16 Mayıs 2021

Sister Swap

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Our original plan for some fun in the sun quickly went out the window once the downpour began in the mid-afternoon. The forecast hadn’t called for rain, but dark clouds on the way to my brother-in-law’s dad’s beach house made it readily apparent that we were going to have to scratch the beach from our itinerary. We were barely settled into the house before we decided to push the next item up on the agenda. As fun as the beach sounded, I wouldn’t say we were dreadfully disappointed.

Brittany, my sister-in-law in her late 20s, whose husband had secured this setup with the beach house, walked up the stairs as I followed behind her. As her tight, round ass swayed back and forth practically in my face, I thought back to the night when Brittany latched herself into my head and never left. It wasn’t much less than a year ago now when my lovely wife Ann invited Brittany over for a threesome one incredible night. While Brittany hadn’t been involved in my wife and my sex life since then, that image was forever seared in my memory.

It was several months after our threesome that I almost walked in on another one, which would lead to today’s activity. I had come home late from watching a hockey game at a buddy’s house in early June to find Brittany and her husband’s hastily making their way out of my house. Her husband even said “Sorry,” as he passed me, which seemed odd. Once they were gone, Ann explained that the three of them had just enjoyed some group sex, hoping I wouldn’t mind since it was just like what Ann and I had done with Brittany last year. I didn’t mind, but it did bring Brittany back to the forefront of my mind, now that I knew her husband was involved and on board with our interesting dynamic.

Now before you applaud (or hate) me for what was about to go down back at the beach house, I do not recommend having sex with your wife’s sister, even if your wife approves. If you want to do the swingers thing, you are better off doing it with people you don’t have as close a connection with. After you fuck your married sister-in-law, you still have to see her, her husband and her sister on a regular basis. Even if everyone was on board, it is still a little weird.

Is it fun though? Oh boy, is it fun.

I followed Brittany into the bedroom, ready to tear those cutoff jean shorts and that tight, low-cut black top right off her to see that sexy, naked body again that had haunted me ever since that fleeting threesome last year. While my darling wife Ann had her sister beat on most accounts, we all knew Brit had the tighter ass and the bigger boobs. Her other assets included her lightly tanned skin, darker now in the summer, her bright brown eyes and long brown hair, a lighter shade than her sister’s. Brittany had a rocking body by anyone’s estimation, even if she stood only 5′ tall.

Against the far wall was the cheap, uncomfortable twin bed upon which I would defile my sister-in-law after months of trying to push that thought out of my mind. At this point, it was I who took the lead, guiding Brittany by her shoulders and walking her over to the bed. Her sandals slapped against the hardwood until she kicked them off and climbed onto the piece of furniture. I followed right behind her, taking the lead by removing my shirt and suggesting she do the same.

A smile crept across Brittany’s face as she reached for the hem of her top. “Whose boobs do you like better,” she said as she pulled the racy shirt up over her head and off her body, shaking her hair back in place once the garment was removed, “mine or Ann’s?” A black lace bra was now in my plain sight, barely containing the surprisingly enormous rack this small girl boasted.

“I plead the fifth,” I said.

“Well then,” she said, playfully covering her chest czech streets porno with her arms in a manner that reminded me of my wife, “I won’t let you see them, and I certainly won’t let you play with them.”

I laughed. “We all agree you have the best rack, Brittany,” I said, wanting desperately for her to satisfy my desire to see her naked.

“OK then,” she said, a goofy smile still on her face as she reached behind her back and unlatched her bra. “Do whatever you’d like to them.” She tossed the bra aside where her shirt was, and for just the second time I enjoyed the sexiest set of boobs I had ever seen in person.

Without a word, I leaned into Brittany and immediately latched onto her right tit. She giggled and fell onto her back, allowing me to hold her down as I sucked and licked her boobs, giving adequate attention to each one while she cooed. Everything moved so quickly that it had yet to sink in that such a wicked thought of mine was actually occurring this very moment.

After a couple minutes, I got back to my knees and worked on getting my shorts off. Soon my cock was free, already at full mast and prepared to go. “Oh, how I’ve wanted that cock for so long,” Brittany said, genuine excitement evident in her voice and eyes.

