16 Mayıs 2021

Sistas Ch. 03

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*Thanks to all the people who have encouraged this story, voted, and commented thus far. I hope you’re still enjoying. This is a very active chapter, and the longest to date. If you’re looking to get a nut, you could probably get about six from this one I think. I’ve always been very liberal with sex scenes because I think that’s what a lot of people are looking for. If you’re looking for story then there is plenty of progress there as well. I’ve somewhat designed this chapter so that it could just end here and be done; however it could also go on for several more chapters I believe. It’s up to you all, my fans.

The second installment garnered much less attention and no comments. Only a few votes let me know how you all felt, which was thankfully positive. If you’d like to see this continue, please let me know. Feel free to give me suggestions for further chapters or tell me some kinks you would like to see. I love plenty of other kinks that I leave out so as not to become too cluttered. On the other hand, if you feel like its run its course and I’m not doing it anymore justice then just say so and I’ll work on something new or add to some of my other series. Thank you all for reading though. I sincerely hope you enjoy. I write these for both myself and my readers.

Please excuse any typos I missed. I need to find an editor, but have yet to be able to put my hands on one. I read it over and think that its pretty clean, but it wouldn’t be surprising if I missed a few things.*


Since Kieron’s first amazing evening spent in the bosom of ecstasy with his girlfriend and her horny sisters, he might have become the luckiest man on the face of the planet. He spent most of his time in the sisters’ apartment with the three beautiful women, and if he wasn’t pleasuring them or being pleasured himself they all just spent time together talking, laughing, and connecting. Usually they were naked, unless they went out to see a movie or visit the zoo or something.

Though he still considered himself Aurora’s boyfriend and cared about her the most, he’d formed a connection with Robyn and Giselle as well. He felt that they probably preferred each other more than they did him, but he could tell that they cared about him at least a little. Each of the girls sought him out sexually though, and valued him greatly as a lover. Luckily Aurora wasn’t all that opposed to sharing with her gorgeous sisters, though she would often receive some sort of payment in exchange. Sure Kieron felt a bit objectified, cheap, and used. But no man in his right mind would complain about this particular situation.

Currently Kieron was lying on the girls’ extremely comfy couch watching an episode of Burn Notice, which was his favorite show, and had his hands propped behind his head. He was quite comfortable, as usual, despite the fact that he had Robyn sitting sideways on his lap and rocking back and forth slowly with his half-mast cock lodged idly inside of her bald cunt. She was watching the show with him, but had never seen it before.

Twisting her body slightly on his cock made it twitch and grow inside of her; Robyn looked at him with a small frown on her lips and asked, “What is wrong with this show?”

Kieron had a hard time formulating an answer to that particular question. It was rather vague and he had a beautiful naked woman speared on his cock. “What do you mean, babe?” He asked the youngest sister.

“Well,” she said, twisting her body all of the way around so that she was facing and straddling him now, his cock was growing completely hard as she did and he was now stretching her walls, “This Michael guy knows everything. And anything he doesn’t know his friend and his girlfriend do. He’s obviously going to win every episode, so what’s the point of watching?”

Kieron had closed his eyes when she’d twisted her velvet tunnel around on his meat, but he opened them slightly to look into her innocent, chocolate brown eyes, “Well because it’s entertaining. Most people like the fact that he’s so good because they wonder how he will get out of the mess his clients have made this week. It also seems very realistic in the way he puts things together and improvises with the things available to him. It’s just like watching House. House is a genius at what he does and always gets the job done, but people love him too.”

Robyn seemed to think about this for a minute, with Kieron’s cock twitching inside of her. She looked at the show again and then shook her head, “Nope, it just sucks.” She began to laugh as soon she saw the face Kieron made.

“You’re impossible,” Kieron laughed and immediately pushed with his arms and legs, thrusting his pelvis up in the air with the long-legged beauty atop him. She was light, only about one hundred and twenty-five pounds, and Kieron had a nice physique which made this feat rather easy. His back was now arched like a bridge, thrusting his thick slab of meat as far as physically possible into Robyn’s tight twat. She couldn’t help but ankara escort cry out in surprise and pleasure as she was literally fucked into the air.

