12 Mayıs 2021

She’s Blind not Dead

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“Look JC if you are going to insist on wearing that bikini today then you should trim your pubic hair, I’m sorry but its sticking out on both sides of your bikini panty.” Dad said and I had already felt it so I knew he was correct, I guess I should have tried these on before we went away.

This was the first Florida vacation away with Dad since mom had died in a car accident almost 3 years ago.

We had stayed in this place for the many other times when on vacation, in this really nice townhouse with a huge balcony that overlooked the ocean. It also had a swimming pool for every 8 units but in the summertime we usually had the pool to ourselves for most of the day.

Not that I could see the ocean, you see I’m, BLIND.

I’m Jenny Colleen hence the nickname JC, I’m 19 years old now and I have been blind since I had a serious illness when I was 10 years old that also left me somewhat weak and frail with slight tremors.

We come from a very small rural community in Pennsylvania so after my illness I had home schooling with mostly teaching by my mom because of my affliction and over the years I had relied on her for almost everything.

But since Mom had passed away Daddy had become depressed and somewhat of a loner so I was hoping that this vacation would bring him and me closer together again.

“Well Daddy, can you trim it for me, better still I prefer it to be shaved right back?” I asked him as I spoke in his direction.

“Oh my god, JC, I shouldn’t be doing that.” Dad responded.

“Well, mom used to do that. You know how shaky my hands are, the last time I did it I nicked myself all over the place. Anyway, what’s the big deal you’ve seen everything before a thousand times, its not like I’m asking a stranger to do it for me and you know how much I really wanted to wear a bikini this time, Daddy.” I asked.

“I big ass porno guess so, you’ll have to lie down on the bed and take those pants off. But for goodness sake don’t tell anyone about this.” He said.

I found my way to the bedroom and dropped my bikini bottoms and then I lay on the bed and waited. It seemed like forever but finally he came and put a towel under me and then he started snipping and snipping.

I could feel his big thick fingers moving me around down there as he opened my legs wider apart.

“Aren’t you going to shave me as well, Daddy?” I asked.

“I gotta trim back that big mop of black hair first, I should have never married an Italian girl, your mom was the same way, she also had a black bush of hair and had to do under her arms all the time. You’ll have to excuse my fingers JC, this isn’t a straight forward job.” He said.

“That’s okay Daddy, just do what you have to, to do a good job. In fact why don’t you just get rid of it all, take it all off.” I told him.

“If you insist.” He said as he continued snipping and then he said that he was going for the shaving cream and a new razor.

He squirted the shaving cream all over and then rubbed it around and I had never figured that it would start to feel nicer than when Mom used to do that. His big thick finger was pushed down between my lips as he shaved one side and eventually he had to move my legs in different angles.

“Darn this is awkward trying to get both sides, maybe if you let one leg fall off the bed and put that foot on the floor.” He said and I reached out to feel where he was before I lifted my knee and swung one leg out of bed.

My hand touched his bare waist and then I just let it drape down and over his bare thighs just before I swung my leg out of bed, I didn’t feel any pants or shorts on his body.

“Don’t big tits porno you have any shorts on, Daddy?” I asked.

“No, but you don’t either, remember.” He said as he chuckled.

“Well, why not?” I asked.

“This job certainly doesn’t require them, it’s much easier for me without them.” He said.

“Why?” I asked as his thick finger pressed firmer and I got a real tingly feeling.

“Well, here I am shaving a beautiful young woman’s pussy and you have to ask why.”

“I must admit it feels like you are doing a good job, anyway.” I said.

“In what way? I shouldn’t be doing this you know.” He said.

“It just feels better than when Mom used to do it, but she’s not here anymore Dad, so what do I do, who else would I be able to ask. I don’t feel embarrassed Dad, so you shouldn’t be complaining.” I said.

“I’m sorry, I’m not complaining.” He said as he lifted my leg back on the bed and then asked me to spin around and drape the other leg out of bed.

“When you’ve finished shaving can you get a damp cloth and wipe away any fuzz or stray cream. Then get the moisturizing cream out of the bathroom please.” I said as his thick finger parted my lips again and made me tingle.

Finally he had finished with the shaving and then he went for the cloth and the bottle of cream. He wiped the cloth around to remove any surplus cream and it made me feel much fresher. Then I asked for the cream and reached out with my hand but instead of the bottle of cream I finished up putting my hand around his hard penis.

“Now, I realize why you didn’t have any shorts on Daddy. I’ll bet it would have been very uncomfortable if you had left them on. Can you put the cream on me now and rub it in really good, please.” I said as I continued to hold onto his big piece of meat.

I may have been blind but blacked porno I wasn’t dead, I had had my hands on a cock before, inside the old barn back home. Although the young boy the same age as me was smaller in size than Daddy, I figured the theory was about the same.

I heard him shake the bottle and then squirt it out onto my pubic area and then his big hand started distributing it all over. He rubbed it in slowly and it made me tingle even more than before.

“Mmmm Daddy, keep rubbing that stuff in right about there.” I said softly, as I pointed with my finger and dabbed it in the cream then transferred it to my other hand as I stroked his big penis slowly.

It felt good, in fact it felt fantastic and I opened my legs wider and pushed my bum up off the bed in slow motion. He didn’t stop except to squirt a little more out of the bottle but I hung onto his penis and stroked it a little faster.

“Oh Daddy that’s better than when Mom did it and she made me feel so good. Please, keep doing whatever you are doing.” I cried softly as I detected his breathing was becoming unstable and he was muttering and sighing. I knew what was happening to him and that pretty soon he would be spurting his semen but so long as he kept rubbing me I didn’t care.

“Oooooh oooooooh, oooooooh, keep doing that. Holy, keep going. Oooooooooh my god Daddy. Oooooh oooooooh yesss, yesss, oh yesss daddy.” I cried out loud.

I stroked him faster and faster and then I was in heaven as a wave of pleasure flashed through my body and it didn’t stop for several long seconds. I arched my back and thrusted upward into his hand as his thick finger slid in and out of my wet spot.

“Oh my goodness, you squirted some pussy juice.” He said and I smiled.

His penis was throbbing in my hand and then just a few seconds later I felt his warm semen splashing all over my belly and legs as I continued stroking until it had stopped oozing.

“Oh my goodness in deed, Daddy, you just found yourself a new job. Now are we ever going swimming today.” I said and I giggled as he wiped my belly.

End of Part 1 – to be continued.

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