16 Mayıs 2021

Shredding Underwear in the Shower

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Author’s Note: This is Part 4 of the “Underwear Shredder” series. All characters are above 18 years of age. Previous parts were “My Brother the Underwear Shredder”, “I Shred My Bra and Panties For Him”, and “An Outdoor Bra Shredding Adventure”, in that order. As usual, the stories are fun on their own, but best as a series. Enjoy! – r_i_g


I walked into the bathroom wearing nothing but my lacey, sexy white bra. It wasn’t quite as expensive as the bra I just shredded on the back deck, but it still cost me more than a hundred dollars from what I could remember. It was really intricate, and made my breasts look fantastic!

I couldn’t wait to get in the shower and get it all wet… and then have my brother rip it, cut it and utterly destroy it, recording it all on the webcam so we could post it.

I had already been horny for several days straight, doing things I never imagined myself doing, and enjoying every single passionate moment of it. Every piece of expensive lingerie I owned was getting savagely destroyed, and I was loving it.

Allen came in to the bathroom after getting the laptop from his room, which he then set on the countertop. He faced the webcam towards the shower and got everything set up for recording. In the meantime, I started the shower and got the water temperature just where I wanted it.

For a moment I was concerned how we were going to do this, leaving the shower curtain open to get a good view without getting water everywhere… but then I saw that someone had recently changed the shower head here in the house to be one of those that had an extra hose and could be held in your hand if you wanted. And that is most definitely what I wanted.

While Allen got a couple last-minute settings in place for recording, I went and got the scissors so we’d have them handy. Then on the way back to the bathroom, I had an inspiration and went into Allen’s room and his underwear drawer, grabbing a handful of his expensive briefs, whatever I could get in one hand quickly without looking. I headed back to the bathroom, put the scissors on the countertop near the laptop, and dropped the pile of Allen’s underwear on the floor.

“All set?” I asked him.

“Yeah. I can hit Record any time,” he said, then looked at the floor. “Why’d you get those?”

“You’ll see,” I said with a smirk. “But first, the bra. Hit Record!”

Allen hit a button, then stood back from the laptop, clearly indicating that the show was now on. I stepped into the warm shower, facing the webcam and with my back to the wall. I could see myself in the laptop window and got really turned on knowing what I was about to do.

I picked up the hand-held shower head, and pulled it down in front of my chest, facing me so as not to spray water out of the shower area. I then lifted it right to my tits and my lacey white bra, and started drenching the bra as best I could.

It was definitely having an effect. The lacey outer layers of the bra were soaked, and started becoming very transparent. But the bra cups had a thicker inside layer of material that was still remaining mostly opaque. My nipples did start showing, but only a little, not as much as I wanted.

I pulled the shower head down slightly, still facing inside the shower area, and looked at Allen. “I need a little help here. Rip the lace off, will you?”

Allen’s eyes widened. This was the first of my bras that he got to make the first move in tearing apart, and I think that energized him a bit. He was still buck naked, cock at a halfway position after his recent cum spree, but I hoped it would be back at attention soon. I was certainly going to help encourage that.

He moved over towards me, then I turned just slightly so that he could be in front of me but we were both still visible on the camera window. He looked at me one more time for confirmation, and I nodded.

Allen then brought both of his hands up towards my breasts. With each hand, he grabbed the lacey frilly top of the outer layer of a bra cup, and then with a quick motion, _ripped_ both of his hands down. The lacey layer was now mostly separated on the top from the more opaque layer underneath, the underwire and mesh. It was still attached to the bottom of the cups though. Allen then followed with another quick pair of _rips_ as he brought his hands toward the outside, tearing the lace free so it hung only at the side bands of the bra. He left the loose pieces there, dangling like some kind of trophy.

He looked at me as if to say “what next?” I brought up the shower head to my tits again, and started spraying the now-revealed bra cup fabric directly, to see if I could make it more see-through. It wasn’t enough.

“Still no good,” I said. “Rip the cups off.”

He looked at me, his eyes suddenly wide and filled with lust. I smiled back at him and arched my back towards him, waiting impatiently for what was to happen next.

