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“You know Mrs. Lentz; I’m a bit of a pervert. So; if you think I’m copping a feel as I help you out of bed; I probably am. With a body like yours, who could blame me?”

“So Jack; you like fifty eight year old women with a belly and droopy tits. – If I thought you were half serious I’d get rid of that old fart Harvey and happily become your sugar mamma.”

“I happen to like Harvey so I could never muscle in on his territory. As far as you turning me on. Well; if you need something big and stiff and long to hang on to…”

Sylvia Lentz looked down at Jack’s crotch.

Jack held a cane out for her, saying, “You have a dirty mind.”

“I aught to take this cane and whack you with it.”

“I was hoping that you’d take it and chase me down the hall.”

“Fine; give me the damned cane and I’ll walk. – I’m suffering and in pain. I thought you had to take an oath to help people.”

“Naa. Not me. That’s for Doctors. – I can make people suffer as much as I want. I’m just an orderly.”

“Well; if you ask me, you’re probably more qualified to operate than that quack that cut into me. The dumb bastard was probably looking for my prostate.”

“Now be sweet Mrs. Lentz and remember, I’ll be watching as you walk down the hall, so don’t pull your gown too tight.”


The floor nurse, Becky Reynolds, came up to Jack, “Thanks Jack. You’re the only person on this floor that’s not afraid of her. Your bedside manner will help make you a great Doctor.”

“Thanks for the compliment but that was my last good deed of the day and of this summers work here. I’m off to Old Cape Cod for four glorious days. That’s all I could afford to rent the beach house for. – I’ll spend a week at home, before I head back down South to Duke.”

“Not a bad life,” she said. “You get to winter in Raleigh and summer up here in Bean Town. – So; tell me, where you’re going down the Cape and which one of my nurses is going with you.”

“I got a good deal on the rental in Dennis from Doc Botero. I don’t know if you know him, but he owns this place and normally gets three times what I’m paying for it.”

“Yeah, I know him, he’s a good surgeon and like you, has a way with the patients. – But you still haven’t told me which of my young nurses your going to play house with.”

“None of them. This is a treat I’m giving my Mom. She has sacrificed a lot to pay for my education and I know she hasn’t been on a vacation since my Dad died three years ago.”

“Now that you’re leaving, I guess I can tell you. If you had asked me to go with you, I would have. I get this feeling that your more interested in older women that the young fickle ones.”

“Becky, I don’t date much, can’t afford it, but I guess your right I do lean toward more mature women.”

“I’ll be thirty three next year. If that’s not too mature for you, look me up. I’d honestly like to get to know you better.”

“And; I’d like to get to know you too. In the Biblical sense,” he said with a sly grin.

“You are so bad. – Now get out of her before I ask you to help with Mrs. Winter’s enema.”


Jack caught a break. His shift ended early and there was comparatively little traffic on Storrow Drive or Beacon Street as he headed home. He knew that vacationers headed to the Cape liked to get a jump on the weekend and like him, leave Thursday evening in hopes of avoiding the crush of traffic at the Bourne or Sagamore bridges.

A fantasy flashed in his mind of his mother waiting at the curb in front of their home. Two suitcases packed and ready to toss into the trunk and they would be off. He shook his head as he spoke to the Lord above. “If I ever have another delusional thought like that, please give me a dope slap.”

He pulled up to the empty curb in front of his house and gave a loud groan of disappointment. As he did, he thought he felt a distinct push to the back of his head.

Upon entering the front door, he noticed a packed suitcase sitting just to the side of the door. Exactly where he left it before going off to work. His mother came half way down the stairs. She was wearing a skimpy dark green, matching set of panties and bra. She had a sundress held in front of her and another on a hanger in her left hand.

“Jack; which do you like best, this one, or, this one?”

He wanted to be upset with her for not being ready when he got home but the glimpse of her body as she traded dresses was beginning to turn him on.

Samantha Fuller had just turned forty-one, last week. She didn’t consider herself part of the over the hill gang her hormones and the urge to masturbate was telling her that. She wanted to dress sexier, showing more. She liked wearing two-inch high heels, though she stood five foot six, most of her height was above her waist and she liked the way the heels made her legs look longer and shapelier. She had only the slightest sign of a pouch, just below her bellybutton. Her breasts were close set and the resulting cleavage made them look larger than the C cup they actually were. Her eyes were pale blue and the taboo heat porno character lines in her face were soft and hardly noticeable. She liked her dirty blonde hair and she kept it cut short and close because the new and few grey strands didn’t show.

