14 Haziran 2021

Something About Her, Forbidden

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Growing up I was not particularly attracted to curvy girls. I was young, immature and a bit vain. Also spoiled. It seemed that my physical characteristics and personality was attractive to lean, tight, tiny girls – usually blonde with blue eyes. Not saying curvy girls were not also attracted to me, but I failed to notice most of the time. I was programmed to be attracted to a particular body type and look. Thanks to my parent’s porn magazine collection and mass media. I primarily dated, and had sex with fit, slender girls. Typically blonde hair, blue eyes. Occasional brown hair or green eyes. I did enjoy the sexual company of a few girls who did not fit exactly into that type. Curvy (thick, with a bigger than average booty.) These young women were by no means unattractive. As a matter of fact I often found that sexual encounters with these sexy ladies to be incredibly satisfying.

I knew I was an “ass man” early on. I was aroused by the heart shaped buttocks. The way it looked in a tight pair of jeans aroused me. I loved watching the ass cheeks move up and down from side to side as they walked. Not even trying to be sexy, just natural. I found myself really attracted to natural beauty. A woman’s body was amazing to me. With this appreciation came the legs. Especially thighs. I love the way women’s legs and thighs draw attention to the prize. The vagina. It’s especially arousing to see differences. Thigh gap, wow nice. Puffy pussy lips, amazing. The camel toe. As far as boobs, I could care less. I like tiny, handful, canlı bahis large, and huge. I like all boobies. Probably more partial to average, perky tits. Again, they are all beautiful.

As I got older I began to notice and appreciate the nuances which gives every woman her own special look. I could get aroused by the natural wonder of the shape of their exquisite bodies. What I learned was that every woman is sexy. Granted, some more than others for me. I expect this is true of every human. Personally I love the ass, solid thighs, pretty eyes, soft lips, cute smile and more. I especially love how sensual women can be. Seductive, flirty and naughty – sometimes without even realizing or trying. That’s sexy.

This brings me to the forbidden fruit. There’s this woman who dates a friend of mine. They are in love and live together, They may as well be married. He’s a cool guy, very likeable. She’s a hot shit and has it together. The couple seem happy and have been together for a while. I met them several years ago and we hit it off from the start. We have hung out together on many occasions. I see them frequently and we always seem to enjoy each other’s company. This woman is insanely sexy to me. She is thick and curvy. What’s funny is that I was never aroused by large breasts – but for some reason her body makes it work. I fantasize about caressing her boobs, kissing and licking them. Wrapping my lips around her nipples. Oh shit, now I have an erection. LOL

Her fucking ass. It’s a nice big booty. Bigger bahis siteleri than I have normally been attracted to. I fantasize about how it looks in a pair of booty shorts, cheeky panties and even a thong. Honestly, the first time I ever actually wanted to lick and eat a women’s ass. Not sure why, but there’s something about her that totally arouses me.

It was that night. Her and her boyfriend came over and joined us for a small party. We had the screen setup in the garage, watching the fights. She looked hot as hell. If I remember correctly she wore black eyeliner which drives me nuts. Her top was tight fitting, accentuating her impressive and well shaped breasts. The jeans. Oh my fuck. I could not take my eyes off her lower body, almost not noticing her beautiful upper half. 🙂 Her curves made the jeans look amazing. It was then that I noticed how perfect she was. Amazing legs, solid thighs, a nice spread, heart shaped ass – and holy shit – these jeans were just tight enough to disappear between her cheeks.

I couldn’t help myself. I placed my hand on her leg under the ass and gently grasped her inner thigh. Her reaction aroused me. She just casually looked at me and smiled. Feeling bold, I slid my hand up further eventually onto her hot ass cheeks over the tight jeans. Again her reaction encouraged me to keep going. It felt like she enjoyed my touch. My cock swelled when she parted her legs a bit for me and leaned back, pushing her hot body to me. I slid my hand between her ass cheeks. My fingers barely bahis şirketleri touched her hot puffy pussy lips. At least I imagined that they did.

The amazing part of this story is that it continued. I swear her boyfriend knew and didn’t care, or was just aroused by it himself. Understandable. What made me crazy was the fact that she seemed to enjoy the attention. She hung around me the whole night. Staying close enough for me to touch her. She never pulled away or reacted negatively to my touch. I was groping her and it was okay. At least that’s how I interpreted the situation. Hopefully I didn’t make her uncomfortable.

Even though I do not consider myself a boob guy, I did enjoy the occasion when her breasts “accidentally” brushed against me. Her nipples appeared to be hard – maybe they were just naturally that firm – but in my imagination I pretend that I aroused her. At the end of the night we all hugged, Her hug aroused the shit out of me. I could feel her large breasts and stiff nipples against my chest. I placed my hands on her hot ass and up her back. I nearly kissed her.

Since that evening I have enjoyed many sexual fantasies of her. I am not afraid to admit that I have masturbated thinking about that night. I have created other renditions of that evening in my mind. All of them involve her and I having sex. They all end with me filling her mouth or hot pussy with my cum. But that’s another story.

One unique fantasy involves me catching her masturbating at home. I am invited over. She is alone. I hear sounds. I enter the room. There she is, naked on the bed satisfying herself with her fingers and a toy. I step in and put my mouth on her hot pussy.

There are many more like this to come so stay tuned.

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