17 Mayıs 2021

Sister’s Slave Pt. 06

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Alex Grey

That event faded farther from my memory as it became more common. Each day, my brother would serve as my toilet whenever I needed him. He came to enjoy the taste of my diarrhoea and urine, and after a few days it was all he wanted to eat. Even once my stomach bug passed, he still greedily devoured my shit like it was chocolate.

Of course, he also continued his tireless worship of my ass, farts, feet and armpits every weekday after I returned from work. Then, on the weekends, he spent almost all of his time beneath my ass, savouring the many tastes and smells that he found there.

It was during one of his particularly passionate make out sessions with my asshole that the last lingering remnants of doubt in my mind disappeared. I knew my brother enjoyed it. I knew he loved me, more than just as his sister. And though I tried to shake away the lewd thoughts forming in my head, I could no longer deny that I felt the same.

“Morning, Sis,” came the cheerful greeting as my brother emerged from beneath the bedsheets just as I emerged from my slumber.

My brothers passion for me had began to show itself more clearly since he first acted as my toilet, and one of the ways it did this was by urging him to spend progressively longer periods of time eating my ass each night. By now, it had become an unspoken rule that he would not leave my bed until I did.

I smiled warmly at him and pressed my finger lightly against his nose for a moment.

“Seems like you enjoyed yourself again last night.”

His face turned red at this comment, but his smile did not fade like it used to. I slowly lifted my feet from under the cover and raised them to his face as he eagerly began cleaning the remains of his own juices off of them.

Seemingly, my previous advice had gotten through to him, as it was now very common for me to awaken to find my brother’s tongue removing a thin coating of cum on my feet. However, the initial feelings of confusion and arousal I once felt while watching him had now been replaced by frustration.

The only coherent thought I could conjure while observing him that Saturday morning was how much I wanted him to relieve himself somewhere else. Somewhere tighter and damper. Somewhere he had never been before.

Before I could collect myself and voice these desires, his tongue slid softly from between my toes and fell back into his mouth.

“Alright, time for your breakfast,” he suddenly announced, scurrying off from the bed and marching down the staircase.

Despite my initial concern, he had made a habit out of only cooking food for me. He no longer desired actual food, and insisted that the food he cooks for me is enough to feed him too. Still, I wanted to make sure he still ate something, so I began involving food in his daily worship.

I had, however, agreed to letting him get away with skipping breakfast. I’d like to think that this was a decision I had made because I still secretly wanted him to eat my shit primarily, but the main reason for this compromise was the fact that he refused to accept any food I tried to feed him unless I granted his wish.

With this in mind, I rose from the bed and stepped out onto the floor, immediately making my bare feet dirty due to the saliva left on them, which acted as an adhesive of sorts and collected dust and filth. This wetness was also covering my asshole, which was significantly cleaner than my feet due to my brother’s restless worship.

It came as no surprise when I descended from the stairs to see my brother gathering as many gassy foods as he could from the kitchen and arranging them hastily by the oven. I no longer had a problem with this. After all, if his breakfast was to be the remains of my own, it only made sense to eat a lot.

I made my way into the living room to collect my thoughts while he set about making breakfast. I knew I had to talk to him about his feelings, as well as my own. Yet I found myself unusually hesitant while mentally debating how to do.

“Food’s on,” he cheered as he entered the room, waking me from my dazed state.

I didn’t bother asking what he was preparing, since I already new it would be something filled with fibre and strong smells.

“How long will it be, do you think,” I asked, wondering if there was enough time for a little extra fun.

“Twenty minutes, at least,” came the sly reply, as an equally sly smirk began forming on his lips.

I beckoned him towards me with my index finger as my body began to relax on the chair. It wasn’t hard for me to think of something for him to do. The complete lack of showers for the past few days had served to enhance the allure of my most powerful areas, and though my asshole was clean for the time being, the same could not be said for my armpits.

He excitedly skipped towards me and knelt at the base of the chair, looking up at me with pleading eyes. His face lit up immediately as I raised my right arm and pointed to my pit with the other hand.

