13 Haziran 2021

Sophie’s Summer Adventure Ch. 02

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In the cold light of day, Sophie was having second thoughts about last night’s events. ‘What was I thinking,’ she thought to herself as she showered and got ready to face the day, and her mother…and Brandon. ‘This can only end badly.’

Still, she knew last night was the most exciting night of her young life. Being taken by a man like that, right under her mother’s nose, was thrilling. A large part of Sophie wanted more, wanted Brandon to do everything he promised. She knew the sex would be fantastic. But it was too risky, so she decided to do her best to avoid being alone with him.

To her surprise (and admittedly her disappointment), by the time she came down for breakfast in the morning, Brandon had already left. An early film shoot, her mother said. Jessica was quickly off to the spa and her beauty appointments, leaving Sophie alone with her thoughts again.

‘Run now,’ she told herself. ‘Go home back to your family and forget this ever happened.’ But something kept her from making that move; she wasn’t sure why, but she couldn’t leave yet.

Luckily, Diego arrived with his father to help her take her mind off things. Javier liked that his son and Miss Sophie had hit it off, she was such a nice girl, and so different from her mother. He knew she wouldn’t approve of her daughter dating his son, but he also knew they would both be 3,000 miles away in a few months, and nobody can see that far.

Diego and Sophie spent a lot of time together over the next week, finding out they shared a lot of the same interests. Clearly, both were attracted to each other as well. Finally, Diego built up the courage to ask Sophie out to a movie on Friday night. Sophie readily accepted; it would be nice to get out of the house for a night. There was also the added benefit of driving her mother crazy (and though she didn’t admit it, deep down she knew it would drive another occupant of the house mad).

As Friday morning came, Sophie casually told her mother her plans. Jessica was sitting with Brandon, both of them preparing for their day of work. They nearly spit their coffee out when hearing what Sophie planned to do that night, but for different reasons.

“Going out with the gardener’s son is so beneath you, Sophie,” her mother scoffed. “Surely you can’t be that desperate!”

“Diego’s nice, and the fact that you don’t like him tells me I’m doing the right thing,” Sophie shot back at her mother.

“He seems nice now, but boys like that only want one thing,” Brandon said, eyes boring into Sophie.

“He’s not like that, he’s a perfect gentleman, unlike some people around here,” Sophie said, with meaning (though her mother didn’t pick up on this.) “Anyway, you’re not my father.”

“No, I am most definitely not your father,” Brandon said with a smirk.

Once again, Jessica missed the added meaning to those words. She was still incredulous that her daughter would choose to do this. Clearly she was trying to get a rise out of her, and succeeding.

“Brandon and I could introduce you to any number of suitable guys for you to date. Have your fun tonight, but after that I don’t want you seeing this boy,” Jessica said with finality.

“You can’t tell me what to do. I’m an adult now, and it’s not like you’ve cared about me my whole life. Don’t try to start now!” Sophie hissed at her mother, storming off to her room.

Jessica sighed in exasperation as her daughter left. “I don’t know what to do with güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her,” she said to Brandon. “I have a full day of filming then I just want to come home and sleep. I can’t deal with this right now.”

“I’ll try and talk to her when she comes back tonight,” Brandon offered. “Maybe I can try to broker some level of peace between you two.”

“That would be great,” Jessica replied, kissing him as she got up to get ready for her day. Unbeknownst to her, Brandon wanted to do a lot of things tonight with Sophie, but none of them involved improving her relationship with Jessica.

He realized that a part of Sophie’s attraction to him was the fact that she was taking something from her mother. He also knew Jessica would take a sleeping pill when she got home and be dead to the world until morning. Brandon planned to take full advantage of that time to get to know Sophie much better.

Sophie and Diego enjoyed their time together, even if the new blockbuster Tarzan movie they saw was terrible. Afterwards, they went to a coffee shop to talk, and both were so engrossed they lost track of time. Before they knew it, it was past midnight. Diego was horrified he kept her out that late, though Sophie knew her mother probably was passed out and wouldn’t know where she was.

