17 Mayıs 2021

Siblings with Benefits Ch. 33

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Author’s note; First off thank you so much to all of you who took the time to vote and send feedback after the last chapter. As I told several readers as corny as it sounds there have been many times when I have been scuffling along and a great comment turned it all around for me, even a negative one as long as it is constructive has pushed me along. Chapter 32 received more votes than any chapter since 13. So thanks you again and keep them coming! Speaking of keeping it coming this will be the third chapter of SWB to post in the last two weeks and I am hoping to keep up the pace as we head for the end. As for the chapter before you it is a big one the dominoes really start to fall after this. As always thank you for reading and supporting my work. Lovecraft68

Pulling into the parking garage of the promenade I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach. Parked next to my brother’s firebird was a red Porsche Boxster with New York plates. I drove slowly past, before pulling into an empty spot. Getting out of the car, I walked over to the elevator and on the ride up to Mark’s floor, asked myself what the hell I was doing. Well I knew what I was doing; I was spying on my brother. Mark’s text had been dead on; I was jealous and I did not like the feeling one bit.

I had gone home and tried to tell myself to forget it and to trust my brother but after two hours I couldn’t take it anymore. I tried calling Mark several times only to have it go straight to voice mail. I became angry and getting dressed decided to just bite the bullet and find out what was going on. Exiting the elevator I made my way down to Mark’s apartment. It was after eleven and the corridor was deserted. Stopping in front of Mark’s apartment I placed my cheek against the door and listened closely. I couldn’t hear music or voices. I hesitated wondering what was next but it’s not like I really didn’t know.

Reaching into my pocket I removed the key to Mark’s apartment, and slipping it in turned it as slowly as possible. I heard a faint click and waited a few seconds before carefully turning the doorknob. I gently pushed the door open a few inches, and seeing no light in the small hallway quickly entered. There was a lamp on in the parlor, but I could see there was no one on the couch. Entering the room I also saw the small light over the stove on as well, but that didn’t mean anything. Due to Mark’s unease in total darkness, he always had the apartment somewhat lit at night. Moving slowly through the parlor I tried to think of what I would say if Mark or Redding walked into the room.

I had taken a couple of more cautious steps when I felt my foot kick something. Looking down, I felt the sinking feeling in my gut become a twisting one. I had knocked over one of Redding’s silver Stiletto’s. Its mate was a couple of feet away, and as I stared at it I became aware of a light out of the corner of my eye. Turning my head I saw a faint glow coming from around the corner. Making my way out of the parlor I saw that Mark’s bedroom door was part way open and the flickering of the candelabras was making its way out into the hallway. Moving closer I became aware of the sounds of moaning coming from the room.

Putting my head down I felt my eyes burn as I fought back tears. Yet even as I was stunned and upset by my brother’s betrayal, I found myself creeping closer to the door. When I reached it, I quickly stepped past, and turned so that I could stay behind the door, but still see into the room. I could only see part of Mark’s huge bed but that didn’t matter. My eyes were drawn to the large mirror over his bureau which currently was reflecting the image of my brother fucking the shit out of Victoria Redding.

Redding was on her knees with her ass in the air and her arms outstretched; her long red tipped fingers digging into the sheets as her hands clenched the satin material. As I watched, Redding parted her lips and emitted another loud moan as my brother drove his enormous cock into her from behind. Raising my eyes to look behind Redding I took in the painful, yet still amazing sight of my brother. Mark was on his knees, his hands on Redding’s hips, holding her in place as he repeatedly thrust into her. Mark was covered in sweat, the muscles in his powerful chest and arms bulging and glistening in the candle light. The look on my brother’s face was one of pure lust as he hammered away at a woman that most men would be afraid to even talk to.

“Harder, my prince!” Redding panted out. “Squeeze harder!”

“Yes my mistress.” Mark whispered softly.

Redding groaned, and my gaze shifted to my brother’s hands around Redding’s slim hips. Mark’s fingers were squeezing her hard enough that I could see the tendons in his hands standing out. I now noticed Redding’s moans were beginning to contain more than a hint of discomfort. The next moan ended in a startled yelp as Mark let go of her hip and dealt a wicked slap to her ass.

“Ohh yess!” Redding cried out.

