16 Mayıs 2021

Sleepover Stories 01

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This story explores several different fetishes including wetting, panties, light bdsm, submissiveness, a lot of incest, noncon/reluctance, trans girl and of course, lesbian. There is also kind of a ddlg thing with spanking. Be warned, the tgirl part is not a small part. The story overall story focuses on her more than the other four girls, especially towards the end.

Originally, each girl’s story was supposed to be really short (like the first one). But that didn’t happen… I had some pretty good ideas that I had to give time to develop, so each story could actually be a stand-alone. Tell me which was your favorite.

All my girls are 18+ and so are all their characters (including their past selves.)

Shante wore a babydoll, black with violet. Lacy cups squeezed, lifted and displayed most of her large D-cup breasts, the sheer skirt hanging down from underneath to just barely veil her little black thong. All the rest of her smooth, chocolate skin was on display, her short, curvy body complemented by a simply pretty face, big brown eyes and a smile that dimpled the pinchably puffy cheeks under her short black curls.

Kira, with her lengthy legs, her fit, athletic build and brown sugar skin, wore yellow cotton panties and a thin white tank that wasn’t impossible to see through. Her deliciously modest hills featured healthy dark nipples that were already poking through. She was naturally beautiful, with long black hair she wore straight down her back.

Between Kira’s legs sat her skinny little sister, Charity. With much lighter skin, wavy brown hair of a similar length, hazel eyes, a wide, bace-faced smile and a flat chest (with prominent, lickable nipples), she provided a more than subtle contrast to the older girl. Charity wore white cotton panties, knee high white socks and a pink cropped t-shirt she’d cut to show off her sexy, taut tummy.

Danielle, with her milk white skin, copper hair and gray-green eyes, stood out the most among the group. She wore a turquoise teddy with black lace boundaries. The sexy one-piece left a healthy portion of her perfect C-cup breasts out and the thong back narrowed between her perky cheerleader’s ass cheeks.

Hailey had gorgeous, copper skin that seemed to glow, a model-esque frame, tall and slim, dark brown hair, full, feminine lips and curvy little hips that led down to her thin, dainty legs. She was dressed in a black open-cup corset that lifted her apple A-cups but left them exposed, black fishnet stockings on her lenthy legs and garter straps that attached them to the hem of her corset. In the middle she wore tiny black thong panties that comfortably set between her perfect bottom and displayed a noticeable, but modest, little bulge in the front.

The girls had a summer tradition that began after they graduated high school. They had a sleepover hosted by Shante, and what started off as a confession of how each one lost her virginity became something more. Three out of the four girls (Charity wasn’t there) hadn’t lost their virginity yet and so, lied. The stories they told got everybody hot and bothered and each girl snuck off to touch herself.

Eventually they confessed they had lied but no one was even mad, not even Shante, the only girl whose story was true. Figuring hot, imaginative stories were better than confessions of tepid sex, a precedent had been set and a tradition was born. The girls would have sleepovers a few times a year and each time they’d share exciting new fantasies, making each other horny and growing closer as girlfriends.

The girls arranged themselves in an intimate circle in Shante’s bedroom. Shante was the only one seated on a small ottoman and the other girls all spread out on the floor in front of her. They chatted giddily, obviously eager for the main event of the night.

“Alright bitches, it’s storytime! I wanna hear your sexiest, filthiest stories! I want my panties dripping wet tonight, so don’t hold back. I have been looking forward to this all year so bring it. Try to keep your hands out your panties until the very end. I don’t want anybody to cum until it’s time. That goes for you too Kira, keep your hands out your sister’s panties.”

“They’re not in her panties they’re on her panties,” Kira snickered devilishly,

rubbing her sister’s pussy through her white panties. She sniffed her fingers quickly, making the other girls giggle, then wrapped her hands around Charity’s waist. “I’ll play with it when we start, okay,” she whispered in her sister’s ear. Charity nodded and smiled.

“We heard that,” Shante chuckled. “Though I love how you take care of her, you two need to wait at least until we’re a few stories in. There will be plenty of time for that. I promise. “

“Okay okay,” Kira said, holding her hands up in the air.

“You guys got Hailey excited already,” Danielle said, directing everyone’s attention to the small tent in Hailey’s panties.

Hailey shrugged and smiled unabashedly, leaning back on her türbanlı porno hands to flaunt her little penis.

“Modesty, sweetie,” Shante said.

