12 Mayıs 2021

Shooting My Sister Ch. 02

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Mike couldn’t get any satisfaction. During the skype session earlier in the evening, he had been surreptitiously whacking off under his Dad’s desk. He’d nearly shot his load when Jenny was getting sprayed by Steve’s cum, but the unexpected ending of the video link had left Mike with a raging erection and no stimulation. He would normally have pulled up a porno movie on his laptop, but the situation had become more complicated by the unexpected arrival of his sister Hannah and her boyfriend Tony in the office.

“Oh! Hey Mike,” said Hannah, surprised to see him there. Mike noticed she quickly straighten the top of her dress, which had probably just had Tony’s hands in it, pawing at her tits. Mike caught a quick glimpse of a black lacy bra beneath her short white dress. Hannah’s long red hair and bright green eyes made always made for a stunning sight, but she looked especially hot tonight: The dress was tight around her small but perky tits, her legs looked even longer than normal as she stood casually in her stiletto heels. Mike’s cock started to harden again under the desk just watching her: He had ignored or fought with his sister for years as they grew up, but at 19 she’d become a frequent focus of his late night fantasies, which mostly involved Hannah’s eyes smiling at him as she slowly took every inch of his hard cock into her willing mouth.

“Er…we were just going to pick out a book from Dad’s library,” Hannah said.

“Yeah, sure,” said Mike rolling his eyes. “There’s hardly any brandy left, but there’s still plenty of single malt whiskey.”

Hannah giggled and smiled at Mike “That obvious huh?” She reached over to stroked his face gently. “You won’t tell Dad will you?” She’d clearly had a few drinks already, and Tony was standing right behind her, trying (but failing) to touch up Hannah’s ass without Mike seeing.

“Huh? Oh no, no, I won’t say,” Mike mumbled. His naked prick, under the desk was just a few inches from his sisters thigh, and the knowledge was making him even harder. He pretended to finish working on his laptop, and waited until Hannah and Tony started fixing themselves a drink from his Dad’s “secret” bar in the bookcase. Quickly and quietly Mike tucked his dick back into his pants and zipped up his jeans, then he yawned and said goodnight as he left the room trying to keep the prominent bulge in his pants out of eyesight.

Hannah and Tony came upstairs soon after their nightcap. Within minutes Mike heard the rhythmic squeaking of the bed springs as things moved along in the next bedroom. Hannah was the classic cute and friendly girl-next-door: the sort who loved to babysit and help with charity events and got straight A’s at school and college without every seeming to study. But since she’d found sex with her first long term (now ex-) boyfriend Jake, Mike had seen (or rather heard) a whole different side of her. He was well practiced at finding the best spot to listen in on his sister, and moving to the back of the closet where the wall was thin, could hear all the sounds as he was in bed with them.

“Hey, Hannah,” Tony said. “You like my big fat cock in your tight cunt?” Not very subtle, but Hannah seemed to like this stuff.

“Ungg, yeah that cock is soooo hard… go faster now Baby…God I’m so wet! My clit gets so hard when your massive cock is in my pussy – do you feel my hard clit? ….I love it when you put your finger on my asshole – will you touch my ass while your thick cock fills my cunt with jizz, Baby?” Wow, thought Mike, she was on form tonight.

Mike was beating off in time with the rapid pumps that Tony was delivering to Hannah’s pussy. Mike had been trying to work on some tantric stuff he’d read, about men who could have like five orgasms without ejaculating. He’d got quite good at it with his girlfriend Angela, but the sounds of Hannah squealing “I think I’m gonna cum…. I’m gonna cum on your hard cock Baby!” was almost too much for him.

All too soon though, Tony was grunting and moaning like he was spraying a load into her tight snatch. Hannah was crying out too, but it sounded more frustrated than blissful to Mike. When Tony finally finished, the room next door quickly got quiet. Mike started up his computer again and was going to finally get some relief watching that porn movie, when he heard Hannah’s bedroom door click. He moved to the door, hoping to see his sister’s naked body going to the bathroom, but instead nearly bumped into Tony who was slipping on his jacket while heading toward the stairs.

“Shit, you surprised me!” Tony said. “I’ve, er, got to get home before midnight. Umm, a big exam tomorrow.”

“Right,” Mike said. From what Mike had heard, Tony hardly ever attended any of the college classes, spending most of his time trying to juggle multiple girlfriends. The sleaze ball was probably going to see another one right now! “Yeah, it’s a bummer about those Saturday morning tests.”