My eyes were immediately drawn back to her face, and despite the heartbreaking situation monsters of cock porno I let out a sharp breath, and felt my pussy begin to respond. Redding’s face was contorted into a mask of pure animal desire. Her face was slicked with sweat causing wisps of her long blond hair to stick to it. Redding’s make up was running and her perfect lips were framing a mouth wide open to allow her loud squeals of pleasure. Most arousing however were Redding’s big baby blue eyes which had rolled into the back of her head. As I watched, Mark shifted his hands from her hips and placing them flat on her back pushed down. Redding was driven further into the bed, her ass lifted higher allowing my brother to penetrate her even deeper with his massive cock.

Mark was pumping her savagely and I could hear her muffled screams as she cried out into the bed. Keeping one hand planted in her back Mark reached out, and grabbing a handful of Redding’s sweat soaked hair yanked her head up. Redding let out a long loud scream of pure ecstasy as she came just from my brother fucking her. That scream sent a warm wet feeling through my pussy, and I could feel my heart beating hard in my chest. Redding began bucking back against Mark who, letting go of her hair once again grabbed her hips. Pulling her up against him, Mark wrapped his arm around Redding’s waist, lifting her up so that her back was against his chest. Leaning back on his other arm Mark angled his hips, slamming his cock deep up inside of Redding as she squealed and convulsed, impaled on my brother’s beautiful cock.

Redding groaned, and leaned her head back on Mark’s shoulder as he continued to pound into her. I heard Mark gasp and his hips began pumping even harder and faster.

“Ohh yes my prince!” Redding cried out. “Give it to me!!”

Mark moaned and pushed Redding off of him. As Mark held his cock in a vise like grip, Redding rolled over onto her side, and opening her mouth tilted her head up. Mark leaned over and with a loud cry let his cock go. Redding moaned in pleasure as a huge spurt of cum splashed into her mouth. Mark started to jerk his cock, but Redding slapped his hand aside and grabbing it herself shoved it into her mouth. Mark moaned and this time it was his eyes that rolled as Redding began bobbing her head rapidly, furiously sucking the cum from his spurting cock. Standing there transfixed by the sight of Mark and Redding’s naked, sweat soaked bodies I heard Mark let out that adorable little whimper. The one that I thought he only made for his big sister.

That was more than I could bear and I turned away. As I did my arm hit the door and it swung open. Redding, her head now in my brother’s lap looked up as did Mark.

“Christ Megan, you are even fucking nosier than I thought!” Mark exclaimed.

Redding on the other hand smiled.

“Oh you didn’t see her Mark?” She asked. “I saw her peeking in the mirror.”

Redding laughed softly, then as I watched rubbed Mark’s still hard cock along her sweat, and now cum soaked cheek.

“That’s why I figured I would make a show of this.”

As I stood there speechless Mark moaned. Redding had propped herself up a little more and had started rubbing his cock against her tits. I couldn’t help but notice that Redding’s nipples were as pink as my own and like the rest of her absolutely perfect. Smiling Redding said;

“Well don’t just stand there dear, come join us. ” She winked, adding in that sultry voice; “We can share your brother instead of a dance.”

“I…I…” I stammered. “He…He’s my brother!”

“Oh come now dear,” Redding whispered. “I’m Mark’s mistress, and there are no secrets in our group. I, like Abigail know all about your little taboo games.” She laughed still stroking my brother’s cock.

“I can’t wait to come to Chicago so you and I and Abigail can wear your beautiful little brother out then play with each other. Now come here Megan, I have something for you.”

Redding lifted her left leg straight up to expose her pink, smooth, and absolutely dripping pussy.

“Now come share your brother Megan.”

“I won’t share my brother.” I said quietly.

“Then you should have accepted his heart.” Redding said. “Now you have to share him with everyone.”

The sound of my phone ringing inches from my head mercifully pulled me away from the image of Redding smirking at me with her head in my brother’s lap. Sitting up quickly, my heart pounding, I grabbed the phone off the stand. I went to answer it before realizing it wasn’t ringing, it was the alarm going off. With a sigh I put it down, and glancing at the clock groaned; it was seven am. It figures, I thought as I reached over and grabbed a cigarette from the pack on the nightstand, I finally fall asleep and it was the one morning I had set the alarm. Lighting the cigarette I debated which I would have preferred; enduring similar Mark related nightmares, but getting more sleep, or being awakened from said nightmares. From the pounding in my head and stinging in my eyes, I think naught america porno I would have gambled on the dreams.