Still, Diego rushed her back to her home. Sophie saw a male form looking out the window as she pulled up, and quickly saw it was Brandon, with a scowl on his face. Without thinking, she realized she could do something to drive him crazy. As Diego went to say goodbye, she pulled him in for a passionate kiss. She felt bad for taking advantage of Diego, but she knew Brandon would be seething watching it.

Diego then walked her to the door as they said their goodbyes. As soon as she entered, she encountered Brandon, arms folded across his chest, blocking her path to the stairs. He did nothing at first, and Sophie quickly realized he was waiting for Diego to pull out of the driveway. A part of her wanted to scream, but she said nothing. The rest of her wanted to see where this went.

Once it was clear Diego had pulled away, Brandon moved toward her, grabbing her arms and shaking her. “How dare you stay out so late! I told you these boys were only interested in one thing.”

“Get away from me,” Sophie spat at him, pulling away and moving toward the kitchen. “You don’t get to have a say in who I date.”

“Did you fuck him, is that why you’re out so late?” Brandon shot back, following her into the kitchen. “Tell me what happened.”

“So what if I did?” Sophie sneered. “It’s my body!”

“Yeah, well I want to make it mine.” With that, Brandon lunged forward, pinning Sophie against the counter. He then pulled her into a passionate kiss as both of them breathed heavily. Sophie quickly lost herself in his fiery passion, and grabbed the back of his head to pull him in closer.

They remained that way for several minutes, with Brandon eventually starting to remove the buttons from Sophie’s blouse, revealing her lily white bra. He had every intention of entering her right there on the counter. Sophie realized this, and pushed him away for a moment. She wanted this to happen, but not out in the open like this.

“Not here, take me to my room,” she breathlessly told him.

“Wherever you want babe,” he replied. He then picked her up and began carrying her toward the stairs. Sophie hooked her legs around güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri his backside and began kissing him again. As they reached the stairs, she jumped out of his arms and ran up toward her room. Brandon quickly followed her, scared she was trying to put a stop to things.

But as he reached the top of the steps, he saw her at her door, facing him with a sultry look on her face. He smiled and slowly made his way toward her, careful not to be too loud and disturb her sleeping mother. As he reached her, she backed her way into her room, and seductively began removing the final buttons on her blouse. Brandon closed the door behind him and prepared to get his ultimate prize.

“I want you inside me now,” Sophie moaned as she backed toward her bed. “Fuck me Brandon.”

“Boys can’t make you feel what I can,” Brandon said as he removed his shirt and pants and made his way to Sophie. “I’m gonna show you what it’s like with a real man.” He then lowered Sophie onto the bed, lifting off her skirt in the process, exposing her matching white panties.

Brandon pulled both of her legs up in the air, and began kissing up and down, slowly making his way to the vicinity of her clothed mound. He teased her for a few moments until she was practically begging him to move forward. Smiling, he removed her panties, and leaned in to begin working her clit with his tongue.

Sophie wrapped her legs around his head and moaned as he licked her. He might be a jerk, but he was right; no one had ever done this as good to her. She grabbed his head and held him in place, chanting his name as he drove her toward her release.

“Right there, right there, oh it feels so good,” she cried, as Brandon picked up the pace with his tongue. For a split second, he looked up and smiled at her, then went back to finish his work between her legs. That was all it took, and Sophie crashed over the side.

“Oh, I’m coming, yes Brandon!” she squealed. Brandon slowed his movements, then began to lift himself up Sophie’s body, kissing her stomach along the way. He then reached behind her and unclasped her bra, revealing her 36D’s for the first time.

“Your breasts are perfect,” he gushed, taking one nipple, then the other in his mouth, causing Sophie to writhe and moan beneath him. “They’re so much bigger than your mother’s.” Again, the favorable comparison to her mother stoked Sophie’s flame even more.

“I want to fuck these tits, and blast my cum on them,” he said crudely. “But not tonight…tonight I want to be inside you. I want to come inside you.” As he said this, he slowly humped himself through his boxers against Sophie’s exposed mound.