“What? Oh… yeah,” Tony continued lamely. “Well, Hannah’s czech streets porno asleep, so say bye for me in the morning OK?” He crept down the stairs and, quietly opening and closing the door, was gone.

Though Mike knew it was wrong, he couldn’t resist taking a look at his sister while she slept. The hall light was enough to see that she’d fallen asleep on her belly, with her body half covered by the sheets. He could see one perfect, tight globe of her ass, and those long, long legs, her red hair in disarray down her back.

Her steady breathing made Mike more confident. He stepped into the room, walked quietly over to the bed. He could see her black bra and a matching thong laying discarded on the floor next to her crumpled dress and heels. A sudden wet squelch beneath his foot made Mike realize he’d stepped on the condom Tony must have used. He cursed Tony under his breath – what kind of pig just throws a loaded rubber on his girlfriends carpet? – but after he’d had a chance to get over feeling grossed out, Mike realized two things: First that Tony must have shot about a half cup of semen into that thing and second, that Hannah’s pussy would be nicely fucked but not full of jizz.

Mike leaned over his sister’s sleeping body and looked down between her legs. Her cunt hairs were moist and tangled and a beautiful smell came from her – the scent of a recently fucked pussy. Mike moved closer still and put his head down over her butt so he could breath in the odor. He cautiously slid a finger gently along her ass cheeks and ran it between her thighs to caress her pussy hairs. With no reaction, he became more bold and slid two fingers over her puffed up pussy lips, feeling the warmth and moisture. Hannah stirred a little, and Mike froze. She settled back down again and Mike continued his slow careful caresses, moving a finger along the line of her slit, which easily opened up to receive one then two fingers. Hannah’s pussy seemed to suck them in, and Mike just let it happen, sliding his fingers around in the welcoming wetness. He slid his fingers in and along her lips like he was in a dream, marveling at how hot she looked and how inviting her snatch was.

Suddenly. Hannah half awoke and sleepily said “Hmm, what’re you doing, baby?”

Mike thought frantically. “Shh,” he said in what he hoped was a fair match for Tony’s voice “Shhh, shhh.”

“Hmmm that feels nice,” Hannah said, as she reached out a hand to Mike’s naked leg. Mike froze again as Hannah’s hand worked its way up his thigh and quickly found his stiffened cock. “Are you ready to go again?” She asked, surprised. “Quite the stud tonight! Wanna fuck my pussy again, Tony? It needs fucking… will you help me with your massive cock? Please mister?”

Hannah was insistently beating Mike’s cock as she said this. Part of him wanted to go on forever, but he was worried that she’d roll over and see him. The hallway light had gone off automatically, and so the room was pretty dark, but he couldn’t take the chance. At the same time he couldn’t just stand and leave which would be really weird – who would do that when his hot girlfriend was begging to be screwed. But he couldn’t fuck his sister…could he?

Hannah started to roll over. “Do you want me to suck on it?” she said.

“Nuh uh,” said Mike hurriedly pushing her back down on her stomach. He had essentially no choice now. Without saying anything, he swung onto Hannah’s back and held her down while reaching his hands down to start guiding his cock into her tight pussy while trying to think of some way to avoid what seemed like an imminent disaster.

“Oh no you don’t mister!” Hannah said.

Mike stopped breathing and his heart pounded.

“Not till you put that bad boy in a new outfit.” Hannah reached out a hand to her bedside table and grabbed a condom.

Sighing with relief, Mike took the condom, opened it and awkwardly slipped it on without ever letting Hannah up.

Now he repeated his maneuver, guiding his cock to her entrance. He stopped a second as he seemed to realize what he was about to do: Was he really about to fuck his older sister? No way would he get away with this – he felt sure she’d catch him, then there’d be the yelling and screaming and she’d end up telling Mom, who’d ground him till he was thirty…

Hannah efficiently made the decision for Mike, by smoothly sliding her ass down so the head of his cock was now buried two inches into her pussy.

“Ohhhh, that feels gooood!” She said. Mike had to agree. “It feels like you’re super big in my tight snatch!”

Not wanting Hannah to think about why Tony’s penis would suddenly have become so much larger, Mike started up a steady rhythm, pounding her pussy with long strokes and then occasional rapid-fire pumps which made her squeal.

