7 Mayıs 2021

Small Town Small Lie

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Life in a small town where everyone knows everyone can be like living in a fish bowel. For instance Mary and Joe Martin had a big fight one night about eight o’clock and by eight o’clock the next morning everyone in town knew about it and why. Joe had made a pass at the new waitress down at the hotel lunch room-bar.

So when my Dad got sick and his time on this earth was limited everyone knew it. A few guys that knew my mother from school days or from the hardware store my Dad had built up from the ground over thirty years were standing in the wings waiting to come around after a respectful time.

My mother is and always has been a meek, quite, demure lady that never said a harsh word about anyone or anything in her life. For me and my brother Mom was just Mom. She was only seventeen when she and Dad were married. Dad was twenty two. So after thirty years of hard work and honest dealing he is rewarded with a tumor that will kill him in a month or two.

Mother just turned forty eight a week ago and she looks a lot like the girl Dad married thirty years ago. Who looks at their Mom really like I said Mom is Mom that’s all. But I had reason to look at her and I was surprised to see she is still a beautiful lady. Slight of build but trim with a nice curvy figure. She has never been one to show off in any way so even her dress is reserve nothing flashy, nothing to show off her really cute figure. Her mousy brown hair is cut in a way that does not show her face in the most flattering way. But that is Mom always in the back ground but always there doing what Mom’s do best helping and being supportive.

Tom my older brother is serving in the Army over seas so he missed Mom’s birthday. But when he found out about Dad he put his letter in to get out of the service. But that will still be six months after Dad passes on. Tom being older than myself by more than ten years has always made him more of a father figure than an older brother. Don’t get me wrong Dad is a great Dad but he worked long hours and has made a great life for us. But Tom was there when I need a new baseball glove and Tom showed me how to ride my first bike and it was Tom that told me about sex.

Last year when Tom came home on leave I brought around a girl I was dating and Tom took me aside after that and we had a long talk about sex and how the man should always be respectful and gentle and never force himself on a girl and if a girl says “NO” then take it as no and stop what ever I am doing.

That was all good advice and I have tried to live up to his guidance.

Dad passed away in May and Tom did make it home for the funeral. We did our best to comfort Mom and she did the same for us. I was gong to go to state college in the fall so I had all summer to help Mom get the Hardware store put up for sale. Tom said he was not interested in running it and I was on my way to other things as well. So Mom said she would put it up for sale. Mom did not need the store to live off of as Dad had provided well for her Tom and me very well.

The second of June I turned nineteen and Mom bought me a new car. Tom had returned to his over seas post. Mom and I seemed to do a lot of thing together now. So that evening I took the car for a long ride and took Mom along. We had been driving up in the hills for about an hour when Mom said she had an offer for the store she was thinking about taking. She said an old school mate had recently return home after being gone for many years and he came in the store looking to get started in business here.

Mom was talking in a low steady voice but there was something in her voice that made me think I needed to meet this Mr. Bart Walker.

We came out on top of Stone’s mountain were the country road meets the interstate. There is a nice Hill Top Bar and Grill there so I pulled in. Mom said she would have a sandwich with me and maybe a beer. I knew Mom would have a beer with Dad when they went out so it seemed like the thing to do now. We were shown a table near the big windows that face the river far below. Even at night you can see the lights on the ships and boats moving along.

The beers came first and it took forever to get our sandwiches. But when they arrived they were the size of a dinner plate and very very good. A three piece band came on and so with two beers under my belt and three for Mom I asked her to dance. Mom fit into my arms like a tiny china doll. She moved but I never felt her at all. She was so light on her feet and graceful it really surprised me. The lights were dimmed and the music slowed down to a golden oldie. Mom folded into me and it felt like she was molded around my body. I looked down to see her face but she had rested her face on the front of my t-shirt. But I did get a glimpse of her firm little breasts as her blouse bunched open. Even in the dim light I could see the whiteness of her breasts and the softness above her half bra.

