16 Mayıs 2021

Son Becomes Ass Slave

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The characters in this story are based on real persons, but different names are used. This story is a combination of fiction and true story. If you find incestuous relationships, BDSM, femdom, bi-sexuality offensive then stop reading here. If not, enjoy the first chapter. The author apologies for any spelling or grammar faults, English is not the native language of the author.


This story started 6 years ago on a rainy afternoon during my autumn break from school when I was age 18. But before I start I should provide some information on the history of our family. Our family is formed by my father John, my mother Ann, my sister Linda, my brother Richard and myself Jack. I am the youngest member of the family. Some might think our family is a little weird when they knew everything that was going on, but as a matter of fact, nobody knew but us. My mom and dad are nudists. Me and my siblings knew this when we were little kids since we always went to beaches where, as we always yelled, “everybody is naked”.

Mom and dad didn’t walk naked in the house all the time but we were used to them being naked occasionally. We didn’t know the word nudist at the time and we never questioned it since we were used to naked people. By the time my sister, who is 4 years older than me, started her puberty we went to ‘normal’ beaches which we actually found weird. When we asked our parents why we weren’t going to the naked beaches anymore they told us that we could decide to go there when we were old enough. We didn’t discuss it at the time. For the rest we were a close and loving family where nothing very special happened.

Until that one afternoon during autumn break. I didn’t live with my parents anymore since I went to college in another town but I used to back to my mom and dad during the weekends and holidays. One afternoon I was home alone and horny as fuck. At age 18 I was horny very often and I masturbated a lot. I didn’t have a girlfriend but had more one-night stands quit regular but unfortunately I didn’t get any in a few weeks. When I was home alone in my parents’ house I always went to my parents bedroom to find myself a piece of used underwear from my mom. I did so this time as well. I quickly found what I was looking for: a black laced panty which was actually still a little moist in the crotch. I took a quick sniff and my cock immediately responded. But I decided that today I would take my time to pleasure myself.

I went to my own room and took my clothes off before I returned to my parents’ room. I started opening all the drawers of their closet but didn’t find anything special. A little disappointed I tried to open the door to the laundry room but to my surprise it was locked. “why would they lock the door to the laundry room?” I asked myself. My curiosity rose quickly and I decided to look for a key. I took me about five minutes before I found a small key in my mother’s nightstand. I tried it on the door and found that the key was fitted perfectly. I was actually getting nervous as I unlocked the door and opened it. When I switched on the light I stumbled back in great amazement.

The room that used to be the laundry room was filled with leather and latex suits and dresses. I stepped inside the room and noticed all kinds of chains, cuffs and other stuff I never saw before. I opened the drawer of a small closet and inside there were all kinds of dildo’s. They varied in size, shape, color and material. I was shocked to find this in my parents’ room and it took me a minute to realize that I wasn’t dreaming. I was actually looking for some kind of dildo or vibrator but now I could choose one out of 2 dozen.

When I was over the first shock my cock began to rise again and I decided that it was time for pleasure. I took a black and thin rubber dildo and stepped back into the bedroom. I sniffed the dildo but it didn’t have the same smell of my mother’s panties on it. It did smell odd and I couldn’t place it. But I was hornier than ever so I didn’t mind. I started to lick the tip of the fake cock with my tongue. I opened my lips and took the head of the fake cock in my mouth and started giving it a good blowjob. When I was busy sucking the dildo I grabbed the tube of lube I took with me from my own room. I put some lube on my free hand and reached back to my ass.

I found that my ass was very sensitive and a pleasant place to play with 2 years ago. I always fingered my ass while I masturbated and I owned a small dildo. I was sad I left it at my own apartment but luckily I found a good replacement.