Almost without thinking, Sophie reached out and pulled his boxers down. Brandon kicked them off the rest of the way, and began rubbing his naked member up against Sophie’s slit. As she suspected, he was big, at least 7 inches she thought.

Sophie reached between them, and gently began rubbing him up and down his shaft. For the first time, she felt in control, as she elicited pleading moans from the man above her. She knew what he wanted, and Sophie wanted it too.

Brandon began to enter her, and Sophie realized he wasn’t wearing a condom. “Do you have protection?” she asked.

“I hate condoms, and I don’t want anything between us,” he moaned desperately. “I promise I’m clean. Are you safe?”

Sophie was on the pill, but she knew this wasn’t the best güvenilir bahis şirketleri idea. But she wanted to feel Brandon bare. She had never done it without a condom, and she desperately want to feel this man come inside her.

Against her better judgement, she took hold of Brandon’s cock and placed it against her lips. Taking this as her approval, Brandon smiled and slowly began to sink his unsheathed cock in Sophie’s tight pussy. Clearly, she never had a cock his size inside her, and Brandon took his time, taking slow strokes to open her up.

Sophie moaned uncontrollably under him, and after a few minutes of his slow thrusts, she placed her hands on his butt and pulled him in farther. With that signal, Brandon picked up his pace, and Sophie locked her legs around his and held on as he pounded her harder and harder.

“Oh, baby, your pussy is so sweet and tight,” Brandon moaned. “I’m gonna love doing this to you every chance I get.”

“Harder, harder!” Sophie grunted under him. His cock had opened up new depths in her vagina, and was stimulating areas never before touched. The feeling was exquisite, and Sophie never wanted it to end.

With an animal grunt, Brandon complied with her wish. Neither paid any attention to the rapid rise in squeaking bedsprings, or the banging of the headboard against the wall. A Mack truck probably wouldn’t have awoken Jessica at this point, but it wouldn’t have mattered if she did get up; both of them were too lost in their pleasure.

Brandon pounded Sophie harder and harder for several minutes as both reached their peak. Beads of sweat fell from Brandon onto Sophie as he pistoned harder than he ever remembered inside her velvet pussy. He began to arch his head back as he felt the familiar rumble in his testicles, and realized he was about to experience an explosive orgasm.

“I’m gonna come so hard, baby!” he groaned in triumph. “Get ready, here it comes!”

“Oh I’m coming too,” Sophie mewled below him. “Give me all of it!”

“MMMMM-YESSS!–YESSS! Take my cum!” Brandon shouted as semen rocketed up his penis and deep into Sophie’s vagina. He pressed himself as deep as he could inside of her as the last of his spasms subsided. Sophie slowly and lovingly rubbed his back and ass as she came down from her own volcanic explosion.

As she regained her senses, she still saw the same intense look on Brandon’s face, but it no longer scared her. She now saw it for what it was, pure lust for her and her body. She pulled him close for a passionate kiss. He continued to slowly hump himself inside her, even as he softened. It was as if he never wanted to take himself out of her.

After a long moment, he finally did just that and collapsed on the bed next to her. Sophie snuggled in close to him, feeling a deeper connection to him. Not love, but for the moment she no longer saw the jerk she had thought he was. A large part of her hoped he stayed the night with her, but it was too dangerous.

“I better get back before your mother wakes up,” Brandon said as he got up and began to dress. “You were incredible, Sophie.”

“You weren’t so bad yourself. Can you come back tomorrow night?” she said dreamily.

“I’ll come back any night you want,” he said leaning down to kiss her. “Your little boy Diego can’t make you scream like I can.” With that, he left her room and quietly made his way back to the master bedroom.

Brandon’s final comment didn’t sit well with Sophie. She truly liked Diego, and didn’t want to hurt him. But she also knew she had to have Brandon again. He was right, he knew how to touch her body. She needed to experience more things with him. And she intended to do so, no matter what the consequences were to her relationship with Diego, or her mother.

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