12 Mayıs 2021

Siblings Ch. 04

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Marco sits on the bed and Erica pushes him back onto the bed and straddles his legs. “Now, remember where we were earlier?”


She leans her body onto his and wraps her arms around his shoulders. “I think we have some unfinished business,” she says before kissing him.

Marco wraps his hands around his sister. His hands explore up and down as their tongues dance in their mouths. When they break the kiss, he looks over at their older sister. “Are you joining us?”

“I’m going to watch for now,” Sandy says. “Do you mind?”

“Not really,” he smiles.

Erica puts on a pouty frown on her face. “Am I not enough for you?”

“No! That’s—”

“Don’t worry, silly. It’s okay.” Erica looks over at Sandy, “Are you ready?”

Sandy gets up off the bed and grabs a chair from Marco’s desk and moves it near the bed to sit down in. “Let the show begin!” she giggles.

Erica giggled with her. “Here it goes,” she announces as her lips finds Marco’s again. The two kiss and Marco eagerly returns the kiss. He rolls her over and drapes over her. His hands quickly find their way to his sister’s breasts, massaging them through her clothing. He feels Erica pull his shirt over his head and lifts his hands and arms just long enough to let the t-shirt be discarded.

They roll together over again and Erica settles on top. She sits up and pulls her shirt off over her head. Even before the clothing is discarded, Marco leans upward to take one of her full breasts into his mouth.

Marco hears Erica moan as he continues his oral assault on her firm breasts. She squirms in his lap and he can feel his cock getting even harder than it was before. It suddenly dawns on them that he is hearing two distinct sets of moans. He glances to the side and sees Sandy slipping one hand under her shirt while she watches the action in front of her.

“Oh, no you don’t,” Erica says. “You keep your mind on me.”

She pushes Marco down on the bed and pulls his pants and boxers off together. Marco’s cock springs up and Erica immediately climbs up on top of him and starts slowly sucking on his cock.

“Oh, yes Erica,” Marco moans as he leans back on the bed.

“Don’t forget me,” Erica says as she wiggles her ass ankara escort in Marco’s face. He takes the hint and lowers her pussy to his face. His first taste of her pussy is sweet and tangy. He can tell when he hits a sensitive spot as it disrupts her licks on his cock.

Marco can feel the pressure building in his balls as the two continue to pleasure each other. He doesn’t want to waste himself in her mouth so he grabs a hold of Erica’s waist and rolls them both over. He quickly turns himself around and lies on top of her. His cock slips around her entrance. Erica reaches down and helps guide his cock inside her. As Marco glides in and out of his sister’s wet pussy, he knows that it isn’t going to take much. Erica is also on the verge as she pulls at her brother, forcing him deep inside her.

Their orgasms come as they push against each other. Marco releases spurt after spurt of his cum inside Erica’s spasming pussy. As the two collapse, Sandy is standing at the side of the bed. Marco rolls to the side as Erica sits up with a blissful look on her face. Sandy is looking down at Erica’s pussy, watching Marco’s thick cum pour out.

She climbs onto the bed and Marco leans toward her, gently guiding her face toward his. The first few kisses are quick pecks, but their lips soon join. Marco’s tongue traces the contours of her lips as it seeks entry into her mouth. A Sandy leans into him more, her long hair tumbles across their faces.

Sandy’s tongue seeks out his and they dance together in both his mouth and hers. His hands roam up and down her back, exploring her lean body. Sandy finds it hard to concentrate on the kiss. Marco’s hands on her back feel warm. Each time they go down, they come around her body toward her breasts. She finds herself arching her back to force her ass into his hands and moving slightly away from him to give his hands access to her breasts.

Sandy feels Marco’s hand move to completely envelop her right breast. She knows her nipples are clearly poking through the thin material of her shirt, catching on his fingers as his hand makes gentle circles. Marco pulls off her shirt to reveal Sandy’s perfect breasts and she moans deeply as he places one of her nipples on his mouth. His hands cup the escort ankara firm cheeks of Sandy’s ass as his mouth continues to devour her breasts. His hands massage and squeeze her ass as they run over it, pulling her in closer.