I slowly started to circle around my asshole with my lubed up index finger. After a minute or so I pressed my finger on my hole and entered my hot and tight ass. I loved that feeling. After a while I inserted two more fingers and was finger fucking my ass in marks head bobbers porno a steady and slow pace. All the time I was still sucking on the dildo. When my ass was warmed up I took the dildo out of my mouth and sat up the bed on hands and knees. I pressed the head of the dildo against my asshole and started to press. Slowly I pushed the entire shaft of the dildo up my ass and I felled completely filled up. Slowly I started fucking my ass. I raised the speed of my movements and started to moan softly. I was fucking my own ass in my parents’ bed, this was so horny. I couldn’t hold back and started to jerk of wildly. I came within five minutes and shot a huge load of sperm on the ground. I fell back in the bed breathing heavy. Finally I released the tension that I felt for days! That afternoon I masturbated 2 more times with the dildo up my ass before I put it back where I found it and locked the door to the new room.

Later in the afternoon my parent’s returned home and we had dinner. When my mom asked me about my day I answered: “nothing special, I just chilled”.

The next day I woke up late, I went downstairs to the kitchen and found to my disappointment that my mom was home. I was looking forward to explore the new room again and use another dildo on myself. My mom greeted me good morning.

“Morning,” I said “don’t you have to work today?”

My mom sat down on the kitchen table and looked me in the eyes. I don’t know what it was but there was a funny look in her deep blue eyes and she smiled slightly.

“No I’m off from work today. But I do have to do some groceries and go to the hairdresser in the afternoon. Coffee?”

“Yes please! How long do you stay away then?”

My mom stood up and walked to the kitchen counter where she poured in a cup of coffee.

“Oh maybe two hours or so. Your dad isn’t coming home tonight, he has a business meeting and sleeps in a hotel. You want some bread too?”

She crabbed a plate from the counter and started preparing breakfast for me without waiting for my answer. I got a chance to look at her great body. My mom is very good looking for a 48 year old woman. She is short but her proportions are perfect: Slim legs, a round ass which looked in very good shape for a woman her age, a slim waist and firm C-cup breasts. She had a beautiful face with full lips, deep blue eyes and long shiny black hair. As a kid I never paid very much attention to her body when she was naked but since my puberty I always got aroused as I saw her walking naked in the hallway. When I started masturbating I sometimes thought of her great body. When I moved out of the house and started meeting girls and having sex regularly the fantasies about my mother faded away but every time I went back for a couple of days they returned.

“Here you go.”

My thoughts were roughly interrupted when mom placed my breakfast in front of me.

“I’m in the shower and then I’ll be gone for the groceries.”

Again I thought there was a strange look in her beautiful eyes. I ate my breakfast and cleaned the dishes. Then I went to the living room and watched some television. “See you in a bit honey!” I heard mom yell from the hallway. “Bye mom” I yelled back. As soon as I heard her car driving away I raced upstairs to my room, stripped from my clothes and went to my parents’ room. I quickly crabbed the key from the nightstand and opened the horny room. This time I took out a slightly bigger dildo than earlier, but this time I also found nipple clamps that were connected with a chain. I lied down on the bed and started the same way as I did the day before. When I was worked up a bit I put the clamps on my nipples which hurt a bit at first but also gave an extra rush. After a while I was going at it on my knees with my face sideways buried in the bed. I had my ass up in the air, I used one hand to fuck my ass with the dildo and the other to jerk my cock. I was moaning loud and close to my orgasm.

“Are you having fun?”

I heard my mom’s voice from behind me and I completely froze from shock.

“it looks like you’re having lots of fun” my mother said. I managed to turn my head towards the door and saw my mother standing in front of the bed. She was able to see the entire scene: my ass in the air, dildo inside my hole and my hand on my cock, which was shrunk significantly due to the embarrassment. My face became red and I almost couldn’t look at my mother. When I did look at her I finally noticed that she was completely naked which dazzled me even more.

“I – I t-thought you left” I mumbled.

“Well I did, but I came back earlier than you expected, didn’t I? I found out yesterday that you discovered our secret room. We have a hidden camera in here you see.” my mom massage porno said in a soft tone.

When I started to look around she smiled and pointed at the corner of the room. In the shadow of the curtains I noticed a small red flashing light.

