12 Mayıs 2021

Snow Daze Ch. 04: Coming Home

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We sat at the dinner table together as a family. In direct defiance of my father’s ideals I’d opened a bottle of white wine and was thrilled when my mother accepted a glass. We’d had a great day together. After the sexually charged yoga I’d taken Mom for a coffee at a local cafe followed by a wander around the mall. My father’s surliness and knowledge of his lack of interest in his wife was making my mother’s seduction easy. Did I feel bad that I was undermining him? Not at all. He had been a good provider financially but emotionally, sexually, he’d been found wanting and I’d decided to take his wife and his life (figuratively). She was the Jocasta to my Oedipus. The wheels were in motion, it was inevitable.

My father scoffed his meal as he usually did, inhaling rather than eating the food presented to him. His plate clean he made a great show of how hard he’d been working and if we could please keep it down if we were planning on watching television, ” ’til all hours” again. He excused himself from the table but not before taking another swipe at his wife. “Oh and by the way Justine, If you’re planning on coming to bed reeking of alcohol again you can sleep in the spare room.” I could’ve killed him then and there but for my mother soothing me by touching my leg with her foot under the table. I looked in her eyes and she indicated to let it go. It worked, without a retort to his snipe his argument fell flat and he departed to his own misery.

“I wish he wasn’t such an asshole,” I said and Mom raised her eyebrows.

“Oh, is that your final wish Master?” She asked playfully, putting my father’s words behind us.

“Oh no way, I’m still thinking about that one! Trust me, you’ll be first to know.”

“Well I’m waiting!” She smiled.

“And you won’t have to wait long, believe me.”

I cleared the table when we’d finished and when I refilled my mother’s glass she placed her hand over mine on the table and stroked it. “What was that for?” I asked.

“For just being you,” she smiled. “Will we watch our show now?”

I noticed it had become “our” show and I said we could.

Again the episode was laden with nudity and sexual content. I opened a bottle of champagne. It wasn’t necessary to get Mom drunk for my seduction to work but when I informed her of my next wish I wanted her to be as malleable as possible. As the responsible adult I’d become, I suggested ice cream to fill our stomachs with something other than alcohol and Mom agreed. It was a rich vanilla, I brought back the whole tub from the freezer and when I presented Mom with her own spoon she declined, saying we could just share the one. I made a mental high five in the air.

I did the spooning. Sitting side by side, our legs touching. We both wore jeans and I thought she was wearing a green body suit as it was tight and tucked into her pants. I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra, her cleavage visible and her nipples hard against the nylon. With each spoonful I placed in my mother’s open mouth I became hornier. The thought I was sharing the same spoon, tasting her saliva, made my cock swell with every mouthful. The melting ice cream dripped from the spoon and landed on the bare skin above her left breast. We both looked down at it and then in each others eyes. Mom then burst out laughing, she lifted a finger and wiped up the liquid and moved to put it in her mouth. I quickly stopped her motion and grabbed her wrist.

“Nuh uh!” I stated. “That was mine.” I moved her hand to my face and wrapped my mouth around her finger, sucking off the ice cream. I let go of her wrist and she held her hand in place, then whilst staring into mine with her dark brown eyes, slowly slid her finger in further. My tongue massaged her digit and she pulled out slightly then pushed in again. She let out an audible breath and to break the moment, began to laugh again, pulling her finger from my mouth. Her face was flushed, her nipples were harder. She was mine.

“Third wish.” I stated out of the blue. Mom was again drinking the champagne and had become quite drunk. She played along instantly.

“Your wish is my command Master,” she answered.

“I wish that you’d tell me your ultimate fantasy.” I’d asked her ‘fantasy’ and not ‘sexual fantasy,’ leaving her to make the distinction.

“Christopher!” She slapped me on the thigh. “I can’t tell you that, I’m your mother!” We watched the next few minutes of television in silence but I knew she wanted to discuss it further. “Why would you even want to know that? You’re my son!” She added as if to remind herself.