It didn’t take Robyn long to get her bearings, quickly locking her feet against Kieron’s ass and gripping his hips tightly for support. Once she was on tight Kieron began bucking her like a bronco for a few moments, thrusting her up and down about four times before his arms starting feeling a little worn. With each huge thrust Robyn would squeal and moan simultaneously, and Kieron could feel her cunt start to drip down his balls.

“Ooooh shit Kieron! You know I fuckin’ love playing ‘Fuckin’ Bronco’ with your fat white cock!” Robyn was snarling lust, and as Kieron bucked his final time she bit her bottom lip in that sexy way he loved, and her bangs fell down around her face. She cried out again and then began rolling her hips on his pelvis as he became stationary.

The position was hardly just pleasurable for Robyn’s aching twat; Kieron’s massive erection was pounding with blood as she began riding him slowly at first, just swaying her hips back and forth and making her tits wobble. Then she began to buck, her hips moving back and forth on his shaft, releasing an inch and then swallowing it back up soon after. Kieron always loved fucking Robyn’s pussy the most. She was only twenty and she worked out regularly which kept her cunt nearly as tight as a virgin’s. His fully-grown meat always stretched her insides and they felt amazing hugging him so tightly as she rode him.

“Shit,” she growled, bucking on him sharply, “I think I’m about to cum, stud.” She pumped her hips around in small circles and then popped off of half his length by pushing up with her arms and then sunk back down, devouring him. “Yeah, I’m going to cum!” She squealed, “I’m about to cum! Shit. Shit. Shit!”

Kieron didn’t need anymore stimulus than that outburst, plus he’d been watching her pert little titties shaking on that sexy, lithe frame and that was all he needed to cum. He released his position as his orgasm burst through his loins and they both fell to the couch. The collision pushed him the deepest he’d ever been and she screamed out in ecstasy, a mind-blowing orgasm pumping through her tubes.

They both began cumming simultaneously: She began to spray a geyser of hot girl-cum all over his cock and belly while he began pumping thick load after load of his sticky cum into her depths. They were both groaning and grinding against each other as their orgasm sent waves of pleasure through their bodies. After a minute Robyn was still twitching and jerking uncontrollably on top of him. He smiled at her and was able to flip her over, so that he was lying on top of her, swiftly and began fucking her as hard as he could, while reaching beneath her and pulling her ass cheeks apart so his balls could slap against her pucker as he nailed her with his half-hard cock.

She began cumming again instantly, and he drained the remnants of his balls into her clenching pussy while she soaked the couch against with a gushing orgasm, just like both of her sisters. Each of their orgasms were like earthquakes almost every time and the pleasure was immense, however, it always left them very drained. The treatment Robyn was getting left her quivering in a puddle of their juices as Kieron kissed her delicately on the lips and pulled out slowly to stand up.

His own legs were weak, but he could manage. For a minute he just watched Robyn as she drifted off to sleep. He had begun to adore her more and more since he’d gotten to know her better. Usually she was adorably cute; very innocent and mischeivous. But when she was turned on she could become a fearsome little vixen.

Turning around Kieron began to smile; standing at the edge of the hallway was a grinning Giselle. “Well, look who’s finally up.”

“Admiring your handy work?” She quipped back, her grin widening and her eyes narrowing to a sultry squint.

Ignoring her, Kieron retorted, “What made you sleep past noon?”

Giselle shrugged her shoulders, and Kieron was surprised to realize that she was wearing clothes today. “Your girlfriend kept me up late. We don’t play often so Aura and I have a ball when I get her to spread those long legs for me.”

“You didn’t hurt her did you? I haven’t seen her today either.” Kieron was smiling and approaching the eldest of the trio.

“Of course not, I only hurt Robyn. She does have a few noticeable bite marks though.” She laughed wickedly before straightening up to receive Kieron’s firm kiss on her tiptoes.

“Mmm, you taste good.” Kieron cooed seductively.

With that wicked grin back on her lips Giselle said quickly, “Keep it in your… Well hold your horse I guess.” She laughed again and then added, “Come on, get dressed, you can come to the store with me. We need supplies.”

“Oh, alright sure.” Kieron agreed, giving her a playful swat on the ass only to have his cock yanked in reciprocation.

“Hurry up,” escort ankara Giselle warned as she licked her fingers clean and Kieron hurried down the hall.