“I’m very sorry mom” I said while I turned my eyes back down.

“Why? You are an adult now, it is natural that you play around and masturbate”

“Well, yes, but… but it is kind of strange that I use toys isn’t it”

“Those toys belong to me and your dad honey, so I don’t think it is strange. It actually makes lots of sense that you are playing with that beautiful ass of yours. Your dad loves things up is ass too.”

“Dad likes it too?!” I asked in surprise.

“Yes honey, you see, your dad an me are nudists, you knew that since you were a little boy. But we also have other interests which we kept a secret from you until you just found out. We are actually pretty kinky in our sex life.”

I was still on my knees and seeking support with my hands, but I finally found the strength to move again and sat on the edge of the bed next to my mother. The dildo was still in my hand and I didn’t know what to do with it so I placed it in my lap. My mother laughed at my discomfort.

“Honey there is nothing to be ashamed of. Listen to me. Dad and I are very kinky, as were our parents back in the time. It is completely logical that you have the same interests as we. It’s in your genes. You found out our secret know on your own, and your old enough to hear the truth. I am your father’s mistress, those toys we use in the bedroom, those leather and latex outfits are ours. Your father is my ass slave and he loves it.”

“Wow…” is all I can bring over my lips. I can’t believe all of this is happening. But at the same time my cock is started to move again. It slowly turned up but it didn’t become rock hard yet.

Mom noticed that the state of my cock was changing and smiled. She stroked my arm slowly and moved to my neck. Then she lowered her hand and softly pulled on the chain attached to the nipple clamps that I completely forgot about. I moaned softly and my cock now stood rock hard. My mother smiled at me and kissed my forehead.

“Honey now that you know our secret I must ask you to make a very important decision.” Her voice suddenly sounded very serious.

“What do you mean?”

“Well there are two options. Option one is that you know our secret, but we never talk about it again. If you choose option one I’ll leave the house now, let you take some time alone to finish off what you were doing but when I return we don’t speak a single word about this situation ever again. I won’t tell anyone, and you won’t tell anyone. Life just goes on as it went.”

I was curious about option two so I didn’t say anything. It looked like my mom understood my silence because she continued:

“Option two is very different. You know our secret now and since you got the same genes as your dad and me you probably are very curious about what we do exactly.”

She pulled on the clamps again but this time slightly rougher. A loud moan escaped from my mouth.

“If you choose option two everything changes. I will still be your mommy and dad will still be your daddy but we won’t do the things other families do. I will become your mistress mommy and you will address me as this always inside the walls of our house unless I tell you not to. You will obey me without questioning and if you don’t I will punish you. Mistress mommy will introduce you to a lot of kinky stuff and games. I honestly think you will have a great time, I sure know I will. But you have to realize that this is a onetime decision. If you have made your choice there is no way back, I will not give you another opportunity to choose.”

My mom spoke very clear and serious. My cock was still rock solid and all my embarrassment was gone. My choice was made, I actually think the choice was made by the time I was born. This felt like the missing link in my life so far. I stood up from the bed, kissed my mother on the forehead and kneeled down in front of her.

“Mistress mommy, I made my decision. I choose option two without hesitation. “

My mother stood up and smiled. “Good, than as of now you will be my slave. I will call you slave son. I will take it easy on you on your first day but you will have to do your best. Otherwise you will be punished hard. Now get back in the position you were in when I walked in on you and continue with what you were doing.”

“Yes mistress mommy”

I climbed back on the bed and took the same position as earlier. The dildo slid back into my ass easily and I started to fuck myself hard. My other hand reached for my cock but then I felt a hard smack on my ass cheek.

“Don’t meet-suck and fuck porno stroke your cock, I don’t want you to cum already!”

I took my hand from my cock and focused completely on the dildo. I was moaning hard and loud from pleasure. Damn it felt great to have the dildo in my ass and I desperately wanted to jerk my cock. But I didn’t want to disobey my new mistress on the first day so with a lot of effort I managed to not touch my cock. I put my fingers in my mouth and sucked on them to have something to do with my hand.

