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Harry was nearly asleep at the wheel when he crunched into his gravel driveway. His business trip had kept him out of state for 3 days, and he wasn’t expected home until later that afternoon. But he drove all night to get home and see his home and family and arived at 4:45 am.He shut the engine off and marveled at the sunrise unfolding in the snow covered meadow behind his house. The sky and the white winter blanket became lilac simultaneously, and the spectacle of this transformation delighted him, but also frightened him as well. He felt a slight clamp in his neck as he sat and gathered himself.

He listened to the end of “Satisfaction” on the classic rock radio station, rubbed his eyes and opened the car door.

Being certain that his wife and kids were fast asleep-he vowed to sneak in and crawl into bed with his wife. He had travelled frequently of late, and their re-unions were always a mixture of genuine affection and intense sexual release. They had been married for 18 years and in Harry’s mind, he was the luckiest man on the planet.

As he slowly crunched thru the snow to the back door, Harry noticed the light on in his downstairs office. “Probably forgot to turn it off he thought.” A sudden curiosity came over him and he walked along the back wall to the low window and peered in- The horizontal blinds were bent just enough that he could see in.

Harry peered in and felt his heart knock in his chest. Seated at the desk chair in front of the computer was his wife. She had blindfolded herself and was clad only in black thigh high stockings- a black bra from which her breasts casino oyna hung over and out of the front, and a funny homeade crown with confetti stars and a long tassle draped down her back. Under her chin was the black office phone and she was typing with one hand and twirling her index and middle finger in circles around her clit. She suddenly placed four fingers in her shiny snatch and began to arch her back and basically fist fuck herself.

Harry’s cock throbbed and his heart ached. “What the fuck is this all about” he thought, yet he stared and continued to watch.

His wife then pulled a silver bullet off the desk-she propped the phone even more securely under he chin, talking inaudibly but smiling and pursing her lips as she continued to alternate between her swollen bud and her pussy, almost flailing with her hand. Her black blindfold slipped briefly and she quickly pulled it back over her eyes.

with both hands free she now took the vibrator and turned the on/off switch. Harry had used this very toy many times and he rushed with desire as she applied lilac oil to the tip of the dildo. She then reached under her ass with her left hand and spread her ass to the side. With her right hand she placed the tip of the lubed up toy against her tiny asshole. She guided with her lefthand and pushed from the base of the dildo with her right. Ever so slowly she eased the fake cock-all 8 inches of it, in and out of her now shiny ass. Once in place, she managed to fuck herself with one hand-and started in on her clit with the other-

Harry’s mind was racing-his cock throbbed but he felt canlı casino a sinking sense of dread-his wife continued to talk into the phone-fucking herself and now flogging her clit with her hand-slpapping it and spattering cum and oil as she did.

Harry stood in the snow and unzipped his pants. His cock was throbbing hard and his hand wrapped around the shaft. He stroked hard two or three times, feeling the blood rush and the desire in his mind meet-knowing full well what he would have to do. Then his wif got up and sat backwards on the office chair. She had put the phone down and had taken her blindfold off-letting it hang around her neck like a bandana.

Shje raised her luscious ass and semed to point it at Harry, who looked in, cock in hand, from the semidarkness outside. Next, Harrys wife reached around with both hands and spread her ass apart almost unaturally-exposing her dilated asshole and drenched pussy. It was this point that Harry realized that she had the real-time web cam placed to capture here movements-transmitting them into the unknown world of anothers eyes. He stared captivated as she took a 12 inch black double ended dildo from the desk and began to position it, one end in her ass and the other bendt down and slipped against the opening of her swollen snatch. She left the dildo in place and again took both hands and literally yanked her ass cheeks apart. She then began to fuck herself with alternating hands-sinking the slithering toy deep in her cunt and ass-and she kept arching her back upwards with each thrust, on her knees with her ass to the computer.

Harry gave kaçak casino in. He had had this woman in so many ways and in so many circumstances he suddenly was overwhelmed with desire and began stroking his now twitching cock-sqeezing tighter, milking the inevitable. He watched his lover two hole herself, her head raised towards the ceiling-her shoulders twitching slighlty at first-herlips pursed as in a trance.

Harry felt his cock surge with the telltale begginnings of his explosive orgasm, just as his wife began to pump herself with the big black toy double cock. She suddenly pulled the bottom half out of her pussy and impaled her ass with 10 of the 12 innces at her command. She writhed and reached under with her free hand and slapped her clit.

Wheh Harry saw her slide her middle finger across her clit and into her cunt and them back again-all the while sliding the toy into her widened sshole-he let go and began wildly stroking his cock.

The wind came up as he shot a 4 day load from the tip his throbbing dick, and ironically the sudden gust blew his load onto the window. His wife too shivered in the midst of a powerful oragasm-the delighful combination of anal penetration and clit slapping sensation. She hung her head over the back of the chair,the dildo slowly slipping and fallin out of her ass.

As she turned and picked up the phone-Harry backed away from the window-buttoned his pants and silently padded back to his car. He turned to look at the still lit window one last time and then he quietly canked his car and backed out between the snowbanks, a cum stain appearing on his pantleg and a gnawing sense of bewilderment filling his chest.

He silently backed into the street-shifted into drive and rode like a ghost as the sun lifted above the maples and the spruce that lined his land.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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