Once Kieron had dressed himself in a simple pair of jeans and gray Abercrombie t-shirt, the two of them left the apartment joking back and forth and headed to the supermarket in Kieron’s ‘Vette. It was an early Sunday afternoon, so most people were either still at church or having lunch together afterwards. This left the roads rather bare and made their drive very quick. Parking spaces were plentiful and Kieron pulled in easily and shifted his car into park.

“Very nice parking job,” Giselle grinned at him as he turned the car off, “You got it right into that tiny little space.”

Sporting a playful grin of his own, Kieron responded, “Yeah, I’m a pro at fitting my things into tight little spaces.” He then opened his door and stepped out into the hot sunlight.

Just like he enjoyed his time spent with Robyn, he equally enjoyed his time spent with Giselle. She was very open and free, giving her a very comfortable manner and making him feel like he could do or say absolutely anything without being judged. It was all about happiness and love with her, and she showed this by playing and trading smart remarks with her sister’s boyfriend.

He waited for Giselle to get out of the car before locking it remotely and then waited again for her to come around to him before they started towards the market. For obvious reasons he liked to have the girls walk beside or in front of him whenever possible. Today Giselle was wearing as little as possible: Her ample chest was covered by a white ‘wife-beater’ t-shirt that was cut-off about two inches below her tits. She wore no bra, which was obvious due to the puffy outlines of her dark nipples; but she didn’t seem to care. The rest of her upper body was completely bare down to her curvy hips where a pair of unbelted khaki shorts rested. They rode low on her hips, and were incredibly tiny to boot. The material clung to her ass like a second-skin, and was just a few shades lighter than her skin.

As Kieron followed behind her by a few feet and they chatted back and forth, his eyes were glued to those round, bubbly cheeks swaying back and forth atop her lusciously smooth legs. He could just barely see the crease of each cheek peeking from beneath her shorts as she walked, and he could feel his cock swelling inside of his pants. Afraid that he might run into someone, or something, like this, he picked up the pace and fell into stride next to his luscious, caramel fuck-buddy.

Dipping his hand into her back pocket and grabbing a soft handful of tender meat caused a horny grin to be thrown his way, “Be careful Kieron. You know what playing with my ass does to me. I can feel my pussy twitching right now.”

Kieron grinned back, “Oh I know,” and grabbed deeper into her back pocket, his fingers reaching down into her crack. It was then that he realized she wasn’t wearing panties either and his cock redoubled its efforts to make him uncomfortable.

Clenching her fabulous cheeks together, she winked at him as they entered the store through the automatic doors. “Alright, come on, no hanky panky right here in the front of the store,” Giselle chided as she broke away and grabbed a cart, causing Kieron to wince.

He knew she wasn’t about to bend over for him right here in the middle of the store, but a guy could hope. Falling into place behind Giselle as she pushed their cart, even managing to make that look casually sexy, his eyes fell upon her ass once more and his hands went straight into his pockets. There was just something about a big, bubble butt on a girl that drove Kieron wild. He couldn’t explain, and he wasn’t sure if anyone could. He just loved the way it bounced up and down with her steps, jiggling slightly. The way that fat ass stuck out at him, making him itch to grab it. He even loved looking at how toned her back looked where it dipped in and then shot back out; and the way it accentuated the dimples above her ass. Giselle’s hips were wide too, giving her a bit of a natural sway and hourglass figure that Kieron loved. Aurora and Robyn had nice asses too, but their hips were quite a bit slimmer.

Giselle picked out mostly an abundance of different fruits, which she just loved to snack on. These were probably the main contributor to her nice figure, and delicious pussy. She lived off of a completely organic diet and rarely ate meat. Crabs and lobster were her main weakness in that category. This lifestyle left her very healthy and in much better natural condition than a lot of girls. Plus her skin was practically flawless due to a large lack of grease and oil in her diet.

From the fruit section she moved on the organic vegetable and other foods. Kieron had to stop and remind her that there were other people who needed sustenance in the apartment. “Giselle, we aren’t all going to eat that organic stuff every day you know.”

“You ankara escort bayan guys should try a healthier, more natural diet,” she chided, picking out some more healthy foods. “You’ll all feel sooo much better! It’s purifying. I can remember when I used to eat the garbage you guys shovel into your mouth all day. I just felt so sluggish all of the time.”