My initial intention was to continue with Brittany’s boobs, but then I caught a glimpse of her pedicured feet and polished toenails, which gave me another idea. Shifting down a bit and somewhat to Brittany’s surprise, I grabbed both of her ankles, one in each hand, and held her feet together around my dick. Once I was secured in place, I began to shift Brittany’s cute feet up and down my rigid shaft, sending shivers of pleasure up my spine.

“I didn’t know you were into that,” Brittany laughed. Sometimes I was into feet and sometimes I wasn’t. Today I was, and Brittany’s were certainly cute enough. After just a moment of using my sister-in-law’s feet to Jack off my penis, I allowed Brit to take over, as she slid her feet back and forth up and down my pole while I slid my hands down to her thighs and sighed from the sexy sensations of being serviced by my wife’s sister’s hot feet.

Brittany increased her pace and continued to do so until she was administering a rather furious footjob. Had I not known this tryst would more than likely be my only with Brittany, I would have been tempted to let her make me cum just like that, but I knew better than to settle on such an act.

After a few minutes, it was time to move on to my original plan. I pulled away from Brittany’s feet and shuffled up to her chest. Without needing instruction, Brit pushed her tits together, closing her ample bossom around my hard stick. As she held her boobs in place, I thrust back and forth between them, living out an experience I had previously felt guilty even dreaming about.

The tip of my cock poked out toward Brittany’s sexy mouth over and over again as I pumped my manhood between those awesome breasts. Brittany’s gorgeous brown hair lay splayed about the pillow underneath her, and those piercing brown eyes showed a naughtiness I had never seen before but had hoped was there. She was, after all, the sister of a rather naughty girl.

Eventually I leaned forward, grasping Brittany’s shoulders and tit-fucking her a bit harder and faster. Again, I was beginning to lose self-control and mentally reminding myself that the best was yet to come. As satisfying as it would have been to watch my wad shoot out from between those luscious breasts and onto that pretty face, I absolutely needed to penetrate that pussy I had once watched my wife eat out.

Pulling away from Brittany again, I quickly fumbled with her shorts and then with her panties, removing both garments and throwing czech taxi porno them to the floor. Now naked, Brittany squirmed a bit in front of me, her sexy body begging to be fucked. Her hands made contact with my legs, running up and down my thighs while a deafening silence overtook the room. I think for both of us it was finally setting in that we were going to have sex with someone other than our respective spouses.

Breaking what may have been a moment of indecision, Brittany asked, “Do you want me to start on top or on the bottom?”

“Top,” I said, knowing exactly how I wanted it to go down. I lay down next to Brittany as she climbed up on top of me and straddled over my erection that was reaching for that sinful opening. Then, with one hand on the base of my dick, Brittany slid forward onto her knees and, while doing so, slipping my cock ever so slowly into her sweet hole.

A moment I never really imagined would happen gripped me much like my sister-in-law’s pussy gripped the shaft of my cock as Brittany slid gently down it until she had sheathed the entirety of my manhood inside her. What I really wanted to know was if Brittany was tighter than her sister, and Ann is happy to know now that my wife truly did have the tighter pussy. That isn’t to say there was anything wrong with Brittany. No, her wet folds still felt wonderful against my rigid pole as she grinded on me, she too adjusting to the sensations that were running through her body as she held me balls-deep inside her.

We both moaned as we stayed somewhat still for just a second or two. Then Brittany began to lift herself up and down me, carefully at first but going faster as she gained confidence. I put my hands on her knees and cried out with indescribable arousal as that sexy naked body bounced up and down my cock. That beautiful hair and those perfect boobs shifted up and down with each motion of Brittany’s small frame as she fucked me. I knew right away it was a sight that would be seared into my memory, much like the only other time i had seen my wife’s sister naked and in action.

Before long, Brittany was riding me so hard and fast that the cheap bed beneath us sounded as if it would break. Meanwhile, the steady slapping of that tan flesh against me and the heavy breathing of my soulmate’s sister added to the audio as I lay there paralyzed with arousal and disbelief. Not only was I having sex with my wife’s sister, but she was proving to be quite a demon in bed! Apparently sexual skill ran in this family.