Allen stuck his hands back onto my breasts, bending family stroke porno his fingers over the top of the now lace-free bra cups. He then moved his legs a bit to get more leverage, and then with a powerful strength, he pulled the cups downward and outward away from the center at the same time. Two strong _rips_ were heard, as the cups started to separate from the mesh structure and underwire, and the center of the bra started to stretch and break outward.

Allen gave one more tug with each hand, and the center of the bra finally tore all the way down to the underwire, as he ripped the cups clean off the front of the underwire and out to the side.

As Allen stepped back for a moment, I buckled over with an orgasm, right as I stood there. My left hand went down to my aching pussy and I finger-fucked myself as fast and intensely as I ever have, for the camera. I was screaming out loud in abandon, and used my right hand to aim the shower head directly at my sopping cunt as I let myself go.

When it was done and I stood back up more, I took a look at the state of my bra. The front was nothing but underwire, and the cups and lacey pieces were hanging off to the sides by the shoulder and back straps.

I looked back at Allen and my voice turned playful but fierce. “I said rip the cups _off_, remember? They’re still there. Finish the job!”

He smiled and approached me again. I turned to show him my right side, and he reached up to the top of the dangling bra cup, where the frilly and intricate shoulder strap attached to it. He then pulled his arms apart and snapped the strap free of the cup, letting it fall down my back. The cup and the lace was now held by the side band, which was now only being held up by the opposite shoulder so it slipped down to my back.

Allen reached behind me and pulled the cup and lace back up again. With a quick rip, he finally tore the lace on that side of the bra free, and dropped it to the floor outside the shower. Then he took his finger and started pushing into the mesh of the side strap, pushing and pushing until he dug a hole into it. Finally he grabbed several fingers of each hand into the hole, pulled them out, and _ripped_ the side band apart until the cup was free. He unceremoniously dropped the loose cup down onto the shower floor.

By this point I no longer needed to give him any direction. He was all fury, and he was going to make sure nothing remained of this bra when he was done with it.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and turned me so that he could access my left side, making sure that everything was still visible on the webcam screen. But then, instead of doing what he did on my right side, he kept turning me so that now my back was facing him, and the screen. The remains of the right side band were now dangling from the hooks on the back of the bra, held up only by the left shoulder strap. He grabbed the back of the bra with both hands and tore the hooks apart, holding the separated side band up to the camera before tossing it to the floor behind him.

Next he aimed the center of my left side towards the camera, and instructed me to lift up my arm. I did as I was told. He then tore another massive hole in the mesh of the side band, got both hands into it, and then ripped the band apart from the inside out.

Finally he grabbed the shoulder strap, and quickly snapped it off of at the back, and then at the front, discarding it onto the shower floor. What remained of the bra fell from my body and into his hand, and he tore once more at the last bits of mesh that attached the bra cup and lace to the side band until at last it broke completely off.

He tossed the fabric from his hands to the floor behind him, and I saw that he had become an animal. He was grunting and making sounds of uncontrolled testosterone, and I thought he might jump on top of me at any moment. I visualized him reaching up and fiercely grabbing and squeezing at my breasts in savage abandon, as I moaned in ecstasy and we started to…

… no, that wasn’t how it was supposed to go. I was having fun with him, but if we started actually groping at each other directly, it was going to cease being fun and start getting complicated. I didn’t want that. I was really into what we were doing and I was really into eating whatever juices came out of us as we were doing it, but it was all sexual fury, not… emotional stuff, you know? But that’s where it would lead if I let him really get his hands on me, and that’s not what I wanted. So I had to bring him back down a bit, quickly, or at least focus him somewhere else. I then remembered that we were still on camera, recording.

I removed any trace of timidity from my face and regained my dominance over the situation. “Not me, buddy. You don’t get me. But there’s a pile of your underwear over there on the floor, and it’s my turn to rip something apart. Let’s start with those sexy yellow briefs there, if you can female taxi porno fit them over that swollen cock of yours. If you do what I say, I may even let you drink the cum I get out of you. If you don’t, I’ll be forced to drink it all myself.”

