17 Mayıs 2021

Sisters Gotta Share Ch. 01

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My sisters-in-law, Cindy and Sandy, and I had always had an odd relationship, and my relationship with each was unique in its own way.

Cindy was the youngest of the three sisters, and she was by far the most flirtatious. Young, bright-eyed, petite, and full of energy, she would always play fight with me. I knew it was because she did not have a brother growing up, but there were times, after I would get done pinning her to the couch or floor, that I would have to sit awkwardly for a while or go to the bathroom to let the erection I would grow go down.

Sandy was the most timid of the three. As a middle child, she was the eternal introvert, quiet and shy. Whilst Cindy was the more outgoing and sexy of the two, Sandy was more beautiful, when she tried.

Every week, my wife Sara and I would have her sisters over for dinner. They were attending the university, and my wife and I had found jobs in the city after graduating. It was a bit of a pain having them over so often, but we got along fairly well, and so I did not complain too much.

Besides, on good nights, I would find ways to entertain myself. Cindy worked as a waitress at one of the local restaurants, and as such, she often had a sore back from carrying around heavy trays all day. I could definitely see why; at 5’3 and only a shade over one hundred pounds, those platters she carried were almost as heavy as she was!

My wife had made the comment one time that I gave the best massages. Cindy asked for one, and it became almost a weekly ritual. Cindy would sit on the floor in front of my recliner, and I would rub down her shoulders and back. As I did, I would slowly work the back of her shirt up. Though she was petite, Cindy had a perfectly round bubble butt, and when she sat in that position, the top quarter of her crack was visible from my vantage point.

As I rubbed her shoulders, my dick would get rock-hard, thinking about what it would be like to rub my hands all over her ass, lick the crack, maybe even rub my cock on it.

It mommys girl porno seemed like a pipe dream; something to jack off to later on, or to visualize later that night when I was getting a blow job from Sara. Though I had my suspicions about why Cindy ALWAYS wanted a massage, nothing could ever come of it.

One night, however, something happened that changed everything.

We had finished dinner, and a scary movie came on the tube. We turned the lights out and decided to watch it. Sandy left, as she had no interest in scary movies (Sandy is a bit of a wimp). I was lying at one end of the couch, and Cindy was lying at the other. Sara had settled into my recliner, engrossed in the slasher flick.

It was mid-October, and an early chill had blown into town that night. I had a blanket that I threw over my legs to keep warm. Cindy stuck her legs under it, and we began tugging the blanket back and forth. She had worn shorts that night, and the feel of her bare legs running against mine was enough to perk my cock up right nice.

Finally, we found a happy medium, and watched the movie. My right foot settled on her right thigh, and though it made my dick even more hard at first, I thought nothing of it. After about twenty minutes, however, I noticed that Cindy was not really focused on the movie. Any time the killer in the movie would jump out, Cindy seemed unaffected. When I would glance over at her, I would catch her looking at me, but she would quickly turn to look at the movie.

Deciding to press my luck, I adjusted myself on the couch a bit, and when I resettled, my foot inched up her inner thigh just a bit. My toes were now pretty well inside her shorts, but Cindy said and did nothing. And when I say she did nothing, I mean it seemed like she stopped breathing.

I began slowly moving my foot along her smooth inner thigh. I had to be careful. If I was wrong and Cindy was not hankering for me to proceed, it needed to seem like my actions were innocuous. I also momsbangteens porno had to make sure Sara would not be able to tell what was going on under the blanket.

On one caress, however, my toe made it up to her panties, and I knew immediately that I did not need to worry about Cindy calling me out. They were drenched with her hot juices.

Gaining confidence, I proceeded to push my foot further, and I felt just how wet she really was. After fumbling about for a few minutes, my foot succeeded in pushing her panties to the side. I gently pressed my toes against her crotch, and found her hard clitoris. I rubbed my big toe against it slowly and softly, and I could sense Cindy’s breath becoming even shallower.

I spared a glance at her face, and saw that her eyes had glazed over. She looked at me with glazed-over eyes and lips pressed together. As I pressed even deeper and sunk my toes into her pussy, her eyes rolled up and she let out a deep breath.

I looked over at Sara. She was completely engaged in the movie; oblivious to the pleasure I was giving to her baby sister. The thrill of doing this with her in the room made it even more exciting.

I kept pressing my big toe against Cindy’s clit, caressing it with ever-increasing intensity. I would only stop to sink my toes back into her wet, hot hole.

Her breathing was intensifying, and her eyes were staying shut longer. Her hands were tightly gripping onto the blanket.

At last, she came. I could feel the fresh rush of warm juices drip over my foot, and Cindy inhaled sharply. I worried only momentarily that it might tip off Sara, but a particularly scary moment in the movie happened at the same time, and Sara jumped, as well.

I withdrew my foot from Cindy’s crotch and looked at her. She seemed embarrassed and a little flustered. I gave her a smile and a wink, as if to let her know that it was okay; it would be our little secret.

She looked down at my seat. In my concentration in bringing Cindy monsters of cock porno to orgasm, I neglected to notice that I had pitched quite a tent with the blanket. I made a mock panicked expression, and Cindy stifled a giggle before licking her lips and staring again at my concealed erection.

Cindy sunk herself lower into the blanket, so that she was no longer in semi-sitting position, but fully laid out, as if she were going to sleep. That was when I felt her foot against my thigh. She was more aggressive than I had been; it seemed that her orgasm had done away with a lot of her inhibitions.

Her soft foot found its way into my boxers, and I felt her toes rub against the shaft of my cock. I had dreamed about what it would be like to have her flesh touch my dick, and even though I had originally thought of it being her mouth or a hand or her pussy, her foot was just fine.

She slid her foot up and down the length of my shaft, looking at me with her wide, hazel eyes the entire time. Her soft skin pressed up against my cock felt so nice. I wanted to find a way to take her to the bedroom and see what other parts of her body I could rub it against.

Alas, the movie ended, and Sara got up from the recliner. Cindy withdrew her foot as her older sister turned the lights back on.

“Well, sis,” Sara said, yawning. “I better get you home. I got an early day tomorrow.”

I thought about offering to take Cindy home — perhaps I would be “unavoidably delayed” getting back…traffic or pulled over by the cops or something. Given how far I had pushed it, however, I decided not to arouse any suspicion on Sara’s part.

As Cindy put her shoes on, Sara came over to me and gave me a kiss.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she said, and she headed for the door.

I customarily got up to give my sisters-in-law a hug when they left, but my dick was so hard, that it seemed impossible. Instead, Cindy bent down to give me a hug. As she did, she gently, deftly licked my neck.

“Bye, Aaron,” she said, smiling knowingly.

“See ya,” I replied, winking again.

When Sara got home that night, she got one of the best fucks of her life. As we drifted off to sleep in post-coital bliss, I could think of nothing but next week, when Cindy and Sandy would visit again.

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