In a matter of seconds, his nose was buried deep in czech streets porno my armpit, sucking up as much of its pungent perfume as it possibly could. Meanwhile, his tongue swung back and forth at the bottom of my pit, catching the droplets of sweat that ran down my arm.

Once he was satisfied with the smells be had breathed in, his tongue replaced his nose in the core of my armpit as he began greedily cleaning it. I could see a peak in his boxers grow ever higher as he licked, eventually standing at full mast as he finished the right pit and moved quickly to the left one.

The liquid that began to form on the material was nothing in comparison to the liquid now leaking from my pussy. I clenched my legs together tightly in hopes of shielding my excitement, only to realise he was too distracted to spare as much as a glance.

The time passed much faster than either of us would have liked, and he eventually pried himself away from me as he hurried back to the kitchen. The noises of clattering pans and plates drifted off into the background as my mind continued to ponder my feelings.

“Here you go, Sis,” he happily remarked as he placed a plate of food before me.

I must have been deep in thought, as I had not even noticed he had entered the room until then. I quickly regained my composure and directed my attention to the mountain of beans that lay on my plate. I could just barely make out the crusts of some toast beneath the beans, and there were two boiled eggs on either side of the plate.

“Right,” I began, “I guess it’s time for me to do some cooking of my own!”

He grinned widely upon hearing this, and immediately darted beneath the table. He knew it would take some time for his meal to be ready, so he chose to occupy himself with my feet once again. He looked up at me, receiving a simple nod in response, before hastily sticking my toes into his mouth and cleaning them for the second time that morning.

They lacked any real scent at this point, and were also quite tasteless due to the lack of sweat, but he licked them just as eagerly and diligently as ever, collecting every spec of unknown material off of them.

Meanwhile, I began eating the food he had made. The sheer amount of beans on the plate was overwhelming, but it also served to quicken the speed at which the gas travelled through my body. Once I had finished the beans and begun to eat the eggs, we were met with the familiar groaning of my stomach.

We both smiled wickedly at each other as I raised my legs up to the couch, leaving my asshole hanging at the seat’s edge. He moved his face closer in response, already sucking the near-nonexistent fragrance of my bare ass as his nose brushed lightly against my opening.

Every now and then, he would run over my asshole a few times with his tongue before pulling it away again and continuing to breathe deeply. It was clear to see he was incredibly excited, and he did not even try to hide the fact that he was craving my gas by this point.

However, despite our shared interests, I managed to eat the entire dish without so much as a light breeze escaping my asshole. Instead of getting disheartened, we smiled at each other once more as he climbed up onto the couch beside me.

We didn’t even need to say anything to know we were both thinking the same thing. It felt almost like second nature as he lowered himself onto his back, his head resting on the armrest. I winked at him and lifted a leg over his torso, taking a seat on his chest with my ass facing him.

My intention had been to tease him for a while, but he ended up being the one to surprise the other when he reached over and grabbed my ass with both hands. His palms tightly grasped their respective cheek, massaging my ass in a rhythmic motion.

“Oh, Sorry,” he suddenly said, as if he was unaware of what he had been doing. He paused for a moment before asking in a whisper, “Is this okay?”

It took me a moment to fully register what had happened. My heart was racing in my chest and my breathing had become shallow. Taking a moment to calm myself, I nodded back at him, smiling sweetly to emphasise my approval.

He continued his groping for almost a full minute before the roar of my stomach bellowed out once more. He knew from the sound alone that I was ready for him, and gently began to pull on my waist as he guided my asshole back to his nose.

I simply accepted his request, and allowed him to move me backwards until I was fully sitting on his face. It didn’t take long for a wet, juicy fart to splatter onto his face, the saliva clinging to my asshole from his earlier licking causing the expulsions to become just as much liquid as gas.

He, of course, did not mind this at all. In fact, the wetness almost seemed to excite him more than usual. A few minutes passed and I continued to pelt his face with slimy farts as he tried his best to take them all in. Eventually, he tugged on my thigh to signal for me to move and ran off upstairs without so much as a word.