“Yeah, but it tasted good,” Kieron teased, grabbing two steaks and some hamburger meat. “Mmm, cows!”

“That’s disgusting! What did those cows every do to you? They have just as much right not to be eaten as you and I do!” Giselle had a seriously appalled look on her face.

“I thought you liked being eaten,” Kieron taunted with a smile, grabbing some chips and cereal.

Giselle couldn’t help the sheepish grin that crept across her face, accompanied by an actual blush.

“Is the mighty Giselle blushing?” Kieron joked, taking a closer look.

“Shut up!” She snapped with a smile, “You know what I meant.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Kieron admitted, “But what about the poor, defenseless plants you’ve been chowing down on? They’ll never see their leafy friends again!”

“Oh, be quiet!” Giselle laughed, “Meanie!” She pushed Kieron into some paper towels with surprising strength and laughed harder.

They were in the back of the store now in the second to last aisle, and Kieron came back at her by sweeping her up onto his shoulder and smacking her ass a few times to the satisfaction of her endless giggles and squeals. Finally he put her down after noticing that some people were stopping at the end of the aisle to see what the commotion was about.

Once she’d gotten her bearings, Giselle took a step back from him and managed a very serious frown before saying, “I told you not to play with my butt anymore. Now you’re going to have to kiss it to make it better.”

Kieron smiled at her with a twinkle in his eyes, believing her to be joking until she turned around and stuck that delicious apple bottom straight at him with her back slightly bent forwards. “Well, alright, if it will make you feel better,” he resigned with a sigh and began to kneel down, his cock already twitching. Then he heard the metallic ‘zrrrrrt’ of her zipper and just as he was leaning in toward her khaki-clad butt the khaki’s slid down her legs, revealing a pair of perfect caramel loaves with a dark crack down the middle.

Kieron’s heart actually began thumping as he planted a firm kiss to one plush cheek; already he was able to smell the sweet scent of her damp cunt wafting up at him. He glanced from side to side and noticed a few wide-eyed housewives gawking while their husbands were doing quadruple takes. The fact that they were watching him nuzzle Giselle’s yummy ass just had Kieron’s cock aching against the inside of his jeans.

“Did I say kiss my ass? I meant my ass… hole,” Giselle corrected, looking back at him with a devilish grin while kicking aside her shorts.

Compulsively obeying, Keiron moved his face over and began nuzzling his way between her firm cheeks with his nose and mouth, not using his hands. Once inside a bit, he used his tongue to lick up and down her musky crack until he found that puckered dimple. Probing at it with his tongue momentarily, he made her squirm, and then he pushed forward and gave it a tender kiss.

Giggling with excitement and nerves, Giselle looked back sexily as Kieron stood up, then looked at the people gathering at either side of the aisle. She moved forward quickly and placed her hands on one of the shelves while bending over at a right angle and spreading her feet apart. “Now fuck me, big boy! Give these people a show!”

Kieron honestly didn’t know what to do at this point other than follow orders. Attempting to ignore the onlookers in the supermarket, Kieron unfastened his belt and dropped his pants and boxers down to his ankles with ease. His rigid cock sprung out to greet the cool air conditioning of the building, and all nine inches of his favorite muscle were pointing straight at Giselle’s big, brown, booty.

He shuffled forward quickly with his pants around his feet, and grabbed hold of that beautiful ass while Giselle braced herself against the middle shelf. He could see that her pussy was already slightly parted, like the petals of a soft, beautiful flower, and her slick tunnel was glistening already. Positioning himself at her entrance, he began spreading and massaging her bountiful ass cheeks before suddenly pounding his entire length into her awaiting sheathe, and he could feel the tip of his dick touch her back wall just as his balls smacked against her vulva. She wasn’t as deep as Robyn, but equally as tight and a perfect fit.

Kieron had never fucked Giselle’s cunt before; she much preferred him nailing her backdoor. It felt just as good as her asshole though, and as he waited for a moment, hilted inside of her, he could feel her flexing and moving her vaginal muscles around his pulsating prick. He about came right there. Giselle had to be the best lover he’d ever had. With a great abundance of will power he was able to keep his spunk inside of his balls for the time being and began to slowly pull back with Giselle’s hungry lips hugging and suckling his shaft.

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