12 Mayıs 2021

Sister in Law Backseat Pt. 02

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This is the second part of a longer story. Its a bit shorter before a longer next chapter. Please go read Pt. 01 for more context.

Thanks for the comments and feedback on the first instalment. I love hearing from you guys.

Chapter 2

It had been two weeks since that night in the car. That night when Jenny, my 19 year old sister in law had jerked me off and finished me with her mouth in the backseat while my wife slept in the front. I had brought her to climax with my fingers as well, covering her mouth with my hand as she came.

The guilt over that indiscretion had hung over me like a black cloud since. It had been so stupid. So reckless. I’m 40 years old. I should have known better. Controlled the situation. But I had let the young girl carry me away. I did what I did and I have (hidden away) the panties she had worn that night as proof of my crimes.

It wasn’t all bad, actually. In those two week’s my wife, Kristen, and I’s sex life had greatly improved. We had been married for 11 years and while we both still were attracted to one another we had not been having sex as regularly as in the past. Like most couples we had fallen into a pattern of maybe once a week. But since the night with Jenny my libido had gone into overdrive. We had been making love several times a week and Kristen was happy about it.

The problem was that, while my wife was still sexy and beautiful, when I was fucking her, it was Jenny who was in my mind. It was Jenny’s full, 34D breasts I was sucking on, Jenny’s tight pussy I was driving my cock into. Kristen had no idea but every time we slept together I was, in my mind, cheating on her with her half sister.

In my defense, Jenny wasn’t helping. Or rather, she was. Too much. I was getting multiple messages from her daily and they were not the kind that I could share with my wife.

The day after the eventful trip in the back of the car I woke up late. Kristen had already been up, made coffee and left for work. I had planned on working from home and didn’t have much I needed to do before an early afternoon call so I took my time grabbing a cup and, dressed only in a comfortable robe, sat out in the backyard beside the pool enjoying the morning sun.

I had my phone and, as I always do, opened up Instagram and began to scroll. That was when the memory of the previous night came down on me.

Oh fuck, what had I done? I had managed to, after tossing and turning for a couple of hours, managed to suppress the memory of the last night but seeing the app brought it flooding back.

Then I noticed that I had a message waiting for me. I swallowed. Could it be from her? My finger shook slightly as I pressed the tab to open it.

Of course it was from Jenny, from her sexy photo account, @jennyhazfun88.

I opened the message and quickly read what she had written.

Hey daddy! Hope you had a good sleep. I’ve been thinking about you. About your cock. I woke up so horny and have been playing with myself, remembering how it felt in my hand. How you tasted when you came in my mouth. How good it felt with your fingers inside of me.

My cock was immediately hard reading this. My own memories of the night before flooded in, this time less tinged with guilt.

I shook my head. This was a mistake and I had to end it. I typed a reply.

Hey. I’m sorry about last night. We can’t do that anymore. Let’s forget it before we hurt Kristen.


I saw the dots that said that she was typing a reply. Shit! I hadn’t realized that she was online and logged into the site.

Nope! I can’t forget. I won’t. We won’t hurt Kristen if amatör porno we don’t tell her. I won’t tell if you don’t. I’m still playing with myself btw.

I groaned.

I mean it, I typed. I can’t do this. I’m flattered but this is crazy. I’m married to your sister. I’m old enough to be your dad!

There was a pause. I hoped against hope that this had ended things. I began to scroll through the photos on her account again while I waited. I knew I had to stop but one last look through couldn’t hurt any more I rationalized.

I got another message. I opened it, expecting to find a written reply but instead there was an image. I groaned in…dismay? Lust? I wasn’t sure anymore.

Jenny was naked on her bed, the same one from many photos on her feed, but this time, instead of images where she carefully covered herself to meet the decency standards she was clearly and fully naked.

She was laid on her back and holding the camera out from her. Her full breasts were free and despite her lying on the back still pert. Her brown nipples were clearly hard. Her face was free of makeup but still stunning. Her green eyes were focused on the camera as if she were looking right at me. The freckles that danced across the bridge of her button nose and over her cheeks were cute as always.