“Yes, Ms. Keebler,” Haily said obediently and immediately crossed her legs to the side and shyly nipped her lip, looking up at her bestfriend and mistress with lustful doe eyes.

“Good girl. Now-“

The other girls began to snicker. “When did that happen!?” Danielle burst out laughing. Shante smiled and shrugged while Hailey dropped her face in shame. Danielle, picking up on her embarrassment reassured her. “No, no, it’s hot. Like sooo hot! I would love to be Shante’s subbie. You’re so lucky and I’m just jealous.” She then rubbed the sensitive girl’s back until the blushing stopped, then kissed her quickly on the lips.

Shante silently watched her friends kiss, noting how they both looked to her for approval after. The way the room stilled, how Charity and Kira tensed, and how Danielle and Hailey seemingly awaited her next instructions, Shante could have ordered the two to make love right then and there. But instead she directed her attention to her original purpose. “Okay hoes, as usual, I’ll go first…

“So, I was barely passing Calculus and the final was coming up. I was pretty sure I was gonna fail because I hadn’t been to class for like, weeks, so I decided to talk to my professor to see what I could do to pass. I head to his office. Now mind you, it’s pretty damn cold outside so I’m dressed in layers; an undershirt, but no bra, a hoodie and a jacket with like some old jogging pants or something. My hair’s in a messy ponytail, and… basically I look like a bum, nothing sexy about me.

“I get to his office and at first we’re talking about my grade, and the final and derivatives and integrals and, y’know math stuff. And then he sees that I’m starting to look uncomfortable because it’s hot as shit in his office. But instead of saying, ‘hey, put your fucking coat on that hook over there,’ or whatever, he comes around the desk and just starts to pull it off me by the sleeve.

“So, I just let him, thinking it a little awkward but shrugging it off as… I don’t know, a weird old guy thing. And as he goes to put my coat on the hook, I could swear he sniffed at it a little, but I wasn’t sure. Like, who the fuck sniffs coats, right? But then he says, ‘you know what would really help your grade?’ and starts to rub my shoulder. So, I already know where this is going, so I stand up and tell him he got the wrong idea, that I’m not trying to fuck my way into an A.

“He stops me before I could get to the door and for some reason, I listen to what he has to say. ‘This is what you came for. Even if you don’t know it. I can see the slut in you, Shana, I’ve seen it since the first week of class-‘ Then I corrected him. ‘It’s Shante, not Shana,’ and he just smiles, knowingly, like I just made some fatal mistake, and I realize I did. I made several telling mistakes. One, instead of getting the hell out, I thought to correct him. Two, I’m so engrossed in what he has to say, I didn’t notice he had unzipped my hoodie and was sliding it off my shoulders as he smirked at my correction. I was shocked.

“But no matter how shocked or disgusted or scared I thought I was, I couldn’t stop him from sliding my hoodie off. I didn’t even try. ‘This is inappropriate,’ I said in the smallest of voices. He just nodded with his smirk and grabbed my breast. I gasped and instinctively pushed his hand away and said, ‘no! I’m not like that.’ But he was actually turning me on, which is what scared me. If he knew I was a slut by looking at me, wouldn’t he know how horny I was when my nipples were poking holes through my little tee?

“I decided I had to get out of there. I picked up my hoodie and grabbed my coat as fast as I could and told him I was leaving, and that I would never tell if he let me go. I grabbed the doorknob and twisted it, but right when I pull it open, he pulls my jogging pants down below my knees. I gasped and quickly shut the door so I wouldn’t get caught with my pants down. I was in awe of his audacity, and his confidence and his boldness! I mean, god, his career and probably freedom on the line and he’s still pushing my buttons. It was turning me on. I started to believe he was right about me, that I was just a little slut hoping to get fucked by the professor.

“But still I tried to resist, even though my body wasn’t cooperating. When his hand went between my legs I could feel how wet my pussy was, just as he did. I didn’t mean to moan, or spread my legs wider, or arch my ass back into him. It was like he had me on a leash. My body was already his and I was just figuring it out. “‘Oh, look how wet your pussy is. Look how bad you want it. Tell me you want it. You want it, don’t you Shana. You little slut girl, tell me how bad you want it.’ He pushed my panties aside and slipped a finger inside me, and taunted me and teased me and made me squirm and quiver.