“That’s a good boy! Do you like to fuck your own ass you little slut?”

“Yes mistress”

Again I felt a hard slap on my ass cheek.

“How did I tell you to address me with?”

“Mistress mommy”

“Good boy, now repeat your answer correctly”

“Yes mistress mommy, I like to fuck my own ass”

“So you are a dirty little ass slut?”

“Yes mistress mommy!”

My mom turned around and walked into the room with all the toys and outfits, she returned with a huge buttplug and something I couldn’t place exactly.

“Take that dildo out of your slutty asshole”

I took the dildo out as I was ordered and my mom spit on the buttplug and pressed it against my hole. The thing was a lot bigger than the dildo I was using so it actually hurt a little when she rammed it completely inside me. I never felt more filled up in my ass.

“Now clean up that filthy dildo!”

I was not sure what she meant and she immediately saw my hesitation.

“Sluts usually use their mouths to clean up toys.”

“Yes mistress mommy”

I started to suck on the dildo and tasted my own ass juices. It was kind of musky and salty. I sucked on the dildo for about ten minutes when my mistress pulled it out of my mouth and inspected it.

“Good job slut. Now I have something else for you to put in your mouth.”

She hold up the other toy she brought. It was some kind of mouth gag but it had a double dildo on it. The thick and short one she pressed against my lips and I opened them so that the fake cock filled my mouth. My mom pulled the leather straps around my head and fastened them very tight at the back. The other dildo was now pointing straight forward. My mom sat down on the edge of the bed and ordered me to kneel in front of her.

“You are not going to taste or feel me today you slut. But you are going to satisfy me!”

My mom grabbed me by my hair and pulled my head towards her shaved and soaking wet pussy. It smelled exactly like the panties I used to sniff but this was even better. I would love to taste her pussy but the mouth gag made that impossible. Mom pulled my head into her crotch and the fake cock inserted her pretty pussy. She started to thrust her hips back and forth and was slowly fucking her pussy on my face. I felt amazing, I was never dominated before but I would never return to ordinary sex again. This was what I was made for.

Mom began to fasten her thrusts and was moaning out loud. I knew that all the developments of the day must have made her extremely horny and it did not take long before she had a huge orgasm. She still held hold of my hair and kept my face in her crotch for about ten minutes before she was back to her senses.

“Alright you have been a good boy today. As a reward you are allowed to cum.”

She took of the mouth gag and ordered me to jerk my cock until I have to cum. I started stroking my cock and knew that I wouldn’t hold it for much longer than a minute. I already felt the cum boiling deep inside and jerked of hard.

“Cum on my tits you little slut” My mother sat up and pressed her great breasts together. The sight of this drove me over the edge immediately and I started to spurt out a huge amount of cum right on her breasts. Spurt after spurt came out. I felt light in my head and my legs starting shaking uncontrollable. I felt on my back on the bed. This was by far the best orgasm I ever experienced!

When I got back to my senses I sat up and saw my mom’s tits covered in a huge amount of my cum. It look great.

“Get over here and clean up this dirty mess you slut!”

Mom crabbed me by my hair again and pulled my head between her tits. My face was now drenched in my own cum and I cleaned my mother’s tits with my tongue. I actually never tasted my own cum before so I was surprised by the taste. It tasted kind of sweet and salty. I couldn’t say it was a bad taste. It took me about five minutes to lick all my cum from her breasts and chest and swallowed everything.

“Now son, you have behaved very good today. You are dismissed from further service today. Tomorrow we will continue. However inside the house you will have to be naked all the time except for your slave collar.”

She went inside the toy room and returned with a black leather collar with a shiny metal ring. She fastened the collar around my neck and stood up.

“You don’t shower today. Let all that fluids dry on your skin. You will understand when you get your assignment tomorrow.”

With that she left the room and left me by myself.

To be continued!

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