Jack continued his appreciation of his mother’s body for another moment before answering. “I don’t know. Let me see them again.”

Sam switched dresses again and asked, “Well?”

“I probably need to see them again, but I think my personal favorite is the middle one.”

She looked at him, not understanding, until she noticed the bulge in his green hospital scrubs. “I have a pervert for a son,” she said as she turned and walked back up the stairs.

Jack moved closer to the stairs and watching her retreat, said, “No. You have a son that appreciates having a beautiful mother. And; as I see it from the back, I definitely like it more than the other two.”

Sam turned when she got to the top of the stairs. “Just for that, I’m not going to model my two new bikinis for you.” Then she stuck out her tongue at him.

“Good, I’ll see them later. Now; will you please hurry, before we get stuck in rush hour traffic.”

“Just a few more things and I’ll be ready.”

That was all Jack could take. He bounded upstairs, rounded the corner and entered her room. She was bent forward, her naked ass not two feet in front of him, her soft creamy breasts hanging down and swaying slightly as she pulled on a pink pare of granny panties.

When she saw him, she straightened and put an arm over her exposed breasts. “Don’t you knock!”

“No. Not when I’m trying to get us out of here before the traffic starts. Besides, I’ve seen enough tits and asses in the hospital to make it a common thing to me.”

“Oh; and do all those tits and asses have the same effect on you,” she said as she pointed to the wet spot that was making his erection more noticeable.

“Fine, I’ll go change. Please finish packing. I don’t care how many suitcases you take.”

“That’s kind of you. Now please leave and when you’ve changed, you can begin to pack the car. The cooler, beach chairs, the lounge chair, blankets, towels, linens, floats and my knitting are in the kitchen. Don’t forget there are four bags of food by the sink and be sure to get all the ice from the refrigerator. Oh, I almost forgot the pots, pans, dishes, glasses, mugs and silverware is in two boxes on top of the stove. If you can think of anything else we might need, take it.”

With a groan, he left her room.


Jack had changed into shorts and T-shirt and an hour later, had the car packed. He had seen the Burgers, a family of six, head off on their vacation. He found it hard to believe, they had less stuff in their mini-van than he did in his black 1996 Cadillac DeVille. His car was now packed to overflow capacity for just two people and all the stuff that he needed was in one suitcase.

Jack loved his old Caddy. It was a steel and in mint condition with only fifty six thousand miles on it. He was on his way to Kerr Lake in Vance county North Carolina when he saw the car parked in a small dirt drive with a For Sale sign on the front window. A little old lady, who probably saw Sherman’s Army come thru, said she wanted two thousand for it. Jack had been saving his money for a new used car that would get him around. Jack forgot about the lake and rushed to the bank. Miss Carol, wanted cash, she said that her Daddy taught her not to trust those bankers and to always deal in good hard money. Jack felt that he was taking advantage of this old woman but he had limited funds. When he came back with the two thousand he also gave her title to his rust bucket, parked it where the Caddy had been and scribbled on the For Sale sign, four hundred and it’s yours.


Jack had just finished packing when Sam came out, carrying two more items. Fortunately they were both small, a make-up case and an open gym bag with a hair dryer, brushes and other stuff that were no doubt, absolute necessities.

They jumped onto Rt. 9 to I 95 and traffic was still light until they hit the dreaded junction of the South East Express Way. There was nothing express about it. The next thirty miles was bumper to bumper, creep and beep traffic. Sam could sense the frustration in Jack. Not a very difficult thing to sense, because Jack seemed to Huff every few minutes.

Sam felt at fault for making them late and getting them stuck in the traffic that Jack had been carrying on about. She felt a sudden urge to be mischievous and she let it take control of her. She reached over the center armrest and let her hand fall onto the bare flesh of Jack’s leg. His reaction was instantaneous. She felt the muscles in his leg tense and she watched his erection grow and fill the front of his shorts.

Sam’s brain became intoxicated with a feeling of power and she felt edification in her womanhood, over her ability to arouse a man so quickly.