“Hey, it was just my czech couples porno wish to know more about you.”

“Well I don’t think a mother should confess to her son what her sexual fantasy is!” And I noticed she said “sexual”, I hadn’t!

“Some genie you are.” I whispered to myself and pushed out my bottom lip.

It was more than a minute later, Mom took another sip of champagne as if to draw courage. “Oh alright, it was that!” She stated and I didn’t understand what she meant.

“What?” I asked, confused.

“The ice cream. Dripping on me!” She added and still I was unaware what she was hinting at.

“I don’t get it.” I said.

“Well when your father and I got married, at the wedding we cut the cake and did that tired old tradition of feeding each other. Your father smeared it all over my mouth and it turned me on! Oh my god. I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

It was exactly what I was after. “I still don’t get it.”

“It was the smearing. I wanted to be covered in the stuff.”


“Anything.” She was getting into talking about it and I wasn’t about to let her stop. “I asked your father to do it on our honeymoon and he was disgusted. He changed after marriage you know. He was such a great guy.”

I didn’t want to talk about him so quickly brought her back to the fantasy. “So you never did it?”

“No. Oh forget I said anything. It’s weird anyway,” then playing the role of genie again she added. “What about you Master? What’s your fantasy?”

I stared deep into her eyes and after a pregnant pause answered, “I think you know!”

The next morning after my now recurring dream of snow and the accident, I was up and busy. My father had left a note saying he wouldn’t be home for dinner again and I was ecstatic, giving me a few more hours alone with Mom. We both had errands to take care of, yet promised to meet up after lunch for a yoga session. I decided my room would work for my plan and spent all morning preparing. I was all set and waiting for my mother in ‘our’ yoga room when she entered and took my breath away.

She must have realized today would be the day as well. She wore a light blue top that was basically see-through but it was her pants which caught my eye. They were white footless tights. Made of pantyhose material, they were completely transparent and very much like my sister, my mother had an aversion to wearing underwear. As I had the previous day, I made no attempt to hide where I was looking. Her thick thatch of pubic hair, stark beneath the white hose.

“You look amazing Mom!” I gushed, my cock already rigid.

“Why thank you honey, ready for a workout?”

“Actually can I just watch you today, I’m feeling a bit stiff.” It wasn’t meant as a double entendre but it was appropriate.

“Of course honey, you’ll learn just as much.”

I sat cross-legged and settled in for the show. She began in a ‘mountain pose’ and followed up with ‘triangle’ and ‘warrior pose’. Her body was lean and muscular, belying her age. Her pubic hair was pressed flat against the tights and I became mesmerized by the sight, unable to remove my eyes from her crotch. Laying on the floor, her shoulders and head flat on the mat she lifted her body up into ‘bridge’, her large pussy mound pointing to the ceiling. The desire to just pull my cock out and masturbate was overwhelming. She moved into ‘upward facing dog’ and looked across to me. “This is good for my back Christopher, now if you get behind me you’ll see the stretch in my legs.”

I didn’t need further encouragement. I quickly crawled behind and watched as she lifted herself into ‘downward dog.’ Her legs straight, her hands planted on the floor and her bottom in the air, presented to me as if on offering. Through her tights I could clearly see the pink labial lips of her pussy surrounded by her dark pubic hair. Her anus, a small dark open hole, sat above, between her spread ass cheeks. It almost beckoned for me to go there. “Feel how tight my muscles are Christopher.” She almost pleaded.

I wasn’t sure where she meant but I placed a hand on each calf and slowly slid them up, behind her knees, over the backs of her thighs up to her bottom. My thumbs on either side of her asshole, I massaged her cheeks, spreading her ass even wider. I could smell her cunt, her wetness had seeped through the tights. I was about to lean in and kiss her asshole when she moved back into ‘upward dog’ and I lost my hold on her bum.