For czech taxi porno a brief moment, I began to worry that I had done something wrong. I began working my brain to its core thinking of something I could have done to upset him so much. Thankfully, my panic attack was put to rest rather swiftly as he returned with a strange tube in his hand.

“What’s that,” I asked him, eyeing the strange device.

“Just a little something I made for this sort of occassion,” came his reply, a slight undertone of lust peeking through in his voice as he spoke.

He sat beside me on the couch once more and placed the device on the table in front of us. I could tell he had made it himself just by looking at it, but I had to admire his creativity.

The device consisted a long tube of plastic that had a funnel pointing inwards at one end. Beside the funnel were two long straps of elastic, tied in loops at either side if the funnel’s entrance. At the other end, the tube was connected to a plastic cup via a hole that had been cut into its base.

“It’s a gas mask,” he began to explain, clearly proud of his handy-work.

While I did not need an explanation due to the fact that its purpose was incredibly obvious, I allowed him to continue. I would have felt bad interrupting him while he was so pleased with himself.

“He put your legs through the straps and pull the funnel up to your asshole,” came the first part of his explanation.

I could see that the tube was designed in such a way that I would be able to shove the entrance into my asshole. Despite the fact that it looked like a child’s art project, I found myself genuinely admiring his imagination as he continued.

“The cup on the other end can be taped around my nose or removed entirely so that the tube can go in my mouth, see?”

He picked up the end of the tube that was attached to the cup and pulled the two apart, as if to prove his point. He then connected them back together and set the tube back down on the table as he looked over to me, clearly seeking approval.

“You’re a dirty little pervert,” I said in a playful tone, poking fun at his twisted thought processes.

He simply smiled, taking my comment as a sign that I appreciated his effort.

Without saying another word, I stood from the couch and grabbed the tube from the table, stepping through the two hoops one at a time so that I was wearing the device around my waist.

Now that I was actually using it, I found that it was far more sturdy and well-crafted than I originally thought. The straps stayed tight without breaking, and the tube itself seemed to stay together incredibly well.

I held the tube’s opening between my thumb and index finger as I beckoned to my brother with the other hand. He understood what I needed immediately and swiftly begin lubricating my asshole with a fresh coat of saliva. A few juicy farts erupted into his mouth as he ate, which he swallowed without even flinching.

Once we were both satisfied, he pulled his tongue away and I carefully began to insert the tube into my asshole. It was slightly painful at first, but I was able to push it inside with relative ease. Luckily, it was not very hard to keep it there, and the tube stayed firmly connected to my asshole.

Meanwhile my brother had set about taping the lip of the cup to his own nose, seemingly eager to test out his invention. Once we were both prepared, he lay back down and I sat above him yet again. This time, however, I sat a few inches above his head as opposed to on his face. This position allowed anything coming out of my asshole to travel easily down the tube.

Before long, the farts began oozing down the tube and into his nose, a small amount of liquid slowly sliding down alongside it. The tube’s structure served to increase the volume of each blast, sending vibrations through both my ass and my brother’s face with each fart.

I continued to gas him as I glanced behind me to see that a huge grin had made its home on his face. The pleasure he was feeling in conjunction with the satisfaction that came with the success of his creation left him unable to contain himself, a fact that was made quite obvious thanks to the large wet patch that had spread over his boxers.

I licked my lips gently as I brushed his shaft with the tip of my finger, the fabric of his boxers doing very little to preserve his dignity. His heavy breathing stopped temporarily as he reacted to my touch, gazing up at me with inquisitive eyes.

“Is this okay,” I asked, taking care not to sound or look too intimidating.

His smile somehow managed to spread just a little wider as he nodded enthusiastically. I turned back towards his tent and stroked it a few more times, pressing on a little more with each pass. By now, I had also started farting much more frequently, causing my brother to moan as a reaction to the waves of pleasure hitting him in two places at once.

After a few minutes, I could feel pressure building in my intestine, indicating digitalplayground porno to me that my brother’s meal was ready.

“Ready for breakfast,” I questioned, putting on an innocent smile.

He said nothing, choosing instead to simply lick his lips and remove the tape from the cup. He quickly pulled the tube from the the cup and stuck the tube into his mouth as he threw the cup aside.