Reaching back, I propped the pillow up behind me and leaned back into it. For the next few minutes I let my mind drift idly as I smoked the cigarette. Despite the nightmare I felt oddly calm especially considering the potential shitstorm that could be coming when I went to see Mark later. Maybe it was the few hours’ sleep I’d gotten, or maybe it was just the fact that the day was here. Only thing I knew for sure was, one way or another, my life was going to be very different by the end of it. Leaning over to put the cigarette out, my eyes found the sketch book I had broke out last night.

Since I have been sober I’ve used my painting as my escape and a way to work out my emotions. Needless to say I had been pretty upset last night, and had tried to channel that pain into something positive. Turning the pad over I looked at what I had drawn last night. The sketch consisted of a man and woman walking arm and arm while another woman looked on. The expression on the woman’s face was an unhappy one. The focus of the painting however was the old nasty looking demonic hag I had drawn floating behind the woman. The hag’s hand was reaching around and clutching the woman’s chest where her heart would be. Underneath I had written the name of the drawing;

“Jealousy is an ugly emotion.”

I had drawn it from the heart letting my own jealousy over Mark and Redding drive the pencil in my hand. Evidently it had been good for me to get it out of my system, as when I finished it, my eyes were watering, and I had drifted off into much needed oblivion. Initially I had figured the drawing would be a throwaway, but now looking at it I began to see its potential. I would alter the resemblance the woman had to myself, but otherwise would keep it the way it was. As was my habit I stared hard at the image until it was firmly etched into my mind. Taking a deep breath, I closed my eyes, and now seeing the picture only in my mind began to start to add details to it. Slowly letting out the breath, I watched the plain sketch explode into vivid color.

I now concentrated on that image, and after a minute opened my eyes, grabbed the pencil from the table and began writing down the names of colors in the places they would go. I worked feverishly, my hand blurring across the paper using only abbreviations so I could move onto the next section quicker. When I finished the picture had the resemblance of a child’s paint by numbers set. I added a couple of small notes where the colors would require blending then nodded in satisfaction. Maybe it would be the first thing I would paint after I did Walsh’s paintings. That is if I did his paintings.

Putting the notebook down, I took a deep breath and thought of how big of a crossroads today would be for me. If things went well with Mark later I would be calling Royce and telling him to tell Walsh he would either have to wait a few days for me or move on to someone else. On the other hand, if things went bad with my brother later then I would be on a plane and heading into a meeting that could cement my career for years to come. In a perfect world today would end with both a resolution with my brother and Walsh still hiring me. Getting out of bed I went over to the suitcase, and quickly dressed in a pair of white shorts and a pink tank top. Once again I put a matching short sleeve blouse over it to cover most of my tattoo.

I walked across the room, and sitting down at the bureau, let my long black hair down. Picking up the brush I slid it through my hair and wondered why the hell I was up so early. Well the answer was simple enough; I had promised mom and dad I would take them to breakfast and I needed to do it early so I would have time to get ready before seeing Mark at his office. I planned on giving my little brother a much better view of his big sister than he had last night. I shook my head at the thought that I still wouldn’t compare to Victoria Redding, but in the end, who really could? Switching to the other side of my hair it occurred to me that I even felt better about that this morning. Then again that was because I had taken care of myself last night and got myself into a better place.

After I had pulled away from Mark’s office feeling like an idiot that he saw me lurking outside, I had seen that it was only seven fifteen. I drove the few blocks to Grace church and was relieved to find that the Monday night meeting was still there and going strong. I was a few minutes late and sat in the back. In virtually no time I found myself forgetting about my brother’s stupid games, and my feeling of jealousy was replaced by one of gratitude. No matter what else was going on in my life the most important thing was my sobriety. As long as I had that everything else would fall into place. I felt a feeling of peace come over me, the type that told me I was exactly where I was meant to be. As always the irony was not lost upon me that here I was a practicing nubiles porn Satanist and most AA and NA meetings I attended were in churches.