She was teasing me. I knew she’d been staring at my cock through her czech estrogenolit porno legs in the last pose and was aware how turned on I was. Two could play that game. She lay on her back and I knew what she’d do next. Lifting and separating her knees she brought her legs up and assumed ‘happy baby.’ Her pussy was splayed, her anus still an open hole. It was time to step it up a notch. I boldly moved in and placed myself directly behind her ass, my cock inches from her. I again placed both hands on her spread thighs, running them slowly up and down from the backs of her knees to either side of her pussy. Her wet patch had extended. Her slit glistened with juice. I ran my hands up her thighs again but this time left her legs and grabbed her breasts, my groin pressed into hers. She opened her mouth and exhaled loudly, pushing her cunt up against my erection.

My mother let go of her ankles and linked her hands behind my neck. She wrapped her thighs around my hips and pulled me further into her. I moved my face down to hers and her tongue darted out of her mouth in anticipation of us kissing. “Do you trust me Mom?” I asked.

“Of course I do baby,” she whispered and then said the words I’d been dreaming of. “Please fuck me!”

I groaned and pressed my cock harder into her groin. “Not yet!” I pulled back off her, noticing the wet patch on my pants where I’d pressed against her. Taking my mother by the hand I led her quickly down the hall and into her bedroom. She had no idea what was happening as I opened her wardrobe and removed her plastic wrapped wedding dress. Looking puzzled as I handed it to her she took it from me. “Put it on Mom.”

My mother, although confused, obeyed my request. She took off her top and I saw her beautiful breasts, naked for the first time. She left on her white tights which were appropriately colored, slipped into the dress and awaited further instructions. I again took her by the hand, my bride, and led her to my room and closed the door behind us. She noticed the plastic sheet surrounding the bed immediately and quickly put two and two together. “Oh Chris, really?”

I’d placed a mattress protector underneath the sheets in preparation for what was to come. I ordered Mom onto the bed and she sat on her knees, her wedding dress bunched up around her. I’d been busy that morning. When Mom was out I’d done some cooking and had also visited the supermarket. I first produced a cake from my wardrobe and climbed upon the bed with her. “Are we really doing this Chris?” She asked and I nodded in affirmation.

The cake was chocolate and had butter frosting and cream. I held it in one hand and with the other scooped out a large piece. Mom opened her mouth and tilted her head back a little and I slapped the handful down on her mouth and jaw. Her tongue poked out, licking her lips and pulling cake into her mouth. Mom grabbed a handful and I allowed her to do the same to me. With cake in my mouth I leaned in and kissed her. Our first kiss as open lovers. Her tongue pulled cake and frosting from my mouth, she chewed, then passed it back into mine and I swallowed her gift.

Lifting her bunched wedding dress at the rear I slid the cake beneath her hovering bottom as she pulled the top down with her dirty hands revealing her breasts. She sat her ass down upon the cake, grinding and gyrating into the chocolatey mess. I decided I needed to see the action and interrupting my mother’s caressing of her own breasts took hold of the now filthy dress and lifted it over her head, casting it aside, desecrated and destroyed like the marriage it represented.

Admiring her, dressed only in the white tights now brown at the crotch I reached down to the floor on the far side of the bed. Here I’d placed the rest of my preparations. My eyes settled on the custard. Opening the carton I held it above her head but she stopped me and for a moment I thought I’d gone too far. “Wouldn’t this be better if you were naked honey?” She asked and I had to agree. She held the custard as I fulfilled her wish and for the second time in a week my mother laid eyes upon my erect penis.

To my delight she poured custard into the palm of her hand and took hold of my cock, smearing and masturbating me with the cold, slimy lubricant. I took back the carton and this time without delay poured the entire contents over my mother’s head. Her face disappeared under the creamy yellow flow. She let go of my cock to smear the custard over her large breasts. I coated my hands in the liquid and with my right, reached between her legs and czech experiment porno pressed it against the heat of my mother’s vagina. My other hand I used to jerk myself off at the amazing scene I was party to.