The thoughts that went through my head in that brazzers porno one flash should have shocked me into the real world but no I was too dumb to see I was headed down a long bumpy road. I closed my eyes and pulled her closer as if she were my Saturday night date. My erection was not under my control as it pushed up again the inside of her thigh. I was about to back off when I thought I felt her wiggle her legs rubbing my erection. That was not a dance step it was an erotic way of saying “I feel that”

What the fuck was wrong with me. This is my mother a new widow that is still morning her dearly departed husband. Besides I knew she had a few beers and maybe did not even know what she was doing. What ever she did or did not do I was aroused in my mind and my cock throbbed in time with the music. I had to get off the floor and out of her before I really screwed up big time.

It was awkward but I did get us off the floor and managed to pay the check. The sun had gone down and the night air as cool. I put my arm around her shoulders as we walked to the car. I reached around her to open the car door on her side. As I bent down she twisted in my arms and put both arms around my neck and kissed me full on the mouth.

I jumped back straightening up as I did. Mom’s feet came clear off the ground. She hung from my neck like a chain. Mom brought up both legs and hooked then around my waist. My cock knew long before I did what was going on. It grew hard and poked her right in the crotch of her panties. I had my hands up under her arms to support her weight. I was kissing her back letting my tongue pass between her parted lips. My breathing was erratic my heart was beating in my ears so loud I thought my head would burst. I did not know what to do.

Then I felt a warm wetness run down through my trousers and all over my cock. Mom was pissing her panties and all over me too. To make sure I reached down with one hand and felt the area between us. She was pissing away her four beers and she had no idea where she was or what she was doing.

I heard voices behind me. Turning I saw a couple coming our way. As quickly as I could I carried Mom still attached to me around to the other side of the car hopefully out of sight.

Her back was pressed to the car and it held her weight as unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. I wiggled a finger around the crotch of her panties pulling it aside. My cock head pushed into her wet cunt and did not stop until it was fully seated in her. The feel of my cock fully embedded in my mother’s pussy was like nothing I had ever experienced before in my life. I swear her cunt was pulsating around my cock pulling on it working the muscles drawing the life out of it. I had both hands on the top of the car. Mother’s entire weight was resting on my cock and the car.

Mother was making little whimpering sounds and the muscles tightened around my cock. She started to stiff as if she had a cold. She was taking in her breath in little gasps. Not a word had been said by either of us. Not until I cum. I felt it building rapidly so fast there was no way I could hold back or even pull free. I was cuming in my mother. I was fucking my mother and filling her pussy with a load that was cuming in rapid pulses. One after another I thought it would never stop. Then I felt her slip and start to slide down between me and the car. I quickly grabbed her and carried her around to the other side of the car and deposited her in the passenger’s seat.

Trousers returned to normal I drove home in total shock and fearful of what I had done. Mother was sleeping like a baby.

The next day not a word was said about the night before or what had happened. There was no way she did not know she had been screwed. At least I thought so. But after three days of nothing but normal conversation I got to feel a little better about it. I did not know how I got away with that one but maybe it was for the best that she either did not know or choose not to talk about it.

The following Friday Mr. Walker came into the store and Mom introduced me to him. They had gone to grade school together but he moved away before they moved up to high school. It was plain to see that he was not only interested in buying the store but he was interested in mother as well. I thought it was a little early for Mom to be dating again but I did not say any thing because it had not progressed that far yet. But I was going to keep my eye on Mr. Burt Walker.

The next day Saturday I was at the sand lot playing ball with some of my buddies when a friend said he had heard that a few of the older guys were interested in asking my mother out. I told him the same thing I thought it was a little early for her to be moving on. But I knew she would do so some day. Walt the owner of the Mobil station was single and he had gone to school with mother. I noticed him coming into the store a lot more than normal. Walt was an OK guy clip4sale porno but not a good prospect for my mother.