While he did this, I slowly began to lift the rim of his boxers upwards and slide them down his waist. It was only after he had finished his task that he noticed my fingers dancing along the length of his exposed member.

I could feel my face heating up as I sucked on my spare hand’s fingertips. However, glancing backwards to see that my brother also wore a face of deep red calmed me down somewhat.

After taking a moment to register what I was doing, he showed his approval by reaching up and massaging my ass cheeks once more, smiling shyly as his eyes darted around the room.

It was only once the first splatter of wet, hot shit leaked from my asshole that his focus stilled, his gaze now thoroughly fixated on the brown liquid that was slowly working it’s way to his mouth.

Just as that first droplet touched the tip of his tongue, my asshole suddenly exploded in a violent torrent of liquid shit. The chocolate tidal wave thundered down the tube at lightning speed, spilling out into his mouth within seconds.

It was at this moment that I took a chance, and embraced my true feelings of love and adoration for my brother. As if to punctuate the feeling of his taste buds meeting my waste, I leaned down towards his dick and pulled the foreskin away, taking him into my mouth without a second thought.

He flinched upon feeling this, but was unable to properly react due to the mass amount of shit stuffing his throat. Our tongue’s synchronised as his desperate attempts to break down and swallow the chunks of shit mirrored the movements I was making in my attempts to please him.

My fingers found their way to his balls, fondling them gently as I began to move my head up and down to match the rhythm of his massage. His moans of pleasure filled the room, echoing through the tube and resonating in my asshole.

Once he had managed to swallow his meal, he pulled the tube from his mouth and began gasping for air as he looked over at me. I released his member and sat opposite him on the couch, pulling the tube from my ass and placing the entire mask back onto the table.

The silence became concerning quite quickly, so I attempted to lighten the mood by moving back up to his head and letting loose a hot, refreshing stream of piss into his mouth. As if he had been awaiting this, he immediately sprung back to life, drinking down my lemonade and cleaning his mouth in the process.

Once the stream had ended, he rolled me onto my back and began to clean my asshole with his newly washed tongue, seemingly ignorant to the fact he had essentially wasted the shower.

He finished up rather quickly and allowed me to sit back up before moving closer to me and staring intently. It was clear he wanted to say something, but it was even clearer that he felt too shy to do so.

“Did you like that,” I abruptly asked, choosing to spare him the embarrassment of saying what we were both thinking.

“Yeah,” he said quietly, glancing around the room for a moment before continuing to say, “You just caught me off guard…”

I smiled warmly at him and gently stroked his cheek with my thumb as he also began smiling, though with a much different tone.

“There was only one thing about it I didn’t like,” he said, smiling slyly as he narrowed his eyes.

“And what would that be,” I asked back to him, equal parts playful and curious.

“Well… You stopped before I got to finish,” he replied, seemingly losing most if his confidence all at once.

I giggled sweetly at him, and held one of his hands in mine.

“So what you’re saying is,” I began, purposefully leaving a pause mid-sentence before finishing with, “You want your Sister to make you cum?”

His face immediately went red and he attempted to pull the collar of his shirt over his head to hide himself. I simply laughed for a moment before apologising.

It took a minute or two for him to calm down again, but I could tell, all the while, that he was somewhat disatisfied. I had been teasing him for several weeks by this point, so I could understand why he might be frustrated.

I banished any remaining hints of doubt from my mind and looked him dead in the eye as I mulled over my next words.

“If you really want me to, I’ll help you,” I said, somewhat concerned that he wouldn’t understand what I meant.

However, that fear quickly faded away as the wicked grin returned to his face. He didn’t speak, instead choosing silently not. I could tell he was still a little nervous, and so was I if the truth be told. But I had made my decision, and I was now confident in it.

Without saying a word, I got on all fours and presented my ass to him, wiggling my hips slightly in an attempt to increase his confidence. He eyes watched my pussy for a moment or two, but I suppose he must have decided that would be going too far, as his gaze quickly swapped to my freshly cleaned asshole.

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