Without thinking about it, I reached into my robe and gripped my hard cock.

I told you I was thinking about you, she typed next. See how hard my nipples are for you, daddy? I’ve been pinching them like you did last night. Imagining you were doing it. Know what else I was doing?

I could only imagine.

Stop, I sent back. You have to stop.

The next thing she sent was another photo. Actually a series. This time the angle was different. She had the camera down between her legs and in the first photo she was spreading the pink lips of a perfectly clean pussy. The lips glistened. She was clearly very wet.

The next photo showed two fingers inside of her. The next was her upper body again this time eyes closed, head rocked back against her pillow, plump lips parted.

That’s what else I’ve been doing. All morning. Thinking about you.

I was now stroking my cock while looking at the photos. I couldn’t seem to help myself. She was just too sexy.

What are you doing? She sent. Are you touching yourself? Are you hard?

Both of those were true of course but I refrained from answering.

Tell me, she said. Tell me and I’ll give you a treat.

I wondered what she meant by that. What would she give me! Did I want whatever it might be? Did I refuse?

I couldn’t help myself. I needed to see what kind of treat she was talking about. Finally I shook my head and typed;


The wait, while only a minute or two, was painful. I needed to see what she would answer. I dreaded what it might be.

Finally I got a message, not on the app this time but as a text message. I opened it and saw that she had sent a video. With eager and shaky fingers I opened it.

She must have set her phone on some kind of tripod. Which made sense considering the photos she had uploaded to her account. The view was of her bed, and her upon it.

She was fully naked, her skin smooth and pale. She was sitting up against the headboard and one hand was gripping her pert breast, the nipple peeking between her fingers. The other hand was between her spread legs, fingers pushing the lips of her bald pussy apart, clearly wet from her previous play.

“I’m thinking about you, daddy,” the video-her said. “I’m thinking about how I wish you were here.”

She began to knead anal porno her own breast and then tugged on her nipple. The other hand began to run slow circles on her clit.

“I’m wishing it was your hands on me. That you were here right now playing with me.”

She slipped a finger easily into herself, the digit disappearing into her wet hole.

“I wish your finger was in me. Actually, not your finger. I love your fingers but right now I wish it was your cock. Your big daddy cock piercing me. Stretching me. I’m very tight. My cunt would grip your big cock. Squeeze it.”

She added a second finger to first and began to slowly slide them in and out of her.

“Would you like that, daddy?” She asked the camera. “Would you like your princess to be under you? You inside? Do you want to fuck me?”

She seemed to be done talking at this point. I could hear the wet sounds of her fingers tucking her 19 year old pussy. As I watched I held my phone in one hand and stroked myself with the other. The foreskin of my cock slid back and forth over the swollen head of my cock, my pre-cum making it slide easily.

She was moaning as she fucked herself, not really words, but I could make out her saying ‘daddy’ several times. Each time she did it was like an electric current of lust straight to my manhood. I had never had a girl call me daddy before and, I found, I liked it a lot.

Then the video stopped. I paused my masterbation and swore. I had been very close.

My phone rang. It was, of course, her.

“H…hello,” I stammered as I answered.

“Hey daddy,” her voice came through. “Did you like that video?”

“Look, Jenny,” I said, trying to take back control of the situation, despite the fact that I still gripped my manhood. “This is enough. We aren’t doing this.”

“Doing what,” she asked in a voice that conveyed the pout I knew she was wearing. “We aren’t really doing anything, are we? Just talking. A lot less than we did last night, right?”

“You know what I mean,” I said. “I can’t cheat like this. It’s not fair to Kristen. I love her.”

“I love her too,” Jenny said. “And if she doesn’t find out she won’t be hurt. Don’t make me tell her. That would break her heart.”

My eyes widened and I swallowed past a heavy lump that suddenly formed in my throat.

“You…you wouldn’t. You can’t!”

“Ok,” she said. “I won’t. But you have to do something for me first. It’s simple.”

I was wary but I was also desperate to know what she wanted from me.

“Okaaay,” I said.

“Oh good!” Her voice was bright and happy sounding. “You still have my little gift I gave you? You know what I’m talking about.”

