sprayed her thighs and mound, rinsing away whatever was left of the cream he’d used on her. He was sitting cross legged in the large tub while she was perched on the edge, feet planted at his sides. He yanked the plug to let the water drain and picked up the lotion bottle warming in the water. He splatted a few dollops in his palm. It was thin and almost watery now from sitting in the warm water. He started smearing the drippy lotion along her thighs and across her pussy.

“Is it nicer now, Daddy?” she asked, barely above a whisper.

“It’s perfect, my love,” he told her sincerely.

The girl hesitated, but then softly asked her father if he really thought so.

“No question, sweetheart,” he told her. Despite their often amatör porno being nude at home, this was the closest Mason’s face had ever been to his daughter’s pussy. He couldn’t keep fighting the tingling heat finally causing his cock to begin growing, and discovering how much she wanted him to like it only made it worse. And the way she sat with her legs still open, allowing him to spread lotion all over the insides of her thighs and pussy mound was bringing his shaft quickly to a throbbing erection.

“You really like bald ones, don’t you, Dad?”

“What makes you say a thing like that?”

“I see the way you look at those bald ones down by the pool,” she told him.

“I didn’t realize I was looking so much.”

“You were.” She lightened the tense atmosphere with a brief giggle.

“I guess I can’t help it, baby, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Daddy. I’m really glad you like it. I was looking a lot, too. Mostly at you, though.”

“Really? It’s not like you haven’t seen me before, honey.”

“Yeah, I guess. I just like it. I like how you shave down there, too.”

“It just feels better, sweetheart. Don’t you think?” He increased the pressure of his fingers rubbing over her mound, bringing an audible sigh out of her mouth.

“Yeah. It really feels nice.”

He leaned in close enough to deeply inhale the scent of her smooth pussy. Her natural perfume filtered through the aroma of the lotion. The blood expanded in his veins. He sighed, running his slick fingers over her mound and lips. He traced the shape of her slit with his fingers. Up. Down. Across. He opened his mouth and let a hot rush of breath wash over her fresh mound.

“Ohhhh, wow, Daddy,” she cooed.

He peeled her lips open with his fingers and slowly dragged the flat of his tongue up her open slit. Then he planted a hard, wet kiss over her lips. Her sighs grew deeper as his tongue slid upward over her slit and he let the tip dip into the mouth of her sheath. She flushed harder and left cream on the tip of his tongue. He briefly sucked the bud of her clit and looked up. Her small yet pert tits looked bigger from his angle beneath, and her nipples were standing out hard.

Her fingers laced into his dark, wet hair. His body was still as wet as hers. He clamped his hands over her upper thighs and dug his thumbs into the meat at the base of her ass, kneading and spreading her at the same time. He opened his mouth and covered her pussy, pressing the broad side of his tongue against her slit. At first, he just moved his tongue against the slick pliancy of her lips in subtle undulations. The undulations gradually transformed into swiping laps up along her slit, dragging over the knotted clit at the apex.

Josie’s sighs turned into moans while she started grinding her pussy back against her father’s mouth. Mason realized the girl needed this just as much as he did and he feasted on the sweetness of her juicy pussy like no other pussy he’d ever eaten. This was anal porno his own baby girl and she had the sweetest, tightest and freshest pussy he’d ever tasted. The sounds of pleasure rising from her silken body as he licked and probed at her hole with his tongue were making his cock ache with need like he’d never felt in his life.

He savored the girl’s tender slit for a long time, but finally backed away and stood up. There was a fluid quality to the solid contours of his body, while his cock stood out hard, thick and imposing. In her sitting position, Josie’s face was now almost level with the strutting swagger of her father’s throbbing stalk.

She was ignoring his face, keeping her eye trained on his cock. He gripped a handful of her wet hair and pulled her forward. She instantly opened her mouth, but he avoided her lips, grinding his shaft across her face. Her tongue lashed out as he crushed his hard flesh into her cheek. But her mouth was a luxury he could only resist for so long, and when she cupped his balls in one hand, curling the other around the base of his shank, he caved.

