12 Mayıs 2021

Sister-in-law Summer

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This summer was going to be great. I was to spent the whole three months at my moms house this time before first semester in August. She lives out in the country with a pool, a huge house, and has a quadrunner that I would have all to myself. Every morning I’d get up and run my usual 3 miles then hop in the pool and lay out for awhile.

After a week or so my sister-in-law would come to lay out on the deck by the pool. She was a nice little package. Petite, about 5’4″, and blonde with blue eyes. She was one of thoughts types of women that didn’t really have that much up top, but had an ass and set of legs that would make my cock so hard a cat couldn’t scratch it. Needless to say getting into Diane’s pants was my summer goal.

Diane would show up about 10:00 every morning during the week. I started swimming in the pool around that time and would get out and get something to drink every now and then. I always made sure that I had about half a hardon, and would walk over and ask her if she needed anything.

“You need anything,” I said to Diane, “Yah, can you rub some of that lotion on my back?” she said.

I said no problem and knelt down next to her and started to rub it on. I already had a chubby from checking her out when I was in the pool, rubbing my hands on her back made it even more obvious. She had her head turned towards me but kept her eyes closed because of the sun. I kept watching to see if she would open them. When she did look her eyes opened wide and then shut again with a little smile on her face. I finished the job and went right inside the house and went over to window I could catch a glimpse of that fine tanned body. It didn’t take long fantasizing female agent porno about having that ass in my lap with my cock inside.

A week or so went by and rubbing on the lotion became a daily event. It might of been just me but it seemed that the bikinis she was wearing now were smaller and hotter. I had just gotten done with run one day and got in the pool.

Diane says, “Come here and rub some suntan lotion on,”

“Hold on a minute,” I said.

“Please,” she said cooing, “my skins feels hot, I don’t want to burn.”

The way she said it turned me on. I was out of the pool in three seconds.

“Here ya go,” I said, “boy you do feel hot today.”

“Yah I know, my legs feel hot too,” Diane said, “why don’t you put some lotion on there.”

I started rubbing up and down the legs when she said,”go a little higher by my bikini line, it’s ok.”

I was workin’ that lotion all over her legs. She liked it I could tell. I went slower this time, especially when I got to her ass. She was letting out little sighs, enjoying every minute. My cock was sticking almost straight out I was so hard. She turned her head over and saw my huge hardon.

“Whats this,” she said as she reached up and started playing with my cock.

“I can’t help it Diane this is what you do to me.” I said.

“Yah, I’ve noticed,” she said, “but that’s not all I’m going to do to you.”

With that she rolled over, sat up, and pulled my shorts down in what seemed like one quick movement.

“I’ve wanted this for long time Steven.” she said

“Oh god, me too Diane,” I said, “Your so fucking hot.”

It was about 11:30 am, no clouds in the sky female fake taxi porno out in the open country and my sister-in-law is giving me the blowjob of my life. She ran her tongue slowly up and down my shaft like we had all time in the world, as if no one would see us. She looked right into my eyes the whole time as if to say I’m yours right now at this moment.

“You like it went I stroke your cock Steven?” she said

“Oh god yes Diane, your gunna make me cum.” I said

“Cum in my mouth with your big hard cock Steven, give it to me.” she said.

I couldn’t handle it any longer. Having my sister-in-law talk so dirty and being into it so much I came right there. I never came so hard. The moans came out involuntarily as if I had no control. She sucked in every last drop still slowly stroking me.

“That was unbelievable,” I said.

“Oh we’re not done yet young man,” She said, “I want to feel that beautiful cock inside me.”

She stood up and through the towel she was on down on the deck then took off her bikini. Usually it takes awhile for me to get hard again, but not this time. She was so hot, Hotter than any woman I could probably ever get, and she’s my sister-in-law. The taboo of it all made me horny as hell. She laid down on the towel rubbing her clit with one hand and rubbing her body up and down with the other.

“Put that cock in me,” she said, “put that beautiful hard cock in me.”

I stood there stroking my cock, “what do you say?,” I asked.

“Please Steven, oh god please give me that cock, I’ve wanted it for sooo long.”

I knelt down between her legs while stroking my cock and started slapping and rubbing fuck in traffic the head of my dick on her clit.

“Mmmmm, your a tease aren’t you?, ” she said, “I like that.”

Slowly I worked my cock head up and down her whole pussy, teasing her while she bucked her hips. I started fucking her with just the head.

“Ooooh, yes, thats it… work that cock into me, let me feel it all.” she said.

With every stroke I went a little deeper making sure to be gentle and as soft as I could be. After, what seemed like 10 minutes, I was in as fas as could go. I made long deep strokes as I went.

“There you go, thats it, Fuck me good Steven.” Diane said.

With that I laid down right on top of Diane and wrapped my arms around her to keep her steady. We got into a rhythm as we each whispered into each others ear.

“You like fucking me Diane,” I asked

“Oooh yes, don’t stop,” she said.

“We’re going to fuck all summer aren’t we, ” I said.

“All summer, anytime, anywhere you want Steven just don’t stop givin’ me that cock,” she said, “Pound me Steven, harder, harder.”

By this time I’m fucking her as hard I can, her legs wrapped around me and my arms around her adding to the wave of pleasure with each stroke.

“Don’t stop Steven baby don’t stop,” she said, “I’m going to cum… give it to me… give it to me Steven, ooh god I love your cock baby.”

“I’m going to cum again Diane!,” I said.

“Cum with me…cum in me…yes..yes…I want to feel your hot cum inside me!” she said.



I shot my huge load and we kissed passionately until my cock went limp. We both sat in the pool for awhile relaxing and talking about the rest of the summer. It was a dream come true and would be the summer of my life, but would our encounters go beyond just these three monthes… Only time will tell.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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