Then one evening she came to me and said Mr. Walker was coming over for dinner and she wanted to know if I was going to be home or not. I politely told her I had a date and was going out for the evening and would be late coming in. She gave me a look that I had not seen before and I wondered if it was a warning about safe sex or something else like maybe she did not want me screwing any one else. But how could that be she had no recollection of the episode in the parking lot. Or maybe she did after all this time maybe she wanted; hell I don’t know I was over doing it again. So I excused my self and went to my room to shower and get dressed for my date.

Cathy was two years older than I but she did not seem to care when I asked her out. I picked her up and went to the same restaurant mother and I had gone to. It could have been a repeat of the episode with mother. A few too many drinks and Cathy was not too steady on her feet. I helped her to the car but this time I got her in the seat with out incident. She was really not feeling too good when we got back to her house so I said Goodnight and drove home.

It was much earlier than I was expected so I sat in the car out back wondering if I should call first. I saw only one light on in the sun room. I sat there letting my mind think of thing I would never had thought of my mother doing a few weeks earlier.

I sat there driving my self nuts so I thought I would go take a look. It would not be like a “Peeping Tom” this was my home. But there I was sneaking around so I could peek in the window of the Sun room. The TV was in a corner and so I moved to a window that was not in line with it. It was on and I could see Moms’ head facing that way. But her face was pointing up toward the ceiling and it looked like her eyes were closed. The windows are petty high back here so I found a water faucet I could stand on. Raising my head above the window sill I saw Mr. Walker down on his knees with his head between mother legs giving her pussy hell with his tongue. He was fully dressed and so was mother except for her skirt up around her waist.

I was so shocked I fell off the faucet and hit the ground flat on my back knocking the wind out of me. I laid there gasping for breath and wanting to get the hell out of there before they heard me. But I could not move not a muscle I was hurting that bad. So I closed my eyes, bit my lip and waited for a good fifteen minutes before trying to move again. Just as I was about to roll over the side door open and Mr. Walker came out turned and said Goodnight to mother and left in his car down the front drive.

Ten minutes later I pulled in the front drive and walked to the front door something I almost never do and came in loudly. Mother was on the second floor landing looking down at me. She said “Steve Mr. Walker has gone so you don’t have to come in like a freight train. I know your home.”

I told her I would turnout he lights and be right up. I followed her with my eyes as she turned to take the few stirs to the second floor. She was wearing only a short teddy with a see through jacket over it. I had never seen that outfit before. Not my mother, she was a flannel fully length gown and a robe. So when had this shortie showed up in her wardrobe. Something was going on here and I was not sure when it started or just what it was all about. But my mother was looking sexier and she was changing from the demure sweet mother of all mothers to a sexy woman I did not know.

I showered still thinking about the changes that had come over mother. I also thought of how sexy she had been when I slipped my cock in her, how damn good it had felt when I cum in her. So when I stepped out of the shower my cock was hard as a rock and throbbing. I was toweling my hair when I came back into my room. There was mother sitting on my bed. I let the towel hang around my neck and stood there looking at my mother in the eye.

It seemed like a long minute before she let her eyes drop to my throbbing cock. Her face changed and became rosy red. Her eyes seemed to glaze over and she fell back on the bed her shortie pulling up above her hairy pussy.

For a second I was afraid she had fainted and was about to fall off the edge of the bed. So I rushed to her and bent down to take her in my arms. Like before her arms came up and locked around my neck. I fell forward on top of her. My weight was too heavy for her so I rolled over on my side and she followed my movement and came up to be on top of me. I continued rolling over till I was on my back and Mother was straddling my waist. She fell forward to lie on my chest. Her face buried in my shoulder. I was stunned but my cock was alive and well. It as pined between her belly and my belly where it throbbed nicely.

My hands traced a line down her sides till they came to colette porno her thighs. Lifting her up till my cock came free I sat her down letting my cock find the mark. Her pussy was wet and ready. My cock slipped in easily and again to the hilt. I pushed her up right so I could see her face. Her eyes were closed but her mouth was sucking air like she had jogged a mile.