I’m pretty sure Brittany wasn’t going to stop fucking my brains out, and as much as I enjoyed it, I eventually took the initiative to pull her down on me and then roll over on top of her, my dick still buried inside her. It wasn’t enough for me to simply allow Brittany to go bananas all over me. I so desperately wanted to get her on her back and fuck her as hard as I possibly could, just as I had imagined it going into this afternoon.

Brittany laughed as I pinned her down to the mattress, my hands on her wrists while those short but slender legs wrapped around my waist, sinking me as deep inside her as possible. Then, with one motion back, I left just my tip inside that wonderfully wet cunt before pounding back inside it. My strike was met with a delighted squeal, and then came another hard thrust into my sister-in-law’s vagina. As I prepared to pick up my pace, I looked into those pretty brown eyes, noticed the beads of sweat all over her face and felt the warmth of those exquisite breasts pressed against my chest. This experience in and of itself was turning out to be exactly how I would have envisioned it.

We both smiled at each other as our relationship fundamentally changed forever now that we were joined sexually. digitalplayground porno I proceeded to do exactly as I had intended and fuck the shit out of Brittany’s pussy. I hardly even worked up to it, instead going right to nailing that sexy chick to the bed as hard as I could to the point that she was practically bouncing off that noisy mattress. It was evident by her moans that she was enjoying the stiff fucking as much as I was as I pinned her to the bed.

I didn’t care how soon it was over. My goal wasn’t to last long but only to rail my wife’s sister as hard as I possibly could this only chance I would ever have with her, or even really wanted with her. I loved my wife, and it was only recently that we began to experiment with other people-and only for mutual enjoyment, whether by direct involvement or otherwise. Everything going on here, as I pummelled Brittany’s pussy on that lousy bed, was sanctioned by both marriages involved.

Brittany wrapped her legs as tightly around me as possible while our sweat mingled together. Eventually I let go of her wrists and wrapped my arms around her damp body instead, pressing her boobs tightly against my chest as I rocked her sexy frame. Her hands reached out for my back and latched on as she could do little else but take my stiff, hard pounding of her tight, wet pussy.

I thought for sure I would finish before Brittany could cum, but incidentally she climaxed just as I felt my balls welling up with seed for her. Brittany cried out, “I’m cumming!” as I only barely let up my pace, and only so I could allow her to enjoy her orgasm before it was time for me to pull out. In fact, by the time Brittany was just starting to come down from her climax, I could pound that sweet spot no longer without reaching an orgasm of my own. As much as I wanted to keep fucking that girl hard, I whispered to her that I was about to cum and finally relented from the brutal attack my cock had waged on her tight little hole.

We were both gasping as I finally pulled out. I knew where we both wanted my load: on those big boobs, of course. However, i decided to cheat a little bit. As I jerked off and felt the beginning of one an intense orgasm, I “accidentally on purpose” fired the first shot at that pretty face, blasting her just to the right of her nose and just below her eye. She cried out with surprise and a bit of amusement at my unwarranted facial shot, and then I quickly fixed my aim at that delightful rack, continuing to cream my wife’s sister’s tits with the sizable load they had helped generate during this session. We both watched on, Brittany grinning and I moaning as my jizz streaked all over her heaving tits until my load tapered down to her stomach.

Up to that point, I was in heaven. What an experience! I can’t even accurately describe the satisfaction we both felt as we caught our breath before cleaning up and getting dressed again. In about the truest sense, we had just fucked like animals without so much as kissing, and all while our own spouses were doing the same downstairs.

Yes, I didn’t mention the trade-off until now. We all knew as much as I was attracted to Brittany that Jack, Brittany’s husband, had always had a thing for Ann. When Ann and I began experimenting with group sex, Brittany was kept abreast of all the developments – the ones in addition to the one she was involved with, that is. When the idea of a wife-swap inevitably came on the table, we thought who better than someone we know well and trust, rather than some skank who might try to mess up our marriage?

When Brittany and I came downstairs, Jack and Ann were just finishing up. It was when they finally came out that, while all of us were immensely satisfied, we realized the aftermath was a little complicated. Like I said before, I don’t recommend this strategy if you’re in a healthy marriage since real life is a lot different than a hot story. However, I can’t say I regretted the experience. After all, even if it wasn’t with each other this time, my wife and I had a hell of a good time!

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