Her tights needed to come off and Mom was more than eager to have me remove them before laying down in the growing mess on my bed and spreading her legs. My next surprise was a bowl of raspberry jell-o. I plopped it down on her stomach and she helped me smear it over her tits, into her pubic hair and inside her pussy, all to her growing sighs and moans. “Come to me baby,” she ordered and I lay upon her, my cock easing along the outer lips of her cunt. Our bodies slid against each other, our mouths met in a sweet, messy kiss.

My fingers went to my mother’s pussy and she in turn enveloped my cock in her fist. We writhed together, kissing and licking each others coated skin and hair. I turned my mother over and producing a bottle of chocolate sauce emptied it upon her back and rounded ass cheeks. The sauce ran down her crack, over her anus and onto her pussy as her hands massaged the chocolate into her ample buttocks. I buried my face into her ass. My tongue sliding easily into her asshole tasting of sugary earthiness. I focused my attention onto her pussy, digging my tongue as deep inside her vagina as possible, my nose in her ass.

She turned onto her back and pulled me atop her. Her hand guided my rigid cock into her cunt and I was inside her. So deep I plunged. Her thighs, strong from years of yoga wrapped around my hips and held me in place. Her breasts clamped to my chest, our tongues at home in each other’s mouth. My mother bit into my tongue and hugged my back as she came merely from the penetration, her cunt pulsing around my dick, milking me inside her. “Now you baby,” she whispered in my ear and as if her words had released me I began to cum inside my mother. Deep inside my mother. The thought circled my brain as my orgasm prolonged. I was fucking and cumming inside my mother.

We lay together, still connected at the crotch. I had never been happier and I knew Mom felt the same. I moved my head to her breast and suckled her nipple as a child would do as she stroked my slickened hair. “I love you Mom,” I told her and she said the same. The room became cold. I was surprised at how quickly it happened. I looked up to my mother’s face and I could see my breath between us. My body began to shiver and panic swept over me. “What’s happening Mom?”

“Shhh honey, it’s Ok.” She again rubbed my head. “You know what’s happening baby, it’s time to go.”

I was confused and frightened, my hands were so cold. A tear left my eye and seemed to freeze against my face.

“You’ve made me so happy Chris. I’m so proud of you my darling boy. Remember, Mommy will always love you baby but you have to go now. Don’t be afraid, just close your eyes and sleep.”

I relaxed and did as my mother told me. Again resting my face against her breast, my body tightly pressed to hers for warmth. I closed my eyes and slept as I saw snow begin to fall from the ceiling.


The police cruiser pulled up behind the snow plow with it’s flashing orange strobe light illuminating the area. Hank placed his hat on his head and exited the vehicle, approaching Jerry the snow plow operator already walking towards him.

“It’s Rebecca Hogan’s car Hank, saw it from the road. Must have been there overnight. It ain’t good!” The old man stated, glad to hand ownership of the scene over to the authorities.

“Thanks Jerry, I’ll go take a look,” the policeman replied and headed down the ditch into the snow.

The sun not fully risen, he pulled his torch from his belt and shone a light into the broken side window and the dead woman, still in the driver’s seat within as Jerry approached from behind.

“Figure she died in the impact,” Jerry stated. “Her head’s busted up real bad. There’s a boy in the back!”

Hank shone his light into the rear seat and the frozen body of the young man he’d been introduced to only the night before. “Shit, looks like he survived for a while!”

“Yep,” Jerry responded. “He probably climbed back there to keep warm.”

Hank’s torch illuminated an unopened bottle of bourbon on the floor. “Weird thing is it looks like he took off his jacket and placed it over Rebecca, seems to have been trying to keep her warm as well. Damn shame! They were a nice family. Gonna be hard to inform Dean. Shit.” He turned the torch off and taking a deep breath looked around at the snow covered ground and trees, a deer walking slowly through the winter’s chill in the distance. He wondered what the boy may have been thinking as he lay in the car in those last few minutes, waiting for the cold to take him. What would he think if in the same position? Family no doubt, he imagined. “Damn shame,” he repeated and with Jerry walked back to the road.

The end.

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