“Hmmm, you’re on fire, baby. Keep that coming…Ouch!” Hannah said, as Mike gave her ass a playful smack. He realized with a shock that czech taxi porno he’d never heard Tony do that while he was servicing Hannah, and he was afraid the game would be up.

“Do that again,” Hannah said, shyly, her face buried in the pillow.

Mike slapped her ass again, Hannah jerking and writhing beneath him, her legs widening and her ass lifting up to rock against his quick thrusts. Mike gave her another couple of smacks on each cheek, Hannah getting more and more excited with each one.

“Oh God,” She said, “I think I’m going to come! Keep fucking me, baby!” Mike was getting close too, and started to moan in time with Hannah. But his recent training came in handy and by controlling his breathing and breaking his rhythm a little, he held off the ejaculation.

Hannah heard his mounting cries and figured that, yet again, he’d be done long before she had a chance to finish off. To be honest, she had never had an orgasm with a guy, only getting off when she was able to spend 30 minutes of intensive focus with her vibrator. (In fact she’d get so distracted as she got close that Mike had once been able to crawl into her room to get a bird’s eye view of her large white vibrator jerking in and out of her pussy as Hannah pulled at her nipples and licked her lips. It was all he could do not to stick his tongue into her gaping cunt, but he felt too nervous to stay until she finished off).

But, to Hannah’s surprise, the obvious climax wasn’t followed by any change in his fucking her: His pace didn’t slow at all and his dick seemed just as hard as he continued to pound her pussy.

“You OK? She said.

“Hmm, uh” Mike said, trying to sound affirmative as he grunted into her long hair.

Hannah thought she’d died and gone to heaven. She leaned back further to meet his forward strokes, being rewarded by her cunt feeling more full than she could remember. She brought her legs under her a little and started to lift up her ass. “I want to be your little doggy for a while,” she said, moving onto all fours.

Mike was happy to oblige. Anything that let him keep screwing his beautiful sister — from behind.

Hannah again started panting and now made little yelping noises. Mike could tell she was very close to orgasm and kept his pace even, letting her move around on his cock to get the best angles. Hannah bit her lip praying he wouldn’t come too soon – she was so fucking close! He started slapping her ass again, making her squeal and yelp.

Then fireworks went off in Hannah’s mind as she reached the most intense orgasm she’d every had. Her legs trembled and her pussy grasped Mike’s cock like a vice as she cursed and screamed into the pillow, writhing her blissful pussy around on his cock. Her legs tightened around Mike, holding him in place tight inside her. He was gasping for air, and she figured he’d shot his load at last. Eventually Hannah’s tight embrace relaxed a little around him, and she was about to roll over, satisfied at last.

But as soon as she released him, Mike started pumping again, long deep slow strokes into her hypersensitive pussy. Hannah couldn’t believe it, but she sure didn’t try to stop him. She rocked back and forth more quickly now, wanting to milk whatever she could out of his cock before he ran out of stamina. They seemed to be trying to compete for who would push the pace fastest. Finally he Mike was pounding into her like a jack hammer and she was rocking back and forth like a slut, getting maximal depth with each thrust. In the middle of all this Hannah adjusted her balance and reached out to guide his hand to her ass. Mike stopped a second, coating his fingers in the juices running down Hannah’s legs, then rubbed her asshole. Hannah groaned with delight, but Mike didn’t stop there. He carefully slid first one, then two fingers into her asshole, before starting to launch into her pussy again while rolling his fingers in her tight butthole. All dignity and grace was done, Hannah was yelling, writhing on his cock and fingers, her legs far apart her ass high in the air begging to be fucked, her soaked pussy making obscene slurping noises as his prick divided her again and again.

Finally, all the training in the world couldn’t help. Mike yelled out one word “CUMMING” and held on to Hannah’s ass as he quickly reached his climax. Hannah was right with him, her face deep in the pillow “Please cum in me baby! I want to feel you fill my pussy with your hot jizz!” Her own words pushed her over the edge and she gasped as another lightning bolt orgasm made her entire body tense, then shiver with delight.

Mike was rapidly filling the condom lodged in his sister’s sweet, ravaged cunt. He lost all sense of where he was, or who she was. All he knew was his cock was in the tight pussy of a beautiful girl and that was all that mattered. He collapsed on top of her, and the both lay there, panting.

“Wow! Jeez! That was amazing!” Hannah said. She was digitalplayground porno amazed by this new skill her boyfriend had suddenly developed. His cock was still hard in her pussy as his reflexive movements gradually stopped.