She couldn’t resist the power that she was feeling and awkwardly teach that bitch porno bent her arm so her fingers could slide under his shorts. As she moved her fingers back, she realized that Jack wasn’t wearing anything under his shorts. That thought sent a shiver to her pussy and she felt the warmth of her lubricating fluids begin to flow. She moved her hand back a little more and her fingers made contact with his cock.

When Jack jumped at the touch, she pulled her hand from his leg.

“I’m sorry, I must have dozed off and my hand fell on your leg. I’m going to lower my seatback and close my eyes,” she said with haste and embarrassment.

Sam lowered the back of the seat and lay on her side, facing the door. She used her right arm for a pillow and her left hand was clamped between her legs. She lay there mortified at what she had just done and yet there was a tingle between her legs, telling her that her body needed sexual release. As she relived the moment of contact between her fingers and her sons warm cock her mind began to embellish it. She was now seeing her hand close around his shaft and she could feel the engorged rod pulse as she began to stroke her sons cock. She felt it grow harder as she brought her hand up to and over its tip. She saw a clear drop of thick liquid form atop the tiny lips at the tip and brought her mouth down over it. She savored the salty sweet taste as she sucked, trying to draw more of his thick fluid up his shaft so she could satisfy her lusty needs.

She slowly came out of her daydream as she felt her orgasm build. She hadn’t realized that while she was fantasizing the fingers of her left hand had made it up the leg of her shorts, under the leg band of her panties and were busily working in and out of her wet pussy.

For only a flash, she hoped that her movements went undetected by her son before her mind was consumed with the impact of her orgasm. Her fingers kept pumping as she came on a wave that crested and seemed to travel for miles, never crashing, just slowly ebbing until there was nothing left.

Jack watched as his mother raised her left leg slightly and saw her move her hand before her leg closed and locked it in place. A few minutes later he watched as her knees began to move up and the cheeks of her ass tightened. Seconds later, a soft whimpering continued for close to a solid minute as her body trembled.

Jack’s mind was reeling. Was she doing this to tantalize him? God knows, he wouldn’t pass up a chance to do some of the things to his mother that he had only been able to masturbate to. May be, he thought, she really was doing this in her sleep and on a subconscious level. Look at her; she seems out cold.

No sooner, did he finish that thought and his mother’s left hand was release from between her legs. It rose and moved to the center consol before dropping. Jack noticed that it was wet, very wet. Suddenly, he caught the sent of fresh sex. He couldn’t contain himself. He lifted his mothers hand and she didn’t move. He now noticed she had a steady shallow breathing pattern. She really was asleep. He leaned over and sucked her middle finger into his mouth. Her taste was like a narcotic. He wanted more after just sucking on one digit.

He pulled off Rt. 3 at a small exit and parked on the sandy side of a secondary road. She was still asleep. He moved so that he could suck and lick her fingers clean of her cum. His cock was now so hard that it actually hurt. He had to relieve it. He unzipped his fly and painfully had to bend it so he could get it out. Once free, he began to frantically jerk off, fearing that his mother would wake and catch him.

Desire over-road caution and Jack put his mothers hand on his cock. Reflex made Sam’s hand close around the shaft and Jack went into a panic. The feel of her hand closing over his cock started his balls pumping cum. Jack pulled his T-shirt over his head and got it to his prick just as the first spurt shot out. Her hand was still clutching his cock and he still hadn’t finished cumming when she began to move.

He pulled back from her quickly and his cock slid out of her grasp, leaving a small thread of cum in it. He put his shirt over his cock, opened the door, jumped out and moved to the rear of the car just as Sam opened her eyes.

As her mind began to clear, she became embarrassed. She knew she had an orgasm in front of her son. There was no way he could have missed it. A new thought entered her mind. Why wasn’t he in the car and where are they. She turned and saw Jack leaning up against the trunk of the car.

She powered down her window and called to him, “Jack; is everything all right? Are you Ok?”

“Yeah Ma; everything’s fine. I just had to stretch my legs. I’ll check the tires while I’m out here and we’ll get going in a few seconds.”

Jack had just finished cumming when she called to him. Now he had to stealthily put his cock away and dispose of a favorite T-shirt. He dropped the shirt to his feet and kicked it under the car, sat there and tried to slow team skeet porno his heart rate down so she wouldn’t suspect anything.