Allen calmed just slightly once he sensed I was still in charge. He then smiled in recognition that this next part was going to be a lot of fun for both of us.

He quickly walked over to the other side of the bathroom, reached down to the floor, and grabbed the yellow briefs. They were of the same expensive brand that I had watched him wear and shred to pieces over the past several evenings.

It took him a moment to put them on, because his cock was so hard. The material was stretchy, not just a simple cotton, something a bit more sophisticated… but it could only stretch so much. His cock was massive, but he apparently wasn’t comfortable leaving the tip sticking out the top. So he had to work at it a bit. Eventually he did manage to get the material fully around his cock, and walked over to me and the camera.

I noticed that even though these briefs were of the same brand, they were of a slightly different cut than the ones I had seen him wear, and destroy, before. The center piece was a bit thinner and the hip fabric a bit shorter, making the overall appearance really provocative. My pussy was getting really wet again, just staring and taking in the vision in front of me.

“Get me the scissors,” I instructed. Allen reached over to the countertop and handed me the scissors that were sitting there. “Good,” I said. “Now, get in the shower, right here,” I said, pointing to the narrow wall of the shower opposite the base of the shower head. The head was still detached and in my hand, with the spray pointed down, for now.

Allen did as he was told, and got in the shower, standing where I instructed him to. I had chosen that spot because it was directly in sight of the camera, and the laptop webcam window showed a wonderful view of his yellow underwear and bulging cock underneath.

I kneeled down in the shower and put my face only inches away from his crotch. Shower head in one hand and scissors in the other, I reached the shower head up and started spraying the water all over his underwear. The meshy material got a little bit more see-through and revealed a little of the treasure underneath, but not as much as I wanted.

“Your cock doesn’t fit in there,” I said. “I know you think it does, but it really doesn’t. That underwear is just too small, or your dick is just too big. Either way, I’m not going to allow you to stay trapped in there any more. It’s got to go.”

I put the shower head down so it was spraying on the shower floor, then reached up and grabbed the flap of his briefs with my free hand. With the scissors in my other hand, I started rapidly and recklessly cutting off the flap of the briefs, tossing any loose material onto the shower floor. I then kept going, making work of all the fabric that was covering his dick until it sprang free and pointed right towards me. I then moved to the side and grabbed some more of the material below his massive erect cock, until his balls were out in the open too. They were swollen, and I was eager to get a huge load of his cum out of them, on camera, as soon as I could.

“Stay right here,” I commanded. I got quickly got up and out of the shower, ran over to grab the rest of the pile of briefs and boxer briefs on the bathroom floor, and brought them back to the shower, tossing them at Allen’s feet. The shower head was spraying them all, getting all of them drenched.

“You didn’t fit in those yellow briefs,” I said, “which means you don’t fit in any of these either. Your cock is just too fucking big. And I’m going to make sure that it never has to be trapped in them, ever again.” There were three briefs and two boxer briefs on the shower floor, all of a variety of colors, and I know they weren’t cheap. I picked up each of them in turn, made a show of them for the camera, and then took the scissors and made quick work of them.

One of them I cut apart at the flap first, then ripped apart from the hole that was made. Another one of them I cut at the waistband, over and over until it was in tiny slivers. Then I just got reckless and demolished them as quickly and savagely as I could, indicating just how little regard I had for them. By the time I was done there was shredded underwear fabric in all sorts of colors, all over the shower floor. At this point, the most intact underwear was the remains of the yellow briefs that were still attached to Allen, surrounding his fully exposed cock and balls.

“Good,” I said, dropping the scissors to the shower floor. “Now that underwear will never cover that gorgeous dick again. Can you suck yourself?”

I totally caught him off-guard with that one. “Uhh, what?” Allen was flabbergasted, and I was grinning.

“You heard me,” I said. “Can female agent porno you suck yourself? Your cock is huge. Can you suck it? I think you can.”

He was still disoriented. “I… I don’t know… “

The camera was still recording, and I kept playing it up. “Have you ever tried? Admit it, you’ve tried it, haven’t you. Can you do it?”

“I tried it a few years ago… not long after I hit puberty, maybe? I couldn’t do it. But that was a while ago, so… I don’t know?”