“I was türk porno so scared, but my fear just made me hornier. I told myself to shout for help. I thought that if my body wouldn’t cooperate and fight him off maybe some other man in the building would. But the only thing that came out my mouth was, ‘Shante. My name is Shante.’ I must’ve sounded like a stupid little girl. I’m in a old professor’s office being violated in the worst way and the only thing I can think of is how much it annoys me that he doesn’t know my name. If he didn’t know he had me before, he knew it then. It was like he was sure I’d melt the entire time but he was witnessing his prophecy come to fruition.

“‘It doesn’t matter who you are, Shante. It only matters what you are. Now what are you Shante? Tell me.’ With my pants down in an old professors office, my pussy so wet that I can feel his fingers gliding freely inside, moaning and rolling my hips against his hand, how could I deny what I truly was?

“‘I’m a slut,’ I say reluctantly, my heart jumping at the filthy words. It was like I shared a secret with him, a secret he had always known. ‘I’m such a slut, I’m a dirty little slut,’ I say with more emphasis, allowing myself to fully enjoy my violation, releasing all reservations.

“‘Mhm, now tell me what this slut wants?’ he says as he slides my panties down to my knees. He reaches around my body and puts his hands underneath my shirt to play with my breasts, squeezing them and twisting my nipples so hard I could cry. He takes full liberty with my boobs as he lifts my top up above them, exposing them to the open air. I’m so scared and so horny and so confused all at the same time, but all I can think is how bad I want this to happen to me. How bad I want this man to take advantage of me and fuck me like the slut we both know I am. It’s like the ultimate compliment, to be taken against your will and used like a thing. So I squirm and resist his molestation like I don’t want him to fuck me, praying to god that he would.

“My refusal makes him a little angry and he gets forceful, pressing his hips forward into my ass, sandwiching me between him and the door. I whimper like I hate it but it was really a disguised moan. I’m super wet and excited that he’s showing no sign of stopping. At this point I’m sure I’m gonna be raped by a strong, confident man, the dream! At least for sluts like me.

“I push his hands down from groping my tits and try to re-cover them with my shirt. Predictably, his hands go down between my legs again as I feel his thick cock pressing hard against my ass. ‘Please, sir, please,’ I plead in my innocent voice, daring not to say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ for worry he actually might. I struggle some, giving the impression I’m trying to fight him off but really I’m just grinding my ass against his cock and giving his rough hands more space to keep fondling my hungry pussy.

“‘Your nipples are hard as diamonds,’ he said as one hand slipped underneath my shirt to ravish my tits again, ‘and your pussy is soaking wet, Shana. Your body wants to be fucked right now. It needs me!’

“I just moan again, squirm against his cock, and

try to push his hands away again, accidentally causing the one between my legs to slide against my clit so deliciously hard as he fights to keep his hands on my sexy body. He can’t resist me and I love it! ‘Oh, god! Please! Please!’ I beg again, more innocent, more sexy this time. I hear him growl in frustration and then before I knew it, he had grabbed my undershirt at the collar and ripped it in half!

“Suddenly I was being whipped away from the door by my ponytail and slung against his desk. I instinctively bent over the desk and offered my ass to him. And in response he slapped it hard. It surprised me so much I cried out in pain, hoping I wasn’t loud enough for someone to hear. He spanked me like a bad girl, calling out ‘slut’ and ‘bitch’ and ‘filthy’ and ‘whore’ with every slap. It felt sooo amazing, to be punished like that, to let my teacher teach me who I was, a young slut in need of a harsh reminder.

“He spanks me until I’m just a quivering puddle on his desk, my pussy a puddle between my legs. I’m literally shivering I’m so horny. And finally, I hear him undoing his belt and I whimper. Unable to feign resistance any more, I quickly kick off my shoes, pants and panties, spread my legs as wide as I can and arch my back as deep as I know how. ‘Oh, yes, that’s it. Good girl. Give in to your true slutty nature,’ he says as he slides his magnificent cock inside my poor little pussy.

“He fucked me like I was his toy, fast and hard. It wasn’t about me at all. I was a small and insignificant means to an end. A hole to fill with cock and disregard after. He uses me, closing my legs together with his feet so that my pussy clasps his cock as he fucks me. It starts to hurt a little. I love it. I cum for him. He reaches from behind me and stuffs my mouth full of fingers when I start to get too loud. His türkçe alt yazı porno fingers taste like me.