Of course I remembered her gift. I had been unable to figure out any way to get rid of those panties last night before bed. They were still in the pocket of my shorts.

“Yeah. I still have them.”

“Good. Go get them. I’ll wait.”

I blinked, tried to will myself to resist but then just simply said, “OK,” and headed upstairs to my and my wife’s bedroom, digging the panties out of the pocket of the shorts I had been wearing.

“I have them,” I said.

“Good,” she said. “Now I want you to wrap them around your cock. You’ve been playing with yourself haven’t you? Pretending that it was my hand wrapped around your big cock?”

“Yes,” I said again. I had quit pretending to resist at that point. I took the panties in my right hand and then re-gripped myself sliding the thin silky material over my cock.

“I’m doing it,” I said and sat on the edge of my bed panty wrapped cock in my hand.

“Good,” she said, her voice anal breakers porno husky. “Good daddy. Jerk yourself for me. Cum for your princess. I have my fingers inside of me. For you, daddy. I want you to cum and I want to hear it. Cum for me.”

As she spoke I began to pump myself, chasing my orgasm. Her voice was husky with what sounded like lust and she was beginning to moan.

“If I were there I’d let you cum anywhere you want, daddy,” she said. “I’d let you cum all over your princess’ tits if you wanted. On my face. In my mouth.”

“Oh, fuck,” I groaned, the image of Jenny with my spunk coating her pretty face, smeared across her freckles.

“You like that, Daddy?” Her voice was almost a whine now. “You like the idea of covering me with cum. I’d let you. Anytime you want you can cum all over me.”

I was breathing heavier now.

“I’m close,” I whispered into the phone. “So close.”

“Where do you want to cum today?” She asked between moans.

“On your face, princess,” I said, calling her that for the first time. “On your fucking face.”

“Do it then, daddy! Cum on me! Please, pleeeeease! Give me your cum!”

That was enough. I grunted and groaned as my muscles tensed. I squeezed my cock as I released, spraying rope after rope of cum across my thighs and onto my bedroom floor.

“Oh shiiiiit,” I groaned as I continued to milk myself as the aftershocks of my orgasm made my cock twitch in my hand.

“Thank you daddy,” Jenny said. “Thank you for giving me what I needed. I have to go. But I need you to send me a picture. A picture of my panties wrapped around your big cock.”

She hung up. I was left sitting there, cum all over my legs, in a puddle on the floor in front of me. Before I let myself think any better of it I opened the camera on my phone and took a photo of my crotch, the thin panties hanging off of it, now soiled with my seed. You could see the mess I had made. I closed my eyes and hit send.

My heart was beating. I knew I had made a terrible mistake. It was one thing to receive photos or videos. I could delete them. Having sent one out though…I had no control over that image once it was gone.

Very nice, she texted me after a minute. Thank you, Daddy. I have to get ready for class now. I’ll be thinking about you all day. I hope you think about me.

And I did. I couldn’t get her out of my mind at all!

This continued for the two weeks. Every day she would send me photos of herself. She would record videos of her playing with herself and send them to me. I would sneak into the bathroom at work, jerking off while watching them with headphones in my ears.

She would ask me for photos of myself, and even, a couple of times videos of me masterbating. I would send them and hate myself for it.

Despite my frantic self-pleasuring I could not calm my libido every night I would find my mind wandering to images of Jenny and I would roll over and grab my wife fucking her while I thought about her sister.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. Despite what it might do to my relationship, how it might destroy my happy life, I decided I had to tell Kristen. I would admit my wrong doings and then we would see where we went from there.

I spent the entire day neglecting my work thinking about this conversation. Preparing for it. I drove home slowly, delaying the inevitable arrival.

Eventually I dragged my feet through the door. I went into the kitchen where Kristen was leaning against the counter talking into her phone. She seemed to be finishing up her conversation. Finally she hung up.

“Hey great news,” she said before I could speak. “That was Jenny. The three of us are going to spend next week at Dad’s cabin! Won’t that be fun?!”

I closed my eyes and tried not to sigh.

“Yeah. I’m sure it will be. Really fun.”

to be cont…

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