When I had arrived at my parent’s house they were both still up watching a movie. Mom immediately got up saying she was just making tea and would get me a cup. I smiled to myself knowing that she was full of it and wanted to give me a couple of minutes with dad. I took advantage of the chance, walking over to him and playfully sitting on his lap, asking him if he was mad at me. Dad made a show of trying to look serious but ended up hugging me and telling me that he was mad earlier, but more at himself for getting me upset. I apologized as well for pushing him, and told him I wouldn’t ask him again.

I sat there on dad’s lap for a minute smiling and kicking my legs like I used too when I was young. After a couple of minutes however, he told me that as much as he liked the idea of me still being his little girl, he was getting way too old for this. I laughed and told him he was getting smarter in his old age. Last year I had done the same thing and he had told me I was too heavy, asking if I had gained weight.

I hopped off of dad’s lap and going into the kitchen told Mom she could stop stalling and the coast was clear. Mom really had made tea so we sat at the table, and I told her that I would take them to breakfast. Mom said they ate early so maybe we could all do lunch. I told her I would get my ass out of bed at the ungodly hour of seven and take them. Mom was thrilled because they had a bunch of friends they met once a week and she could show me off. I smiled tightly as I could only imagine all the years she probably had to avoid conversations about me.

I then bit the bullet and told mom that I would be going out for awhile before I had to leave for the flight. Mom had gotten a little upset saying I hadn’t spent much time with them. I told her that I needed to take care of something and would try to get home a couple of hours before I had to get to the airport. Mom made a crack that she didn’t know what could be that important, but cheered up when I reminded her that I would be flying her down in a month or so for a couple of days. Mom and I finished our tea and I went upstairs. Once I had lied down I found myself stewing about my brother and Redding despite the fact that I thought I had put it past me. That’s when I had drawn the picture and finally gotten some rest.

Finishing with my hair I grabbed my small make up bag and shoved it into my purse. I planned on getting dressed at my brother’s before going to see him; after all it would look a little strange if I left my parents house dressed to kill. As I stood, I looked in the mirror and taking a deep breath tried to prepare myself for what I was about to do. In a few hours I was going to go all in as my brother would say and try to beat him at his own game. No, that wasn’t right, I was not going to try I was going to succeed. As I had thought on my Mark’s balcony on Saturday night, my little brother had been having his way with his little pets for far too long. It was time little brother learned that his big sister, his first lover and the one who had broke him, was the one in charge.


I sat in the car in same parking spot in Mark’s garage as last night, and also like last night was looking up at the window of his office. I had arrived a few minutes ago, but was still sitting there getting my thoughts together, preparing myself to pretty much play my brother dirty. Sitting up I turned the rear view mirror and checked my makeup. I had debated on what today’s look should be, and after deciding that I was here to take charge had gone with the dark Gothic look that I had arrived in on Friday night. My full lips were painted blood red, and my eyes done in thick black eyeliner and eye shadow making my already crystal blue eyes stand out even more. Although my complexion was already very fair I had broken out my trusty ‘manic panic’ Goth white foundation, giving my face a ghostly appearance. Rather than straighten my hair as I usually did when sporting this look I had left the waves in and teased it out even more.

Reaching over to the seat next to me I picked up a short sleeve black button up blouse, and leaning forward in the seat slipped it on. It was one thing to walk into Mark’s office in stiletto’s and a mini skirt but a laced up corset was a bit much. As I buttoned the blouse I couldn’t help but smile at the top which I had bought at a boutique that specialized in clothing for exotic dancers. The corset was all black with red leather laces up the front. The real treat for my brother however, was underneath. The boutique had a large selection of body jewelry and on a whim I took a look.

I’d been wearing the barbells for quite some time only changing the colors over the years so maybe it was time for a change. As I stood in front of the display I picked up a pair of silver hoops and was going to buy them when my eyes caught the mannequin over in the corner. The mannequin was decorated in a pair of gold hoops that were connected with a thin gold chain. The chain went down to go through a hoop in the naval and continued all the way around the waist resting just over the hips. Spinning the display I found the set in silver and bought it along with the corset. The skirt and heels I had brought with me.

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