“My eyes tear up as I struggle to breathe, still cumming on the cock crammed inside me. I grab my titties, squeezing them and teasing my nipples as my beautiful climax continues and finally comes to an end. He’s still fucking me like he hadn’t noticed, grunting with each thrust. I weaken, collapsing against his desk as he has his way with me, milking my satiated pussy for all it’s worth.

‘Fuck!’ he finally growls and snatches me back off the desk, spins me around and pushes me to my knees. For the first time I see his cock, thick but not that long, veiny and angry and ugly. And he’s still got all his clothes on, just his cock is out. But I’m completely naked as he starts to stroke his cock in my face. I felt so dirty, so used and so sexy. I start to play with my clit with one hand and my tits with another as my professor splashes me with his cum.

“It’s so thick and its so much! He cums forever as he spurts his seed all over me, on my lips, where my slutty tongue sneaks out for a taste, down on my tits and my hand, and there’s so much some of it makes it between my legs where I can rub it into my clit as I massage it.

“Feeling like an utterly delicious slut, I kneel with my legs spread, toying my clit toward another orgasm. I reach out to kiss professor’s cock but as soon as I could slurp the cum drops off his piss slit, he tucks himself away, tucks his shirt in an buttons up. He grabs my panties and unceremoniously wipes his cum off my face. ‘Get dressed. now!’ he orders as he buckles his belt and I quickly obey, pulling my joggers up over my ass, slipping on my shoes and putting my hoodie over my shoulders and zipping it up. I grabbed my coat and before I could get it on, Professor was shoving me toward the door. He inspected my face, then wiped one last stain of cum off the corner of my lip before shoving me out into the hallway.

“I made the cold walk back to my dorm room, aware that underneath my hoodie I was naked and covered in Professor’s semen. I could feel the fact that I had left my panties in his room. I hoped he would keep them. That he would sniff them and think of me. I hoped I was his favorite. It turned me on to think so.

“I enjoyed my secret walk of shame. I imagined that some of the other students walking around campus knew what I had done. I felt so embarrassed and so naughty. When I finally got home I didn’t shower, instead I stripped and masturbated, my body caked in the Professor’s dried cum.”

When Shante had finished her story, Danielle was massaging her tits, Hailey had let her girl cock out the confines of her panties but tried to hide it from Shante. Charity had her hands behind her back to secretly touch her big sister’s pussy while Kira massaged her little tits from behind. Shante herself was a little flustered, getting aroused by her own recollections.

“You know I see all of you right?” Shante said, causing only Hailey to stop what she was doing, to tuck her penis back inside and look guilty. Danielle was lost in her own world, spreading the top of her lingerie and lifting her breast to her lips to suckle herself. Charity looked up and smiled mischievously, hands still busy between Kira’s legs as her sister played with her sensitive nipples and kissed her neck softly. Shante watched the girls with lust. “Dammit, you bitches look so good right now. Lets take a two minute break to tend to our needs and then we go to the next story, okay?”

Each girl agreed with a weak moan as they took advantage of the small time window. Beautiful, pale skinned Danielle snapped the button between her legs to slip her fingers all around her slit. Little Charity turned to meet her sister’s sweet lips with hers as both their hands fell inside the other’s panties. And Hailey waited for Shante, who slowly slid her panties down to her feet and spread her knees as she sat on her ottoman, glaring right at the gorgeous trans girl.

“Come here, cutie,” Shante said, beckoning her with her finger.

“Yes, Ms. Keebler,” Hailey said and quickly scurried forward on all fours. Shante lifted the skirt of her babydoll and Hailey crawled underneath.

The room was quiet except for soft sighs and the sound made when sisters kiss. Shante lost time but eventually stopped her friends rather than end storytime abruptly by initiating the inevitable girlfriend orgy. “Alright! That’s enough,” she said with a hoarse, panting voice, pushing the girl’s face away from her crotch. “Get my panties.” Hailey took her bestfriend’s discarded thong and slid them up her legs, caressing her curvaceous thighs and plump ass when Shante lifted herself off her seat. They kissed quickly and sat back down across from one another.

“Alright, who’s next?” Shante asked, causing the other three girls to reluctantly stop. Danielle snapped the button between her legs and pushed her tits back in her teddy and took a breath. Kira and Charity ended their tender kiss with a soft smack of their lips and turned toward Shante, the littler girl back in her big sister’s lap. All the girls glared around at each other, then Kira whispered something in Charity’s ear that made her giggle.

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