Sam was worried. What was she going to say to him? What was he going to say to her? The safest thing to do was nothing she decided. If he didn’t say anything, then it never happened. Sam noticed that the skin on her left hand felt a little dry from her masturbation. She looked to see if Jack was looking, then gave a lick to her fingers. I must need to drink more water, I taste a lot more salty than usual, she thought.


By the time they got the car unpacked and were settled in the, sun had begun to set. The tide was just beginning to come in as they walked out to the first sandbar and stood side by side, watching the sunset into the Bay. Both Son and Mother felt the warmth of the bond of love as they stood silently, savoring the last red rays that colored the sky.

“You know Mom, it’s a strange thing. I had never thought about it before, but when I told a friend down in Durham that the tide here went out for over a mile and that watching the sunset into the ocean was one of my favorite things. He thought I was making it up. That’s when it dawned on me that it truly is an unusual sight and I think I appreciate it even more now than I ever did.”

As they continued to walk in the fading light Jack spoke, “I love you Mom. I know that I don’t often tell you but I hope you always know it.”

“I know you do Sweetie. But what brought that on?”

As she asked the question, her mind flashed to the feel of her fingers against his cock. She shook her head in an effort to lose that memory.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just felt the urge to let you know. That’s all.”

“I love you too, but right now, I’m tired. What do you say we call it a night, and get an early start in the morning?”

“Sounds good to me. I’m beat from the drive out here. – So; what do you want to do tomorrow?”

“Nothing! Absolutely nothing. I’m going to put on my new skimpy bikini and soak up some sun. I’m as pale as a ghost and I want to go home looking like a Coppertone model. I want to make all the women at the office jealous.”


Jack awoke to bright sunshine and the smell of French vanilla coffee. He put on his boxer swim trunks and padded barefoot into the kitchen.

“Morning Mom.”

“Morning Jack. It’s a beautiful day. You can tell it’s August, look how high the tide came in. It’s on its way out now, so I guess that will put the next high tide at around four.”

“Ok. Where is it?”

“Where’s what,” she asked.

“Why aren’t you wearing your new skimpy bikini? I haven’t seen it yet.”

“I don’t know what happened. When I tried it on in the store, it looked great. Small and somewhat skimpy but great. Now, it looks like I purchased half a band aid and dental floss.”

“Well what about the other one? You said you bought two.”

“I don’t want to talk about the other one. I can’t believe I bought it. They must have drugged me to make me buy it. That’s probably the reason that the first one looked like it covered more.”

“Come on Mom, how bad could it be. Go put it on for me. Were in the house, no one can see you.”

Without saying anything, Sam left the kitchen. Less than five minutes later, she called out. “I’m not going into the kitchen like this. If you want to see it, you’ll have to come in here.”

Jack quickly stood and walked from the kitchen to the living room. When he entered, he saw his mother standing in the doorway to her bedroom. She had her back up against the doorframe with her hands behind her and one foot posed in front of her. The bikini, what there was of it, was shiny cobalt blue. It had two triangular patches that covered her breasts. The material started with the widest part on the bottom where a regular bra would begin and then came to a point just above her nipple. Her bottom was a four-inch wide triangle that started two inches below her bellybutton and tapered until it vanished between her legs.

Jack was stopped dead in his tracks. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.

At first, Sam didn’t know what to make of his reaction until he spoke.

“Holey Shit Mom. You look like a model. You look like you just stepped out of SI swimsuit edition.”

“You’re not just saying that to be kind. You really like it.”

“Like it, I love it on you. It makes you look hot.”

“Well, fine. I guess it will do. You’re sure you like it. It’s not too much or to little?”

“No Mom, it’s great. Now let’s see the other one.”

“No, I don’t think so. This one will be just fine.”

“What’s the matter; Chicken. – What’s the saying, I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

For some reason his words stimulated her hormones. “I’ll show you whose chicken.”

She turned and went back into her bedroom and returned not three minutes later.

Jack couldn’t tell what the design of the bikini was like. All he saw was that it was tiny but the size wouldn’t have mattered. It was see thru or kind of see thru. Jack was unsure if his uncertainties were the result of all his blood leaving his head and rushing to his dick or if it was a design trick of the black fishnet material. He swore he could make out every centimeter of her nipples and areola and he was sure he could see the slit between the outer lips of her labia.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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