Sandy moans in satisfaction. She feels his hand slide around her hip to touch the lips of her pussy. Each stroke of his hand along her entrance feels like it is winding a spring inside her tighter and tighter. She can feel something building inside her and then the spring snaps. Like a slow explosion, the warmth of her orgasm bursts forth from her center, expanding to fill her with a tingling sensation. The waves of pleasure bursting through her, causes her to collapse completely onto Marco and roll of to his side.

Erica watches intently. One of her hands is busy in her pussy while the other clutches her breast as she approaches her own release. Marco crawls onto of Sandy as she tries to catch her breath. Her gaze is fixed on his hard cock as it comes toward her.

Sandy’s eyes remain fixed on his cock. He uses his hand to slide his cockhead up and down the length of her pussy. The slippery moisture from her pussy feels nice as it coats his cockhead. It takes all of his willpower to go gently with her, resisting his instinct to fuck her fast and hard.

Sandy feels the spark of pleasure as his cock rubs around her entrance. She feels his cockhead push against her pussy as Marco lays his body on her. Marco bends down to kiss her as his hands rub over her nipples. She feels the pressure increase as Marco slowly starts to push in. Her entrance spread open impossibly wide, yet she can’t feel it actually enter her. The pressure grows and she can feel her body tense up.

Sandy lifts her ass and slides all the way down her brother’s cock. The sudden feeling of fullness takes her breath away as she collapses back against the bed. He starts slowly moving his cock in and out of her. His cock glides in and out with ease as he settles into a slowly increasing rhythm. He feels Sandy’s hands on his back, clutching him tightly as a series of pleasant whimpers timed to his thrust come from his sister.

Erica watches as Marco’s cock slides in and out of their older sister’s pussy. Her own hand ankara escort bayan hastens the arrival of her own orgasm.

Sandy is amazed at how easily Marco is able to move to move inside her and how full she feels. Her pussy feels impossibly stretched open as waves of pleasure course through her. She feels the heat spreading out from his cock to fill her entire being. She lies flat on the bed, holding onto Marco’s torso for support, letting the feelings flow through her. Even though she just had an orgasm, she can feel another one coming fast and it threatens to be even larger.

Marco is relishing the feelings building in his balls as he thrusts in and out of Sandy’s pussy. Her lean frame is not as soft and he misses feeling breasts cushioning against his chest the way Erica’s do, but Sandy’s pussy feels tighter around his cock and her moaning turns him on. He feels the pressure building. With a grunt, he thrusts as deep inside her as he can and holds himself there as his cock releases its bursts inside her quivering pussy.

She flexes her body against him, trying to get that last bit of stimulation to push her over the top. As Marco starts to relax, she can feel her orgasm burst forth and spreads to fill her body. She floats on a feeling of fulfillment as the pleasure courses through her for the second time today. As the feelings pass, she collapses back into the bed in exhaustion.

Marco pulls out and seeing his younger sister with a look of pure lust on her face, it rouses his cock to life. He pulls her onto his lap and when she finds his cock, she lines it up with her already soaked pussy and sits down hard. She sighs as his cock sinks deep inside her.

As Erica starts bouncing up and down on his cock Marco reaches around her body to cup her breasts. Erica reaches out with her hands to pull Sandy close, sandwiching herself between her brother and her sister. Marco’s head reaches around Erica’s to kiss Sandy. Erica’s hands hug Sandy close, exploring her back and ass.

The three continue in their sexual union for several minutes as the three of them touch and caress in the most intimate way possible. Erica is the first to reach her orgasm, her pussy clenching Marco’s cock as she rides him. Marco takes a little longer to reach his climax before filling his sister’s pussy with more of his cum. Spent, the three collapse into a pile on the bed, each lost in a haze of contentment and bliss.

Their family has just grown stronger than ever.

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