Mike suddenly remembered where he was. He slid gently out of her pussy and rested on her back, still trying to prevent her from turning and seeing him. He slid to one side, keeping his head against her breast so she could only see the top of his head, relying on the darkness to prevent her noticing he his hair color was different from Tony’s. Mike gently rubbed Hannah’s back, something which had always helped her sleep as a child. It worked again, and his caresses, together with the exhaustion which came with being thoroughly fucked (twice!) meant she was soon asleep. Mike waited until he was sure, then reluctantly got up and slipped back to his room, checking to make sure she didn’t turn and see him in the moon light.

Back in his room, Mike couldn’t believe he’d gotten away with nailing his sister. His cock was aching, his whole body drained by glowing. God she was an awesome fuck, way better than he could have dreamed! Still, he had to remind himself, this was a one time deal never to be repeated. The circumstances would never happen again, and the risk was too great. Unless he could think of something…


“Sorry I had to skip so soon last night, Baby. Stuff to do. Love ya.” Tony’s message at first confused Hannah, then started to trouble her. When she woke in the morning, he was gone, but that was pretty normal: Tony’s mom was quite sick (or so he told her) and he had to be back by midnight or so to make sure she was OK. But he’d stayed late in that fantastic fuck-fest last night – she’d noticed that it was 12:30 when she was falling asleep and he was still in the room then.

She checked the message on her phone again: Received 11:45PM. Hannah’s mouth ran dry. What the…Who…?

Mike woke up with a smile on his face and deep satisfaction in his cock. He could still smell the scent of Hannah’s pussy on his hands and legs (her juices had been literally running out of her snatch last night). Their parents were away until tonight, so he’d have the whole of Saturday to relive taking his sister’s pussy. Maybe he could get hold of Hannah’s thong and whack off in her bed while she took a shower. Then he could innocently ask her about her evening while they had breakfast.

These happy thoughts were shattered as Hannah stormed into his room. “What the fuck happened last night?” In her hurry and confusion, Hannah hadn’t even put on any clothes. She stood there fuming, glaring at him. Even though he should have been concentrating on how to get out of the impending disaster, Mike couldn’t help but notice how her tits were a perfect shape for her slim body, firm and white, with her red hair rocking against her right breast as she breathed deeply in her anger.

“What, er. Last night? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Mike started.

“Don’t lie to me Mike! I’ve known when you’re lying since you were six years old!” Hannah said. “Tony sent me a message last night to apologize for leaving early!”

Oh shit, thought Mike, his eyes widening. The one time that jerk Tony decided to be conscientious…

“…but it sure seemed like someone was fuc…er, was in my bedroom last night after he was gone.” Hannah continued. “Anything to say?”

“I….erm….It wasn’t….” Mike stammered.

“Jesus, Mike! What did you do!?” Hannah exploded, her hands raised in fists. Again, Mike could stop himself from seeing how her breasts raised and how her nipples were stiff against the morning air. Her legs were set apart a little and he could see the edges of her pussy lips as she stood there. “Did you come into my room when Tony left!?” She caught sight of his gaze. “And stop fucking looking at my pussy!”

“Hannah, I’m sorry, I really don’t know what came over me..” Mike started. It was hopeless to deny it – anyway, she could learn the truth from Tony in five minutes. “I saw Tony leave, then I came into your room to, er, see if you were OK.” Hannah snorted. “Look I just wanted to, er, look at you. Then I rubbed your, um, back for a while and you reached down and grabbed my cock!” Hannah didn’t remember it quite that way, but she’d been waking up – did she really initiate the sex? “By that point I couldn’t just stand up and leave!” Mike finished lamely, looking at the floor.

“So you thought it would be better to fuck your sister than to stop and explain that you’d come into my room inappropriately??” Hannah said, still angry. She was close to tears. “You little bastard.”

“Hannah, I’m sorry, I really am…” Mike hung his head down.

“Christ, what a jerk, what kind of brother…WAIT! Did you put on a condom!!” Hannah cried.

“Yes, yes, you handed me one, remember?” Mike rose now to put his hands on her shoulders. “You’re going to be OK, there’s no risk of, er that.”

Hannah shrugged off his hands, but Mike still stood there next to her. The male instinct in him immediately registered the sweet strong smell of pussy and sweat that came from her body. His body reacted, his cock lengthening in his boxers.

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