I smiled. “I bet your cock has doubled in size since then. It’s fucking enormous, what is it? Eight, nine, ten inches? I can’t tell but it’s huge, and I bet it’s big enough and you’re flexible enough now that you can suck it. Show me.”

“What? Right now?”

“Is there a better time? The camera’s still rolling. If you don’t like the results, we can edit it out later. But I think you can do it. Show me!”

Allen paused for a moment, as I looked up expectantly from my kneeling position below him in the shower. He then grabbed his cock with his right hand, aimed it upwards towards him, and then slowly bent his face and mouth down towards the tip to see if he could reach.

It wasn’t even a contest. Whatever his exercise and flexibility regimen was these days, the combination of it and the size of his hulking cock allowed his mouth to reach the tip easily, with plenty of room to spare.

“Holy fuck!” I yelled out, surprised. “How far down can you go?!?”

Allen kept bending downward until his mouth got fully past the tip. Then he just kept on going… and going… and going. He finally grunted and had to stop with about three inches left to go, meaning that around two-thirds of his enormous shaft was now down his throat.

I came hard right then, in the shower. So much juice poured and poured and poured out of my pussy. It was getting washed away by the shower water, which was unfortunate as I was suddenly desperate to get all of it in my mouth. My right hand went back and forth on its own, first furiously working my clit, then gathering as much juice as I could from my cunt and bringing it to my mouth, then back to my clit. I was completely overtaken.

“Fuck fuck FUCK!” I moaned as the waves of ecstasy rolled through me. I had just wanted to experiment and see if Allen could get his cock to his mouth, but I wasn’t actually expecting it to work, let alone this well. I suddenly imagined so many possibilities and knew that I would actually get to see some of them played out, for real, and on camera! I just couldn’t take it.

My horny mouth went on auto-pilot as it started barking lust-filled orders at him. “Cum in your mouth! I need to see you cum right there down your own fucking throat! I need to see it! I want you to cum and cum and cum and I want to see that hot sperm pouring out of your fucking cock filled mouth! I want your semen to pour down all over your shaft and your balls and make a total fucking mess everywhere! And whatever cum gets out I want you to grab it with your hand and shove it back into your fucking cum-hungry fucking mouth! Do it! Oh fuck!”, as another orgasm crashed over me, “Do it! FUCK! DO IT! Stroke that fucking massive cock and shoot that cum into your fucking throat, right now! Do it!”

It took all my willpower not to just reach my hands out, grab the base of his shaft and pump him mercilessly. Some part of me still remembered my commitment to not get directly physical with my brother, because that wasn’t just a slippery slope, it was practically a cliff. I really did NOT want to go there. But this moment was absolutely the most tempted I had ever been to utterly lose control of myself.

But there was no need, because only moments after I stopped yelling, I saw Allen shudder slightly and grunt once. I waited for only a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity. And then I saw it… the first drips of cum pouring out of the sides of Allen’s mouth, now dripping down the base of his shaft. And then it just kept on pouring, his cock and balls rapidly becoming soaked with an almost unimaginable amount of semen. I couldn’t believe how much there was, it was as if he hadn’t had a single orgasm in a month and was saving it all for just this moment.

Without thinking about it at all, I reached my hands up close to Allen’s cum-soaked shaft and balls, nearly grabbed them… and then moved my hands just to the side of them, grabbing onto his yellow briefs at the edge of his crotch, right where I had cut the hole out for his cock. I held tight, and rapidly spread my arms out. There was a fierce _rip_ as both sides of the briefs tore clear of the waistband. I then reached my left arm around his hip and grabbed the remaining fabric still attached to the waistband above his ass, used my right hand to hold onto the waistband at his right hip, and pulled my left hand back quickly, ripping the last of the fabric off his ass and away from the waistband until nothing was holding it up anymore.

Now there was just a waistband, and some loose yellow fabric around his thighs, which started sliding down his legs. I grabbed hold of the falling fabric with one hand, took the scissors in the other, and cut the fabric at the leg holes until the shredded briefs were freed from his body and hung loosely in my hand.

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