Mason’s oozing bulb disappeared into the swirling wet heat of his daughter’s open lips. He let go of her hair and grabbed the wall with both hands. The motion of her lips, tongue and hand all blurring into one thing. She whimpered and slurped as he filled her mouth with his straining flesh. He pulled back and pushed in. And again. The hand caressing his balls held its position, but her finger reached out and teased his rim.

“Fuck, baby, yes. It’s so good. Ohhh, Daddy loves you so much.” There was more breath to the sound than voice. “Fuck.”

His muscles clenched and he groaned again. He drew his shaft back and thrust again into the hot, swirling wetness of her mouth.

“I wish I could tell you how much I love you,” he groaned, unable to resist pushing and pulling.

Josie pushed him away and looked up at him. “I know you do, Daddy. I can feel it. I always have.”

Mason gripped the sides of her slender neck and urged her up to stand. Her eyes were full of emotion. He then dragged her out of the tub by the hand, leading her into their room but he stopped short of the bed. Josie got a smoky look in her eyes and started caressing his cock with both hands.

He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed down, sinking with her to the carpet. She let him guide her down to her back and push her thighs open. He sat beside her, tracing one hand in sloping trails over her smooth tits while he finger massaged her slit with the other. Her lips were swollen and slick with girl honey. For a moment, he held his fingers to his face and inhaled her. Then he painted her nipples with her own slick and leaned over to suck it back off while it was still fresh.

He sat up and went back to his steady caressing of her tits and pussy. Then he shifted and pulled her legs up high. She held her position while he trailed his finger over her slit until it was thoroughly soaked anal breakers porno in her wetness, then dragging it lower to smear her rim until it was lacquered as heavily as her slit.

“I shouldn’t need you this much, my love. But I do.”

“Daddy…you know I need you too. I know you do.”

He ground his fingers over the hard pebble of her clit as he slid his other finger into her ass. He stroked his finger in a gentle but insistent pump, massaging her from inside.

He finger-fucked her ass and thrummed her clit until she was pulling hard for air and squirming over the carpet.

“I know, baby,” he admitted. “I’ve always known. Just as you’ve always known about me, too.”

“I love you, Daddy,” she sighed dreamily.

He needed to be deeper inside her than he could go with his finger. He yanked his digit from her ass and hunkered between her thighs, grabbing his shaft and raining wet cock slaps against her pussy before finally pushing his shaft inside the churning hot grip of her sheath. She felt impossibly tight, and the low, throaty yowl she uttered as his throbbing cock sank deeply into her slit made him throb harder than ever. He grabbed her by the ankles and held her legs high and wide as he shoved his prick forcefully into her core.

They both gasped at the same time, and Mason started thrusting into her with rhythmic lunges. By the time he was pulling as hard for air as she was, he felt her wrenching her ankles away from his grasp, wrapping her thighs around his waist.

“Daddy, daddy,” she moaned. “It’s just…so…wonderful. Fuck me and make me all yours forever.”

She leaned her weight back on her shoulders and ground her hips back into the hard lunges of her father’s cock. She ground and rocked at him, taking over, wrenching his stone hard shank like a plastic toy. There was almost a determined sneer on her face as she ripped what she needed for herself from the steaming rod of his flesh. Her face became a twisted mask of desperate need. Mason had never seen a look like that on any girl’s face in his life.

He leaned closer and kissed her. It was a desperately hungry kiss, with their tongues swirling and twisting together within their joined mouths. He kept his cock pumping steadily into the tight, wet grip of his daughter’s pussy.

“You know I love you, baby,” he said, fighting for breath. “Daddy’s gonna love you always.”

“I need it, Daddy. I only ever want your dick in me.”

Mason became a bundle of raw nerves building toward his explosion. His entire frame began to shudder. At the same time, Josie’s peak burned through the creamy slap of their bodies, as if her pleasure were shuddering into to his body and taking the hot gush of cum from his cock.

After, they got up and lay on top of the bed. Side by side. Holding hands. The look of contented disbelief on his daughter’s face matched everything that Mason was feeling now.

They were a sweaty, froth-spattered mess and needed to get back in the shower.

The pair spent a long time kissing and cuddling. Finally, Mason told her, “I think our nude vacation just turned into a father/daughter honeymoon, baby darling.”

Josie smiled from ear to ear. “I love that, Dad. And I love you more than anything.”

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