Now that she was straight up and we were fully engaged as before. I took a small firm tit in each hand and rubbed the nipples roughly between my fingers. She rocked from side to side her hair flying wildly as she moaned softly.

Taking her by the hips I pulled her forward and pushed her hard backwards making my cock sweep all around inside her pussy. Her eyes opened and she screamed “Oh, God Darling fuck me. Fuck me hard. Your wonderful cock feels so good.” Then she went limp so much so I could not keep her up right. She was out cold, passed out, fainted departed this world. Shit, God damn-it all to hell. I said out load with only me to hear. Carefully I laid her over on her side. I got up lifted her in my arms and carried he to her room. As I turned out the lights I thought “Well I guess she will not remember this either.”

There was something very wrong here and I just did not know what not do about it.

During the night I made the decision to either leave home or have my mother acknowledge me as her lover. It could not be any other way. I had to have her if I was going to live under the same roof. I slept little but I was alert when I heard mother going down stairs. I slipped on a pair of cut off sweats and nothing else.

My cock was hard before I could get to the kitchen. My cut offs could not hide my massive erection. Mother had the coffee going as I came up behind her. She had on the same old cotton terry cloth robe I had seen her wear for the last five years. Now that I knew my mother in the biblical sense the clothing she wore made not difference. I could see her beauty and every line of her body. I could feel her tightness around my cock. I could feel the tightness of her cunt grabbing and pulling on my cock like a great suction machine.

Mother turned as I came up behind her. “Darling can I get you something for breakfast?” she asked. I reached out to her and instinctively she reached out to take my hands. As our fingers touched I pulled her hands down to my crotch placing her tiny soft hands on my erection. We stood still, looking at one another. Our eyes were locked in a struggle to see who would blink first. Then she smiled and I felt her hands tighten around my cock. A second later both her hands were inside my cut offs gabbing my flesh jerking my cock back and forth.

My fingers were fumbling at the buttons on her robe. Both garments dropped to the floor at the same time.

We closed together feeling naked body on naked body. Our lips touched the fire of lust and passion engulfing us. I lifted her up off the floor and she locked her legs around my waist and I slipped her down impaling her on my cock. Her arms tightened around my neck lifting her up only to loosen letting her body drop back down forcing my cock to the depths of her soul. After two or three strokes her cunt started to tighten around my cock like a vise. There was little I could do my balls cramped forcing the cum up my cock to fill her working pussy.

“Oh fuck Mom I am cumming too damn soon.” I stuttered breathlessly.

“No darling that is OK. That is how your father did it for his first climax. You’ll cum again and give me several climaxes in the mean time. Now Darling fuck your mother and fuck her hard.” She said in a voice I had never heard before. It was low and husky with forcefulness, almost demanding I follow her wishes. Which I did willingly.

Mother locked her arms so tight around my neck I almost chocked. Then she climaxed for the first time. She some how pushed out away from my body with her legs and slammed back into me ramming my cock even deeper in her throbbing cunt. Her voice was a cry of strange sounds, sounds of pure lust and pleasure all rolled into one. I felt her pussy pulsate and I was wet from my cock to my knees. After a few second she relaxed and let her legs drop to the floor.

She slipped from my arms and went down between us. She took my cock in her mouth sucking and licking it clean of our juices. I watched my mother do things I never would have believed she even knew about.

My cock never went limp from my first climax I was still hard and ready to cum again. Mother pulled back and looked up at me. “Steve, Tell me what you want. Tell me that I am a fucking cocksucker, tell me I am a good fucking girl and you want to cum in my cocksucking mouth. Tell me Darling tell mother so I can feel your desire and need for me.” Her eyes had that glaze over them again and I was not sure she was talking to me at all.

But I played her dirty game of words. “I want to cum in you’re fucking mouth. You’re the best cocksucker in the whole world. I need you to suck my fucking cock so I can fill your mouth with the seed of life.” I told her in a trembling voice. Mother jerk her mouth on my cock and I gave up a second load of sperm and she drank it with lust and longing for as much as she could get out of me.

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